Videocassette List:
American Literature

Class PS Videocassette List
Call Number Title
PS325 .L363 1995
The language of life.
PS615 .P64 1982
Poetry in motion : a film.
PS648.C45 J76 2000
A Very merry cricket.
PS1331 .M365 1996
Mark Twain : a light & enlightening look by Professor Elliot Engel.
PS1331 .M37 1995
Mark Twain : American writer, 1835-1910.
PS2116 .P6 1991
The portrait of a lady.
PS2386 .H47 1995
Herman Melville, American writer, 1819-1891.
PS2609 .R38 1991
The raven and other poems.
PS2618.C37 C37 1991
The cask of amontillado.
PS2618.T45 T45 1991
The tell-tale heart.
PS2631 .B53 1991
The black cat.
PS2631 .E232 1996
Edgar Allan Poe.
PS2631 .M9 1994
The mystery of Edgar Allan Poe.
PS3048 .H46 1993
Henry David Thoreau's Walden : poem of creation.
PS3048 .T56 1993
Thoreau at Walden Pond.
PS3231 .W35 1994
Walt Whitman.
PS3503.E4488 Z73 1994
Saul Bellow.
PS3505.A59 T78 1997
Truman Capote : the tiny terror.
PS3507.O686 Z467 1992
J.P. Donleavy's Ireland : in all her sins and graces.
PS3511.A86 Z635 1995
William Faulkner : American writer, 1897-1962.
PS3511.I9 F4 1997
F. Scott Fitzgerald : the great American dreamer.
PS3511.I9 Z69 1995
Scott Fitzgerald, 1896-1940.
PS3515.A4347 Z62 1999
Dashiell Hammett : detective, writer.
PS3515.E37 Z5753 1995
Ernest Hemingway, American writer, 1899-1961.
PS3515.E37 Z9815 1998
Ernest Hemingway : wrestling with life.
PS3523.O46 Z53 1996
Jack London.
PS3525.E661 Z83 1998
What if-- : a film about Judith Merril.
PS3525.I5156 C78 1981
Arthur Miller and 'The Crucible' : 'naming names'.
PS3525.I5156 Z515 1987
Arthur Miller.
PS3529.N5 I4372 1995
The Iceman cometh.
PS3529.N5 M63 1988
Modern American drama : Eugene O'Neill : Long day's journey into night.
PS3537.I663 Z66 1998
Neil Simon : the people's playwright.
PS3537.T3234 Z7153 1994
John Steinbeck, American writer, 1902-1968.
PS3537.T3234 Z756 1990z
An impression of John Steinbeck : writer.
PS3545.I345 S552 2000
The skin of our teeth.
PS3545.I5365 T46 1998
Tennessee Williams : wounded genius.
PS3554.O884 Z73 1994
Poet laureate Rita Dove.
PS3561.I483 Z89 2000
Stephen King : fear, fame and fortune.
PS3561.I52 M395 1996
Maxine Hong Kingston : talking story.
PS3561.O8 Z95 1995
Who was Jerzy Kosinski?
PS3562.I4537 Z468 1989
Lyn Lifshin : not made of glass : a film.
PS3562.O75 Z655 1998
A litany for survival : the life and work of Audre Lorde.
PS3563.O8749 T66 1994
Toni Morrison.
PS3565.A8 Z47 1994
Joyce Carol Oates : a portrait in the first person.
PS3568.O224 Z55 1999
Harold Robbins : fact, fiction & fantasy.
PS3569.H3927 Z84 1999
Sidney Sheldon : between the covers.