Videocassette List:
Natural History - General, Biology - General, Ecology

Class QH Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QH31.D2 C43 1974
Charles Darwin.
QH31.D2 C437 1998
Charles Darwin : evolution's voice.
QH31.L618 A43 1983
Aldo Leopold : his life and thought.
QH31.M46 G74 1974
Gregor Mendel.
QH31.P373 L68 1975
Louis Pasteur.
QH45.2 .S64 1996
Splendors of nature.
QH70.G7 S35 1983
Science in museums.
QH70.U5N4 A44 1990
American Museum of Natural History.
QH75 .B5223 1999
QH75 .B563 1992
Biodiversity : the variety of life.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.1
Denali, Alaska's great wilderness.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.2
Patagonia, life at the end of the Earth.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.3
Namib, Africa's burning shore.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.4
Manu : Peru's hidden rain forest.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.5
Etosha : Africa's untamed wilderness.
QH75.L585 L5 1997 v.6
Bhutan : the last Shangri-la.
QH75.L585 L5 1998 v.7
Palau : paradise of the Pacific.
QH75.L585 L5 1998 v.8
Madagascar : a world apart.
QH75.L585 L5 v.9
South Georgia Island : paradise of ice.
QH75 .M67 1995
More is better : the bio-diversity story.
QH75 .S38 1988
Saving a species.
QH76.5.C3 N6
No ordinary highway.
QH76.5.H3 H39 1991
Hawaii : strangers in paradise.
QH77.B6 N38 1996
Nature's numbers.
QH83 .H69 1993
How living things are classified.
QH87.3 .W45 1993
QH87.3 .W66 1993
Our wonderful wetlands.
QH88 .D47 1980
The desert.
QH91 .O24 1990
Oceans alive.
QH91.8.P5 N38 1980
The nature of things : the breathing sea.
QH91.8.P5 O34 1999
Ocean empires.
QH91.8.P5 P53 1999
Plankton : ocean drifters.
QH95.55.G7 R44 1983
The Reef.
QH105.A4 A437 1996
Alaska : spirit of the wild.
QH105.A4 E36 1985
Ecosystems of the great land.
QH105.F6 E944 1990
The Everglades : a threatened wilderness.
QH105.W6 A43 1983
Aldo Leopold : a Sand County almanac.
QH112 .J33 2000z
QH112 .T547 1994
Tigrero : a film that was never made.
QH128 .R35 1989
Rain forest ecology : Manu National Park, Peru.
QH138.H65 S77 1988
Strange tales from the dunes : persistent predators and poisonous prey.
QH161 .E47 1992
Empire of the red bear.
QH186 .I85 1992
Island of the dragons.
QH193.H66 H35 1990z
海下灣 = Hoi Ha Wan : bay beneath the sea.
QH193.I8 N378 v.1
Jordan : the river of life.
QH193.I8 N378 v.2
The crowded desert.
QH193.I8 N378 v.3
Along the sea road.
QH197 .B435 1999
Beneath the blue.
QH197 .P67 1988
A portrait of the island continent.
QH197 .W48 1998
QH197 .W55 1987
Wild Australia.
QH198.G3 E96 1992
Exploring the Galapagos.
QH198.G3 P53 1982
Plants of the Galapagos.
QH205.2 .I42
Imaging a hidden world : the light microscope.
QH205.2 .I48 1990z
Imaging a hidden world : microscopy and video microscopy.
QH205.2 .I58 1979
Introduction to the microscope and laboratory technique .
QH206 .H69 1989
How to use the microscope.
QH211 .F76 1986
Frontiers of microscopy.
QH212.E4 E43
Electron microscopy.
QH307.2 .B54 1998
QH307.2 .B56/cst.1
Biology form and function.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.11 1981
What is development?
QH307.2 .B56/cst.12 1980
Differential gene expression.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.13
Patterns in development.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.14 1981
Patterns in development : cell movement.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.15 1980
Chicken or egg?
QH307.2 .B56/cst.16 1981
Insect hormones : the control of moulting.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.17 1982
Diabetes : restoring the balance.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.18 1981
Only in the mating season.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.19 1980
Cardiovascular control.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.20 1980
Mammals in water.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.21
Respiratory mechanisms.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.22
Osmoregulation in anthropods.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.23 1981
The Vertebrate kidney.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.25
QH307.2 .B56/cst.26 1980
Plants : problems with water.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.27 1981
QH307.2 .B56/cst.28
Mechanisms of photosynthesis.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.29 1982
The plant cell wall.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.3
Life on seashores.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.30 1981
QH307.2 .B56/cst.31 1981
How flowers avoid incest.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.4
Cell structure.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.5 1980
QH307.2 .B56/cst.6
Enzyme structure and function.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.7 1980
Allostery : molecular communication.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.8 1981
Metabolic pathways.
