Videocassette List:
Civil Engineering

Class TA Videocassette List
Call Number Title
TA113.H85 X53 1998
香港工程師學會 = Hong Kong Institution of Engineers.
TA140.C53 A5 2000
An interview with Dr. Alphonse Chapanis.
TA145 .C47 1998
TA145 .E44 pt.10
Hyatt Regency collapse, twin towers, blind scanner.
TA145 .E44 pt.5
Aircraft safety, World Trade Center bombing, test dummies .
TA157 .C53 2002
Civil engineering, of no interest to young people?
TA157 .E85 2000
Ethics for engineers.
TA157 .S7625 2000
Status and the engineer.
TA157 .T47 1998
Testing water .. and ethics.
TA159 .G46 2002
General principles of machine design and materials.
TA165 .I574/cst.1
Instruments made to measure.
TA165 .I574/cst.2
Instruments under wraps.
TA165 .I574/cst.3
Instruments in flight.
TA165 .S46 1988
Sensors in manufacturing.
TA165 .S463 1987
Sensing the future.
TA165.5 .C56 1991
CMM inspection.
TA166 .C37 1989
Carpal tunnel syndrome in industry.
TA166 .E697 1996
Ergonomic safety.
TA166 .E74 1989
Ergonomics for supervisors.
TA166 .E75 2000
Ergonomics and design.
TA166 .H37 1987
Human factors success stories.
TA166 .H853 1998
Human factors and ergonomics : the profession and the society.
TA166 .O34 1989
Office ergonomics including carpal tunnel syndrome.
TA166 .V38 1994
VDU and workstation ergonomics.
TA168 .E375 1988
Computer-aided systems engineering.
TA170 .C58 2002
Civil engineers : environmental protectors or destroyers.
TA174 .D4583 cst.VC1
Introduction to design.
TA174 .D4583 cst.VC2
Consumer products.
TA174 .D4583 cst.VC4
Symmetry : drawing for engineers.
TA174 .D4583 cst.VC5
Design for manufacture.
TA174 .D4583 cst.VC6
Computers in design.
TA174 .E53/cst.1
Take a seat.
TA174 .E53/cst.10
Baffled by design.
TA174 .E53/cst.11
The hole design story.
TA174 .E53/cst.2
Behind the seat.
TA174 .E53/cst.3
Time for design.
TA174 .E53/cst.4
Testing time for Maestro.
TA174 .E53/cst.6
Evolution of the topper.
TA174 .E53/cst.7
In the topper mould.
TA174 .E53/cst.8
Nobody's friend.
TA174 .E53/cst.9
The shape of things to come.
TA174 .M368 pt.1-2
From design to manufacture.
TA174 .M368 pt.3
Components and production.
TA174 .S896 2001
Sustainable design.
TA174 .T6 1987
To engineer is human.
TA174 .W37 1998
Washing machine.
TA177.4 .E54 1992
Engineering economic analysis : overview and current applications.
TA190 .P76 1992
Project cost and schedule control.
TA199 .I53 1989
Industrial ergonomics.
TA216 .I67 2001
Improving consultants' performance.
TA345 .C652 1992
Computer aided manufacturing.
TA345 .H69 1992
How is a CAD drawing done?
TA345 .N48 1991
Introduction to design automation for electronic systems .
TA345 .T46 1989
Toward a computational framework for engineering.
TA345 .W43 1992
What is CAD?
TA347.F5 F56 1995
Finite element analysis in action : a live action demonstration of the predictive power of finite element analysis.
TA347.F5 F566 1986
Finite element procedures for solids and structures : nonlinear analysis.
TA350 .E545/cst.3
Velocity diagrams.
TA350 .E545/cst.4
Dynamic analysis.
TA355 .I59 1996
Introduction to vibration analysis.
TA403 .M37/cst.10
Concrete and steel.
TA403 .M37/cst.11
Framed for success.
TA403 .M37/cst.3
New bearings for old.
TA403 .M37/cst.4
Mechanical properties.
