Videocassette List:
Highway Engineering. Railroad Engineering. Bridge Engineering

Class TE-TG Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TE105 .H36 1990z
Hanshin Expressway Kobe Route 3 : entire length re- opened after 623 days.
TE145 .S44 2004
Semington to Melksham Diversion.
TE180 .M48 1999
Method of measurement for highway works.
TE278 .F63 1993
Foamed concrete for trench reinstatement.
TE278 .R45 1980z
The Reinstatement factor.
TF6.U6 A44 1993
America's historic steam railroads : Georgetown Loop Railroad.
TF23.6 .R635 1998
The Rockies by rail.
TF103 .G74 1995
The great Indian railway.
TF238.C4 C48 1999
TF240 .H43 1998
Heathrow express.
TF459 .D73
Dream of a sleeper.
TF550 .A834 1997
Atchinson, Topeka & Santa Fe.
TF550 .B85 1998
Built for speed.
TF550 .G73 1998
Grand Central.
TF550 .S743 1998
Steam trains ; When giants roamed, the golden age of steel.
TF847.H6 U52
Underground iron : the building of a railway.
TF847.N5 S83 1994
Subway : the empire beneath the streets.
TG15 .B75 2000
TG25.C2 O83
The Other bridge.
TG25.G5 G65 1995
The Golden Gate Bridge.
TG25.S225 G65 1999
The Golden Gate Bridge.
TG64.F68 B74
Bridging the Foyle.
TG64.H85 B74
A bridge across the Humber.
TG101 .C65 1997
TG113.H85 H66 1995
Hong Kong's new landmark : the Tsing ma bridge.
TG113.H85 H66 1996
Hong Kong's new landmark : the Tsing ma bridge.
TG113.H85 H66 1997
Hong Kong's new landmark : the Tsing ma bridge.
TG113.H85 H662 1995
創建新里程 : 靑馬大橋.
TG113.H85 H662 1996
創建新里程 : 靑馬大橋.
TG113.H85 H662 1997
創建新里程 : 靑馬大橋.
TG113.H85 T75 1994
Tsing Ma : bridge to the future.
TG113.H85 T752 1994
靑馬大橋 : 邁向未來.
TG307 .E54 1995
Engineering technology : balsa wood model bridges.
TG335 .S77 1989
Strengthening concrete bridges with bonded steel plates .
TG375 .R4 1995
The return of the timber bridge.
TG380 .N49 2003
Newport bridge.
TG414 .L66
London Bridge.
TG420 .R68 1998
Das rote Wunder.