QH307.2 .B56/cst.9
The rod cell.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.10
QH307.2 .B563/cst.12
The restless pump.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.14
Breaths of life.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.18
Scaling the salt barrier.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.2
Insect diversity.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.22
Harvesting the sun.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.25
Plant growth regulators : whatever turns you on.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.26
The regulation of flowering.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.5
Building in cells.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.6
Enzymes : thoroughbred workhorses of the cell.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.7
Organelles and origins.
QH307.2 .B563/cst.8
Biological barriers.
QH308.2 .B56 1991
The biology of water.
QH308.2 .I58 1978
Introducing biology.
QH309 .S62 1991
Spaceship earth.
QH314 .B56 1994
Biologists at work.
QH318.5 .B562 1997
Biology fieldwork 2 : investigating marine ecosystems.
QH323.2 .S245 1980
Safety in the science laboratory.
QH324.8 .K66 1996
Knowledge now in experimental biology.
QH325 .I83 1999
It came from outer space.
QH325 .O68 1998
The origin, evolution and future of life.
QH325 .O75 1981
Origins of life.
QH331 .G38 1995
Gaia theory with James Lovelock.
QH332 .R88 1994
Ruth Macklin : mortal choices and public policy.
QH344 .N58 1994
The nitrogen cycle.
QH352 .E36 1992
Ecology : populations.
QH352 .P66 1981
Population ecology.
QH353 .A48 1999
Alien invaders : invasive species & the threat to biodiversity .
QH360 .Q47
A question of balance.
QH365.D8 E96
The Evolution of Darwin.
QH365.O8 D37 1992
Darwin naturally.
QH366.2 .D37
Darwin and diversity.
QH366.2 .E835 v.1
Reindeer in the Arctic : a study in adaptation.
QH366.2 .E835 v.3
The human factor in evolution.
QH366.2 .E835 v.4
Fine preservation in fossils : an evolutionary bonanza.
QH366.2 .E835 v.5
Horses for courses : an evolutionary radiation.
QH366.2 .E835 v.7
Evolution on Hawaii.
QH366.2 .E835 v.8
Silversword Alliance : the remarkable evolution of plants in an island Setting.
QH366.2 .E835 v.9
Drosophila : biology and behaviour of Hawaiian picture- wings.
QH366.2 .E835 v.10
Sexual selection and speciation : behaviour studies on Hawaiian picture-wings and their potential in a med fly eradication program.
QH366.2 .E95 1987
The evidence for evolution.
QH366.2 .E96
Evolutionary biology.
QH366.2 .E964/cst.2
Sexual selection : why do peacocks have elaborate trains?
QH366.2 .E964/cst.6
Human origins : a walk through time.
QH366.2 .E966 1994
QH366.2 .E97 1982
Expansion of life.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.1
The Infinite variety.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.10
Theme and variations.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.11
The Hunters and hunted.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.12
Life in the trees.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.13
The Compulsive communicators.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.2
Building bodies.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.3
The First forest.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.4
The Swarming hordes.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.5
Conquest of the waters.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.6
Invasion of the land.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.7
Victors of the dry land.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.8
Lords of the air.
QH366.2 .L53/pt.9
The Rise of the mammals.
QH366.2 .O753 1988
Origins of change. I.
QH366.2 .O754 1988
Origins of change. II.
QH366.2 .P526 1995 v.1
The birth of Earth ; Ancient oceans.
QH366.2 .P526 1995 v.2
When dinosaurs ruled ; creatures of the skies.
QH366.2 .P526 1995 v.3
The insect world ; Apes to man.
QH366.2 .P526 1995 v.4
Evolution's next step.
QH366.2 .P767 1994
The process of evolution.
QH366.2 .R45 1981
Relationships. 1.
QH366.2 .R46 1981
Relationships. 2.
QH366.2 .S45 1981
Selection in action, 1.
QH375 .C537 1994
Charles Darwin explains the diversity of life.
QH375 .R37
Rats and super rats, grasses and super grasses.
QH430 .G46/pt.1
Patterns of inheritance.
QH430 .G46/pt.10
The Amish : a family legacy.
QH430 .G46/pt.11
Race for a gene.
QH430 .G46/pt.2
Beyond the double helix.
QH430 .G46/pt.4
Jumping genes.
QH430 .G46/pt.5
Of gann and genes.
QH430 .G46/pt.6
Patterns of development.
QH430 .G46/pt.7
Patterns of diversity.
QH430 .G46/pt.8
Patterns of evolution.
QH430 .G46/pt.9
A New breed.
QH430 .H47 1975
QH430 .H474 1990
Heredity and genetics.
QH430 .I54 1987
Inheritance in a fungus.
QH430 .M46 1991
Mendelian genetics.