TA403 .M37/cst.5
Crates and ale.
TA403 .M37/cst.8
A Cut above.
TA403 .M37/cst.9
Magnus : a suitable case for treatment.
TA403 .M385/cst.1
No lay-bys at 3,500 feet.
TA403 .M385 cst.2
Catalysts against pollution.
TA403 .M385/cst.3
Hidden power.
TA403 .M385/cst.4
Inspection by torchlight.
TA403 .M385 cst.5
Strike a light.
TA403 .M385/cst.6
Going through a phase.
TA403 .M385 cst.7
Spanning materials.
TA403 .M385 cst.8
Given enough rope.
TA403 .M385/cst.VC1
Science for materials 1.
TA403 .M385/cst.VC2
Science for materials 2.
TA403 .M386 1990z
Materials revolution.
TA403 .M4553 1988
Materials principles and practice.
TA403 .M57 1991
Miracles by design.
TA403 .R47 1997
Resourceful materials and methods for building construction .
TA403.6 .D47
Design waste of building materials.
TA403.6 .E54 1994
The engineer's role in environmentally responsible buildings .
TA403.6 .P75 1986
An engineer's guide to materials : their properties and selection.
TA403.6 .S57
Site waste of building materials.
TA409 .F34/cst.1
Last of the liberties.
TA409 .F34/cst.2
Made without flaw?
TA409 .F34/cst.3
Living with cracks.
TA409 .F34/cst.4
Foretelling fatigue life.
TA409 .F34/cst.5
New hips for old.
TA409 .F34/cst.6
Ceramics under stress.
TA409 .F34/cst.7
Something in the air.
TA409 .F34/cst.8
Plastic under pressure.
TA409 .F37/sect.A
Introduction to failure analysis and techniques for conducting a failure analysis.
TA409 .F37/sect.B
Failure modes.
TA409 .F37/sect.C
Failure analysis of other engineered materials.
TA409 .F75 1982
Fracture toughness : its role in engineering design.
TA409.3 .I67 1975
Introduction to strengthening materials.
TA410 .I57
Introduction to mechanical property tests.
TA410 .T425 1999
Testing consumer products.
TA410 .T47 1984
Testing, testing.
TA413.5 .V53 1988
Videotech library. Volume 1.
TA417.2 .A98 1988
Automated inspection : non-destructive testing.
TA417.2 .F86 1983
Fundamentals of nondestructive testing.
TA417.2 .G74 1989
State of the art of nondestructive evaluation.
TA417.2 .N66
Non-destructive evaluation.
TA418.32 .S773 1989
Structural materials.
TA418.38 .L68 1989
Failure analysis in materials research.
TA418.74 .C67/pt.1
The implications of corrosion.
TA418.74 .C67/pt.2
The theory of corrosion.
TA418.74 .C67/pt.3
Economic aspects of corrosion.
TA418.74 .C67/pt.4
The forms of corrosion. 1 : uniform, crevice, filiform, galvanic, and intergranular corrosion.
TA418.74 .C67/pt.5
The forms of corrosion. 2 : pitting, selective attack, and corrosion with a mechanical factor.
TA418.74 .C674 1979
Corrosion engineering.
TA418.74 .P74/pt.1
Designing against corrosion.
TA418.74 .P74/pt.11
The art of specification writing.
TA418.74 .P74/pt.9
Maintenance of protective coating systems.
TA418.74 .S63/pt.1
Internal and external protection of pipelines.
TA418.74 .S63/pt.2
Cathodic protection applications.
TA418.74 .S63/pt.3
Corrosion control in marine environments and immersion in sea water .
TA418.74 .S63/pt.5
Corrosion in hot and cold water systems.
TA418.76 .I57
An introduction to metallic coatings.
TA418.76 .M48 1981
Metallic coatings applied by the hot dipping process.
TA418.76 .P74
Principles of corrosion control using paint coatings.
TA418.76 .R82
Rubber lining for corrosion protection.
TA418.9.C6 A38
Advanced composites in manufacturing.
