Videocassette List:

Class QB Videocassette List
Call Number Title
QB4 .S736 1995
Stargazers : one hundred years of seeing at the Lowell Observatory.
QB36.G2 G35 1990z
Galileo : the challenge of reason.
QB41.G173 G25 1997
Galileo's "Dialogue".
QB43.2 .A88/cst.1
Our invisible sun.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.2
Good seeing.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.3
Cosmic recycling.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.4
Venus unveiled.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.5
Design for an alien world.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.6
Mapping the milky way.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.7
Jets and black holes.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.8
Cosmology on trial.
QB43.2 .A88/cst.VC1
Astronomy and planetary science S281 [support video 1].
QB43.2 .A88/cst.VC2
Astronomy and planetary science S281 [support video 2].
QB43.2 .A884 1994
Astronomy. Group 5.
QB43.2 .A885 1983
Astronomy in space.
QB43.2 .C68
Countdown to the invisible universe.
QB46 .I56 1994
The inner planets.
QB54 .A74 1998
Are we alone ..?
QB54 .I82
Is anybody out there?
QB81 .M38 1989
Mauna Kea : on the verge of the other worlds.
QB355 .A88 1991
The astronomers.
QB361 .J687 1996
Journey to the edge of creation.
QB361 .P53 1998
Planets, stars, galaxies.
QB475 .I58 1980
Invisible astronomy.
QB500 .U55 1994
The universe.
QB500 .U57 1900z
QB500.268 .H83 1994
Hubble Space Telescope : rescue in space.
QB500.5 .N49 1994
The new solar system : an epic adventure.
QB501 .J86 1995
Junior space scientist.
QB501 .O87 1997
Our solar system.
QB501.2 .E87 1985
Exploring the solar system : its nature and origins.
QB521 .S38 1999
Savage sun.
QB521 .S86 1982
The sun : power for our solar system.
QB524 .S65 1990
Solar activity.
QB544.99 .S76 1999
The story of the total eclipse : 11th August 1999.
QB601 .L58/pt.1
The Building of the earth.
QB601 .L58/pt.10
World apart.
QB601 .L58/pt.11
The Open ocean.
QB601 .L58/pt.12
New worlds.
QB601 .L58/pt.2
The Frozen world.
QB601 .L58/pt.3
The Northern forests.
QB601 .L58/pt.4
QB601 .L58/pt.5
Seas of grass.
QB601 .L58/pt.6
The Baking deserts.
QB601 .L58/pt.7
The Sky above.
QB601 .L58/pt.8
Sweet fresh water.
QB601 .L58/pt.9
The Margins of the land.
QB601 .V69 1987
Voyage to the outer planets and beyond.
QB602 .S65 1994
The solar system. Group 1.
QB631 .O74
The Origin of the Earth.
QB637 .A776 1999
An astronaut's view of Earth.
QB641 .D47 2000
Destination : Mars.
QB641 .L54 1997
Life on Mars?
QB651 .A84 1998
QB651 .A845 1997
Asteroids : deadly impact.
QB671 .O98 1994
The outer planets.
QB741 .F57 2002
Fireballs from space : meteors and comets.
QB755 .M484 1998
Meteorite impact.
QB755.5.A6 E536 1998
The end of the earth and beyond.
QB843.B55 B583 1997
Black holes.
QB843.S95 D43 1987
Death of a star.
QB857 .O97 1983
Our galaxy.
QB981 .E54 1997
Electron waves unveil the microcosmos.
QB981 .E97 1995
Exploring space : the universe.
QB981 .H3772 1998
A brief history of time.
QB981 .H69 1983
How dark is the universe?
QB981 .I8 1980
It all started with a bang : the origin of the universe.
QB981 .U54 1998
Understanding the universe.
QB981 .U55 1999
Universe 2001 : beyond the millennium.
QB991.B54 W45
A Whisper from space.