Videocassette List:
Literature (General). Poetry. Performing Arts. Drama. Radio and Television Broadcasts. Short Films. Experimental Films

Class PN Videocassette List
Call Number Title
PN45.5 .I58 2001
Introduction to genres.
PN81 .A67 cst.VC1
Gender & performance : a doll's house.
PN81 .A67 cst.VC2
Top girls.
PN81 .A67 cst.VC3
The rover.
PN81 .A67 cst.VC4
As you like it.
PN117.85 .U29 1978
Ubu Roi.
PN145 .C68 v.9
Writing reports.
PN145 .C68 v.11
Writing news.
PN145 .C68 v.13
Writing a research paper.
PN145 .D43 1995
Dear diary.
PN145 .E97 2000
Explaining ourselves.
PN145 .W75 1988
Writers on writing.
PN171.F56 C74 1991
Crediting your sources.
PN189 .T73 1995
Travel writing.
PN451 .W75 v.12
Writing minority fiction.
PN1101 .P64 1996
The poetry video.
PN1271 .P64 1986
The poetry of rock : a reflection of human values.
PN1920 .C66 1992
The comic spirit.
PN1949.S7 I54 1986
India cabaret.
PN1968.U5 V3 1980
Vaudeville videos : a video compilation.
PN1969.C65 T55 1999
Tricicle 20.
PN1978.C5 Z46 1990z
中國木偶戲藝術 = Chinese puppet play.
PN1978.J3 B857 1997
Bunraku : the classical puppets of Japan.
PN1979.S5 W39 1999
Wayang golek : performing arts of Sunda (West Java).
PN1979.S5 Z46 1990z
中國皮影戲藝術 = Chinese shadow play art.
PN1985 .O7 1998
PN1985 .P48 1992
PN1991.8.I57 O63 1997
On the air.
PN1992.T3 L377 1995
Larry King : talk of fame.
PN1992.4.F69 R44 1999
Remembering Fred Friendly.
PN1992.5 .C65
The Computer and the TV producer.
PN1992.5 .C74 1988
Creative video technique.
PN1992.5 .V52
Video : a practical guide .. and more.
PN1992.6 .D578 1991
Distress signals : an investigation of global television.
PN1992.6 .P68
The Power of the medium.
PN1992.6 .S395 1991
Television delivers people : a videotape.
PN1992.6 .T2
TV for better or worse.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.1
Writing commentary.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.2
Filming action.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.3
Script to screen.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.4
Continuity and the single camera : an introduction.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.5
Continuity and the single camera : tricks of the trade.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.6
Electronic effects.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.7
An Introduction to the studio.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.8
Camera mountings.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.9
BBC television graphic design.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.10
Visual effects for TV : April 1987 - Thetford, Norfolk, the battlefield.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.11
The Making of the television news.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.12
The television designer.
PN1992.75 .B338 1989 v.13
Creative editing.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.1
The structure of documentaries.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.2
Directing interviews.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.3
Nick Ross presents-- : John Mansfield in conversation with Nick Ross, the television presenter.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.4
The television interview : public faces.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.5
The television interview : private faces.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.6
Post production.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.7
Television narration and editing.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.8
Music and sound effects for television.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.9
The director of photography : Freddie Young, a life in film.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.10
Allan Tyrer : film editor.
PN1992.75 .B338 1993 v.11
Paul Watson : documentary film maker.
PN1992.75 .B3382 v.1
Lenses and light.
PN1992.75 .B3382 v.2
The soundtrack.
PN1992.75 .B3382 v.3
Actors and the camera.
PN1992.75 .B3382 v.4
Making a drama of it.
PN1992.75 .B3382 v.5
Single-camera shooting : an ambitious sequence.
PN1992.75 .H68
How to make better television productions.
PN1992.75 .O5
On camera.
PN1992.75 .O76 1985
On location.
PN1992.77.A1 G65 1996
The golden years of TV comedy 1975.
PN1992.77.A35 A35 1985
A.D. : anno Domini.
PN1992.77.A38 A384 v.1
All creatures great & small. Series 4, Volume 1.
PN1992.77.A38 A384 v.2
All creatures great & small. Series 4, Volume 2.
PN1992.77.A38 A384 v.3
All creatures great & small. Series 4, Volume 3.