TA418.9.C6 B87 2004
Burning issues.
TA418.9.C6 C44 1996
Design of composite structures.
TA418.9.C6 C655 2002
Composites : properties and uses.
TA418.9.C6 I58 1987
Introduction to composites.
TA418.9.C6 M38 1988
Manufacturing with advanced composite materials.
TA418.9.C6 S67 1997
Mechanics of composites.
TA418.9 .G65 1986
Introduction to composite materials.
TA418.9.S62 M65 1996
Molecular mechanisms in smart materials.
TA419 .H37
Hardwood : the natural choice.
TA419 .W66 1981
Wood : the unique material.
TA420 .W8 2000
Wood properties and uses.
TA424 .V32
TA424 .V323
Vac-Vac treated exterior joinery.
TA424.4 .T55
Timber in fire-safe buildings.
TA426 .S89 2003
Stone in the landscape.
TA434 .L55 2002
Lime green.
TA434 .L56 1998
Lime : mortars, renders & plasters.
TA439 .F86 1998
Fundamentals of quality concrete.
TA439 .I57
An Introduction to concrete technology.
TA439 .I58
An Introduction to concrete practice.
TA439 .M665 1992
Monuments to man.
TA439 .P73
Concrete practice : preparations for ready-mixed.
TA439 .W43 1988
What is concrete?
TA440 .C47 1982
Certification of concrete laboratory testing technicians .
TA440 .C663 1990
Concrete checks : getting it right first time.
TA440 .S36 1988
Sampling and testing concrete.
TA440 .T47 1995
Testing ready mixed concrete in the field : a video notebook.
TA446 .S77
Structural gunite by cementation.
TA455.A34 T65 1990z
Tomorrow's technology today : adhesives in engineering.
TA455.A6 A83 1987
Asbestos safety.
TA455.A6 A833 1987
Asbestos : small-scale, short duration activities.
TA455.A6 A834 1987
Asbestos : understanding the hazards.
TA455.A6 W67 1988
Working with asbestos.
TA455.G44 G4423 1999
Geosynthetics in reinforced soil structures.
TA455.P5 P53 1990
Plastics : process to product.
TA455.P5 P538 2002
Plastics : properties and uses.
TA459 .M468 1987
Metals : a history.
TA460 .M43 1986
Mechanical testing of metals.
TA462 .A86 1981
Atmospheric corrosion of iron and steel.
TA462 .C6573 1980z
The Corrosion problem.
TA462 .C674 1987
Corrosion : an ASM/NACE videocourse.
TA462 .C6745 1987
Corrosion and corrosion prevention.
TA462 .H54 1980z
High rise rust : news story.
TA462 .R87 1980z
Rust is not a must.
TA467 .Z56 1970z
TA480.C7 C67 1990
The copper connection.
TA480.T54 T56 2002
TA489.N35 N366 1998
TA495 .E54 1999
Engineering disasters.
TA495 .E55 2001
Engineering disasters 3.
TA495 .M67 1999
More engineering disasters.
TA526.G7 A63 2002
The APC : employers' role.
TA526.G7 C525 2002
Changing times.
TA527.H85 H55 1997
HKIS corporate video.
TA527.H85 S87 1990z
Surveyor : career exhibition.
TA533 .S437 1997
Secrets of lost empires.
TA533 .S4372 2000
Secrets of lost empires. [II].
TA535 .B85 2000
Building construction. Basic surveying.
TA545 .E53 1994
Electric surveying : an introduction to modern land surveying.
TA545 .E545/cst.2
Free body diagrams.
TA549 .I58 1987
Introduction to surveying.
TA585 .C66 1987
Control surveys.
TA595.5 .G67 1996
GPS satellite surveying : MTU LS 444.
TA601 .D57 1991
Distance measurement.
TA601 .M43 1987
Measuring horizontal distances.
TA601 .T68 1995
Total stations.
TA603 .M43 1987
Measuring angles.
TA606 .M43 1987
Measuring vertical distances.
