Videocassette List:
Electrical Engineering. Electronics. Computing Science (Hardware)

Class TK Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TK146 .B373 1975
Basic electricity and DC circuits. Laboratory exercise.
TK152 .A86 1995
Avoiding electrical hazards.
TK152 .E445 1990
Electrical safety.
TK152 .E446 1993
Electrical safety-related work practices : OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.331-.335, compliance program manual.
TK152 .E45 1991
Electrical safety related work practices.
TK152 .E46 1991
Electrical lock-off.
TK152 .F36 1997
TK152 .M33 1991
Machine lockoff : controlling hazardous energies.
TK152 .O53
One last shock.
TK152 .P37
The path of least resistance.
TK454.15.A48 B373 1981
Basic AC circuits. Lesson.
TK454.15.A48 B374 1981
Basic AC circuits. Lab.
TK1001 .E43
The electric wave.
TK1001 .Y58
Your generation, the Faraday Lecture.
TK1078 .N83 1992
Nuclear power and safety.
TK1078 .N832 1992
TK1078 .N84 1994
Nuclear safety.
TK1078 .N842 1994
TK1081 .P69 1981
Power from water.
TK1081 .S77 1987
Strom aus Wasserkraft.
TK1362.G7 C37
The case for Sizewell.
TK1362.G7 O66
Opportunity at Sizewell.
TK1362.G7 S58
Sizewell under pressure.
TK1362.G7 W57
With safety in mind.
TK1362.S65 B455 1997
The bells of Chernobyl : 10 years after.
TK1362.S65 C44 1987
Chernobyl : the bitter taste of wormwood.
TK1362.U5 C445 1994
Chelyabinsk : the most contaminated spot on the planet.
TK1362.U5 C54 1994
Children of Chernobyl.
TK1365.C5 S66 1996
Some facts about Daya Bay.
TK1365.C5 S662 1996
TK1632.S65 R48 1996
Return to Chernobyl.
TK1751 .H68
How a substation works.
TK2511 .E39 1996
Electric motor analysis.
TK2842 .C56 1980z
Circuit breaker arcs.
TK3001 .K56 1988
Estimating electrical loads for planning electrical distribution systems.
TK3001 .P68/pt.1
Power system fault calculations, part 1 : three phase short circuits.
TK3001 .P68/pt.2
Power system fault calculations, part 2 : unsymmetrical short circuits.
TK3001 .P68/pt.3
Power system fault calculations, part 3 : applications to industrial power distribution systems.
TK3211 .I573 1987
Installing wire and cable.
TK3248 .B5 1994
TK3271 .E44 1992
TK3271 .I34 1991
IEE 16th edition wiring regulations.
TK3271 .W4773 1993
Electrician's guide to the 16th edition of the IEE wiring regulations .
TK3285 .E44 1978
Electrical house wiring.
TK4399.E5 E54 1997
Emergency lighting and wayfinding provisions : a comparison.
TK4660 .A73 1991
Arc welding safety.
TK4660 .M54 1990
TK5101 .B33 1991
The SONET express [vodeorecording].
TK5101 .M323 1999
Making connections : understanding the convergence of phones, TV, cable, and computers.
TK5101 .R36 1990
Telecommunications : OSI, LANs and WANs.
TK5101 .T323 1999
TK5101 .T454 1994
Telecommunications overview.
TK5102.3.D48 B85 1998
Building telecommunications infrastructure in developing countries .
TK5102.5 .B532 1989
Error-correcting codes for digital signal processing.
TK5102.5 .C64 1991
Coherence and time delay estimation : ICASSP 91.
TK5102.5 .L543 1992
2-D signal processing and image processing.
TK5102.5 .M84
Multidimensional digital signal processing.
TK5102.5 .N64
Noise and interference.
TK5102.5 .O67 1974
Digital signal processing.
TK5102.9 .N55 1991
Higher-order spectral analysis : ICASSP 91.
TK5103 .F67 1989
Introduction to modem technology : theory and practice of bandwidth efficient modulation from Shannon and Nyquist to date.
