Videocassette List:

Class TS Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TS140.L63 R39 1990
Raymond Loewy : father of industrial design.
TS155 .C6356 1999
Continuous improvement : sustaining the effort.
TS155 .E74 1993
Ergonomics in manufacturing.
TS155 .F67 1990
Forklifts and pedestrians.
TS155 .H35 1980z
Hajime Karatsu.
TS155 .I5724 1999
Introduction to continuous improvement for process operators. Part A, The cycle of benefits / roducer/content editor, Douglas Webb ; technical advisor, Robert Bussell.
TS155 .I5725 1999
Introduction to continuous improvement for process operators. Part B, The road map / roducer/content editor, Douglas Webb ; technical advisor, Robert Bussell.
TS155 .K83 1980z
快速換模的 know-how.
TS155 .L365 1991
Lean production : innovations in manufacturing and product development with Professor Daniel Roos.
TS155 .M3327 1995
Managing operations and increasing productivity.
TS155 .M37
Manufacturing strategies.
TS155 .M38 1997
Manufacturing engineering : PDM applications in manufacturing.
TS155 .P735 1998
Product design and manufacturing.
TS155 .P76
Production management in practice.
TS155 .P77
Productivity challenge in the decade of the 80's.
TS155 .S78
Styro, Inc.
TS155 .T73
Trends in manufacturing : APICS 1985 Convention.
TS155 .W36 1992
Just-in-time for America.
TS155.6 .A87
Autofact 4 : the new generation in manufacturing.
TS155.6 .A88
Autofact '86 : implementing CIM : a strategic challenge.
TS155.6 .C2
CAD/CAM : computer aided design and manufacturing.
TS155.6 .C23
TS155.6 .C25
TS155.6 .C32
CAD/CAM networking.
TS155.6 .C3733 1989
CAD/CAM workstations.
TS155.6 .C655
Computer integrated manufacturing : for small and medium size companies.
TS155.6 .C657
Computer integrated manufacturing systems : theory and application.
TS155.6 .C6574 1994
Computer integrated manufacturing.
TS155.6 .C658
Computer applications.
TS155.6 .D483 1990
Modeling and control of automated manufacturing system.
TS155.6 .E43 1986
Elements of computer integrated manufacturing in industry and education .
TS155.6 .F33 1987
The Factory of the future.
TS155.6 .F575
Flexible manufacturing cells.
TS155.6 .F576
Flexible manufacturing systems.
TS155.6 .I5534 1988
The Integration challenge : the management of technical information.
TS155.6 .I575
Introduction to interactive graphics.
TS155.6 .I598 1980z
Introduction to design for manufacture & assembly.
TS155.6 .M364
Management of CAD.
TS155.6 .M62
Modern manufacturing systems.
TS155.6 .N48 1990
Networking for computer-integrated manufacturing.
TS155.6 .R364 1992
Cellular manufacturing and flexible manufacturing systems .
TS155.6 .R39 1994
Rapid toolings, rapid parts.
TS155.6 .T46 1989
Artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing automation .
TS155.6 .W54 1985
White elephants & computer software in factory automation .
TS155.63 .M365 1990
A manufacturing system design methodology and implementation case studies.
TS155.65 .F44 1990z
Flexible/celluar manufacturing systems : FMSlab multi- media video.
TS155.7 .I85 1995
ISO 14000 in focus : : a business perspective for sound environmental management.
TS156 .B37
The Basic concept of total quality control.
TS156 .C49
Commitment to quality.
TS156 .C65 1984
Company QCC presentations.
TS156 .C67
Cost of quality.
TS156 .C674 1994
Cornerstones of quality.
TS156 .F33 1989
Factory data collection.
TS156 .G864 1992
國際標準化組織指南 9000 系列簡介 = Introduction to ISO 9000.
TS156 .I2
IE 合理化 : 合理化改善實例 .
TS156 .I36 1984
IEQCC 1984.
TS156 .I36 1985
IEQCC 1985.
TS156 .I36 1986
IEQCC 1986.
TS156 .I57 1986
International Quality Control Circle Convention, 86.
