Videocassette List:

Class TR Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TR12 .B477 1991
Best or nothing.
TR15 .C364 v.1
Camera. Volume 1 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.2
Camera. Volume 2 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.3
Camera. Volume 3 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.4
Camera. Volume 4 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.5
Camera. Volume 5 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.6
Camera. Volume 6 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.7
Camera. Volume 7 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.8
Camera. Volume 8 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.9
Camera. Volume 9 : early photography.
TR15 .C364 v.10
Camera. Volume 10 : early photography.
TR15 .P453 1991
The pencil of nature.
TR23 .A512 1999
American photography : a century of images.
TR139 .M37 1983
Master photographers.
TR139 .P55 1995
The photographers.
TR140.A72 G65 1990z
Going where I've never been : photography of Diane Arbus.
TR140.E3 W59 2000
The wizard of photography : the story of George Eastman.
TR140.E92 H86 2000
The hungry eye : Walker Evans.
TR140.F67 F57 1986
Fire in the east : a portrait of Robert Frank.
TR140.H56 A43 1985
America and Lewis Hine.
TR140.L45 A56 1997
Annie Leibovitz : celebrity photographer.
TR140.M37 E94 1989
Eye to eye.
TR140.M64 U63 1999
Up in the sky : Tracey Moffatt in New York.
TR140.O36 S77 2000
Stranger with a camera.
TR140.S363 L58 1999
Live, life, death, and other trifles ; or, Jan Saudek, Czech photographer.
TR140.S68 E393 1995
Edward J. Steichen.
TR140.S68 T55 1989
This is Edward Steichen.
TR145 .P34 1990z
Photographic design.
TR145 .P53 1988
Picture your life better.
TR147 .P52 1990
A picture's worth a thousand words : interpreting visual information.
TR149 .P56 1989
Photography : history.
TR161 .C527 1992
The classroom collection.
TR262 .V53 2000
The video guide to basic 35mm photography.
TR550 .S78 2000
The studio.
TR560 .D47 2000
The darkroom.
TR581 .B97 1991
The business of photography.
TR590 .P56 1991
Photographic light.
TR642 .J64 1998
John Szarkowski : a life in photography.
TR642 .T55 1987
Time and light : a film about photographs.
TR646 .E93 1991
The eye of empire.
TR646.G7 D6 1991
Domestic memories.
TR646.G7 R4 1991
The real thing.
TR646 .M334 1991
The magic mirror.
TR647 .L66 1998
Looking back at you.
TR647.P64 I43 1990z
Image of light : the photography of George Pollock.
TR654 .H44 1988
Helmut Newton : frames from the edge.
TR654 .H467 1998
Henri Cartier-Bresson? : point d'interrogation : a film.
TR654 .H678 1997
Horst : sixty years and still in Vogue.
TR654 .W135 1990z
W. Eugene Smith : photography made difficult.
TR659.5 .C743 1998
Creative outdoor photography.
TR679 .H66 1988
TR679 .M63 1982
TR680 .C56 2002
Cindy Sherman : transformations.
TR681.F3 R532 1997
Richard Avedon : darkness and light.
TR685 .Z94 1991
Zygosis montage : John Heartfield and the political image.
TR690.4 .S75 1997
Stilleben = Nature morte = Still life.
TR727 .S56 1988
Shooting Africa.
TR817.5 .B37 1983
Barbara Morgan : everything is dancing.
TR848 .C563 1994
The cinematograph.
TR848 .S56 1995
Shooting for realism : Allen Daviau and Sacha Vierny.
TR849.F73 E9 1995
Eye of the III. Reich : Walter Frentz : a documentary.
TR850 .B36
Basic film terms : a visual dictionary.
TR850 .B37
Basic film photography.
TR850 .E97 1998
Exploring moving images.
TR850 .M68 1979
Movement and moving the camera.
TR850 .S56 1995
Shooting for black & white.
TR850 .S565 1994
Shooting for drama.
TR850 .S57 1994
Shooting for fantasy.
TR850 .T35 1998
Take 5.
TR850 .T73 1978
Framing : how much do you want to show?
TR852 .S79 1993
Studio lighting : a comparative workshop.
TR858 .A65 1982
Alice in effectsland.
TR858 .A776 1995
The art of illusion : one hundred years of Hollywood special effects.
TR858 .A92 1990z
Audio awareness.
TR858 .E84 1994
Ever changing effects.
TR858 .F35 1993
Falling stars : falling effects.
TR858 .S643 1984
Special effects.
TR886.3 .K44 2000
Keepers of the frame.
TR890 .F555 1990
Film before film = Was geschah wirklich zwischen den Bildern?
TR891 .F45 1984
Feature film lighting.
TR891 .L53 1993
Lighting Dances with wolves with Dean Semier.
TR891 .L54 1993
Lighting Dead poets society, with John Seale.
TR891 .L63 1993
Location lighting with Geoff Burton.
TR897.5 .A54
The Animation game.
TR897.5 .A55
TR897.5 .A556 1998
Animation : basic camera techniques.
TR897.5 .A558 1997
Animation in the classroom.
TR897.5 .C6564 1997
Computer animation showcase.
TR897.5 .C6583 1998
Computer animation celebration.
TR897.5 .C6589 1999
Computer animation marvels.
TR897.5 .C66 1993
Computer visions.
TR897.5 .M354 1991
Making them move : mechanics, control and animation of articulated figures.
TR897.5 .P86 1983
Puppet animation.
TR897.7 .A38 2000
Advanced Flash 4 : introduction to actionscripts.
TR897.7 .A39 2000
Advanced shading networks.
TR897.7 .C68 1999
Computer animation.
TR897.7 .I59 2000
Intro to Maya : hit the ground running.
TR897.7 .M367 1999
Mastering the human character in Maya 2.0.
TR897.7 .M38 1995
TR897.7 .M393 2000
Maya : constraints I.
TR897.7 .M3935 2000
Maya : deformers I.
TR897.7 .M39352 2000
Maya : deformers II.
TR897.7 .M39353 2000
Maya : deformers III.
TR897.7 .M394 2001
Maya : dynamics I.
TR897.7 .M3942 2001
Maya : dynamics II.
TR897.7 .M3943 2001
Maya : dynamics III.
TR897.7 .M395 2000
Maya : modeling I.
TR897.7 .M3955 2000
Maya : kinematics I.
TR897.7 .M3956 2000
Maya : kinematics II.
TR897.7 .M396 2000
Maya : organic modeling I.
TR897.7 .M3962 2000
Maya : organic modeling II.
TR897.7 .M3965 2001
Maya : poly modeling I.
TR897.7 .M39652 2001
Maya : poly modeling II.
TR897.7 .M3969 2001
Maya : rendering I.
TR897.7 .M397 2000
Maya : texturing I.
TR897.7 .M3972 2000
Maya : texturing II.
TR897.7 .P45 1900z
TR897.7 .P665 1997
Planetary traveler.
TR897.7 .R544 2000
Rigging a character's face.
TR899 .B44 2000
A beginner's guide to digital video production.
TR899 .E55 2001
Editing video with Media Studio Pro 6.
TR899 .F54 1990z
Film graphics : abstract aspects of editing.
TR899 .N65 1996
Non linear editing with AVID.
TR974.5 .E274 v.1
Earth aid : our world, a user's guide. Volume 1, Water conservation.
TR974.5 .E274 v.2
Earth aid : our world, a user's guide. Volume 2, Recycling.