PN1992.77.A38 A384 v.4
All creatures great & small. Series 4, Volume 4.
PN1992.77.A38 A384 v.5
All creatures great & small. Series 4, Volume 5.
PN1992.77.B46 B47 1994
The best of Benny Hill.
PN1992.77.C58 C583 1993
Columbo. Lovely but lethal.
PN1992.77.C58 C585 1993
Columbo. Murder by the book.
PN1992.77.C58 C587 1993
Columbo. A stitch in crime.
PN1992.77.C58 C5875 1993
Columbo. Suitable for framing.
PN1992.77.C58 C5876 1993
Columbo. Try and catch me.
PN1992.77.C686 C68 1993
The Count of Monte Cristo.
PN1992.77 .D66 1998
PN1992.77.D9 J65 1986
Joan does Dynasty.
PN1992.77.E559 E55 1995
Elizabeth R.
PN1992.77.G66 G663 2001
The good life. Away from it all ; The green door ; Our speaker today ; The weaver's tale.
PN1992.77.G66 G664 1994
The good life. Backs to the wall.
PN1992.77.G66 G6645 2000
The good life. The day peace broke out ; Mutiny ; Home sweet home ; Going to pot?
PN1992.77.G66 G665 2001
The good life. The early birds ; The happy event ; A tug of the forelock.
PN1992.77.G66 G6655 2001
The good life. I talk to the trees ; Whose flea are these? ; The posh frock.
PN1992.77.G66 G666 2000
The good life. Just my bill ; The Gurn of Surbiton ; Mr. Fix-it.
PN1992.77.G66 G667 2000
The good life. Pig's lib ; The thing in the cellar ; The pagan rite.
PN1992.77.G66 G668 2000
The good life. Plough your own furrow ; Say little hen- - ; The weaker sex?
PN1992.77.G66 G669 2001
The good life. Suit yourself ; Sweet and sour charity ; Anniversary ; When I'm 65.
PN1992.77.G85 G85 1993
PN1992.77.H68 H68 1990z
How to irritate people.
PN1992.77.J44 J44 1998
Jeeves and Wooster.
PN1992.77.K56 K56 1996
The kingdom.
PN1992.77.L38 L38 1999
Law & order.
PN1992.77.L43 L43 2000
The league of gentlemen. [Series 1].
PN1992.77.M351 M3 1992
The man in the iron mask.
PN1992.77.M544 M53 1994
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.1
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 1.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.2
The best of Mission: Impossible. Volume 2.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.3
The best of Mission: Impossible. Volume 3.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.4
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 4.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.5
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 5.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.6
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 6.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.7
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 7.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.8
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 8.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.9
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 9.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.10
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 10.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.11
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 11.
PN1992.77.M574 B47 v.12
The best of Mission: impossible. Volume 12.
PN1992.77 .M66 1994
Monty Python's flying circus.
PN1992.77.M67 M67 2000 v.1
The morph files. Volume 1.
PN1992.77.M67 M67 2000 v.2
The morph files. Volume 2.
PN1992.77.M67 M67 2000 v.3
The morph files. Volume 3.
PN1992.77.M73 A43 1991
The amazing adventures of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 B47 1999
The best bits of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 E93 1991
The exciting escapades of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 F56 1996
The final frolics of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 M47 1993
The merry mishaps of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 T47 1991
The terrible tales of Mr. Bean.
PN1992.77.M73 U57 1995
Unseen Bean.
PN1992.77.P48 P48 1981
Peter and Paul.
PN1992.77.P75 P75 1996
Prime time South Africa.
PN1992.77.R64 R64 1992
Roe vs. Wade.
PN1992.77.S32 S32 1979
The scarlet letter.
PN1992.77.S33 S33 1992
The Scarlet Pimpernel.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
洛克道 33 號.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
黎明. 上.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1985
黎明. 下.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
煙火人間. 下 / 導演單慧珠 ; 監製黃敬強 ; 香港電台電視部製作.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
煙火人間. 上 / 導演單慧珠 ; 監製黃敬強 ; 香港電台電視部製作.
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S525 S56 1987
PN1992.77.S56 S56 1994
The singing detective.
PN1992.77.S65 S65 1996
Soldier, soldier.