QH430 .P38 1994
Patterns of inheritance : understanding genetics.
QH430 .U53 1995
Understanding genetics.
QH431 .F88 1998
The future of genetics.
QH431 .G428 v.1
Understanding the basic concepts of genetics.
QH431 .G428 v.2
Genetic discoveries, disorders, and mutations.
QH431 .G428 v.3
Practical applications and risks of genetic science.
QH431 .H28 1998
Hand-me-down genes : an introduction to genetics.
QH431 .H835 2000
Human genes decoded!.
QH431 .H8533 1999
The Human Genome Project.
QH438.5 .B43
Behavioral biology.
QH438.5 .H47
Heredity and environment.
QH438.5 .W43 1991
What makes us tick?
QH440 .R47 1978
Research into genetics.
QH442 .A554 1990z
All in the genes.
QH442 .A67 1991
Applied genetics.
QH442 .B46 2001
Biotechnology on earth.
QH442 .C67 1990
Computer-aided genetic and protein engineering.
QH442 .C73 1993
Cracking the code.
QH442 .D527 1998
The DNA revolution.
QH442 .G435 1998
Gene guns.
QH442 .G46
Genetic engineering : understanding the nature of change.
QH442 .G464 1978
Genetic engineering.
QH442 .G4642 1998
Genetic engineering.
QH442 .G465 1993
Genetic engineering : exploring the issues.
QH442 .O87 1999
Our history of understanding to modern techniques.
QH442 .P47 1994
Perfect people.
QH442 .R576 1996
Risky business.
QH442 .T42/pt.1
Nucleic acids techniques : an overview.
QH442 .T42/pt.2
Gene analysis and Southern blotting.
QH442 .T42/pt.3
DNA sequencing using M13.
QH442 .T42/pt.4
Gene libraries.
QH442 .T42/pt.5
Expression of cloned genes.
QH442 .T42/pt.6
Oligonucleotides synthesis and use.
QH442 .T42/pt.7
In vitro mutagenesis.
QH442 .T42/pt.8
Microdissection and microcloning.
QH442 .V534 1990z
Video guide to DNA biotechnology. Vol. 1-2.
QH442.2 .C535 2001
Clone Inc.
QH442.2 .C5675 1998
Cloning : how and why.
QH442.2 .C58 1998
The cloning revolution.
QH442.2 .C66 1999
Consequences of cloning.
QH442.2 .D63 1996
DNA ligation reaction (cloning).
QH442.2 .F67 2000
For spares or repairs : applications and implications of cloning.
QH442.2 .M654 1990z
Molecular cloning of DNA. Vol. 1-2.
QH442.2 .S34 1997
The science of cloning.
QH447 .C7 2001
Cracking the code of life.
QH447 .G46 1979
The genetic material.
QH448.4 .B33 1996
Bacterial transformation.
QH450 .R44 1979
Regulation of gene expression in eucaryotes.
QH450 .R444 1975
Regulation of protein synthesis : the operon hypothesis.
QH450.2 .L54 1987
Life story.
QH450.2 .T73 1991
Translating the code : protein synthesis.
QH452.6 .P63 1996
Plasmid DNA preparation.
QH452.6 R37 1996
Rapid isolation of plasmid DNA (miniprep).
QH471 .G46/cst.11
Reproduction and the environment.
QH471 .G46/cst.2
Reproduction and diversity.
QH471 .G46/cst.5
Behavior and biological differences.
QH491 .D69 1991
A Dozen eggs : time-lapse microscopy of normal development.
QH492 .G46 1995
The gene.
QH501 .W42
What is life?
QH506 .M634 1990
Molecular modeling for biological systems.
QH509 .I58 1987
An investigation of active transport.
QH517 .E44 1993
The electric body.
QH530.5 .D42
QH540 .B35 1989
The balance of nature.
QH540 .P53 1989
Plants in the scheme of things.
QH540 .P534 1992
Planet under pressure.
QH540.5 .A44 1991
All things are connected.
QH541 .B56 1979
QH541 .B565 1993
Biomes : an introduction.
QH541 .B57 2002
QH541.C7 I58 1989
Invaders of Truk Lagoon.
QH541 .E26
Ecological biology.
QH541 .E262 1987
Ecology : sampling methods and field techniques.
QH541 .E263 1993
Ecology : succession.
QH541 .E283/cst.16
Managing landscape.
QH541 .E283/cst.17
Atholdale : a limestone valley.
QH541 .E2835 1996
Ecology and the environment : Galapagos, Mauritania, Madagascar.
QH541 .E284 v.1
Tropical forest : the conundrum of coexistence.
QH541 .E284 v.2
Rocky shores : life on the edge.
QH541 .E284 v.3
Big picture.
QH541 .E284 v.4
Managing for biodiversity : forests in trinidad.