TS156 .I835 1998
ISO 9000 basics : what employees need to know.
TS156 .J67 1980z
Joseph M. Juran.
TS156 .M34/cst.1
行政品管 : 理論篇 .
TS156 .M34/cst.2
行政品管 : 實務篇 .
TS156 .M34/cst.3
業務品管 : 理論篇 .
TS156 .M34/cst.4
業務品管 : 實務篇 .
TS156 .M362 1992
Managing quality dynamics.
TS156 .P763
Problem solving through QC circles.
TS156 .Q25 1986
QC circle audit.
TS156 .Q34
The Quality man.
TS156 .Q35 1986
Quality in the 21st century.
TS156 .Q354 1989
The quality connection.
TS156 .Q355 1992
Quality means never having to say yor're sorry.
TS156 .Q82 1986
Quality improvement process in GM.
TS156 .Q83 1993
Quality in practice.
TS156 .R54
Right first time.
TS156 .S45 1986
Seminar on : an integrated approach in monitoring and evaluating QCC efforts, introducing the activity in evaluation points system.
TS156 .S56 1985
Solid gold : NPB's QCC presentations.
TS156 .S725/cst.1
Introduction to statistical process control.
TS156 .S725/cst.2
Introduction to control charts.
TS156 .S725/cst.3
Control charts for variables.
TS156 .S725/cst.4
Control charts for attributes.
TS156 .S725/cst.5
Advanced control charts.
TS156 .S725/cst.6
Machine and process capability studies.
TS156 .S725/cst.7
Problem solving techniques.
TS156 .S78 1986
Studio-recorded QCC presentations.
TS156 .T33
Taguchi approach to quality optimization series.
TS156 .T56 1993
Time : the next dimension of quality.
TS156 .T67
Total quality control : an open secret to success.
TS156 .T68 1985
Towards excellence in product quality.
TS156 .T792
Juran on quality leadership.
TS156 .W13 1980z
W. Edwards Deming.
TS156 .W54 1991
What is quality?
TS156.6 .H677 1980z
Horst Fuhr.
TS156.6 .I58 1990
International quality assurance management system standard .
TS156.6 .I87 1995
ISO 9000 錄影帶自學課程系列 = ISO 9000 video training series.
TS156.6 .I89 1998
The ISO auditors are coming! : the ISO auditors are coming!
TS156.6 .Q344
Quality assurance.
TS156.6 .Q35 1988
Quality assurance.
TS156.6 .T68 1993
Total quality.
TS156.6 .W42 1994
What to do when the auditor comes.
TS156.6 .W44 1999
What to expect from ISO 9000.
TS156.8 .A38
Advanced process control.
TS156.8 .P72 1989
Principles of process and servo control.
TS156.8 .P75 1988
Principles of methods improvement.
TS156.8 .P763
Process control for short production runs series.
TS156.8 .S62
SPC II master series.
TS156.8 .S63
SPC I basic series.
TS156.8 .S633 1992
SPC for process industries.
TS156.8 .S634 1993
SPC/DOE workshop.
TS157 .C86 1997
Customer focused manufacturing.
TS157 .D48 1988
Developing and installing the just-in-time system.
TS157 .I57 1985
Introduction to just-in-time production system.
TS157 .J873 1988
Just-in-time : current trends.
TS157 .L39 1990
Layout improvements for just-in-time.
TS157 .P76
Production : control or chaos?
TS157 .P77
Production control.
TS157 .Q34
Quality function deployment.
TS157 .S48 1990
Setup reduction for just-in-time.
TS157.4 .C66 1998
Converting to a JIT System. Part 1. JIT assessment and planning .
TS157.4 .C662 1998
Converting to a JIT System. Part 2. JIT implementation.
TS157.4 .J58 1990z
JITII : purchasing & transportation program.
TS157.5 .M36
Managing time.
TS157.5 .P56
Planning and scheduling of maintenance work.
TS157.5 .T54 1999
Theory of constraints : meeting customer demand with synchronized production.
TS158 .C74
Critical path in use.
TS158 .S52
"Shall we start again?".