PN1992.77.T354 T35 1992
A tale of two cities.
PN1992.77.T38 N48 1999
The New adventures of Tarzan.
PN1992.77.T535 T535 1999
Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy.
PN1992.77.T543 T5 1992
Treasures of the Twilight zone.
PN1992.77.T58 T58 1998
Tess of the D'Urbervilles.
PN1992.77.T66 T665 1997
Tom Corbett space cadet. Volume 1, The Mercurian invasion .
PN1992.77.T95 T95 1993
Twin Peaks.
PN1992.77.U67 U67 1999
Upstairs, downstairs.
PN1992.77.W377 W37 1994
War & peace.
PN1992.77 .W45 1990z
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1985
唔該, 阿展!.
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
愛情, 玫瑰花.
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
PN1992.77.W465 W465 1986
AB 或 O.
PN1992.8.I68 A66
Appearing on camera.
PN1992.8.I68 M37 1997
Mastering TV appearances : the 5-star survival guide for today's professionals.
PN1992.8.M6 A64 1993
Animated audio.
PN1992.8.M87 D743 1995
Dreamworlds 2 : desire/sex/power in music video.
PN1992.8.T3 I825 1999
It's only talk : the real story of America's talk shows.
PN1992.8.V5 I67 1979
PN1992.8.V5 V52 1983
Video as art.
PN1992.8.V5 W448 2001
Selected works, 1970-1978.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.1
Lost and found : the best of videotage, 1986-1996.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.2
Mug shot.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.3
Expired memories = 過期回憶.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.4
Video girls.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.5
Foreign trade.
PN1992.935 .B47 v.6
Star city.
PN1992.935 .O56 2000
Oil friction = 油街實業.
PN1993.3.C36 F75 1997
Frank Capra's American dream.
PN1993.5.A1 C56 1996
Cinema : a century of cinema.
PN1993.5.A1 M68 1994 v.1
The great train robbery and other primary works.
PN1993.5.A1 M68 1994 v.2
The European pioneers.
PN1993.5.A1 M68 1994 v.3
Experimentation and discovery.
PN1993.5.A1 M68 1994 v.4
The cinema magic of George Melies.
PN1993.5.A1 M68 1994 v.5
Comedy, spectacle and new horizons.
PN1993.5.A35 C356 1995
Camera Afrique, and, Camera Arabe : two films by Ferid Boughedir.
PN1993.5.A8 C46 1999
The century of cinema : New Zealand and Australia.
PN1993.5.C4 Z428
PN1993.5.C89 E53 2000
The end of the Czech film miracle.
PN1993.5.E8 C56 1995
Cinema Europe : the other Hollywood.
PN1993.5.F7 D48 1998
Deux fois cinquante ans de cinemia Francais.
PN1993.5.G7 T97 1996
Typically British ; Irish cinema : ourselves alone?
PN1993.5.I8 K86 1998
Kumar Talkies.
PN1993.5.J3 A15 1997
100 years of Japanese cinema.
PN1993.5.L3 N84 1983
El nuevo cine latinoamericano = New cinema of Latin America.
PN1993.5.R9 B57 1996
The Birth of Soviet cinema.
PN1993.5.R9 E27 1998
East side story.
PN1993.5.R9 E274 1992
Early Russian cinema : a unique video anthology in 10 volumes.
PN1993.5.R9 I35 1990
IA i loshad', ia i byk, ia i baba, ia i muzhik = I am an ox, I am a horse, I am a man, I am a woman.
PN1993.5.R9 R87 1999
The Russian idea.
PN1993.5.T28 T36 1997
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.1
The Hollywood style.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.2
The studio system.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.3
The star.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.4
The western.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.5
Romantic comedy.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.6
The combat film.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.7
Film noir.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.8
Film in the television age.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.9
The film school generation.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.10
The edge of Hollywood.
PN1993.5.U5 A46 1994 v.11
Film language : the director's choice ; Thinking and writing about film ; Classical Hollywood today.
PN1993.5.U6 P477 1996
A personal journey with Martin Scorsese through American movies .
PN1993.5.U65 H655 1998
Hollywoodism : Jews, movies, and the American dream.
PN1994 .F4375 1999
Film and TV : the multi-channel environment.
PN1994 .G74 1998
Great escape, 1927.
