Videocassette List:

Class QC Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QC6 .N484 1994
Newton, Einstein, and gravity.
QC16.B63 N5 1994
Niels Bohr.
QC16 .D392 1981
The day after Trinity.
QC16.E5 L54 1999
The life and mind of Albert Einstein.
QC16.N7 N49 1994
Newton : the mind that found the future.
QC16.N7 S575 1998
Sir Isaac Newton : the gravity of genius.
QC16.O62 R63 1988
Robert Oppenheimer.
QC16.Y364 Y36 1992
QC20 .P59 2000 v.8
Harmonic and wave motion.
QC20 .P59 2000 v.10
QC21.2 .D572/cst.1
The Message of starlight.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.10
Reflections on waves.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.11
Molecules at large.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.12
Special relativity.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.13
X-rays and energy levels.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.14
Physics beyond experience.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.15
Light on lasers.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.16
Absurd stars : the physics of white dwarfs.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.2
Acceleration at constant speed?
QC21.2 .D572/cst.3
Energy to go round.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.4
Which way to turn?
QC21.2 .D572/cst.5
Juggling with physics.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.6
Painting potentials.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.7
Lightning does strike twice.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.8
Magnetic confinement.
QC21.2 .D572/cst.9
Vibrations of music.
QC21.2 .D574/cst.8
Seeing with electrons.
QC21.2 .D574 cst.VC1R
Motion in a circle ; Conservation of momentum ; Chaotic behavior ; Standing waves.
QC21.2 .D574 cst.VC2R
Diffraction and interference ; Electrostatic and precipitation ; Shock treatment ; Special relativity.
QC21.2 .D574 cst.VC3R
Vibrations of music ; Reflections on waves ; X-rays and energy levels ; Physics beyond experience ; Quantum mechanics.
QC21.2 .P465 1992
Physical processes.
QC28 .P496 1998
The physics of amusement park rides.
QC30.5 .D68
Down to the sea.
QC33 .E97/cst.1
Cp/Cv for helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
QC33 .E97/cst.10
pV isotherms of carbon dioxide. Part two.
QC33 .E97/cst.2
The determination of a radioactive half-life.
QC33 .E97/cst.3
The determination of Boltzmann's constant.
QC33 .E97/cst.4
The determination of the Newtonian constant of gravity.
QC33 .E97/cst.5
The determination of the velocity of light.
QC33 .E97/cst.6
The determination of the velocity of radio waves.
QC33 .E97/cst.7
The effect of pressure on the thermal conductivity of a gas .
QC33 .E97/cst.8
Electron diffraction.
QC33 .E97/cst.9
pV isotherms of carbon dioxide. Part one.
QC33 .P59/cst.1
Electricity in the home.
QC33 .P59/cst.10
The thermal expansion of metals.
QC33 .P59/cst.2
The electromagnetic spectrum.
QC33 .P59/cst.3
Electrostatics, 1.
QC33 .P59/cst.4
Electrostatics, 2.
QC33 .P59/cst.5
The generation of electricity, 1.
QC33 .P59/cst.6
The generation of electricity, 2.
QC33 .P59/cst.7
The laws of motion, 1.
QC33 .P59/cst.8
The laws of motion, 2.
QC33 .P59/cst.9
QC73 .M68 2001
The mother of all collisions.
QC73.4 .E97 1993
QC73.4 .S35 1980
Science : the forms of energy.
QC125.2 M42 1985
The mechanical universe and beyond. part I.
QC125.2 .N49 1984
Newton and the shuttle.
QC157 .M42 1976
Mechanism of ocean waves.
QC171.2 .S83 1973
The States of matter.
QC173 .A87
Atomic structure.
QC173 .N38 1973
The nature of matter : an atomic view.
QC173 .S77
The Structure of matter.
QC173.28 .E43
Electrons and atoms.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.1
How low can you go?, pt.1.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.10
Probing the structure of liquids.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.11
QC173.3 .P46/cst.2
A macroscropic viewpoint.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.3
The Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.4
Ideal sounds.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.5
How low can you go?, pt.2.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.6
Probing the structure of solids.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.7
Elastomers : properties and models.
QC173.3 .P46/cst.8
QC173.3 .P46/cst.9
Light from semi-conductors.
QC173.4.O73 B3 1991
Between order and disorder.
QC174.12 .Q362
Quantum leaps into the atom.
QC174.13 .S43 2000
The search for reality : the story of quantum mechanics.
QC176.9.M84 U46 1989
Ultrathin film growth from Langmuir Blodgett to self-assembly .
QC178 .G73 1983
Gravitation : is it a force?
QC225.5 .E97 1993
Exploring sound.
QC225.5 .L43 1975
Learning about sound.
QC225.5 .S335 1980
Science : the world of sound energy.
QC235 .R47 1994
Resonance detection.
QC274 .M48 1975
Methods for sensing temperature : thermocouples.
QC301 .M42 1966
Mechanism of ocean tides.
QC311 .E33
QC355.2 .I56 1990z
In a darkened room.
QC355.2 .M977 1998
The mystery of light.
QC355.2 .S56 1996
Laser technology.
