Videocassette List:
Mechanical Engineering and Machinery

Class TJ Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TJ145 .E52/cst.6
Work, energy, power.
TJ145 .E52/cst.7
TJ145 .E53/cst.1
Fluid flows.
TJ145 .E53/cst.2
TJ147 .E98 1997
Extreme machines.
TJ153 .A78 1994
The Art of troubleshooting.
TJ153 .D38 1993
Data collection techniques.
TJ153 .E97 1987
The Expert system : charley.
TJ153 .F83 1995
Fundamentals of balancing.
TJ153 .G73
The Great search : man's need for power and energy.
TJ153 .I54 1996
Industrial application of balancing.
TJ153 .R68 1987
Rotating equipment.
TJ162.2 .E53
Energy for all.
TJ163.12 .I58 1994
Introduction to mechatronic systems design with applications .
TJ163.12 .M4145 1994
TJ163.2 .A48 1994
Alternative energies : fuels for the future.
TJ163.2 .E53
Energy : the alternatives.
TJ163.2 .E536 2007
Energy alternatives : the cool fuel road trip. Water and wind power.
TJ163.2 .E545 1992
Energy : what is it?
TJ163.2 .E55 1986
Energy for tomorrow.
TJ163.2 .P695 1988
The Power on earth.
TJ163.2 .W66
The world of energy and alternate fuels.
TJ163.3 .E54 1995
Energy conservation in industrial facilities.
TJ163.3 .V47 1989
Verluste bei der Energioumwandlung.
TJ163.4.G7 E524 2003
Energy efficiency : a key profits driver?
TJ163.4.G7 G725 1998
Green energy.
TJ163.5.B84 E55
Energy effectiveness.
TJ163.5.B84 H33 1988
Using the DOE-2 building energy analysis computer program .
TJ163.5.D86 A57 1990
Air sealing houses.
TJ163.5.D86 P37 1999
Achieving the energy efficient house.
TJ163.5.O35 F33 2003
Facing the future?
TJ163.5.O35 F332 2003
Facing the future. Part 2.
TJ177 .D39 1995
Detailed phase analysis.
TJ177 .D393 1994
Detailed waveform analysis.
TJ177.5 .F86 1995
Fundamentals of alignment.
TJ184 .G34 1994
Gear defect analysis.
TJ210.3 .I442 1991
1991 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation video proceedings.
TJ210.3 .I442 1992
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 1992 : video proceedings.
TJ210.3 .I442 1995
1995 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation : video proceedings.
TJ211 .C65
Computers in control.
TJ211 .M32
Machine vision : the advent of intelligent robots.
TJ211 .M53 1991
Micro Mouse '91 World Championships Hong Kong.
TJ211 .R634 1988
Robots in surface preparation.
TJ211 .R64
The Role of artificial intelligence in manufacturing.
TJ211 .W45 1991
Space robotics in Japan.
TJ211.35 .B76 1990
Sensor-based planning and control in robotics.
TJ211.35 .F89 1993
Fuzzy logic as a calculus of similarities and preferences .
TJ211.415 .R66 1991
Mobile robotics in the utility industry.
TJ213 .F893 1991
Fuzzy logic : applications and perspectives.
TJ216 .M4 1990
Automatic controls.
TJ217 .A33
Adaptive control.
TJ223.P76 P77
Programmable controllers.
TJ223.P76 P773 1985
Programming controllers.
TJ223.T7 I33 1989
IEEE individual learning program on transducers and sensors .
TJ230 .M57 2000
Mission almost impossible : vacuum cleaner design & marketing.
TJ260 .H42
Heat recovery.
TJ262 .T76 1999
Troubleshooting tips for heat pumps.
TJ265 .H43 1984
Head losses in piping systems.
TJ280.7 .G46 1977
Geothermal energy : power from the earth.
TJ288 .B65 1974
Boiler operation : fireside.
TJ288 .B655 1974
Boiler operation : waterside.
TJ430 .P74 1987
Pressure relief value standards : a stronglink to plant safety.
TJ755 .B37
Basic motor controls.
TJ808 .A48 2000
Alternative power sources and renewable energy.
TJ808 .R47 1999
Renewable energy.
TJ808 .T65
Tomorrow's energy today.
TJ810 .A48 2003
Alternative energy sources.
TJ810 .S645
Solar energy : future or fantasy?
TJ810 .S653 1980z
Solar energy options.
TJ810 .S655 1992
Solar cells : power from the sun.
TJ810.3 .S65 1988
Solar breakthroughs.
TJ919 .P76
Process type centrifugal pump maintenance.
TJ930 .L36 1981
Landfall : shore approach of submarine pipelines.
TJ940 .H65 1996
Vacuum science and technology.
TJ950 .Q5 1980z
氣壓 / 自動化應用實例.
TJ1071 .R65 1993
Rolling element bearing analysis : defect detection.
