Videocassette List:
Military Science. Naval Science

Class U-V Videocassette List
Call Number Title
U42 .W37 1995 v.1
Korea ; Vietnam.
U42 .W37 1995 v.2
Six-day war ; Yom Kippur.
U42 .W37 1995 v.3
Terrorism ; Lebanon.
U42 .W37 1995 v.4
Iran-Iraq ; Afghanistan.
U42 .W37 1995 v.5
The Falklands ; special forces.
U42 .W37 1995 v.6
Gulf war.
U43.G7 H58 1998
History in action II.
U53.F55 H46 1998
Held in trust : the story of Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper.
U240 .G84 1998
Guerrilla wars, 1973.
U263 .A86 1995
The atomic cafe.
U263 .I37
If you love this planet.
U408 .I57 1999
Inside America's military academies. Conquering summer.
U408 .I572 1999
Inside America's military academies. The making of an officer .
U408 .I573 1999
Inside America's military academies. Surviving the first year .
U800 .K55 1994
Knights and armor.
UA34.S64 A44 1998
American commandos.
UA649.5 .G87 1993
The Gurkhas.
UA649.5 .G89 1999
The Gurkhas : the making of a legend.
UA703.L5 F74 1993
The French foreign legion.
UA703.L5 L44 1991
Legion of the damned.
UA837 .B3 1996
UA837 .G74 1989
The Great wall of iron.
UB23 .P56 1998
Point of order.
UB210 .W478 1997
The West Point story : fortress of freedom.
UB251.U5 S69 1987
Spy machines.
UB433 .A62 1991
Above and beyond the call of duty : the saga of the Congressional Medal of Honor.
UE470 .B37 1990z
Basic horsemanship.
UG447.65 .D43 1988
Deadly winds : chemical weapons.
UG447.8 .B56 2002
UG479 .R63 1997
Robot warriors.
UG635 .W554 1997
Wings collection : the best of military aviation.
UG743 .S73 2003
Star wars weapons and end times warfare.
UG743 .V57
Visions of star wars.
UG1242.F5 F54 1992
The fighters.
UG1242.F5 T66 1988
Top gun and beyond.
UH40 .G567 1996
Glory : the military music tradition.
V825 .D47 1992
V857 .S83 1992
V874.3 .S87 1992
VE23 .F455 1997
A fellowship of valor : the battle history of the United States Marines.
VE432 .W66 1999
Women warriors : the making of a marine.
VE500 .P243 1996
Pageantry of the Corps.
VM381 .F56 1996
Floating palaces.
VM381 .O24 1995
Ocean liners.
VM455.3 .C53
Chemical tanker operations.