QH541 .E284 v.5
Hubbard Brook : the chemistry of a forest.
QH541 .E284 v.6
Norfolk Broads : conservation v. commercialism.
QH541 .E284 v.VC1
Understanding soils.
QH541 .E36 1985
Ecology and conservation.
QH541 .E362 1986
Ecology : matter, energy and ecosystems.
QH541 .E364 1994
QH541 .E365 1980
The ecosystem.
QH541 .E38 v.3-98
Saving the manatee.
QH541 .E38 v.5-98
Native plants and the environment.
QH541 .E38 v.005
Industry and the environment.
QH541 .E38 v.010
Where have all the dolphins gone?
QH541 .E38 v.016
QH541 .E38 v.018
A visit to Disney World.
QH541 .E38 v.030
Earthwatch in action.
QH541 .E38 v.031
EPA in action.
QH541 .E38 v.033
QH541 .E38 v.037
Alternate energy.
QH541 .E38 v.038
The urban environment.
QH541 .E38 v.040
Rivers of America.
QH541 .F66 1994
Food chains in the biosphere.
QH541 .F664 1981
Food chains : a bond of life.
QH541 .H64 1994
How to study ecology : a first film.
QH541 .I58 1986
Introduction to ecology.
QH541 .M356 1996
Major world ecosystems.
QH541 .N38 1987
The natural balance of ecosystems.
QH541 .P55 1989
Playing with fire.
QH541 .W33 1998
The web of life.
QH541.2 .O5 1990
On the margin.
QH541.5.C5 C53 1980
The chaparral.
QH541.5.C7 A978 1994
Australia's great barrier reef.
QH541.5.C7 C55 1999
The coral kingdom.
QH541.5.C7 W58 1988
Within the coral wall.
QH541.5.D4 D47
Desert ecology.
QH541.5.D4 L54 1994
Life in the desert system.
QH541.5.F6 W353 1989
QH541.5.M3 S53 1996
The small life of ponds and wetlands.
QH541.5.P7 G73 1981
The grassland.
QH541.5.P7 L54 1978
Life in the grasslands.
QH541.5.R27 D44 1983
The decade of destruction.
QH541.5.R27 M643 1992
The Molecule mine.
QH541.5.R27 R354 1990
Rain forests : a part of your life.
QH541.5.R27 T37 1983
Tapestry of the Tropics.
QH541.5.S24 W48 1987
Wetlands ecology : estuaries.
QH541.5.S3 V365 1997
Vanishing wonders of the sea.
QH541.5.S35 B48 1982
Between high tide & low.
QH541.5.S35 I585 1985
The Intertidal zone.
QH541.5.S35 R63 1976
The rocky shore.
QH541.5.S7 E36 1983
The ecology of a stream.
QH541.5.S7 R58 1987
Rivers to the sea.
QH541.5.S7 U96 1983
Upstream, downstream.
QH543.2 .D63
The Dogwhelk : a study in adaptation.
QH545.C47 C44 1994
Chemical cycles in the biosphere.
QH546 .A33 1987
Adaptation : survival in a changing world.
QH546 .H66 1992
QH546 .S45 1981
Selection in action, 2.
QH546 .S46 1981
Selection in action, 3.
QH581.2 .C45/cst.1
The Cytoplasm.
QH581.2 .C45/cst.2
The Living cell.
QH581.2 .C45/cst.3
The Nucleus.
QH581.2 .C45/cst.4
The Plasma membrane.
QH581.2 .C453 1993
Cells : networks of cooperation.
QH581.2 .C454 1995
QH581.2 .V69 2000
Voyage inside the cell.
QH581.2 .W65 1991
Origin of cellular life.
QH582.5 .J68 1997
A journey through the cell.
QH585 .C79 1992
Cryopreserving cultured cells.
QH585 .Q36 1992
Quantifying viable cells.
QH585.2 .B37 1992
Basic sterile cell culture.
QH585.4 .T97 1994
Trypsin-treating attached cells.
QH587 .S725 2002
Stem cells.
QH599 .C57 1980
Chromosome structure in the interphase nucleus.
QH600 .C87 1980
Current theories of chromosome movement.
QH601 .M46 1979
QH603.M5 I86 1987
The isolation and metabolism of mitochondria.
QH605 .C47 1999
Cell division : mitosis, meiosis and cytokinesis.
QH605 .M45 1991
Meiosis : the key to genetic diversity.
QH605 .M454 1996
Meiosis and mitosis : fertilization and sexual reproduction.
QH607 .M53 1992
Microscopically characterizing cells.
QH615 .D54 2000
Diffusion and osmosis.
QH633 .C45 1992
Cellular respiration.
QH641 .B565 1980
Bioluminescence : the living light.
QH653 .W67 1995
The world of absolute zero.