Videocassette List:
Chemical Technology

Class TP Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TP145 .M625 1996
Modern chemical techniques.
TP149 .C544 1989
Chemical safety.
TP149 .D54 1992
A diels-alder reaction.
TP149 .I58 1987
Introduction to chemical safety.
TP149 .M35 1987
Main Street.
TP149 .R43 1992
A reaction of dimethyl maleate.
TP149 .R86 1992
Running a reaction.
TP155 .C44 1980
Chemical engineering for chemists.
TP156.C57 I57
Introduction to coatings.
TP156.C57 S874 1971
Surface coating in engineering.
TP156.D5 D57 1992
TP156.F5 F55 1992
Filtration and the rotary evaporator.
TP156.P6 M43 1974
Mechanics of polymer processing.
TP243 .W67 1994
Working safely with compressed gas cylinders.
TP248.H9 A33 1992
Addition to an olefinic bond.
TP248.P47 P47 1990z
TP248 .R54 1992
The right environment.
TP248.2 .B49 1996
TP248.2 .L53/pt.1
The Secrets of life.
TP248.2 .L53/pt.2
All in the family.
TP248.2 .L53/pt.3
Growing pains.
TP248.2 .L53/pt.4
Blue collar bugs.
TP248.2 .L53/pt.5
Cell wars.
TP248.2 .L53/pt.6
Pandora's box.
TP248.2 .N38 1989
Natural factory.
TP248.2 .O84 2001
Overview of biotechnology.
TP248.27.P55 P57 1993
The Plant Gods?
TP248.65.F66 D43 2002
Deconstructing supper.
TP248.65.F66 G45 2001
The genetic takeover ; or, Mutant food.
TP248.65.P76 D48 1991
Developing and using protein models.
TP300 .F57 1999
TP325 .C62 1979
Coal : an answer to the energy crisis.
TP359.H8 H65 2002
The house of USHER.
TP360 .Q84 1983
Quest for synthetic fuels.
TP363 .E93 1992
Evaporative cooling : the sensible alternative.
TP371.3 .S6 1988
So easy to preserve.
TP372.A8 A97 1994
The Australian food industry.
TP372.A8 I56 1995
Innovations in the food industry.
TP372.A8 N49 1994
New food for thought.
TP373.6 .W38 1992
Warehouse sanitation.
TP435.C4 B74 1993
Breakfast is ready.
TP440 .D75 1993
Dried fruit of the sun.
TP444.P6 W43 1993
What's in a snack?
TP482 .F86
Fundamentals of cybertronic control.
TP492 .F86 1999
Fundamentals of refrigeration.
TP492 .R45 1999
Refrigeration systems troubleshooting.
TP548 .J36 1995
Jancis Robinson's wine course.
TP548 .S76 1976
The story of wine.
TP548 .W56 1983
The wine programme Series 1.
TP580 .F66 1998
Food testing : working with yeast.
TP690 .O55 1994
Oil refining.
TP866 C455 1999
Chihuly over Venice.
TP881 .C45
Cement manufacture.
TP884.A3 M38 1992
Materials for concrete : admixtures.
TP910 .C65 1984
Colour chemistry and computers.
TP935 .P35 1984
TP935 .Q35 1981
Quality control for protective coatings.
TP991 .S63 1984
TP1150 .B43 1982
Plastic part design for injection molding.
TP1150 .M65 1995
Molding basics series.
TP1150 .P38 1983
Injection molding technology.
TP1150 .P527 1998
Plastic blow molding.
TP1150 .P53 cst.1
Basic steps in plastic product design.
TP1150 .P53 cst.10
Assembly of plastic parts : welding and adhesives bonding.
TP1150 .P53 cst.2
Mechanical behavior of plastic materials.
TP1150 .P53 cst.3
Manufacturing considerations : mold filling.
TP1150 .P53 cst.4
Manufacturing considerations : weld lines.
TP1150 .P53 cst.5
Manufacturing considerations : shrinkage and warpage.
TP1150 .P53 cst.6
Manufacturing considerations : part ejection.
TP1150 .P53 cst.7
Prototyping techniques for plastic parts.
TP1150 .P53 cst.8
Assembly of plastic parts : mechanical fasteners.
TP1150 .P53 cst.9
Assembly of plastic parts : press fits and snap fits.
TP1150 .T76 1996
Troubleshooting injection molding problems.
TP1183.P68 P69 1981
Powder coatings.