Videocassette List:
English Literature

Class PR Videocassette List
Call Number Title
PR83 .H57 1987
The history of English literature.
PR105 .L35 2000
The Lake poets.
PR311 .M43 1988
Medieval - Elizabethan, 1400-1600.
PR545.M4 M48 1988
Metaphysical & devotional, 1590-1670.
PR571 .R66 1988
Romantic pioneers, 1750-1805.
PR601 .E27 1988
The earlier twentieth century, 1914-1939.
PR601 .L38 1988
The later twentieth century.
PR605.W66 P64 1991
Poems of the last war.
PR1195.S5 S66 1993
The sonnets of William Shakespeare.
PR1204 .R47 1988
Restoration & Augustan, 1660-1745.
PR1222 .R66 1988
Romantics and realists, 1870-1920.
PR1225 .P64 1980z
Poems in their places.
PR1261. E8 1991
PR1583 .B33 1990z
The background to Beowulf.
PR1868.M55 C53 1993
Chaucer reads Chaucer : the miller's tale.
PR1868.P82 M53 1993
Middle English, knowledge about language : Chaucer.
PR1868.P82 P76 1991
Prologue to the Canterbury tales.
PR1870.A1 R63 1993
The roads to Canterbury.
PR1872 .P76 1993
A prologue to Chaucer.
PR1906.5 .C43 1993
Chaucer and Middle English literature.
PR1924 .C53 1988
Chaucer, 1340-1400.
PR2754 .B33/v.1
All's well that ends well.
PR2754 .B33/v.2
Antony and Cleopatra.
PR2754 .B33/v.3
As you like it.
PR2754 .B33/v.4
Comedy of errors.
PR2754 .B33/v.5
The Tragedy of Coriolanus.
PR2754 .B33/v.6
PR2754 .B33/v.7
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.
PR2754 .B33/v.8
The First part of King Henry the fourth : with the life and death of Henry surnamed Hotspur.
PR2754 .B33/v.9
The Second part of King Henry the fourth.
PR2754 .B33/v.10
The Life of Henry the fifth [sic].
PR2754 .B33/v.11
The First part of Henry the sixth [sic].
PR2754 .B33/v.12
The second part of Henry the sixth [sic].
PR2754 .B33/v.13
The Third part of Henry the sixt [sic].
PR2754 .B33/v.14
The Famous history of the life of King Henry the eighth .
PR2754 .B33/v.15
Julius Caesar.
PR2754 .B33/v.16
The Life & death of King John.
PR2754 .B33 v.17
King Lear.
PR2754 .B33/v.18
Love's labour's lost.
PR2754 .B33/v.19
PR2754 .B33/v.20
Measure for measure.
PR2754 .B33/v.22
The Merry wives of Windsor.
PR2754 .B33/v.23
A Midsummer night's dream.
PR2754 .B33/v.24
Much ado about nothing.
PR2754 .B33/v.25
PR2754 .B33/v.26
Pericles, Prince of Tyre.
PR2754 .B33/v.27
King Richard the second.
PR2754 .B33/v.28
The Tragedy of Richard III.
PR2754 .B33/v.29
Romeo & Juliet.
PR2754 .B33/v.30
The Taming of the shrew.
PR2754 .B33/v.31
The Tempest.
PR2754 .B33/v.32
Timon of Athens.
PR2754 .B33/v.33
Titus Andronicus.
PR2754 .B33/v.34
Troilus & Cressida.
PR2754 .B33/v.35
Twelfth night.
PR2754 .B33/v.36
Two gentlemen of Verona.
PR2754 .B33/v.37
The Winter's tale.
PR2774 .F76 1984
From page to stage.
PR2807.A2 B87 1995
PR2807.A23 M355 1995
The making of a monologue : Robert Wilson's Hamlet.
PR2807 .H363 1996
Hamlet. Workshop one.
PR2807 .H364 1996
Hamlet. Workshop two.
