Videocassette List:
Building Construction

Class TH Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TH145 .B85 1990
Building the structure.
TH145 .C66
Construction : basic principles.
TH145 .C665 1994
Construction technology.
TH145 .D44 1990
Defining inputs.
TH145 .D48 1990
Determining resources.
TH145 .F56 1990
Finishing the structure.
TH145 .H53
High tech buildings.
TH145 .I53 2000
Industry tour construction.
TH145 .O88 1990
Outputs and feedback.
TH153 .B75 1992
Bringing the house down : the fine art of demolition.
TH153 .B844
TH153 .M38 1987
Math for the construction trades.
TH375 .B824 2000
Building construction. Basic site development.
TH375 .B825 1998
Building construction. Basic site evaluation.
TH375 .B84
Building sites bite.
TH375 .C658 1994
Construction site fire safety.
TH375 .C66
Cost of chaos.
TH375 .E82
TH375 .E83
Eyes down.
TH375 .H37
TH375 .H42
Heads you lose.
TH375 .N6
No questions asked.
TH375 .N68 1993
Not just an accident : site safety for the young construction professional.
TH375 .S24 1989
Safety on site (general).
TH375 .S48 1991
Setting out on site : an introduction.
TH375 .S567 1998
Site investigation : planning and interpreting.
TH375 .S57
A site safer.
TH375 .Y67
You can't be too careful.
TH383 .S64 1996
Soil erosion & sediment control.
TH383 .S73 2001
Sites and soils.
TH420 .S83 2001
Standardisation and modularisation.
TH425 .C65/pt.1
Extension of time : JCT 1980.
TH425 .C65/pt.2
Direct loss and/or expense : JCT 1980.
TH425 .C6678 1987
Co-ordinated project information.
TH425 .C67
Contract procedures.
TH425 .D45 1998
Design and build : what place does it have?
TH425 .L25 2002
Latest developments in construction claims.
TH425 .M15 1999
M20 junctions 3 to 5.
TH425 .M43 2002
Measured term contracts : a form of partnering.
TH425 .P475 1989
Performance specifications.
TH425 .P69 2002
PPC2000, the partnering contract.
TH425 .S553 1991
Amendments to JCT 1980.
TH425 .S554 1991
Payments and certificates : interim payments : JCT '80.
TH425 .S555 1991
Variations and their valuation : JCT '80.
TH435 .C663 1984
Construction estimating.
TH435 .D37
Davis Langdon & Seah.
TH435 .N38 2003
The next generation : through-life costing.
TH435 .S63 1991
Cost planning.
TH437 .D46 2003
Design quality indicator.
TH438 .C54 1993
Clever building for a clever construction industry.
TH438 .C65
Commissioning of buildings.
TH438 .E28 2002
TH438 .F625 2003
FM standard forms of contract.
TH438 .R535 1998
Risk analysis and management.
TH438 .S58 1990
Site organisation and planning.
TH438 .S583 1992
Site preparation.
TH438 .V338 1998
Value management.
TH438 .V35 1999
Value management : its place in the construction industry.
TH438 .W44 1991
Weekly programmes : the video.
TH439 .D65
Domestic building inspections : a strategy for surveyors.
TH439 .I669 1995
Inspections : the exterior.
TH439 .I67 1995
Inspections : the interior.
TH439 .P965 1998
Property services.
TH441 .B85
Building defects : an introduction.
TH441 .C65 2000
Collapse : failure by design.
TH443 .C66
The Contract.
TH443 .C664 1996
Construction safety essentials.
TH443 .G76 1985
Grounds for concern.
TH443 .H33 1991
Health & safety in the building industry.
TH443 .I87
It's happened before.
TH443 .O53
One step away.
TH443 .R46 1991
Respiratory hazards.
TH443 .R47
The return of Milton Whitty.
TH443 .S24 1981
Safety in residential construction.
TH443 .S54 1992
Sight on site.
