Videocassette List:
Human Anatomy. Physiology

Class QM-QP Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QM100 .M87 1993
The muscular system.
QM178 .A63 2002
Amazing adventures inside the human body. Go with the flow, circulatory system.
QM178 .H873185 1980
The human body : the circulatory system.
QM251 .A43 2002
Amazing adventures inside the human body. Take a deep breath, respiratory system.
QM301 .A63 2002
Amazing adventures inside the human body. Down the hatch, digestive system.
QM556 .B37 1987
Basic histological technique.
QM556 .E54 1989
Electron microscopy.
QM601 .L53
Life before birth.
QM601 .P73
Prenatal development.
QP26.H3 W55 1974
William Harvey.
QP31.2 .P494 1993
Physiological concepts of life science.
QP33 .A532/cst.1
Animal physiology : a natural approach.
QP33 .A532/cst.10
Natural navigators.
QP33 .A532/cst.14
Breathing deeply.
QP33 .A532/cst.15
A time to be born.
QP33 .A532 cst.16
Seal secrets.
QP33 .A532/cst.3
The Sunbaskers.
QP33 .A532/cst.4
A Winter sleep.
QP33 .A532 cst.5
Listening in the dark.
QP33 .A532/cst.6
Walking & running.
QP33 .A532/cst.8
Swimming in fish : an experimental approach.
QP33 .A532/cst.9
Flying in birds : an experimental approach.
QP34 .H85 v.1
Sex and the single gene?
QP34 .H85 v.2
The art of breathing.
QP34 .H85 v.3
Food : whose choice is it anyway?
QP34 .H85 v.4
Healing the whole.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.1
Landscapes and interiors.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.10
Moving parts.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.11
Nerves at work.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.12
QP34.5 .L58 pt.13
Our talented brain.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.14
Hot and cold.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.15
Two hearts that beat as one.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.16
Breath of life.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.17
Life under pressure.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.18
QP34.5 .L58 pt.19
QP34.5 .L58 pt.2
Skin deep.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.20
Internal defences.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.21
Shares in the future.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.22
Coming together.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.23
A new life.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.24
Into the world.
QP34.5 .L58/pt.25
QP34.5 .L58 pt.26
Design for living.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.4
Dream voyage.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.5
Growth and change.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.6
QP34.5 .L58 pt.7
Eating to live.
QP34.5 .L58 pt.8
QP34.5 .L58/pt.9
Muscle power.
QP34.5 .P49 1993
The physiology of behavior.
QP37 .B629 1994 v.1
In the womb.
QP37 .B629 1994 v.2
Glands and hormones.
QP37 H863 1998
The human body systems at work.
QP82 .B56 1993
Biological mechanisms of survival.
QP82 .C66 1990
Control mechanisms.
QP84.4 .A36 1974
About puberty and reproduction.
QP84.6 .B56 1990
Biological clocks.
QP84.6 .B563 1993
Biological rhythms.
QP84.6 .C47 1991
Chronobiology : the time of our lives.
QP84.6 .H86 1987
Human biological rhythms.
QP84.6 .S46 1988
Sense of timing.
QP86 .A34 1994
QP86 .A343 1991
QP86 .E45 1980
The eight stages of human life. Adolescence to old age.
QP86 .L37
The Last of life.
QP86 .S74 1998
Stealing time : the new science of aging.
QP88.5 .S55 1993
The skin.
QP91 .B56 1986
The blood.
QP91 .B59 1990z
Blood : composition and functions.
QP94 .D76 1985
A drop of blood.
QP98 .H86 1980
Human blood groups.
QP102 .H86 1984
Human blood circulation.
QP102 .L544 1990
The life of a red blood cell.
QP121 .A65 1997
Animals breathe in many ways.
QP145 .D54 1989
Digestion : food to energy.
QP145 .H86 1990
The Human digestive system.
QP145 .T87 1993
Turning food into fuel.
QP147 .A65 1997
Animals eat in many ways.
QP186 .G53 1986
Glands and your body.
QP187 .C54 1982
The chemistry of life : hormones and the endocrine system.
QP187 .E5 1993
The endocrine system : the body's regulator.
QP251 .B43
The Beginning of life.
QP251 .B68 1999
Boy or girl? : when doctors choose a child's sex.
QP251 .G35 2000
Gender biology : men and women really are different.
QP263 .G76 1991
Growing up and liking it.
QP301 .A53 1997
Animals move in many ways.
QP301 .B66 1986
Bones and muscles : a team.
QP301 .L63 1986
QP301 .P59 1987
The physiology of exercise.
QP303 .S66 1999
QP306 .H86 1993
The human voice.
QP306 .N68
Normal speech articulation.
QP360 .M535 1999
Mind talk : the brain's new story.
QP361 .A43 2001
Amazing adventures inside the human body. Ultimate control center, nervous sytem.
QP361 .N47 2001
The nervous system.
QP363 .N38 1987
The nature of the nerve impulse.
QP363.3 .F74 1989
Neurobiology review.
QP363.3 .H67 1989
Neural networks : algorithms and microhardware.
QP363.3 .J33 1989
VLSI technology and neural network chips.
QP363.3 .N425 1996
The neural connection.
QP364.7 .W57 1997
QP376 .B56/cst.vc1-vc2
Analysis of behaviour ; Social primates.
QP376 .B56/cst.vc3
The human brain.
