Videocassette List:

Class T Videocassette List
Call Number Title
T7 .L5839/cst.5
Information technology : a link in the chain.
T7 .L5839/cst.500
Climates of opinion?
T7 .L5839/cst.503/02
New generations ; piping hot.
T7 .L584/cst.11
Discovering chemistry.
T7 .L584/cst.14
The Hospice movement.
T7 .L584/cst.15
Cancer : some of the options.
T7 .L584/cst.7
Dutch heat.
T7 .L584/cst.8
U.K. power.
T10.5 .E362
Technical writing.
T14.5 .M37 1988
Maschinen Träume.
T14.5 .S35/cst.1
It's a lovely day tomorrow.
T14.5 .S35/cst.2
The march of aluminium.
T14.5 .S35/cst.3
The all-electric home.
T14.5 .S35/cst.4
Wheels of progress.
T14.5 .S35/cst.5
Invasion from Mars : how Orson Welles panicked a nation.
T14.5 .S35/cst.6
The cornflake story.
T14.5 .S35/cst.7
Soap & water.
T14.5 .S35/cst.8
Childbirth and contraception.
T14.5 .Y68 1982
You, me, and technology.
T15 .M68 1986
The movers.
T20 .N634 v.1
Medicine : how do you feel, Mr. Jacobs?
T20 .N634 v.2
Physics : why bother?
T20 .N634 v.3
Chemistry : stop forward movement?
T36 .L48 1995
Computers and risk.
T45 .W47
Why things go wrong.
T47 .E5 1993
Engineering technology : welding rod model bridges.
T49.5 .C56
Choices : the role of science and technology for development.
T49.5 .C88 1990
Comparison of R & D management : USA and Japan.
T49.5 .K63 1988
Strategic issues and directions in technology management .
T49.5 .L66 1990
Trade issues in technology management.
T49.5 .N56 1990
Knowledge sharing systems for organizational intelligence in technology management.
T49.5 .R45 1990
Problem solving in technology management.
T50 .I59 1995
Introduction to measurement.
T50 .M46 1995
Measuring dynamic variables.
T50 .M48/cst.1
Surface texture assessment.
T50 .M48/cst.2
Co-ordinate measuring machines.
T50 .M48/cst.3
Laser metrology.
T50 .M48/cst.4
Roundness measurement.
T55 .A23 1993
Accident investigation : a tool for effective prevention.
T55 .A27 1991
Abrasive wheel safety.
T55 .A38 1983
Acts and omissions.
T55 .A53 1977
Anatomy of an accident.
T55 .B87 1993
Burn prevention : a degree of awareness.
T55 .C365 1979
Can you hear me?
T55 .C54 1992
Chemical safety in the laboratory.
T55 .C65 1987
The color of safety : a guide for professional lift truck operators.
T55 .C66 1990
Contractor safety orientation.
T55 .C663 1990
Confined space safety.
T55 .E44/cst.1
Emergency preparedness.
T55 .E44/cst.2
Incident prevention.
T55 .E44/cst.3
Crisis management.
T55 .E45 1995
Elevated work platforms.
T55 .F35 1993
Fall prevention : personal fall protection.
T55 .F353 1993
Fall prevention : elevated work surfaces.
T55 .F354 1993
Fall prevention : ladder safety.
T55 .F87
The future is in your hands.
T55 .H36 1989
Hand safety.
T55 .H45 1981
Helping hands : tools worth protecting.
T55 .I3 1980z
I can't hear.
T55 .I53 1985
Industrial housekeeping.
T55 .I8 1987
It won't happen to me : accidents in the workplace.
T55 .M32 1990
Machine guarding.
T55 .M46 1984
Memory lane.
T55 .M47 1991
MESH - managing employee safety & health.
T55 .N48 1989
The newcomers.
T55 .N65 1992
Noise induced hearing loss : no second chance.
T55 .N69 1984
Nowhere man.
T55 .O33 1991
Occupational health.
T55 .O5 1984
On guard.
T55 .O53 1983
On-the-job housekeeping.
T55 .O84 1977
The other half of the safety team.
T55 .P47 1987
Personal protection.
T55 .P74 1993
Preventing contamination : a laboratory safety training program.
T55 .Q83 1997
Quality and safety : giving you the edge = 品質與安全 : 你的優勢所在.
T55 .S343 1990
Safety break.
T55 .S345 1997
Safety leadership.
