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Videocassette List:
Mining Engineering. Metallurgy

Class TN Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TN490.U7 J33 1997
TN490.U7 U73 1990
TN665 .I57
Introduction to metallurgy.
TN665 .M27 1987
Materials characterization and the selection process.
TN665 .M43 1987
Mechanical properties and their measurement.
TN672 .H325 1999
Heat treating.
TN672 .H42
Heat treating.
TN672 .P73 1992
Practical heat treating.
TN690 .E54 1980
Elements of metallurgy.
TN690 .E97 1987
Extractive metallurgy.
TN690 .F76 1996
From Gibbsian thermodynamics to electronic structure : nonempirical studies of alloy phase equilibria.
TN690 .M47
Metallurgy : a special study.
TN690 .P435 1984
Physical metallurgy : structure and properties.
TN690 .P75 1988
Principles of metallography.
TN690 .S39 1983
Elements of physical metallurgy.
TN690 .S65 1987
Solidification of metals.
TN690 .S87 cst.1A-1B
Physical metallurgy, heat treatment, and processing part I-II .
TN690 .S87 cst.2
Deformation and creep.
TN690 .S87 cst.3
TN695 .P62 1998
Powder metallurgy.
TN705 .U53 1990z
Understanding basic carburizing.
TN730 .I76 1990z
Iron/carbon : equilibrium phase diagram (understanding steel).
TN730 .T46 1984
Tempering of steel.
TN775 .A586 1996
Aluminum melting.
TN796 .T45 1990z
Think zinc first.
TN871 .I84
Island in the Forth.
TN871.3 .M33