TH443 .S87 1989
Suspended access equipment.
TH443 .U63 1987
Updated thinking in accident prevention.
TH443 .W37
Watch that space : confined space hazards in the construction industry.
TH443 .W46 1988
Whose job is it anyway?
TH443 .W67 1990
A worker's guide to health & safety.
TH845 .H69 1998
How did they build that? Program 11, Tall buildings.
TH891 .D86
The dynamic behaviour of tall buildings.
TH900 .A13 1980z
The 3-point contact : mounting & dismounting construction equipment.
TH915 .L33 1984
TH1065 .F58 1990z
Fire resistive protection of structural members.
TH1065 .U63
Upgrading fire protection of existing building.
TH1094 .P76
The problem of the root.
TH1101 .E74 1900z
Erection of laminated timber structures.
TH1101 .R47 1999
Resisting the forces of earthquakes.
TH1491.C7 C66
Concrete block paving.
TH1611 .G65 1990
Going up.
TH1611 .H67 1989
Developing structures.
TH1611 .S87 2003
The sustainable skyscraper.
TH1615 .H578 1999
History of tall buildings.
TH1715 .C68 1990z
Cost effective weatherization of mobile homes in cold climates .
TH1715 .D82
Duct board fabrication concepts.
TH1715 .D83 1995
Duct leakage : diagnostics and repair.
TH1715 .I56
Insulation : covering hot piping.
TH1715 .I57
Insulation of industry buildings.
TH1715 .I58 1990z
Insulating and air sealing homes : a case study in French Lick, Indiana.
TH1715 .T53
Thermal insulation of wall.
TH1715 .W43 1990z
A weatherization case study in Minneapolis, Minnesota : based on the MWX90 weatherization procedure.
TH1725 .N65 1988
Noise from neighbours.
TH1725 .T72
Traffic noise and sound insulation.
TH2025 .I58 1989
Interaction of structure and cladding.
TH2101 .F65 2001
Foundation plans.
TH2101 .F66 1992
The foundations.
TH2101 .F67 1980
TH2101 .O87
Out of sight.
TH2101 .P76
The problem below.
TH2180 .F66 2001
Footings for concrete, masonry, and foundation walls.
TH2201 .D52
Diaphragm wall construction.
TH2201 .W35 1983
Wall fasteners.
TH2235 .E98 1992
Exterior walls & roof construction.
TH2258 .L33 1991
Ladder safety.
TH2261 .G73
The great lintel challenge.
TH2261 .I2
The I.G. lintels story.
TH2275 .W56 1982
TH2278 .K44
Kelley rapid roll door.
TH2278 .O63
An open and shut case : the Kelley rapid roll door.
TH2278 .R53
The right door for the right place.
TH2311 .F56 1987
Floor and wall framing.
TH2391 .R65 1987
TH2431 .R65 1997
Roofs and roof structures.
TH2521 .F56 1992
Floor and wall construction.
TH2525 .F57
Flooring systems.
TH3301 .B34/pt.1
The Birmingham TERN project, 1 : evaluation and repair.
TH3301 .B34/pt.2
The Birmingham TERN project, 2 : recognition and evaluation.
TH3301 .B34/pt.3
The Birmingham TERN project, 3 : repairs and procedures.
TH3301 .B34/pt.4
The Birmingham TERN project, 4 : contracting procedures.
TH3301 .B34/pt.5
The Birmingham TERN project, 5 : site practice.
TH3301 .C66 1998
Conversation issues for building professionals.
TH3311 .H68 2003
Housing repair cost guide.
TH3311 .S87 2000
Surveying historic buildings : what every surveyor should know.
TH3401 .N48
New homes from old.
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.1
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.10
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.11
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.12
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.15
Future homes.
TH3401 .P74 1999 ep.8
TH3401 .W38 2004
Warehouse refurbishment.
TH4021 .C58 2002
City Hall.
