Videocassette List:
Hydraulic Engineering. Ocean Engineering

Class TC Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TC147 .W38 1990
Water power and the industrial revolution.
TC160 .H82
Hydraulics : principles of hydraulics.
TC167 .F54 1987
Field trials at Jackhouse Reservoir.
TC177 .F58 1995
Fluid quantity and flow.
TC180 .M33 1973
Made in Hong Kong.
TC199 .L68
TC330 .N38 1989
Natural force.
TC345.H65 L35 1993
Land from the sea.
TC357 .H68
TC357 .P73
A pre-stressed concrete quay construction.
TC357 .T53 1984
The Thames barrier : construction of the piers.
TC361 .J64
Joint venture in Dubai.
TC429 .W374 1996
The wastewater video.
TC457 .W38 1998
Water resources and supply.
TC501 .C66 1996
TC557.W22 G73 1993
Grand Coulee Dam.
TC557.5.H6 B85 1999
The building of Hoover Dam.
TC558.C52 Y3635 2000
Great Wall across The Yangtze = 楊子江上的長城.
TC558.C52 Y3648 1999
Three Gorges : biggest dam in the world.
TC558.C52 Y369 1999
Yangtze : lanueva China yel viejorio = new China and the old river.
TC558.E6 T47
The Thames barrier.
TC978.C62 H6664 1995
Introducing Drainage Services Department.
TC978.C62 H66642 1995