Videocassette List:
Environmental Technology. Sanitary Engineering

Class TD Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TD58.L66 T43 1985
Technology and the Victorian city.
TD145 .D45 1999 pt.1
The delicate balance. Part 1.
TD145 .D45 1999 pt.2
The delicate balance. Part 2.
TD145 .T69 1997
Towards a greener future.
TD170 .C66
TD170 .E58
Environmental protection I.
TD170 .E582
Environmental protection II.
TD170 .G56 1990
The global environment.
TD170 .U737 1993
A user's guide to the planet Earth : the American environment test.
TD171.5.G7 W49 1996
Why should I worry?
TD171.7 .E68 2000
TD174 .P65
Pollution : causes and effects.
TD177 .E58/cst.1
Environmental control in the North Sea.
TD177 .E58/cst.4
TD177 .E58/cst.5
The management of nuclear waste.
TD177 .E58/cst.6
Noise annoys.
TD177 .E58/cst.7
Keeping watch on the invisible.
TD177 .E58/cst.8
Raising arms against air pollution.
TD186.5.H86 W37 1997
The WAPRA report.
TD193 .C54 1993
Chemistry of the environment.
TD194 .S87 2000
Sustainable development.
TD194.6 .E5889 1998
Environmental impact assessment : how does the process work and how effective is it?
TD194.7 .J56 1995
進行環境審核 = Conducting an eco-audit.
TD194.7 .T68 2003
Towards environmental sustainability.
TD195.C54 B85 2003
Building sustainability.
TD195.C54 D47 2003
Designing for sustainability.
TD195.C54 S87 2001
Sustainable construction.
TD195.E49 F67 1991
Fossil fuels.
TD195.E49 P69 1998
The power game.
TD196.A25 A24
Acid rain : requiem or recovery.
TD196.A25 A242
Acid rain : clouds with a sulphur lining.
TD196.A25 A243
Acid rain.
TD196.A25 A2433 1989
Acid rain.
TD196.A25 A244
The Acid test.
TD196.A25 A254 1992
Acid rain : the invisible threat.
TD196.A25 A35 1987
Acid rain.
TD196.A25 A354 1988
Acid rain : the choice is ours.
TD196.A25 C42/cst.12
Beyond famine?
TD196.A25 C42/cst.8
The Export of pollution.
TD196.A25 D36 1988
Danny and the killer rain.
TD196.A25 E53 1988
The endangered Earth : the politics of acid rain.
TD257 .W37
Water for a city.
TD327 .W37
Water supply and sanitation in development.
TD345 .L58 1999
Living on a drop -- : circle of life --
TD345 .W2675 pt.1
Water cycle.
TD345 .W2675 pt.2
Understanding groundwater.
TD345 .W2675 pt.3
Groundwater problems, pollution and remediation.
TD345 .W2675 pt.4
Salination : causes and solutions.
TD365 .M67 1976
More water for a thirsty world.
TD388 .A48 1985
The alternative is conservation.
TD388 .S87 1990
The surface water video.
TD398 .A78 1997
Aqueducts : man-made rivers of life.
TD420 .C54 1992
Clean water : our challenge.
TD420 .I58 1986
Into deep water.
TD420 .S68 1992
Source of life : water in our environment.
TD425 .D43 1990
Death on the St Lawrence.
TD426 .G765 1990z
TD427.P4 A43 1989
Alaska : crude awakening.
TD427.P4 B48 1989
Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
TD430 .D43 1985
Decade of water.
TD430 .S68 1998
South West Water : UV treatment plants.
TD430 .W373 1982
Water treatment : from reservoir to consumer.
TD430 .W38 1994
Water : to the last drop.
TD741 .S483 1990
Sewage treatment.
TD745 .A34 1981
Affluent effluent : new choices for wastewater treatment.
TD745 .C64 1998
Constructed reed beds.
TD745 .C74 1978
Principles of pH control of industrial streams.