PR2819 .K5624 1996
King Lear. Workshop two.
PR2819 .K563 1996
King Lear. Workshop one.
PR2831 .H38
Romeo and Juliet.
PR2833 .H39
The Tempest.
PR2894 .H67 1984
William Shakespeare : poet & dramatist, 1564-1616.
PR2894 .W546 1999
William Shakespeare : a life of drama.
PR2916 .I53 1993
In the steps of William Shakespeare : London.
PR2916 .I54 1993
In the steps of William Shakespeare : Stratford.
PR2920 .S43 1993
Shakespeare and his theatre : the Globe.
PR2920 .S53 1988
Shakespeare and the globe.
PR2976 .S53 1988
Shakespeare, 1564-1616.
PR2976 .W555 1996
William Shakespeare.
PR2983 .R66 1991
The Roman tragedies.
PR2983 .S534 1993
Shakespearean tragedy.
PR2983 .T73 1987
The tragedies of Shakespeare : a video commentary.
PR2987 .T37 1986
Teaching Shakespeare : new approaches from the Folger Shakespeare Library.
PR2992.M3 T67 1996
The tortured mind.
PR2995 .U53 1972
Understanding Shakespeare : his stagecraft.
PR3072 .S53 1988
Shakespeare's imagery : the poet's eye.
PR3091 .P53 1990
Playing Shakespeare.
PR3095 .W55 1987
William Shakespeare : background for his works.
PR3112 .G74 1996
The great Hamlets.
PR3184 .D83 1972
The Duchess of Malfi.
PR3364 .W39 1990z
The way of the world.
PR3406 .D36 1991
Daniel Defoe, writer, 1660-1731.
PR3533 .S26 1991
Samuel Johnson, writer, 1709-1784.
PR3562 .M55 1988
Milton : 1608-1674.
PR4034 .E5 1996
PR4034 .M3 1990
Mansfield Park.
PR4034 .N67 1990
Northanger Abbey.
PR4034 .P7 1993
Pride and prejudice.
PR4034 .S4 1990
Sense and sensibility.
PR4036 .H67 1984
Jane Austen : novelist, 1775-1817.
PR4036 .P74 1995
PR4146 .W55 1996
William Blake, poet and painter, 1757-1827.
PR4146 .W554 1996
William Blake.
PR4147 .W55 1992
William Blake : songs of innocence and experience.
PR4167 .J3 1990
Jane Eyre.
PR4168 .B76 1994
The Bronte connection.
PR4168 .B77 1994
The Bronte sisters.
PR4168 .H67 1984
The Bronte sisters : Charlotte Bronte, 1816-1855, Emily Bronte, 1818-1848, Anne Bronte, 1820-1849.
PR4303 .R63 1988
Robert Burns : love and liberty.
PR4381 .B97 1993
Byron : mad, bad and dangerous to know : a poet and his publisher.
PR4483 .S77 1984
The strangest voyage.
PR4560 .A1 1991
Great expectations.
PR4560 .D52
Dickens and popular imagery.
PR4561 .A1 1995
Hard times.
PR4563.A25 L63 1997
Martin Chuzzlewit.
PR4567 .A1 1991
Oliver Twist.
PR4581 .C56 1999
Charles Dickens : a tale of ambition and genius.
PR4581 .H67 1984
Charles Dickens : novelist, 1812-1870.
PR4588 .D535 1997
A Dickens of a Christmas.
PR4611 .A4 1989
The hunting of the snark : Jabberwocky.
PR4662 .S37 1994
Screening Middlemarch : C19 novel to 90's TV.
PR4681 .H67 1987
George Eliot : novelist, 1819-1880.
PR4746 .A1 1991
Jude the obscure.
PR4750 .M39 1991
The mayor of Casterbridge.
PR4753 .H67 1984
Thomas Hardy : novelist and poet, 1840-1928.
PR4757 .P64 1996
Poetic voices of Thomas Hardy.
