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Korean Classics Indexing Project Database is a database of essay-level titles (about 1,060,000 entries) indexed for a collection of more than 3,000 classic anthologies written by more than 3,000 Korean writers from 7th century to early 20th century in Chinese characters. It is a collaborative achievement of organizations from THREE countries. It is a three-year project initiated by three departments of the City University of Hong Kong -- Library (project coordination and metadata creation), Chinese Civilisation Centre (subject specialties), and the Department of Chinese, Translation & Linguistics (language and culture specialties). The indexes in classic Chinese scripts were built up by the City University Library. Jeju National University and the East Asian Library of University of California, Berkeley joined the project later on and have transcribed the indexes into Hangul and the McCune–Reischauer romanization respectively. Kyungin, the publisher of the anthologies, provides full-text images to be linked to the index entries. The Database will benefit East Asian studies and help bring in new materials to this research area.

Korean Classics Indexing Project Database:

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韓國漢籍索引數據庫的建置是一合作計畫的成果,是將一套3,000冊由3,000多位韓國文人自韓國新羅時代(公元七世紀)至日據時期(二十世紀早期)用漢文書寫的文集進行篇目數據著錄 (約1,060,000條)。計畫首先由香港城市大學的三個部門發起--圖書館(計畫統籌及數據建置),中國文化中心(學科專家顧問),及中文、翻譯及語言學系(語言與文化專科指導)。香港城市大學圖書館首先著錄文集的漢文篇目索引,其後加入此計畫的韓國國立濟州大學和美國加州柏克萊大學東亞圖書館再分別將漢文索引翻譯成韓文和羅馬拼音。三種文字的索引提供給讀者進行深度探索、查詢或瀏覽韓國漢籍的內容, 並可鏈接到由景仁文化出版社製作的全文影像,使這批有價值的資料能更有效地被查詢和使用,為東亞文化研究注入新的元素。


Korean Classic Anthologies in History

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