Videocassette List:

Class QE Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QE13.A977 V69 1988
Voyage of the great southern ark.
QE26.2 .D53 v.3
QE26.2 .D53 v.7
QE26.2 .D53 v.12
QE26.2 .D53 v.17
QE26.2 .D53 v.19
QE26.2 .D53 v.21
QE26.2 .D53 v.23
QE26.2 .D53 v.28
QE26.2 .D53 v.29
QE26.2 .D53 v.30
QE26.2 .E37 1992
Earth revealed.
QE26.2 .I56 1999
In harm's way.
QE26.2 .P53 v.1
The living machine.
QE26.2 .P53 v.2
The blue planet.
QE26.2 .P53 v.3
The climate puzzle.
QE26.2 .P53 v.4
Tales from other worlds.
QE26.2 .P53 v.5
The solar sea.
QE26.2 .P53 v.6
Gifts from the Earth.
QE26.2 .P53 v.7
Fate of the Earth.
QE31 .F76
Frontiers of geology.
QE33 .G463/cst.10
Interpreting sediments.
QE40 .E27 1993
Earth, the environment, and beyond.
QE319.H6 D96 1998
Dynamic landscapes of Hong Kong.
QE363.2 .M56 1992
Minerals : building blocks of the earth.
QE363.3 .A44 1992
All about rocks and minerals.
QE431.2 .R63 1990
The rock cycle.
QE431.2 .R65 1998
Rocks, fossils and earth history.
QE471.2 .P74 2000
Presque Isle : a gift from the lake.
QE501 .S15 v.1
Earth, life and humanity.
QE501 .S15 v.2
Biosphere 2.
QE501 .S15 v.3
Did Tibet cool the Earth?
QE501 .S15 v.4
Rapid climate change.
QE501 .S15 v.5
Cretaceous greenhouse : a surfeit of carbon.
QE501 .S15 v.6
Volcanoes and the atmosphere.
QE501 .S15 v.7
The K-T event.
QE501 .S15 v.8
Cretaceous greenhouse world : Poles apart.
QE501 .S15 v.9
Nature of impacts and their impact on nature.
QE501 .S15 v.10
QE509 .H69 cst.vc1
Other worlds.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc2
Under the volcano.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc3
Seismic methods.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc4
Plates in motion : the San Andreas Fault zone, part 1.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc5
Magmas in Scotland.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc6
Plates in motion : the San Andreas Fault zone, part 2.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc7
The Oman ophiolite.
QE509 .H69 cst.vc8
Melts to minerals.
QE511 .E25 1999
Earth's crust factory.
QE511 .E27 1990
QE511 .G74 1988
The Great Rift.
QE511.4 .P54
Planet Earth : a question of expansion.
QE511.4 .P543 1990
Plate tectonics : puzzle of the continents.
QE511.4 .P545 1986
Plate tectonics.
QE511.7 .S43 1990
Sea-floor spreading.
QE516.5 .C375 1992
The carbon cycle.
QE521 .V65 1987
Volcanoes !.
QE521.2 .F5 1990
Fire on the rim.
QE522 .V65 1997
QE522 .V654 1995
QE523.S23 L54 1988
Life with St. Helens.
QE523.S23 S7 1987
St. Helens - growing again.
QE527.5 .M34 1987
The Magma chamber.
QE528 .G49 1998
Geysers, lava, and hot spots.
QE531 .E17 1990
QE534.2 .E37 1997
QE534.2 .E39 1998
Earthquakes, volcanoes and other earth movements.
QE535 .E27 1990
QE571 .E76 1991
Erosion and weathering.
QE571 .W43 1994
Weathering and erosion.
QE576 .F76
From Snowdon to the sea.
QE576 .G538 1989
QE601 .F38 1990
Faulting and folding.
QE621 .M68 1998
Mountains and mountain building.
QE654 .O97 1991
Our changing earth.
QE674 .C37
The Capitan Reef.
QE711.2 .O97 1981
Out of the past, 1.
QE711.2 .O973 1981
Out of the past, 2.
QE711.2 .O974 1981
Out of the past, 3.
QE748.A43 D56 1998
Dinosaur hunters.
QE841 .C65 1986
An outline of vertebrate evolution.
QE862.D5 D5625 1998
Dinosaurs! Messages in Stone.
QE862.D5 D564 1991
QE862.D5 D566 1982
Dinosaurs and other archosaurs.
QE862.D5 G46 1993
Ghosts in the dinosaur graveyard.
QE862.S3 .B49 1998
Beyond T. Rex.
QE862.S8 B415 1986
Before the dinosaurs : the story of the synapsids.