QC360 .S35 1981
Science : the world of light energy.
QC427.4 .E97 1986
Experiments on the Doppler effect.
QC449 .H65 1980z
QC454.A2 S63
Spectroscopy in a flash.
QC454.M3 I57 1993
Instrumentation for mass spectrometry ; Interpretation of mass spectra.
QC457 .G67 1988
Interpretation of infrared spectra.
QC457 .I58 1972
An introduction to infrared spectroscopy.
QC457 .S45 1973
The Selection and effects of infrared operating parameters .
QC475 .A44
All around us radiation.
QC475 .N38 1988
The nature of radioactivity.
QC475 .R32
Radiation : an introduction.
QC475 .R33 1980z
Radiation and your environment.
QC475 .R334 1994
QC476.W38 W38
Wave-particle paradox.
QC476.4 .B75 1985
Bright ideas.
QC495 .C64
QC495 .D57
Discovering color.
QC495 .P65 1990
The pointillist painter, the Sunday comics and color TV : color mixing in art and technology.
QC495 .U63 2001
Understanding color & light.
QC495.3 .U53 1992
Understanding color.
QC495.8 .L58 1993
Living colour.
QC501 .M977 1998
The mystery of electricity.
QC527.2 .M38 1992
Matter and energy.
QC581.E4 M55 1986
Millikan's oil-drop experiment.
QC585.7.E43 E44 1984
Electrostatic discharge and the central office.
QC611 .S93 1999
Submicron device physics and technology.
QC611.6.D4 G38 1989
Defect engineering in semiconductors.
QC611.8.S5 S85 1989
Properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon.
QC611.92 .S88 2002
QC612.S8 G73
The Greatest advance since the wheel?
QC612.S8 R33 1988
Race for the superconductor.
QC661 .C85 1987
Waveguides and waveguide devices.
QC702 .I66 1986
Ionization and excitation potential.
QC715.4 .M36 1974
Selection and care of UV cells.
QC783.5 .N834 1985
Nuclear physics.
QC786.5 .F37
Fast reactor.
QC786.5 .R88 1986
The Rutherford scattering of alpha-particles.
QC790 .P74
Principles of fission.
QC791 .N83
Nuclear fusion : energy source for the future.
QC791 .N84
Nuclear fusion : energy for the 21st century.
QC791 .N86 1989
Nuclear fusion : the quest for a new source of energy.
QC791.4 .E54 1988
Energy alternatives, fusion power.
QC792 .G83 1990z
Guarding the atom.
QC792 .P68
Power from the atom.
QC793.5.B62 S42
The search for the W and Z.
QC793.5.E62 E44 1981
Electronic configuration.
QC795 .R333 1989
Radiation : origins and control.
QC795 .R334 1989
Radiation : types and effects.
QC795 .U74
Using radioactivity.
QC809.M37 A85 1991
The mysteries of space.
QC827 .M33
Magnetic earth.
QC861.2 .B567 1992
The Biosphere.
QC861.2 .E27
The Earth's atmosphere.
QC879.6 .S86
Sun, cities and smog.
QC879.7 .O935 1993
Ozone : double trouble.
QC879.7 .O96 1989
The Ozone layer : how important is it?
QC879.8 .F57
Fires of life.
QC881.2.I6 E97 1998
Exploring the ionosphere.
QC903 .G56 1990z
Global temperatures and climate.
QC912.3 .F88 1997
Future climates.
QC912.3 .G74
The Greenhouse effect.
QC912.3 .G743 1989
Greenhouse effect.
QC912.3 .G744 1990
The greenhouse effect.
QC912.3 .G746 1988
The greenhouse effect.
QC915 .H93 1993
The hydrologic cycle : water in motion.
QC921.5 .C56 1994
Clouds : messengers of the weather.
QC929.A8 A935 1997
QC929.28.N53 L48 1999
Living with drought.
QC941 .C93 1996
QC944 .H87 1998
Hurricanes, tornadoes, and other weather.
QC944 .I53 1999
In the eye of the storm.
QC944.2 .C437 1998
Chasing killer storms.
QC944.2 .H877 1997
QC945 .H87 1991
Hurricane : earth's greatest storm.
QC955.2 .T676 1997
QC955.5.U6 S76 1995
Stoms chasers .
QC966 .L533 1997
QC968 .T48 1991
Thunderstorms : nature's fury.
QC981 .W663 1996
Wonders of weather.
QC981.2 .H64 1990
Hole in the sky.
QC981.3 .R35 1987
Rain or shine : understanding the weather.
QC981.8.G56 A38 1990
After the warming.
QC981.8.G56 C55 1993
Climate out of control.
QC981.8.G56 E48 1990z
Energy conspiracy.
QC981.8.G56 G563 1991
Global warming.
QC981.8.G56 G564 1990
Global warming.
QC981.8.G56 G565 1990
Global warming : hot times ahead?
QC981.8.G56 G568 1999
Global warming : global policy?
QC981.8.G56 H43 1990
The Heat is on.
QC981.8 .G74 1992
Greenhouse warming : causes, changes and cures.
QC981.8.I23 W376 1998
Warnings from the ice.