QP376 .B56/cst.vc4
Looking at brain and bahaviour.
QP376 .B563 cst.1
Questions about behaviour.
QP376 .B563 cst.2
Hearing the call.
QP376 .B563/cst.3
Easing the pain.
QP376 .B563/cst.4
Pathfinding in the brain : a fish & bird's eye view.
QP376 .B563/cst.5
Seasonal affective disorder.
QP376 .B563/cst.6
A conflict of interests.
QP376 .B563/cst.7
QP376 .B563 cst.9
Missing the meaning?
QP376 .B73 1990
The brain and spinal cord.
QP376 .B735 v.1
Evolution and perception.
QP376 .B735 v.2
Memory and renewal.
QP376 .B735 v.3
Matter over mind.
QP376 .B74 2000
The brain-body connection.
QP376 .I5 1993
In control : our brain and nervous system.
QP376 .M36 1994
The Man who made up his mind.
QP376 .M56 1990z
Mind games.
QP396 .B56 1993
The biological basis of thinking.
QP396 .I57 1991
Inside information : the brain and how it works.
QP399 .L345 2001
Language and cognition.
QP408 .B56 1993
The biological preconditions of learning.
QP425 .D37 1997
The dark side of the clock.
QP425 .S43 1998
The secrets of sleep.
QP425 .S54 1995
QP431 .A55 1987
Animal senses.
QP434 .S46 1987
Senses and the world around you.
QP435 .S59 1988
Sixth sense.
QP447 .S43 2001
Sensation and perception.
QP451 .U53 2001
Understanding our five senses. Ouch! touch and touching .
QP454 .G76 1989
Adaptive sensory : motor control.
QP456 .U53 2002
Understanding our five senses. How sweet it is, tastes and tasting .
QP458 .U53 2002
Understanding our five senses. The nose knows, smelling and the nose .
QP461 .A65 1983
Animals hear in many ways.
QP461 .U53 2002
Understanding our five senses. Did you hear that, sound and hearing .
QP475 .U53 2002
Understanding our five senses. Seeing is believing, seeing and sight .
QP475.7 .S44 1988
Seeing sense.
QP476 .A45 1997
Animals see in many ways.
QP483 .C63 1990
The colour eye.
QP514.2 .B55/cst.2
Cellular growth.
QP514.2 .B55/cst.3
Recombinant DNA techniques.
QP514.2 .B55/cst.4
Microbiological techniques.
QP514.2 .B55/cst.vc2
Protein and nucleic acid structure.
QP519.9.C44 B37 1990
Basic centrifugation techniques.
QP519.9.E434 E44 1992
Electrophoresis : DNA & proteins.
QP519.9.E434 I58 1992
An introduction to electrophoresis.
QP519.9.E434 S37 1994
SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis : a video guide.
QP519.9.E48 E45 1990
The ELISA test.
QP519.9.G42 A43 1996
Agarose gel electrophoresis.
QP519.9.G42 P65 1994
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.
QP519.9.G42 P76 1996
Protein electrophoresis.
QP519.9.G44 I58 1982
An introduction to gel filtration chromatography.
QP519.9.H53 P87 1992
Pure enantiomers : separation, synthesis, analysis.
QP551 .W67/cst.1
Fractionating a cell.
QP551 .W67/cst.2
Column chromatography.
QP551 .W67/cst.3
Determining mass and shape.
QP551 .W67/cst.4
Activity assays.
QP551 .W67/cst.5
Sequencing a protein.
QP551 .W67/cst.6
Solving crystal structures.
QP561 .P768 2000
Protein : how cows and carrots become people.
QP571 .P86 1993
Pumping hormones.
QP601 .B37 1972
Basic enzymology.
QP601 .E59 1990
QP601 .M24 1996
The magic of enzymes : the life force within us.
QP601 .R63 1973
Analysis of enzymes.
QP606.D46 A96 1991
Avoiding false postives in PCR.
QP606.D46 I5 1995
In celebration of ten years of amplification : a decade of PCR.
QP606.D46 P6536 1991
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and detection.
QP606.D46 P654 1993
The polymerase chain reaction in clinical and laboratory medicine .
QP606.D46 S36 1991
Sample preparations for PCR.
QP609.R44 R47 1996
Restriction enzyme digestion.
QP623.5.M47 I86 1994
Isolation of messenger RNA.
QP624 .D43 1993
Decoding the book of life.
QP624 .D48 1996
Dideoxy DNA sequencing reaction.
QP624 .D534 1993
DNA in practice.
QP624 .D62
DNA : key to life.
QP624 .D628 1996
DNA sequencing electrophoresis.
QP624 .D63
DNA : the spice of life.
QP624 .I58 1984
An introduction to DNA and protein synthesis.
QP624 .I86 1996
Isolation and purification of DNA.
QP624 .R43 1996
Recovery of DNA from agarose.
QP624 .W56 1992
Winding your way through DNA.
QP624.5.D73 P76 1996
Probes, southern blot hybridization.
QP624.5.D73 S34 1994
Screening your cDNA library.
QP625.N89 D55 1996
DNA sequencing using PCR.
QP631 .T69 1989
Toxins in our lives.
QP771 .V58 1993
Vitamins : hypes or hope?
QP801.A3 A43 1984
Alcohol and human physiology.
QP801.C27 M37 1986
Marijuana and human physiology.
QP801.C68 C63 1987
Cocaine and human physiology.