Videocassette List:
Word Processing. Publishing. Bibliography. Library Science. Information Resources (General)

Class Z Videocassette List
Call Number Title
Z52.4 .E44 1985
Electronic words : word processing and microcomputers.
Z52.5.M523 W6728 1999
Word 2000. Beginning.
Z52.5.W65 I58 1987
An Introduction to WordPerfect.
Z52.5.W65 L334 1993
Learning WordPerfect version 6.0 introduction.
Z52.5.W65 L335 1993
Learning WordPerfect 6.0 advanced.
Z52.5.W65 L433 1993
Learning WordPerfect 6.0 for Windows : secrets and time savers.
Z52.5.W65 L434 1993
Learning WordPerfect for Windows 6.0, advanced.
Z52.5.W65 W64 1990
WordPerfect 5.1.
Z52.5.W65 W67 1989
WordPerfect intermediate.
Z52.5.W65 W683 1993
WordPerfect 6.0, secrets & timesavers.
Z52.5.W65 W685 1993
WordPerfect 6.0 update.
Z246 .G69 1997
Graphic products.
Z253.53 .D45 1994
Desk top publishing.
Z253.532.M53 P833 1999
Publisher 2000.
Z254 .P766 1992
Proofreading & editing skills.
Z254 .W75 1994
The writer's tools.
Z278 .K37 2000
Karen Brown Books.
Z286.D47 D38 1993
Desktop publishing with WordPerfect.
Z286.D47 D385 1993
Desktop publishing with WordPerfect for Windows 6.0.
Z286.D47 S674 1994
Z286.D47 Z533 1990
Desktop publishing for technical writer.
Z286.I57 D54 1999
Digital dirt : Matt Drudge's "reportage" on the internet.
Z286.S37 A133 1987
1987 publishing in scholarly journals.
Z286.S37 A134 1988
1988 videotape on publishing in scholarly journals.
Z286.S37 .A135 1991
1991 videotape on publishing in professional journals.
Z286.S37 V47 1993
Publishing qualitative research.
Z551 .C66
Z668.5 .E38
Educating professionals for changes.
Z668.5 .Y68
You've been doing it all along!.
Z674.4 .I7 1994
Is the customer always right?
Z674.5.G7 G37
The Gateshead shopping and information service.
Z674.7 .E44 1994
The electronic library : international videoconference.
Z674.7 .E68 1994
Equity on the information superhighway.
Z674.8 .F67
Forum on networking : national database.
Z674.8 .I57
International information databases.
Z674.8 .P36
Panel on and delegate discussion of initiatives.
Z674.82.O15 N37 1986
National library databases abroad.
Z674.82.O15 O34 1986
OCLC international initiatives : OCLC's president's report.
Z675.S3 C66 1988
Conducting the school library inventory.
Z678 .C87 1998
Customer friendly libraries in a high-tech age.
Z678 .K48
Key issues : a trigger video for library staff training.
Z678 .Q34
Quality circles for libraries and public service organizations .
Z678 .S775
Strategic planning.
Z678 .T68 1995
Total quality management in libraries.
Z678.9 .D682/pt.1
The information age.
Z678.9 .D682/pt.2
The Integrated library.
Z678.9 .T395 2000
Techno-stress, techno-lust, techno-babble.
Z678.93.O64 D544 1997
The digital library and future techonologies.
Z679.5 .O24
OCLC's strategic planning challenges.
Z679.6 .L52
Library security : exit control.
Z679.7 .D58 2000
Disaster planning.
Z688.N6 L527
The librarian's video primer : establishing and maintaining your video collection.
Z688.N6 V53 1997
Video, CD-ROM & the Web : motion media & the library of the future.
Z699 .I596 1997
Into the future : on the preservation of knowledge in the electronic age.
Z699.3 .B77
BRS video training course.
Z699.3 .G645
Going online : an introduction to the world of online information.
Z699.3 .O53
On line information.
Z699.3 .P82
Public libraries : a new information era.
Z699.4.W54 O54
Online searching : an introduction to Wilsonline.
Z701 .K43
Keeping your words.
Z701 .L58 1986
Library & archival disaster : preparedness & recovery.
Z701 .M46 1987
Mending : a practical guide to book repair.
Z701 .M56 1984
Minor book repair.
Z703.6 .W43
Weeding : cultivating your library.
Z710 .N38 1997
Navigating the sea of information.
Z710 .U83
Use the library.
Z710 .W56
Where do I start?
Z711 .B87
Business reference : basic tools.
Z711 .B872
Business reference : current sources.
Z711 .C62
Coaching : practice makes perfect.
Z711 .D53
The difficult reference question.
Z711 .D63
Does this answer your question?
Z711 .D64 1992
Does this completely answer your question?
Z711 .H69 1989
How to set up WILSONDISC.
Z711 .I36
If it weren't for the patron : evaluating your public service attitude.
Z711 .R42
Ready reference.
Z711 .S77
Strategic planning for information services in the university .
Z711 .T83
Twenty minutes.
Z711 .W47
Who's first .. you're next.
Z711.2 .C68 1989
Cover all bases.
Z711.92.D4 A32
Access : deaf patrons in the library.
Z711.92.H3 A53 1993
--And access for all : ADA and your library.
Z711.92.H3 P46 1990
People first : serving & employing people with disabilities.
Z712 .D38
Days online.
Z712 .O54
Online : automated circulation system.
Z712 .Y58
You make the difference.
Z716.3 .C87 1991
Customer service : more than a smile.
Z716.3 .F73 1993
Customer service : the heart of the library.
Z716.3 .I2
I want to join the library.
Z716.3 .L52
The library zone : where every patron is a VIP.
Z716.3 .L53
Library survival guide : managing the problem situation.
Z716.3 .L54
The library show, merchandise it!.
Z792.S53 T46
This is your library.
ZA3225 .S73 1999