TA645 .S88 1989
Structural components.
TA645 .S89 1999
TA654.5 .I78 2003
It's a windy tale.
TA656 .P754 1992
Principles of failure analysis.
TA658 .L68 1998
The Lowry Centre.
TA660.T6 S92 1994
Sydney Tower.
TA660.W3 D43 1991
The hidden world of wall ties.
TA666 .B33 2004
Back to school with timber.
TA666 .E64 1999
Engineered wood products : chipboard, MDF, ply, fibreboard, mrf and uses.
TA681 .C668 1991
Concrete repairs.
TA681 .F56 1984
Finishing concrete flatwork.
TA681 .G76
Concrete practice : ground floor construction.
TA681 .S65
Something concrete.
TA682.24 .S64 1990
Specifications and supply of concrete.
TA682.3 .F86 1989
Fundamentals of jointing for volume changes of concrete .
TA682.44 .C87 1992
Curing & protecting concrete and striking formwork.
TA682.44 .G66 1989
Good formwork practice.
TA682.46 .P63 1990
Placing and compaction.
TA682.49 .F56
Finishes in concrete.
TA683 .R338 2004
Reinforcement today.
TA683.4 .C47
China Resources Building.
TA683.4 .S63
Slipform construction.
TA683.42 .G66 1990
Good reinforcement practice.
TA683.5.B3 F35 1991
The failure modes of concrete beams.
TA683.5.B3 T47 1980
Testing a reinforced concrete beam.
TA683.5.C7 C65 1981
Columns of concrete.
TA683.7 .E38
Education in building.
TA683.7 .M32
Made in Britain, built in Gibraltar.
TA683.7 .P74 1990
Precast concrete housing.
TA683.9 .G72
TA683.9 .H35
The Hammersmith Flyover.
TA683.9 .I57
Introduction to prestressed concrete.
TA684 .F85 2001
Full circle.
TA684 .M3764 1989
Analysis of welded structures.
TA684 .S57 1997
The Slimdek system.
TA684 .S784 1998
Steel in fire.
TA710 .K44 1996
Keep your slopes safe.
TA710 .K442 1996
TA710.5 .C65 1992
The competent person & soils testing.
TA715 .G76
Ground treatment.
TA730 .T74 1985
Trenching : good practice.
TA735 .R2
RTM III : the trench connection.
TA735 .S42
Seabed trenching : seabed ploughing of pipelines and cables.
TA775 .F685 1995
TA780 .B54 2003
Big piles.
TA780 .C45
Cementation Frankipile.
TA780 .S62
Small diameter piling.
TA804.G7 H37
Hard rock.
TA805 .T86 1995
TA815 .B53
The big push.
TA815 .J32
Jack it in.
TA815 .T7 1992
Trenchless technology.
TA820.E55 M35 1993
Making ends meet.
TA1215 .D37
Data modelling at Overseas Containers Ltd.
TA1570 .I68 1995
Introduction to infrared thermography.
TA1630 .P73 1989
Optical neurocomputers.
TA1632 .A6797 1993
Applications of modern image processing.
TA1632 .M32
Machine vision.
TA1632 .M37 1991
Morphological signal processing : image analysis and nonlinear filtering : ICASSP 91.
TA1632 .M86 1987
Model-based computer vision.
TA1632 .S333 1989
Fundamentals of image processing.
TA1632 .W663 1991
Digital image and video compression.
TA1637 .I438 1993
Image processing and analysis.
TA1637 .N495 1994
The new age of digital video compression.
TA1637 .S58 1999
Smart robots.
TA1675 .E94 1991
Understanding lasers and their applications.
TA1675 .L364 1994
Laser F/X.
TA1675 .L365 1995
Laser technology : fiber optics.
TA1675 .L38
The Lay person's guide to lasers.
TA1675 .L57
Light of the 21st century.
TA1677 .L372
Laser safety comes to light.
TA1677 .L69 1995
Low power lasers : be aware of the hazards.
TA1800 .P475 1991
Fiber optics : technology and applications.