T55 .S43
See for yourself.
T55 .S44 1983
Seeing is believing : eye safety.
T55 .S54 1999
T55 .S55 1991
Slips, trips & falls.
T55 .S87/cst.1
Search for safety : doing job safety analysis.
T55 .S87/cst.2
Around every corner : the need for planned safety inspections.
T55 .S87/cst.3
Making your investigation court.
T55 .T69 1994
Towards a safer workplace.
T55 .W37 1987
Waste minimization : it's everyone's job.
T55 .W58 1988
With safety everybody wins.
T55 .W67 1995
Work safety essentials.
T55 .Y83 1995
T55.3.B5 B53 1991
Back in business.
T55.3.B5 M56 1989
Minimizing back strain.
T55.3.H3 C44 1984
Chemicals under control.
T55.3.H3 C445/cst.1
Introduction to chemical safety.
T55.3.H3 C445/cst.2
T55.3.H3 C445/cst.3
T55.3.H3 C445/cst.8
T55.3.H3 C445/cst.9
Material safety data sheets.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.1
Introductory overview.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.2
Corrosives and irritants.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.3
Toxins and poisons.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.4
Flammables, combustibles, and explosives.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.5
Carcinogens, mutagens and teratogens.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.6
Biological hazards.
T55.3.H3 C45/cst.7
Radiation hazards.
T55.3.H3 C654 1994
Control of hazardous substances.
T55.3.H3 D43 1992
Decon team.
T55.3.H3 H364 1988
Handling hazardous chemicals.
T55.3.H3 H39 1985
Hazard alert : laboratory spills.
T55.3.H3 H394 1988
Hazmat emergency.
T55.3.H3 H395 1995
Hazmat investigation.
T55.3.H3 I58 1995
Introduction to investigation.
T55.3.H3 K66 1997
T55.3.H3 S76 1992
Storing hazardous liquids.
T55.3.L5 B35 1996
T55.3.L5 G48 1982
Get a move on.
T55.3.L5 G66 1997
T55.3.L5 L37 1993
The last straw : a guide to manual material handling.
T55.3.L5 M356 2002
Manual handling : getting it right.
T55.3.L5 S53 1984
Shape up! : avoiding back injuries.
T55.3.P75 G43 1997
T55.3.P75 P47 1994
Personal protective equipment for head, eye/face, hand and foot .
T55.3.R48 R48 1991
Respirator safety.
T55.4.H3 A15 1998
The 8 step process hazmat incident management.
T55.5.H3 L33 1986
Lab hood safety.
T55.9 .F74 1984
Frederick Taylor and scientific management.
T56 .G72/cst.10
Mechanical manipulation.
T56 .G72/cst.15
The location problem.
T56 .G72/cst.5
Critical path.
T56 .I53 1998
Industrial engineering.
T56.24 .F88 1993
The future of industrial engineering jobs.
T56.3 .S45 1998
Selecting consultants for the team : balancing quality and price.
T56.8 .A38
Advanced project management : preview package.
T56.8 .A382
Advanced project management.
T56.8 .M36
Managing small projects.
T56.8 .N59 1990
A human-computer cooperative system in project management .
T56.8 .P53 1999
Planning. Part 2.
T56.8 .P76
Project management for engineers : preview package.
T56.8 .P762
Project management for engineers.
T56.8 .P764 1994
Project management.
T56.8 .R46 2001
Remote control.
T57.37 .B69 1990
Designing industrial experiments.
T57.95 .D42
Decision analysis.
T58.5 .I546 1997
Information technology : the look of the business future, master or slave.
T58.6 .C555 1991
Client/server, distributed databases and networks.
T58.6 .I54 1995
Information systems : human resource systems.
T58.6 .I68 1978
Introduction to systems management techniques.
T58.6 .S85 1978
Systems management strategies.
T58.64 .G46 1985
General Foods : an interview with Edward A. Schefer, vice-president.
T58.64 .I533 1990z
Information resource management.
T58.64 .I82 1996
Introduction to information systems.
T59.5 .R62
The Robot revolution?
T59.7 .E744 1991
Ergonomics : workstation modifications.
T59.7 .E745 1990
Ergonomics : video display terminals.
T59.7 .G653 1989
Goin' through the motions.
T59.7 .G654 1989
Goin' through the motions for supervisors.
T60.W65 A36
Activity sampling : an introduction.
T60.2 .W67
Work study at Hoover Ltd.
