Videocassette List:

Class QD Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QD11 .C44 1994
Chemists at work.
QD22.C8 M33 1994
Madame Curie finds radium and radioactivity.
QD31.2 .C425 v.1
The chemistry of creation.
QD31.2 .C425 v.2
The chemistry of the invisible.
QD31.2 .C425 v.3
The chemistry of creativity.
QD31.2 .C425 v.4
The chemistry of survival.
QD31.2 .C425 v.5
The chemistry of power.
QD31.2 .C425 v.6
The chemistry of life and death.
QD31.2 .I58 1991
Introduction to chemical laboratory safety.
QD31.2 .O38 1995
Chemistry for the non-chemist : chemistry as a second language.
QD31.2 .O87 v.1
Air, earth, fire and water.
QD31.2 .O87 v.2
Modelling molecules.
QD33 .I52
Independent learning project for advanced chemistry (ILPAC) .
QD33 .W67 1988
The world of chemistry.
QD35 .C567 1991
Close-up on chemistry.
QD39.3.E46 C44 1995
Chemical diversity : the synthetic techniques of combinatorial chemistry.
QD39.3.E46 C54 1995
Chemical diversity : applications of computational approaches.
QD43 .E96 1976
Experiment series : chemistry.
QD45 .I58 1982
Introduction to chemistry laboratory techniques.
QD45 .M53 1995
Microscale laboratory chemistry.
QD47 .T43 1993
Teaching introductory chemistry.
QD51 .C44 1988
Chemical safety measures, spills, and disposal.
QD51 .C66 1991
Complying with the OSHA lab standard.
QD51 .E43 1993
Electrical safety in the laboratory.
QD51 .J33 1991
Chemical safety in the workplace.
QD51 .M44 1993
Meeting ISO 9000 standards : a briefing for chemical laboratories.
QD51 .O84 1991
OSHA's laboratory standard.
QD51 .S73 1991
Starting with safety.
QD54.P5 F56 1993
The Finnpipette digital micropipette.
QD61 .L33 1982
Laboratory techniques.
QD61 .M37 1978
The Master/apprentice series.
QD63.O9 I44 1992
QD63.5 .I47 1994
Implementation of good laboratory practices.
QD63.5 .L33 1992
The lab standard & employee compliance.
QD75.2 .A534 1996
Analysts : analytical science in action.
QD75.2 .C54 1986
Chemistry in action.
QD75.4.M4 C66 1995
Confidence in analysis : evaluating measurement uncertainty.
QD75.4.M4 T73 1994
Tracing the chemical links : improving the traceability of measurements.
QD76 .B36 1996
Basic laboratory skills : a training programme for laboratory techniques.
QD76 .F87 1996
Further laboratory skills : a training programme for all laboratory staff.
QD79.C4 S263 1983
Chromatographic separation process 1.
QD79.C4 S264 1983
Chromatographic separation process 2 and electrophoresis .
QD79.C45 B36 1972
Basic aspects of gas chromatography : troubleshooting by the chromatogram.
QD79.C45 M363 1986
Capillary columns in gas chromatography.
QD79.C45 M365 1990
Principles of gas chromatography.
QD79.C45 Q83 1986
Qualitative and quantitative analysis by gas chromatography .
QD79.C453 S633 1989
Principles of ion chromatography.
QD79.C454 M36 1977
Principles of high performance liquid chromatography.
QD79.C454 M363 1990
Column selection in high performance liquid chromatography .
QD79.C454 M364 1990
Instrumentation for high performance liquid chromatography .
QD79.C454 M366 1978
Qualitative and quantitative analysis by HPLC.
QD79.C454 M367 1988
Troubleshooting the liquid chromatography.
QD79.C8 P75 1975
Principles and practice of thin-layer chromatography.
QD79.T38 T44 1994
Thermal analysis.
QD95 .B37 1972
Basic aspects of infrared spectrophotometry : instrumentation.
QD95 .B38 1972
Basic aspects of ultraviolet : visible spectrophotometry instrumentation.
QD96.A8 A463 1984
Furnace and vapor generation methods in atomic absorption .
QD96.A8 A464 1988
Modern methods of graphite furnace atomic absorption.
QD96.A8 R67 1984
Safety practices for atomic absorption flame spectroscopy .
QD96.A8 W353 1978
Instrumentation for atomic absorption.
QD96.A8 W355 1979
Principles of atomic absorption, emission and fluorescence .
QD96.A8 W55 1978
Atomic absorption techniques and applications.
QD96.I5 C43 1980z
Interpreting infra-red & NMR spectra.
QD96.I5 H57 1984
Computerized infrared spectroscopy : FT-IR and dispersive.
QD96.I5 I58 1980
Interpretation of infrared spectra.
QD96.I5 P743 1972
Preparation of liquids for infrared examination.
QD96.I5 P745 1973
Preparation of solutions for infrared examination.
QD96.I5 P75 1979
Principles of infrared quantitative analysis.
QD96.I5 S46 1982
Techniques of solid sample handling for infrared spectroscopy .
QD96.I5 T43 1986
Techniques in infrared spectrophotometry.
QD96.I5 W55 1982
Principles of infrared internal reflectance spectroscopy .
QD96.M3 F46 1988
Interpretation of mass spectra.
QD96.M3 G74 1992
Mass spectrometry.