TH4311 .E48 1999
The Empire State Building.
TH4311 .H44 2002
High-tech flexibility.
TH4656 .T54
Time race.
TH4809.G73 L58
Living styles at Ingleby Barwick.
TH4811 .B87 1992
Building construction series.
TH4812 .H69 1999
House of the future.
TH4817 .P35 1996
Paint & wallpaper : preparation and application.
TH4817 .P73 1993
Practical guide to residential surveys.
TH4825 .I5
In six days ..
TH5201 .C45
Cementation Sandwicks.
TH5281 .C47
TH5281 .F34
TH5281 .S32
TH5281 .S33 1993
TH5313 .B37 1983
Basic masonry skills.
TH5313 .B85 1998
Building construction. Basic masonry.
TH5501 .M37/cst.1
Elements of brickwork.
TH5501 .M37/cst.2
Walls and bonds.
TH5501 .R47 2001
Residential construction : masonry.
TH5604 .C65 1987
Completing the exterior.
TH5604 .C66 1987
Completing the interior.
TH5606 .B824 1992
Building trades : interior finish work.
TH5670 .B37 1990
Basic stairbuilding.
TH6012 .W47
What is BAS?
TH6021 .D6 1990z
Do you know what building services engineer does?
TH6025 .L43 1990
Least-cost energy decisions for buildings.
TH6057.T23 G354 1999
TH6057.T23 T335 1991
Tall buildings : 2000 and beyond.
TH6122 .R68 1980
Rough plumbing and heating.
TH6123 .B37
Basic plumbing : plastic piping.
TH6123 .B54
Basic plumbing and pipe fitting.
TH6123 .P58 1992
TH6293 .D68
Down the drain.
TH6293 .M62
Modern methods of underground pipelaying.
TH6293 .S28 1985
Save, sound and watertight ; Precast concrete manholes.
TH6493 .A5
安裝帶護緣 ( 有裙 ) 浴缸方法不當對建築物的影響.
TH6498 .A5
安裝混合排洩 ( 變化式 ) 管道系統與安裝坐廁方法二者對工程質量的影響.
TH6498 .T65 1982
TH6571 .S55
Simplified drainage systems for large buildings.
TH6647 .P57
Plumbing : traps and vents.
TH6703 .B37
Basic pipefitting.
TH7010 .C65
Commissioning building HVAC systems.
TH7015 .C54 1992
Climate control.
TH7015 .H86 1995
Humidification technology in indoor air contaminants, problems, conflicts and solutions.
TH7222 .J53 1992
TH7413 .D65
Domestic solar water heating.
TH7413 .I57 1987
Installing solar systems.
TH7413 .I58 1987
Introduction to solar energy.
TH7414 .D47 1979
Design with the sun : passive solar architecture.
TH7414 .S64
Solar wise.
TH7414 .S86
The Sun goes to work at home.
TH7466.G3 G42 v.8
Installation practices.
TH7511 .H93 1999
Hydronic systems.
TH7588.A1 B64
Boiler operation and control.
TH7638 .R44 1999
Refrigeration fundamentals and heat pumps.
TH7657 .C67 1993
Cost-effective solutions to the ventilation requirements of ASHRAE standard 62-1989.
TH7657 .E34 1995
The effects of ventilation rates and filtration efficiency on indoor air contaminants.
TH7681 .S47 1999
Servicing an indoor air handler.
TH7684.K5 R48 1994
Review of kitchen ventilation.
TH7687.A2 B37
Basic air conditioning.
TH7687 .A45 1999
Air conditioner fundamentals.
TH7687 .F86 1987
Fundamentals of air conditioning.
TH7687 .P72
Practical applications of cooling load calculations.
TH7687.5 .G4 v.1
Introduction to air conditioning.
TH7687.5 .G4 v.6
TH7687.5 .G4 v.7
TH7687.5 .G42 v.5
Charging, recovery, recycling and reclamation.