T60.2 .W68
Work study in the clothing industry.
T60.4 M62
Fundamentals of MODAPTS.
T60.4 .T55
Time study procedures.
T60.4 .T56 1988
Time study : the why and the how.
T65 .P64
Polytechnics : many arts, many skills.
T173.H6 C5144 2002
City University of Hong Kong.
T173.H6 C5145 2002
T173.H6 C51452 2002
T173.H6 C515 1997
City University of Hong Kong : towards a new era of excellence.
T173.H6 C5152 1997
香港城市大學 : 邁向卓越新紀元.
T173.H6 C5437 1995
城市新知 : past, present and future.
T173.H6 C54373 1995
城市新知 = City science.
T173.H6 C54374 1995
City University of Hong Kong : past, present and future.
T173.H6 C54383 1995
Department of Biology & Chemistry : a brighter future.
T173.H6 C54384 1995
生物及化學系 : 光輝未來.
T173.H6 C54453 1996
City University of Hong Kong, Department of Electronic Engineering .
T173.H6 C5454 1995
踏實的決定 : 專業課程在城大.
T173.H6 C5458 1996
Responding to the challenges of a new world : the City University of Hong Kong dimension.
T173.H6 C547573 1996
Law departmental video.
T173.H6 C54763 1996
香港經濟命脈 : 製造工程師之培訓 ; The crux of Hong Kong prosperity : the role of manufacturing engineering education.
T173.H6 C5479 1996
安全健康在城大 = Health safety induction.
T173.H6 C54945 1996
Estates Management Office.
T173.H6 C549452 1996
T173.H6 C5499972 2000
T173.H6 C58326 1989
Building Hong Kong's future.
T173.H6 C58336 1988
Come to City Poly ; Making of the permanent campus.
T173.H6 C58377 1988
This is CPHK ; Making of the permanent campus.
T173.H6 C5865 1998
T173.H6 C59362 2000
T173.8 .D46/pt.4
Power to the people?
T173.8 .D46/pt.5
Images and innovation.
T173.8 .H57 1990
Mechanisms for advancement of technology competitiveness at Japanese companies.
T173.8 .I5569 v.1
From idea to market : the Great British bollard.
T173.8 .I5569 v.1V
Edison : the invention of invention.
T173.8 .I5569 v.2
Green product design : the Hoover New Wave.
T173.8 .I5569 v.3
Renewable energy policy : big is beautiful?
T173.8 .I5569 v.4
Electric vehicles : sustainable transport or technical fix?
T174.3 .T3756 1997
Technology transfer.
T353 .D72/cst.1
Curves, lettering.
T353 .D72/cst.2
Drawing and planning.
T353 .D72/cst.4
Drawing and planning for woodwork.
T353 .D72/cst.5
Drafting methods.
T353 .D73 1987
Drafting mechanical drawing.
T353 .E87
Essentials of drafting.
T353 .O94 2001
An overview of drafting.
T353 .U84 1987
The Use of drafting tools and equipment.
T357 .E38 2001
Education and career choices in drafting.
T357 .G464 1995
Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing : training program.
T357 .O94 2001
An overview of computer assisted drafting.
T385 .A17 1990
3D computer graphics : construction to interaction.
T385 .A39 2000
Advanced Photoshop 5.5 for image editing and workflow.
T385 .A455 1992
Architectures of high-performance 3D graphics accelerators .
T385 .A73 1998
Photoshop 5.
T385 .A983 1991
Auto CAD three-dimensional modeling.
T385 .A9839 1998
AutoCAD release 13.
T385 .A984 1991
AutoCAD two dimensional drafting.
T385 .C33 1989
CAD : computer-aided drawing and design.
T385 .C338188 1997
CADD : computer-aided drafting and design.
T385 .C6486 1994
Computer careers for artists.
T385 .C663/cst.1
Introduction to CAD.
T385 .C665 1986
Computer aided drafting.
T385 .C667 1987
The computer graphics : the world of computer graphics.
T385 .C668 1985
Computer images : computer graphics.
T385 .D34 1987
The dynamic image : pioneering computer graphics at the University of Toronto, 1967-87.
T385 .F576 1998
First step for AutoCAD Release 14 update.
T385 .G73 1996
Graphics 2000 : presentation and computer graphics.
T385 .H375 1992
Harvard graphics for Windows, advanced.