TK5103.2 .W573 1993
Wireless communications.
TK5103.4 .L83 1996
The dilemma of broadband access.
TK5103.59 .F534 1993
Fiber in the loop engineering.
TK5103.59 .L83 1988
Introduction to optical communications.
TK5103.59 .M33 1989
Optical fibers.
TK5103.59 .T57 1991
Tipton Lakes fiber to the curb trial.
TK5103.7 .D43 1993
High speed switching for broadband communications.
TK5103.7 .D543 1993
Digital cross-connect systems (DCS).
TK5103.7 .D545 1993
Digital loop carrier systems : past, present, & future.
TK5103.7 .E54 1993
The electronic frontier.
TK5103.7 .H54 1992
High bit-rate digital subscriber line (HDSL).
TK5103.7 .I54 1991
Information networking -- ISDN does it!.
TK5103.7 .I583 1992
Integrated services digital network (ISDN).
TK5103.7 .N38 1992
National ISDN.
TK5103.7 .S733 1990
ISDN : a status report.
TK5105 .D37
Data communications.
TK5105 .D372
Advanced data communications.
TK5105 .F73 1994
The origins of ATM.
TK5105 .T44
TK5105.2 .N48 2000
Networking moving images.
TK5105.5 .B64 1994
TK5105.5 .C654 1985
Computer talk : microcomputer communications.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.1
Data communications and networks : introduction.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.10
An Overview of local area networks.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.11
Local area networks.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.12
Wide area communication networks.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.13
Multiplexers concentrators and protocol converters.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.14
Computer network management architecture.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.15
Terminals and the network user.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.16
Broadcast data systems.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.17
Information services.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.2
Data communications and networks : principles.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.3
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.4
Data communications networks : an overview.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.5
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.6
Data transmission systems and interfaces.
Packet switching networks.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.8
ISDN : international standards.
TK5105.5 .D3722/pt.9
ISDN : the UK.
TK5105.5 .D384 1986
Data communications systems.
TK5105.5 .F67 1992
Multiprotocol routing in large networks.
TK5105.5 .G48 1998
Getting wired : the commerce connection.
TK5105.5 .I543 1994
The information highway.
TK5105.5 .I58 1991
Introduction to the OSI reference model.
TK5105.5 .L378 1999
Learning Network+.
TK5105.5 L38 1997
Learning networking essentials.
TK5105.5 .N45 1987
Network computing.
TK5105.5 .O63
Open systems interconnection.
TK5105.5 .S378 1997
Securing the data network.
TK5105.5 .S38 1997
Security and privacy in the information economy.
TK5105.5 .S83 1990
OSI & TCP/IP impact on software vendors and users.
TK5105.5 .V57 1996
Virtual meetings.
TK5105.59 .C79 1998
TK5105.59 .I68 1998
Internet security.
TK5105.6 .T454 1994
The telematics programme.
TK5105.7 .I66 1988
Introduction to local area networks.
TK5105.7 .T535 1997
A thin-client application framework for network-centric computing : Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.
TK5105.73 .E42 2000
Email etiquette.
TK5105.8 .M34
Mainframes and micros unite.
TK5105.875.I57 C446 1996
China and the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 C934 1996
Cyberspace : freedom or regulation.
TK5105.875.I57 G656 1998
Going digital.
TK5105.875.I57 I535 1999
TK5105.875.I57 I5695 2001
The internet : portal to everywhere.
TK5105.875.I57 I583 1993
TK5105.875.I57 I5836 1996
Internet for educators : a step-by-step guide to help educators understand and use the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 I5838 1997
The internet in China : a modern tool in an ancient land.
TK5105.875.I57 I5839 1997
TK5105.875.I57 I584 1994
An introduction to the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 I585 1998
The Internet : today and beyond.
TK5105.875.I57 J53 1999
Zi xun ying yong xi tong zhuan ti : wang ji wang lu yuan li yu ying yong.
TK5105.875.I57 L66 1995
TK5105.875.I57 M369 1996
Mass communication vs. mass media.