TD746 .A73
Are you swimming in a sewer?
TD755 .P7 1999
Protecting the environment : drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, solid waste management.
TD763 .D57 1986
Dirty sea.
TD763 .T66 2000
Tunnelling under Portsmouth.
TD789.G7 W39 2004
Wasting time?
TD791 .G37
Garbage disposal.
TD791 .R43 1990
TD791 .R48 1990
TD791 .S35 1986
Science and human values.
TD791 .W375 1994
Waste control management : reduce, reuse, repair.
TD791 .W376 1999 pt.1
Waste. Part 1.
TD791 .W376 1999 pt.2
Waste. Part 2.
TD793 .P74 v.1
Introduction to waste stream management.
TD793 .P74 v.2
Physical treatment technologies.
TD793 .P74 v.3
Chemical treatment technologies.
TD793 .P74 v.4
Thermal treatment technologies.
TD793 .P74 v.5
Biological treatment technologies.
TD793 .P74 v.12
The semiconductor and electronics industry.
TD793 .P74 v.13
The papermaking industry.
TD793 .P74 v.15
The food and agriculture industries.
TD793.9 .W37 1998
Waste minimisaton in construction.
TD794.2 .M86 1994
Municipal solid waste management : the integrated approach.
TD794.5 .C374 1986
Cash from trash.
TD794.5 .E54 1989
Energineeinsparung durch recycling.
TD794.5 .R42
TD794.5 .R423 1990
TD794.5 .R424 1994
Recycling : conserving natural resources.
TD794.5 .S87 1999
Sustaining earth.
TD794.5 .W37
Waste : the penalty of affluence.
TD794.5 .W374 1990
Waste and global pollution.
TD795.7 .D57 1988
The disposable society.
TD795.7 .D69 1988
Down in the dumps.
TD796.5 .A53 1995
Anaerobic digestion.
TD796.5 .H853 1990z
Human waste : turning waste into a resource.
TD811.5 .H32
Handling hazardous waste : an introduction.
TD811.5 .L56
Liquid hazardous waste.
TD811.5 .S25 1981
Science studies hazardous materials problems.
TD812 .M36
The Management of nuclear waste.
TD812 .R33 1993
Radioactive waste disposal : the ten thousand year test.
TD812 .S34
Science and nuclear waste.
TD812.4.R8 N83 1998
Nuclear waste disposal : Russia's deep secret.
TD883 .A45
Air pollution : a first film.
TD883 .A46
Air is life.
TD883 .D66
Don't just stand there coughing ..
TD883.1 .O33 1985
The Office, is it making you sick?
TD883.1 .R443 1993
Rehabilitation of damaged buildings.
TD883.1 .S53 1980
Sick buildings : the battle for healthier offices.
TD883.13 .A47 1988
Air pollution : outdoors : cleaning the air.
TD883.13 .B56 1988
Biomass : green energy.
TD885.5.O85 T86 1990z
The two faces of ozone.
TD885.5.R33 R33 1994
Radon : no problem.
TD887.C47 H64
The Hole in the sky.
TD887.R3 G76 1996
Ground zero plus fifty : the aftermath of fifty nuclear years.
TD890 .A57 1996
Air monitoring.
TD890 .C65 1989
Continuous emission monitoring : quality assurance quality control.
TD890 .M67
Moss : nature's metal detector.
TD891 .K43
Keeping out the noise.
TD892 .N64
Noise? : you're in control.
TD892 .N6544 1972
Noise pollution.
TD892 .Z36 1995
TD897.5 .I53 1986
Industrial pollution control.
TD898 .N83 1986
Nuclear wasteland.
TD898 .N835 1989
Nuclear waste management.
TD898 .W53 1988
What'll we do with the waste when we're through? : transportation & disposal of high level nuclear waste.
TD1030 .H38
Hazardous waste management.
TD1062 .H39 1995
Hazardous waste destruction by high temperature incineration .