QD96.N8 I68 1995
Intermediate NMR spectroscopy.
QD96.N8 L35 1988
Interpretation of NMR spectra. Part 1.
QD96.P62 P75 1986
Principles of inductively coupled plasma / mass spectrometry (ICP/MS) .
QD96.U4 N53 1992
Ultra-violet spectroscopy.
QD111 .C44 1990
Chemistry skills : an acid/base titration.
QD111 .T58 1982
Titration : an analytical technique for determining the concentration of a substance in solution.
QD142 .P47
Physics and chemistry of water.
QD147 .I56/cst.1
Of metals and men.
QD147 .I56/cst.10
Hidden heavens.
QD147 .I56/cst.11
Too much of a good thing.
QD147 .I56/cst.2
What makes a reaction go?
QD147 .I56/cst.3
QD147 .I56/cst.5
Cages and negative sodium ions.
QD147 .I56/cst.6
A New look at bonding.
QD147 .I56/cst.7
Silicon, semi-conductors and the sun.
QD147 .I56/cst.8
Periodicity and the lithium row.
QD151.2 .I56 1994
Inorganic chemistry : concepts and case studies.
QD181.O1 O99 1995
The oxygen cycle.
QD251.2 .C37 1992
Carbon chemistry.
QD251.2 .C445 1990
Chemistry skills : a Quickfit organic preparation.
QD251.2 .O73/cst.13
The Polymer age.
QD251.2 .O73/cst.5
QD251.2 .O735/cst.1
Molecular engineers.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.2
Looking glass world.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.3
Samples of analysis.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.4
Environmental solutions?
QD251.2 .O735/cst.5
Large scale production.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.6
It's only plastic.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.7
Synthesis of a drug.
QD251.2 .O735/cst.8
Home and away.
QD251.2 .O74
Organic molecules in action.
QD251.2 .O743 1992
Organic chemistry 1.
QD251.2 .O744 1992
Organic chemistry 2.
QD261 .O74/cst.1
Simple distillation.
QD261 .O74/cst.2
Fractional distillation.
QD261 .O74/cst.3
QD261 .O74/cst.4
Melting point determination.
QD261 .O74/cst.5
QD261 .O74/cst.6
Column chromatography.
QD261 .O74/cst.7
Thin layer chromatography.
QD261 .O74/cst.8
Gas chromatography.
QD261 .O74/cst.9
Infrared spectroscopy.
QD262 .B56 1992
Biological and abiological catalysis in organic synthesis .
QD262 .C45 1992
Chirality-- handedness : through the looking glass.
QD262 .O73/cst.1
Birth of a drug.
QD262 .O73/cst.2
Peptide synthesis.
QD262 .O73/cst.3
Chiral synthesis.
QD262 .O73/cst.4
QD262 .O73/cst.5
QD262 .O73/cst.6
Penicillins and beyond.
QD262 .O73/cst.VC1
High performance liquid chromatography.
QD262 .O73/cst.VC2
Mass spectrometry.
QD262 .O73/cst.VC3-4
Infrared spectroscopy ; Nuclear magnetic resonance.
QD262 .O73/cst.VC5-6
Experimental techniques I and II.
QD281.H8 C38 1992
Catalytic hydrogenation.
QD281.P6 R43 1998
Recent advances in polymers.
QD305.C3 F7 1997
Free Radicals.
QD381 .E44 1992
Electro-optical properties of polymers.
QD381 .I59 1998
Investigating polymers.
QD381 .M36
Man-made marco-molecules.
QD431 .W43 1975
Analysis of peptides and amino acids.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.1
Yields and rates.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.2
How do molecules react?
QD455.5 .P593/cst.3-4
Reaction mechanisms I and II.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.5
Methanol : the development of a catalyst.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.6
Ammonia synthesis.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.7
Cars and corrosion.
QD455.5 .P593/cst.8
QD461 .A855 1991
The atom.
QD461 .E54 1992
Electron arrangement and bonding.
QD461 .M65 1993
Molecular modeling in the discovery of new drugs.
QD461 .M653 1992
The mole concept.
QD461.5 .E82
Excited states : spectra and life times.
QD467 .P47 1985
Periodic table.
QD471 .S77
Structure and bonding.
QD477 .S35 1981
Science : all about acids and bases.
QD501 .C445 1992
Chemical equilibrium.
QD501 .S66 1997
Son et Lumiere.
QD502 .I58 1985
Integrated rate laws and half lives.
QD502 .K56 1981
Kinetics and mechanism : the iodine-azide reaction.
QD502 .K565 1986
Kinetic molecular theory.
QD502 .R43 1985
Reaction rates.
QD505 .B69 1980z
QD506 .M66 1990
Monolayers, surfaces, and thin films.
QD548 .C79 1992
QD553 .E54 1992
QD561 .M43 1972
Measurement of pH.
QD562.H93 P43 1987
pH and associated phenomena.
QD562.H93 P73 1975
Practical pH.
QD601 .R33 1992
Radiation safety.
QD911 .T39 1990
Crystals, in equilibrium and otherwise.
QD921 .C65 1975
Concepts of dislocations.
QD921 .D44 1975
Deformation of crystalline materials.
QD921 .G63 1994
The golden age of crystal defects.
QD921 .H37 1985
The crystal world.