TS158.2 .N47
Networks in project management.
TS160 .I58 1992
Inventory observation.
TS160 .P76
Principles of stock control.
TS160 .S76
Stock : optimum or problem?
TS160 .S765 1998
Stock-turnover rates and stock-sales ratios.
TS161 .I56 1997
Industrial systems of tomorrow : finding sustainability through natural cycles.
TS161 .M2/cst.1
認識 MRP 的管理優勢.
TS161 .M2/cst.2
強化 MRP 的實戰演練.
TS161 .M2/cst.3
導入 MRP 的先期作業.
TS161 .M2/cst.4
開發 MRP 的最新技術.
TS161 .M2/cst.5
引進 MRP 的有效手法.
TS161 .M35
Managing materials : the challenge and the opportunity.
TS161 .M36
Materials management and quality control.
TS167 .A33 1995
ABC/ABM : understanding manufacturing costs.
TS168 .J53 1980z
降低成本的利器 VA/VE.
TS168 .P75 1990
Principles of value analysis/value engineering.
TS168 .S76 1991
The story of value analysis.
TS168 .V34
Value analysis theory.
TS171 .D46 1987
Design classics.
TS171 .D47/cst.1
The truck.
TS171 .D47/cst.2
Robert Welch.
TS171 .D47/cst.3
Making money or making sense?
TS171 .D47/cst.4
What price furniture?
TS171 .D47/cst.5
TS171 .D47/cst.6
Designer power?
TS171 .F88 1980z
Future wave : Japan design.
TS171 .L57
Little boxes.
TS171 .P76 1980z
Product design : why materials matter.
TS172 .S83 1995
Successful GD&T implementation.
TS173 .C66 1983
Comparison test programs.
TS173 .Q35 1978
Qualification test programs.
TS173 .W45 1978
Weibull failure model.
TS176 .D47 1990
Design for manufacturing.
TS176 .I638 2000
Introduction to lean manufacturing.
TS176 .M35 1994
Manufacturing technology.
TS176 .P47
Personal computers in manufacturing.
TS176 .P76
The production engineer.
TS176 .R36 1992
Concurrent engineering methods, tools and case studies.
TS176 .R363 1991
Rapid prototyping for DFM.
TS176 .W42
The wealth creators.
TS180 .F549 1998
Flexible material handling.
TS180 .H36
Handling materials : it's all part of the system.
TS180 .M374
Material handling in manufacturing.
TS180 .M378 2001
Materials handling.
TS180 .N49 1987
New dimensions in materials handling : order-flow- flexibility.
TS180.5 .K44
The Kelley mechanical dockleveler.
TS180.5 .R62
The risk goes on.
TS183 .F55
Flexible manufacturing systems.
TS183 .M38/cst.10
Any old copper.
TS183 .M38/cst.11
Anyone can make a casting but ..
TS183 .M38/cst.12
Injection moulding.
TS183 .M38/cst.13
Making light work of it.
TS183 .M38/cst.15
The finishing touch.
TS183 .M38/cst.5
Aluminium in Lynemouth.
TS183 .M38/cst.6
Forge masters.
TS183 .M38/cst.7
Polymer production.
TS183 .M38/cst.8
Pressure die casting.
TS183 .P56 1998
Plastic injection molding.
TS183 .P76 1995
Production, logistics, and quality improvement processes .
TS183 .S55 1990z
Simulation for design : preview tape.
TS183 .T455 1997
Thermal & abrasive waterjet cutting processes.
TS183 .W53 1994
What's up in factories? : exploring the new world of manufacturing.
TS189.6 .L5 1980z
立體自動倉儲與物料搬運專輯 ( 一 ).
TS191 .N49 1988
A new look at machine vision.
TS191.8 .I53 1987
Industrial robotics.
TS191.8 .R633
Robots in assembly and packaging.
TS191.8 .R634
Robotic welding and robotic painting.
TS191.8 .R64
Robot safety at caterpillar.
TS192 .B36
The Basic concept of total productive maintenance.
TS192 .F58 1990
5S : five steps to shaping up the shop floor.