TH7687.5 .G42 v.6
Installation procedures.
TH7687.5 .G42 v.8
Part load.
TH7687.5 .G42 v.9
TH7694 .C533 1992
Clean room technology and procedures : a guide for workers.
TH7703 .I37 1996
IES lighting education.
TH7725 .L53
Lighting in factories and commercial buildings.
TH8139 .D79 1992
Drywalling and interior trimming.
TH8531 .C47 1985
Ceramic tile : floors & counters.
TH8531 .P8
TH8531 .Z43
正確處理鋪砌外牆各部份錦瓦 ( 紙皮石 ) 及窗緣四週的防止滲漏工作.
TH9031 .A8
As good as gold.
TH9031 .C66
Condensation in the home.
TH9031 .C662
Condensation in domestic pitched roofs.
TH9031 .D35
Damp : building enemy no.1.
TH9031 .D36
The Damp busters.
TH9031 .G64
Going for a leak.
TH9031 .R45
Remedies for condensation and mould in traditional housing .
TH9120 .F76 1989
The front room fire.
TH9120 .I573 1985
Inspection. Part 1.
TH9120 .I574 1985
Inspection. Part 2.
TH9145 .C32
Cardington : the biggest fire in the world.
TH9145 .F56
Fire : concepts and behavior.
TH9145 .F57
Fire hazards of covered shopping centres.
TH9145 .F573 1993
Fire basics in the workplace.
TH9145 .F574 1993
Fire protection and prevention.
TH9145 .F575
Fire power.
TH9145 .F576 1991
Fire prevention safety.
TH9145 .I53 1988
Industrial fire prevention.
TH9145 .U52
Understanding fire.
TH9145 .X53 1995
TH9146 .S67 1996
Smoke control basis.
TH9146 .V46 1983
TH9148 .F57
Fire drill! : the life saving mission.
TH9148 .H45 1992
Hell fighters of Kuwait.
TH9151 .A53 1990
The anatomy and behavior of fire.
TH9151 .F57 1983
Fire streams.
TH9151 .P47 1992
Personal protective equipment : protective clothing and PASS devices.
TH9151 .P473 1992
Personal protective equipment : using and maintaining SCBA.
TH9180 .A52
Anatomy of a fire.
TH9180 .F57 1987
The fire at Valley Parade Bradford.
TH9182 .D863 1988
Collapse of burning buildings.
TH9245 .F57 1988
Fire protection systems.
TH9271 .F57 1984
Fire alarm and communications.
TH9323 .S45 1986
Selecting and applying fire streams.
TH9336 .F59 2005
Fire safety.
TH9336 .S67
Sprinkler systems for high-rack storage.
TH9338 .F63 1993
Foam fire streams.
TH9362 .F57
Fire extinguishers : fight or flight?
TH9362 .F574 1990
Fire extinguishers.
TH9362 .F58 1991
Fire extinguishers : classification and use.
TH9362 .F59 1987
Fire extinguishers : first line of defense.
TH9402 .F575 1980z
Fire drill.
TH9431 .S325 1984
TH9445.E43 E43
Electricity : the hidden heat.
TH9445.H7 F57
Firesafety in health care facilities.
TH9445.H75 H67
Hotel fire alert : employee procedures.
TH9445.O4 B36 1997
TH9445.O4 O33 1995
Office fire and evacuation : are you prepared?
TH9445.S66 G47
Getting the feel of foam.
TH9445.S8 F57
Fire in store.
TH9445.S8 S66
Smoke control in shopping mall.
TH9445.T18 F59 1998
Fire spread in curtain walled buildings.
TH9445.T8 I57 1988
Inside the life safety code.
TH9446.I5 F54
Flammable liquids, beware!.
TH9446.P4 L2
L. P. G. safety.
TH9448 .F56
Fire in America.
TH9507.N67 N53 2005
Night fighters.