T385 .I1852 1990
Visualization '90 keynote panel : towards visualization 2000 - the next ten years : proceedings of the first IEEE Conference on Visualization, San Francisco, California, October 23-26, 1990.
T385 .I56 1993
Introduction to PowerPoint version 3.0.
T385 .I58 1992
Introduction to CorelDraw version 3.0.
T385 .I583 1992
Introduction to Harvard graphics for Windows.
T385 .K39 1987
Doing with images makes symbols : communicating with computers.
T385 .L384 1999
Learning CorelDRAW! 9.
T385 .L38452 1998
Learning fireworks 2 : for web graphics and animation.
T385 .L43 1989
The leading edge : an updating seminar of graphics technology.
T385 .L434 1999
Learning AutoCAD 2000. Level 1.
T385 .L435 1992
Learning CorelDraw advanced.
T385 .L4355 1999
Learning Flash 4 : for interactive design and animation with low bandwidth.
T385 .P69 1994
PowerPoint 4.0, advanced.
T385 .P693 1994
PowerPoint 4.0 for Windows : basic to intermediate course.
T385 .P694 1994
PowerPoint 4.0 for Windows : intermediate and multimedia features course.
T385 .P698 1999
PowerPoint 2000. Beginning.
T385 .S532
T385 .S532
T385 .S532
T385 .S532
Compilation from CHI '83.
T385 .S532
T385 .S532
Compilation form CHI '85.
T385 .S532
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '86 electronic theatre.
T385 .S532
CHI + GI '87 electronic theatre (edited compilation from CHI '87) .
T385 .S532
CHI + GI '87 technical video stream.
T385 .S532
Visualization domain.
T385 .S532
Visualization systems.
T385 .S532
Computer graphics education.
T385 .S532
Chi + GI '87 technical video stream.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '87 film & video show.
T385 .S532
Visualization : state of the art.
T385 .S532
Visualization : state of the art, update.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '88 animation screening room highlights, [August 3-5, Atlanta, GA].
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '88 film and video show.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '88 art show.
T385 .S532
Visualization in scientific computing : supercomputers.
T385 .S532
CHI '88 technical video program, [May, 1988, Washington, D.C.] .
T385 .S532
Visualization in scientific computing : research.
T385 .S532
CHI '89 technical video [May, 1989, Austin, TX] program, .
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '89 computer graphics theater.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '89 computer graphics theater, animation screening room .
T385 .S532
CHI '90 technical video program.
T385 .S532
CHI '90 special issue : all the widgets.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '91 electronic theatre.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '91 computer graphics screening room.
T385 .S532
Visualization software : the state of art.
T385 .S532
HDTV & the quest for virtual reality.
T385 .S532
Supercomputing '90 visualization theatre.
T385 .S532
CHI '91 technical video program.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '90 film and video theatre ; SIGGRAPH '90 animation screening room.
T385 .S532
SIGGRAPH '90 animation screening room.
T385 .S532 1982
T385 .S532 issue 120
SIGGRAPH 97. Electronic theater program.
T385 .S532 issue 121 & 122
SIGGRAPH '97. Art & animation, Programs I & II.
T385 .S532 issue 123 & 124
SIGGRAPH 97. Entertainment & commercial program/Visualization program .
T385 .S532 issue 125
SIGGRAPH 98. Electronic theater program.
T385 .S532 issue 126 & 127
SIGGRAPH 98. Art & character animation program/Technical know how .
T385 .S532 issue 128 & 129
SIGGRAPH 98. Commercial/visualization/rides/sigKIDS theater program .
T385 .S532 issue 130
Filmography of computer animation, 1960-1980.
T385 .S532 issue 132
SIGGRAPH 99, Los Angeles. Animation theater program. Part 1 .
T385 .S532 issue 133
SIGGRAPH 99, Los Angeles. Animation theater program. Part 2 .
T385 .S532 issue 137
The story of computer graphics.
T385 .S532 issue 98 & 99
New directions in virtual reality . Entertainment simulations and theme park visualizations.
T385 .S535
SIGGRAPH conference proceedings video tape.
T385 .S735 1991
Advances in computer graphics.
T385 .S87 1998
Surviving the technology revolution : promise or peril?
T385 .V5625 1998
Virtual & interactive.
T385 .V592
Visualization in scientific computer.
T678.B2 V662 1996
Von Gerkan, Marg + Partner : neue Messe Leipzig = New fair Leipzig.