Videocassette List:

Class QR Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QR12 .C52
Classifying microorganisms.
QR41.2 .U65 1998
Up close and personal : the ecology of David Suzuki.
QR48 .O74 1995
Organic clean-up.
QR56 .H53 1991
Hidden kingdoms : the world of microbes.
QR64.7 .S24 1982
Safety in the microbiology laboratory.
QR65 .M53 1986
Microbiological techniques.
QR65 .T43 1998
Techniques in bacteriology and mycology.
QR66 .B37 1978
Basic procedures & techniques in microbiology.
QR68 .H68
How to set up a microscope.
QR69.S75 S74
Sterile techniques in microbiology.
QR74.5 .P74 2000z
Protista : protozoa and algae.
QR75 .B327 1990
QR75 .B56 1988
The Biology of bacteria.
QR75 .D66 1999
The domains of life.
QR75 .I58 1983
Introduction to the bacteria.
QR75 .U86 2001
Understanding bacteria.
QR82.M5 F33 2000
The facts about MRSA.
QR84 .M66 1989 pt.1
Monera--bacteria and cyanobacteria. Part one, Classification, structure, reproduction.
QR84 .M66 1989 pt.2
Monera--bacteria and cyanobacteria. Part two, Nutrition and respiration .
QR97.A1 I86
The Isolation and growth of bacteria.
QR97.A58 O45 1998
The old enemy returns.
QR105.2 .A68 1991
Aquatic microorganisms.
QR111 .N49 1997
New methods in soil ecology : combining biology and computation : Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.
QR115 .M53 1984
Microbes, bacteria and fungi.
QR151 .M537 1998
Microbes in action.
QR177 .A58 1996
Antibiotics : growing resistance.
QR177 .P377 1998
Passing the bug : the end of antibiotics?
QR181 .B298 1994
Basic immunology.
QR181 .B35 1997
Battle scars : an overview of our defense against disease.
QR181 .D44 1993
Defense mechanisms.
QR181 .E98 1993
External and internal defenses.
QR181 .I463 1982
Immunology : how the body defends itself.
QR181 .I465 1988
Immunology in focus.
QR181.7 .B63 1985
The body against disease.
QR181.8 .I46 1989
The immune system : your magic doctor.
QR185.2 .M56 1988
Mind over matter : stress & immune function.
QR186 .I45 2000z
The Immune response and immunization.
QR187.A3 A34 1991
QR189 .V34 1988
Vaccines and preventive medicine.
QR201.B74 B735 1998
The brain eater.
QR201 .I5 1997
Introducing the pathogens : almost everything you ever wanted to know about disease-causing organisms.
QR342 .L37 1994
Large-scale preparation of phage DNA.
QR360 .V5733 1998
The virus that cures.
QR360 .V5734 1990
QR360 .V574 1982
Viruses : the mysterious enemy.
QR365 .V578 1996
Viruses : the deadly enemy.