Videocassette List:

Class S Videocassette List
Call Number Title
S441 .V65 1995
Voices from the fields = Voces del Campo.
S471.C6 Z433 1997
S471.C6 Z46 1990z
S475.B72 S43 1998
Seeds of change.
S494.5.G44 E84 1999
Ethics and implications of food and agricultural genetics .
S494.5.G44 G46 1999
Gene technology in agriculture.
S494.5.G44 H54 2000
High-tech foods : is genetically engineered food safe?
S591.55.G7 S64 1992
Soils of the fell sandstone.
S616 .C44
China : a land transformed.
S623 .R46 1993
Repairing the damage.
S661 .C66 1992
S661 .I53 1988
The incredible heap : the story of garden compost.
S661 .S35 1993
The Science of biological decomposition : effective composting methods.
S936 .C46/pt.1
S936 .C46/pt.2
S936 .C46/pt.3
SB118.3 .S87 1997
Super seeds ; From beneath the ashes.
SB119 .P53 1982
Plant propagation : from seed to tissue culture.
SB119 .S525 1986
Plant propagation.
SB123.3 .P53 1988
Plants in peril.
SB123.57 .F52 1998
Field of genes.
SB123.57 .G46 2000
Genetically modified crops.
SB175 .B56 1986
Blooming science.
SB175 .P75 1992
Prime time news : biogenetic foods.
SB211.P8 B53 1999
Big spuds, little spuds.
SB211.P8 P68 1993
SB292.A2 P53 1989
Plant defenses.
SB299.R2 P53 1994
Plant factory.
SB411 .C454 1997
A celebration of old roses.
SB466.E9 E97 1992
The European garden.
SB484.A88 V58 1999
Vluru-Kata Tjuta National Park & Kakadu National Park.
SB484.H6 H66 1995
Hong Kong's country parks.
SB608.O115 E54 1988
Enemies of the oak.
SB611 .V56 1989
Vines and other parasites.
SB731 .L38 1996
Late blight and the Irish potato famine.
SB931 .I56 1998
Insects and spiders and mites Oh My! : recognizing beneficials in the nursery and landscape.
SB950.3 .P76 1989
Profits from poison.
SB975 .I57 1984
Insect war.
SB994.R6 R625 1998
Rodent control.
SD397.B5 F77
From birch to board.
SD409 .F73 1987
Fragile forest.
SD409 .S65 1992
Spirit of the trees.
SD411 .W66 1985
SD418.3.T76 R47 1986
Research to protect the Tropics : vanishing rain forest.
SD420.5 .F574 1998
SD431.D36 F67 1993
Forests of the world.
SF271 .C44 1986
SF281 .H67 1997
A horse's world.
SF295.6 .R86 1985
Run the marathon.
SF295.7 .M57 1998
The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials 1998.
SF295.7 .M57 1999
The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton horse trials 1999.
SF427 .B543 1998
Big dogs, little dogs.
SF433 .D64 1997
A dog's world.
SF446.5 .C38 1997
A cat's world.
SF967.S63 F67 1999
Foreign body.
SH34 .A68 1989
SH135 .F374 1992
Farmers of the sea.
SH151 .N49 1989
New experiments in aquaculture aided by science.
SH167.T54 F66 1986
Food for thought.
SH221.5.N65 E88 1992
Estuary : Columbia's link with the sea.
SH242 .F57 1980
Fish by catch .. bonus from the sea.
SH253 .N49 1992
The new blue Europe.
SH299 .F57 1998
Fishing in the sea of greed.
SH328 .F56 1992
Fishery assessment techniques : creel surveys, clerk orientation.
SH344.6.G5 I53 1986
An incidental kill.
SH346 .S25 1981
Salmon on the run.
SH371 .O98 1979
Oyster farming in the Tropics.
SH373 .A68 1983
Aquaculture : harvesting the Maine clam.
SH380.62.M48 K55 1993
The killing tide.