TK5105.875.I57 M37 1995
Mapping the Internet : yesterday, today and tomorrow (Internet 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) it's symmetry & bandwidth, stupid!
TK5105.875.I57 N38 1995
Navigating the Internet : a trip through the jungle.
TK5105.875.I57 N47 1998
Nerds 2.0.1 : a brief history of the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 S25 1994
Sailor, Maryland's on-ramp to the information highway.
TK5105.875.I57 S43 1997
Searching the Web.
TK5105.875.I57 S437 1998
Secrets of the Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 T55 1994
This is Internet.
TK5105.875.I57 U54 1996
Understanding the internet.
TK5105.875.I57 U55 1996
Using the internet.
TK5105.875.I6 N47 1997
Net results : intranets deliver.
TK5105.884 .S43 2000
Search engines.
TK5105.887 .C76 1997
Crossing hemispheres : linking talent & software on the web.
TK5105.888 E64 1996
Electronic commerce and the Internet.
TK5105.888 .H656 1999
Home page.
TK5105.888 .M355 1999
Marketing a professional website.
TK5105.888 .O58 1996
On the web : building a presence on the web.
TK5105.8885.A34 L43 1999
Learning Golive 4 with Lynda Weinman : for web design and site management.
TK5105.8885.A34 L43 1999b
Learning Golive 4 with Lynda Weinman : for web design and site management.
TK5105.8885.D74 L45 1998
Learning Dreamweaver 2.0 for web design and site structure .
TK5105.8885.F76 L385 1998
Learning FrontPage 98.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.1
Local telecommunications : introduction.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.10
Commercial forces in telecommunications.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.11
TK6057 .L6322/pt.12
Non-voice terminals.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.13
Cable television.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.14
Flexible network architectures.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.15
TK6057 .L6322/pt.16
Overseas practice.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.17
Optical fibres.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.2
Voice communication requirements.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.3
Data transmission.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.4
Data network requirements.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.5
ISO seven layer model.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.6
Customer voice terminals.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.7
TK6057 .L6322/pt.8
Private switching systems.
TK6057 .L6322/pt.9
Local area networks.
TK6373 .T73 1997
Transatlantic cable : 2500 miles of copper.
TK6397 .T45 1986
Telecommunications : an introduction.
TK6553 .E44 1995
Electromagnetic compatibility : with particular emphasis on EC directive 89/336/EEC.
TK6630 .T35 2000
Telecommunications : broadcasting and the Internet.
TK6630 .T44
TK6655.V5 O63
Operating a classroom TV studio.
TK6655.V5 V52 1991
The video guide to basic videography.
TK6670 .C65
Colour television.
TK6678 .D535 1998
Digital TV : a cringely crash course.
TK6680.5 .L68 1996
Looking at digital shooting and editing.
TK6680.5 .V66 2001
Video on the web.
TK6685 .O67
Optical disk technology at OCLC.
TK6687 .G36 1999
TK7815 .I57/cst.5
Analogue systems : inputs and outputs.
TK7815 .I57/cst.9
Digital measurement.
TK7816 .E43/pt.1
The Chip.
TK7816 .E43/pt.2
TK7816 .E43/pt.3
Sensors and robotics.
TK7816 .E43/pt.4
Automate or liquidate.
TK7816 .E43/pt.5
TK7816 .E43/pt.6
Fibre optics : messages in glass and light.
TK7816 .E43/pt.7
Raising the standards : the national measurement system.
TK7816 .E43/pt.8
Interactive video discs.
TK7816 .E43/pt.9
Artificial intelligence.
TK7835 .W38 1992
Wave soldering : operating principles.
TK7868.D5 U67 2000
UMR high-speed digital design.
TK7868.P6 L56 1986
Linear power supplies.
TK7868.P7 B375 1992
Basic multilayer fabrication.
TK7868.P7 B47 1991
IPC-D-275 standard.
TK7868.P7 D68 1992
Double sided board fabrication : tin-lead / pattern plating.
TK7868.P7 E44 1992
Electronic assembly handling.
TK7868.P7 I56
Introduction to surface mount technology.