PR4836 .J64 1996
John Keats : poet, 1795-1821.
PR4836 .L37 1995
The last journey of John Keats.
PR5332 .H67 1987
Sir Walter Scott : poet and novelist, 1771-1832.
PR5431 .P474 1996
Percy Bysshe Shelley, poet, 1792-1822.
PR5588 .L33 1992
The lady of Shalott : a poem and its readers.
PR5588 .T6 1993
To reason why : diverse views on Tennyson's poem : the charge of the light brigade.
PR5684 .B37 1991
The Barchester chronicles.
PR5776 .H26 1995
H.G. Wells : time traveler.
PR5823 .O83 2001
Oscar Wilde : wit's end.
PR5869 .P64 1993
The poetry of landscape : William Wordsworth and the English lakes.
PR5881 .W55 1995
William Wordsworth, poet, 1770-1850.
PR6003.E282 H3 1990z
Happy days.
PR6003.E282 K735 1990z
Krapp's last tape.
PR6003.E282 W34 1997
Waiting for Godot.
PR6005.O4 H44 1995
Heart of darkness.
PR6005.O4 N672 1997
PR6007.U47 M9 1990
My cousin Rachel.
PR6013.A5 F67 1986
The Forsyte saga.
PR6013.R35 I23 1991
I Claudius.
PR6019.O9 W67 1988
The world of James Joyce : is there one who understands me?
PR6019.O9 Z588 1988
James Joyce : poet and novelist, 1882-1941.
PR6021.E725 F73 1996
Frank Kermode.
PR6023.A93 O3 1995
Odour of chrysanthemums.
PR6023.A93 Z545 1980z
D. H. Lawrence as son and lover.
PR6023.A93 Z6236 1995
D.H. Lawrence, novelist, 1885-1930.
PR6023.E285 Z513 1995
Laurie Lee's Cider with Rosie.
PR6029.R8 A19 1995
1984 : a personal view of Orwell's Nineteen eighty- four.
PR6029.R8 Z64 1996
George Orwell, journalist & novelist, 1903-1950.
PR6029.W4 P58 1988
The pity of war.
PR6039.H52 Z534 1997
Dylan Thomas.
PR6051.D3352 H5 1993
The Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy.
PR6054.O23 F562 1997
The final cut.
PR6054.O23 H6 1995
House of cards.
PR6054.O23 T62 1993
To play the king.
PR6057.A4 H363 1985
PR6057.A4 S74 1986
Steptoe and son.
PR6058.U37 A6 1992
Five poems by Ted Hughes.
PR6062.E33 P47 1991
A perfect spy.
PR6062.E33 S64 1991
Smiley's people.
PR6062.E4457 A63 1984
Abigail's party.
PR6062.Y618 Y4233 1996
Yes, Minister. Series 2, The compassionate society.
PR6062.Y618 Y4234 1998
Yes, Minister. Equal opportunities.
PR6062.Y618 Y4235 1996
Yes, Minister. Series 2, The greasy pole.
PR6062.Y618 Y4236 1994
Yes, Minister. Open government.
PR6062.Y618 Y4237 2001
Yes, Minister. Party games.
PR6062.Y618 Y4238 1994
Yes, Minister. The writing on the wall.
PR6062.Y618 Y425 pt.2
Yes, Prime Minister. Part 2.
PR6062.Y618 Y425 pt.3
Yes, Prime Minister. [Part 3].
PR6062.Y618 Y425 pt.4
Yes, Prime Minister. [Part 4].
PR6062.Y618 Y425 pt.5
Yes, Prime Minister. [Part 5].
PR6069.A515 C36 1969
Cathy come home : a story.
PR9199.3.C57 Z75 1999
Ladies and gentlemen-- Mr. Leonard Cohen.
PR9199.3.M47 C66 1991
Come sit by me.
PR9272.9.N32 V85 2000
V. S. Naipaul.
PR9369.3.F8 S59 1992
Sizwe Bansi is dead.