TS192 .F583 1991
5S for the office.
TS192 .M345/pt.1
The Maintenance organization.
TS192 .M345/pt.10
Computerized maintenance systems.
TS192 .M345/pt.2
Maintenance systems and documentation.
TS192 .M345/pt.3
Maintenance safety and efficiency.
TS192 .M345/pt.4
TS192 .M345/pt.5
TS192 .M345/pt.6
Preventive and predictive maintenance.
TS192 .M345/pt.7
Parts and materials.
TS192 .M345/pt.8
Work executive.
TS192 .M345/pt.9
Evaluating the maintenance program.
TS193 .I5 1992
In-depth 5S questions, answers & examples.
TS195 .B72 1992
Branding, packaging, and labeling.
TS205 .O87
Out of the fiery furnace : the story of metals and man.
TS209.5 .G48 1987
Getting metals into usable form : hot working.
TS225 .F53 1999
TS225 .F67
TS227 .I57
Introduction to joining.
TS227 .I58 1984
Introducing welding processes.
TS227 .W34 1999
TS227 .W442
TS227 .W45 1983
TS227.2 .B73 1984
Brazing & braze welding.
TS227.2 .F38 1987
Faults in fusion welds in constructional steels.
TS227.2 .P75 1983
Principles of tig.
TS227.2 .R64 1985
Robotic welding and robotic painting.
TS227.2 .S55 1983
Shielded metal-arc welding principles.
TS227.8 .F57 1981
Fire safety in cutting and welding.
TS227.8 .P67 1991
Portable oxyacetylene welding safety.
TS227.8 .S63 1986
Spark of concern.
TS227.8 .S86
TS227.8 .W45 1980
Weld in safety.
TS227.8 .W46 1993
Welding safety.
TS230 .C35 1999
TS230 .C375
TS230 .M48 1995
Metalcastings, designs for life.
TS236 .M65 1999
Molding processes and materials.
TS239 .M483 1997
Metal casting : die casting.
TS243.5 .M483 1997
Metal casting : sand moulds.
TS245 .P68
Powder metallurgy.
TS247 .R37 1999
Rapid injection mold tooling.
TS250 .F864 1997
Fundamental manufacturing processes : metalforming : sheet metal stamping dies & processes.
TS250 .F865 1997
Fundamental manufacturing processes : metalforming : sheet metal stamping presses.
TS250 .I57
Introduction to sheet metal processing.
TS250 .S54 1982
Sheet metal fabricating machinery explained.
TS253 .D52 1999
Die casting.
TS253 .P76 1988
Progressive dies : proven design principles and applications.
TS253 .Q85 1992
Quick die change.
TS277 .F86
Fundamentals of control valve engineering.
TS283 .P73
Pressure regulator technology.
TS325 .M53 1984
Microstructure of steels : ferrite, pearlite and bainite.
TS340 .R64
TS360 .F86
Fundamentals of sheet metal.
TS462 .G48 1987
Getting metals into usable form : cold working.
TS543.S9 N53 1994
Nicolas Hayek : a brief history of Swatch Swiss.
TS610 .B72
Brazing & soldering.
TS654 .I57
Introduction to cleaning.
TS655 .T44 1993
Thermal spray technology.
TS660 .H68 1900z
Hot dip galvanizing.
TS670 .P42
TS692.Z5 Z56 1956
Zinc controls corrosion.
TS729 .C37 1994
Cast jewelry.
TS835 .L86 1987
Lumber grading.
TS851 .J64 2001
TS851 .J65 1987
Jointer/surfacer and accessories : operation & safety.
TS1105.5 .P37 1985
TS1109 .M354 1981
Making paper.
TS1300 .A552 1992
Apparel and textile careers.
TS1300 .B894 1994
Buyers, markets, marts.
TS1960 .S53 1994
Slaughtering sheep and goats.
TS1960 .S537 1992
The slaughter of bovine animals.
TS1960 .S538 1992
The slaughter of pig.
TS2145 .G73 1992
Grain and flour.
TS2301.T7 D47 1996
Designing toys.