TK7868.P7 S65 1988
Solder joint visual inspection for through hole components .
TK7868.P7 S86
Surface mount technology : design for manufacturability.
TK7868.P7 S875 1993
Surface mount solder joint evaluation. Part 1, Introduction .
TK7870 .E43/cst.A
The making of modern electronics.
TK7870 .E43/cst.B
Visible messages.
TK7870 .P54
Planning for CADMAT.
TK7870 .P75 1989
Printed board design workshop.
TK7870.15 .H45 1989
Mechanics of electronic packaging materials.
TK7870.15 .H47 1990
Advanced packaging : key technology for the nineties.
TK7870.15 .R44 1993
Reflow soldering.
TK7870.15 .S65 1993
MCM-L advanced technology workshop.
TK7871.85 .L58 1996
Lithography process control.
TK7871.85 .P76 1996
Process integration and device characterization in microelectronic manufacturing.
TK7871.92 .B76 1989
A transistor voltage reference, and what the band-gap has to do with it .
TK7871.96.B55 G55 1991
Bipolar translinear circuits.
TK7871.99.M44 H35 1989
Submicron BiCMOS process technology.
TK7872.F5 T74 1992
An introduction to adaptive digital filtering.
TK7872.H3 H34 1975
The hall effect in semiconducting materials.
TK7872.L64 A33 1995
VirtualWires : a technology for massive multi-FPGA systems.
TK7872.L64 D47 1997
Design for highly complex programmable logic architectures : Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.
TK7872.S8 C65 1989
Superconductor design and application.
TK7874 .D6
Do-it-yourself chip.
TK7874 .E43
Electronics in action.
TK7874 .H35 1989
Submicron CMOS technology scaling issues.
TK7874 .M52
TK7878.4 .M53 1994
Microcomputers and electronic instrumentation : making the right connections.
TK7881.4 .S537 1988
Shaping your sound with equalizers, compressors and gates .
TK7881.6 .S523 1988
Shaping your sound with microphones.
TK7881.6 .S524 1990
Shaping your sound with mixers & mixing.
TK7881.6 .S525 1990
Shaping your sound with multitrack recording.
TK7882.C56 C335 1993
TK7882.C56 H66 1990
How to search on CD-ROM : the video tutorial.
TK7882.P3 C66 1989
Adaptive pattern recognition.
TK7882.S65 B47 1988
Research issues in text-to-speech conversion.
TK7882.S65 P375 1988
Practical approaches to speech coding.
TK7882.S65 S665 1992
Articulatory speech analysis/synthesis.
TK7882.S65 W35 1988
Neural network based speech recognition systems.
TK7885 .B46 1989
The 11 rules of supercomputer design.
TK7885 .I57
Introduction to personal computer hardware.
TK7885 .P38 1989
Story of SPARC architecture.
TK7885.7 .A77 1991
Introduction to VHDL.
TK7887.5 .C6 1987
Computer peripherals : input, output and storage.
TK7887.7 .C65 1994
Color printing.
TK7895.B87 S56 1994
Slots/local bus video.
TK7895.M5 M54 1989
The microprocessor.
TK9145 .E54 1992
Energy from the atom.
TK9148 .N83 1991
Nuclear power.
TK9148 .N835 1996
Nuclear power plant safety : what's the problem?
TK9152 .I57 1989
Inside a nuclear plant.
TK9152 .N83 1988
Nuclear nightmare next door.
TK9203.P7 D47
Design of the Sizewell B pressurised water reactor.
TK9203.P7 O63
Operational transients for the pressurised water reactor including loss of coolant accidents.
TK9203.P7 P2
PWR : basic principles.
TK9203.P7 P73
Pressurised water reactor : pressure vessel integrity.
TK9203.P7 P74
The Pressurised water reactor Sizewell : economics and need.
TK9204 .T65 1983
The TOKAMAK reactor.
TK9360 .N82
The Nuclear fuel cycle.
TK9360 .N853 1998
Nuclear materials : Russia's new export.
TK9360 .O63
Operation smash hit.