TJ1071 .R652 1996
Rolling element bearing analysis : severity determination.
TJ1075 .O44 1995
Oil analysis : keys to successful condition monitoring.
TJ1075 .R334 1973
Tribology I : Friction, wear, and lubrication.
TJ1075 .R335 1982
Tribology II : Advances in friction, wear, and lubrication.
TJ1075 .S65 1995
Solving wear and lubrication problems.
TJ1075 .T77 1998
Tribology update.
TJ1100 .B45 1996
Belt drives : diagnosing & correcting belt related problems.
TJ1125 .M33 1991
Machine shop safety.
TJ1143 .D64
Doing things right : managing quality in the small tooling and machinery company.
TJ1166 .G33
Gages and measurement.
TJ1166 .I58 1994
Introduction to probing.
TJ1185 .C885 1997
Cutting tool materials.
TJ1185 .H36 1991
Hand & power tool safety.
TJ1185 .M42
Mechanical aids.
TJ1185 .M53 1995
Milling and machining center basics.
TJ1186 .A38
Advancements in cutting tools.
TJ1186 .E43
Electrochemical machining.
TJ1189 .A49 1989
Advances in computer numerical control.
TJ1189 .F86 2002
Fundamental manufacturing processes. Computer numerical control .
TJ1191 .E43
Electrical discharge machining.
TJ1191 .E44 1997
Electrical discharge machining.
TJ1191 .L37
Lasers in manufacturing.
TJ1191 .N48
A New look at lasers in manufacturing.
TJ1192 .C884 1997
Cutting tool geometries.
TJ1195 .H36 1991
Hand tool safety.
TJ1201.S2 S26 1992
TJ1206 .P5 1990
TJ1218 .L37
The Lathe.
TJ1218 .T875 1994
Turning and lathe basics.
TJ1225 .C43
Chemical milling.
TJ1225 .M54
TJ1225 .T47 1994
Three axis linear milling and circular milling.
TJ1230 .S53 2001
TJ1233 .B36 2001
Band saw.
TJ1233 .B37 2001
Band saw : operation & safety.
TJ1233 .C57 2001
Circular saws.
TJ1233 .J54 2001
TJ1233 .R33 2001
Radial arm saw : operation & safety.
TJ1233 .R43 2001
Reciprocating saw.
TJ1233 .T27 2001
Table saw and accessories : operation & safety.
TJ1233 .T28 2001
Table saw : safety & basic operations.
TJ1233 .T3 1990
Table saw : specialty operations.
TJ1250 .B76
Broaching and shaping.
TJ1260 .D735 1990
Drill press.
TJ1260 .D74
Drilling and boring.
TJ1260 .L37
Laser drilling.
TJ1260 .P76
Process of engineering production.
TJ1263 .D74 2001
TJ1263 .D75 1993
Drills and drilling safety.
TJ1280 .B37 1996
Basics of grinding.
TJ1280 .E43
Electrochemical grinding.
TJ1280 .F56
Finishing and deburring.
TJ1296 .A27
Abrasive flow machining.
TJ1296 .A275
Abrasive machining.
TJ1313 .M38 2000
Measurement and gaging.
TJ1313 .P74 1997
Precision measuring tools.
TJ1320 .P54 1992
Pneumatic fastening tools.
TJ1320 .P69 1992
Powder actuated fastening tools.
TJ1338 .W66 1988
Wood fasteners.
TJ1350 .D78
The Drummond report.
TJ1350 .I57 1994
Inspection, care and storage of slings.
TJ1350 .L53
Lifting equipment.
TJ1350 .S243 1995
Safe slinging : inspection and care.
TJ1350 .S244 1992
Safe slinging : the lift.
TJ1350 .S245 1995
Safe slinging : selection and use.
TJ1363 .C66 1977
The control factor.
TJ1363 .C73 1975
Craning with confidence.
TJ1363 .O94 1994
Overhead crane safety.
TJ1363 .O943 1993
Overhead cranes : safe operation.
TJ1363 .P46 1990
Pendant cranes.
TJ1363 .S243 1993
Safety in rigging. Cranes : types and components, case histories.
TJ1363 .S244 1993
Safety in rigging. Hardware.
TJ1363 .S245 1993
Safety in rigging. Hazard awareness in crane operating areas .
TJ1363 .S246 1993
Safety in rigging. International hand signals.
TJ1367 .S243 1993
Safety in rigging. Chain.
TJ1367 .S244 1993
Safety in rigging. Hoists, winches, and related devices .
TJ1367 .S245 1993
Safety in rigging. Reeving.
TJ1367 .S246 1993
Safety in rigging. Slings.
TJ1367 .S247 1993
Safety in rigging. Wire rope.
TJ1370 .E445 1990
Elevators : use and abuse.
TJ1374 .D475 1989
Designing a lift.
TJ1430 .S24 1993
Safety in rigging. Rollers, jacks, and related devices.