PN1994 .U54 1993
Understanding movies : a video companion.
PN1995 .P67 1993
Porteurs d'ombres electriques = The carriers of electric shadows.
PN1995.8 .M89 2000
My father's camera.
PN1995.9.A26 A38 1987
Acting in film.
PN1995.9.A3 U63 1984
PN1995.9.A43 A38 1997
Africa dreaming.
PN1995.9.A435 T55 1988
This is not an AIDS advertisement.
PN1995.9.A5 M35 2001
PN1995.9.A78 A76 1990z
Asian voices, British lives.
PN1995.9.A78 S66 1995
Some questions for 28 kisses & Game of death.
PN1995.9.A8 P67 1980z
Por primera vez = For the first time.
PN1995.9.C513 S68 1991
South : parque central.
PN1995.9.D37 B66 1999
Book of laughs.
PN1995.9.D6 A15 1995
4 shorts by Werner Herzog.
PN1995.9.D6 B75 v.1
E.M.B. classics.
PN1995.9.D6 B75 v.2
England in the thirties.
PN1995.9.D6 B75 v.3
Benjamin Britten.
PN1995.9.D6 B75 v.4
Wartime homefront.
PN1995.9.D6 B75 v.5
Wartime moments.
PN1995.9.D6 O5 2001
On Snow's Wavelength : zoom out.
PN1995.9.D6 T57 1999
Three films.
PN1995.9.E96 A133 1998
8 films.
PN1995.9.E96 A134 1994
10th Videobrasil Festival Internacional de Arte Eletrônica : mostra competitiva vencedores.
PN1995.9.E96 A135 v.1
12th Videobrasil. Programa itinerante 1.
PN1995.9.E96 A135 v.2
12th Videobrasil. Programa itinerante II.
PN1995.9.E96 A38 1983
Act III ; Renaissance ; Luminare.
PN1995.9.E96 A424 1998
Aerobicide : Julie Ruin.
PN1995.9.E96 A428 2001
Das Alliiertenband.
PN1995.9.E96 A43 1988
American avant-garde shorts.
PN1995.9.E96 A53 1986
Anger magick lantern cycle.
PN1995.9.E96 A57 1997
Anticipation of the night.
PN1995.9.E96 A76 1999
Armchair terrorist.
PN1995.9.E96 A78 1996
The artwork in the age of its mechanical reproducibility by Walter Benjamin as told to Keith Sanborn.
PN1995.9.E96 A825 1998
Avant garde and experimental films.
PN1995.9.E96 A93 1998
Avant garde #2.
PN1995.9.E96 A96 1987
Avant guarde shorts [i.e. garde short] subjects from France .
PN1995.9.E96 B34 2000
Backwards birth of a nation.
PN1995.9.E96 B425 1999
Beacons of style.
PN1995.9.E96 B43 1997
Beat and beyond : the films of Alfred Leslie.
PN1995.9.E96 B48 1994
Beautiful people-- : beautiful friends--
PN1995.9.E96 B49 1997
Mysterious journey.
PN1995.9.E96 B55 1999
Bilder der welt und inschrift des krieges.
PN1995.9.E96 B65 1990z
Bolivar, sinfonia tropikal.
PN1995.9.E96 B67 2001
Bouncing in the corner. No. 1.
PN1995.9.E96 B672 2001
Bouncing in the corner. No. 2, Upside down.
PN1995.9.E96 B68 2001
Bouncing two balls between the floor and ceiling with changing rhythms .
PN1995.9.E96 B86 2000
Brooklyn Bridge.
PN1995.9.E96 C53 2001
Charmant Band.
PN1995.9.E96 C54 1989
PN1995.9.E96 C55 1982
PN1995.9.E96 C56 1990z
Cinema of transgression.
PN1995.9.E96 C58 1999
Clown scary transformations.
PN1995.9.E96 C65 1999
The color of love.
PN1995.9.E96 C66 2001
Comings and goings.
PN1995.9.E96 C88 1993
Cut piece : a video homage to Yoko Ono.
PN1995.9.E96 D33 1997
Dal polo all' equatore = From the Pole to the Equator.
PN1995.9.E96 D36 2001
Dance or exercise on the perimeter of a square.
PN1995.9.E96 D43 1981
Deafman glance : a work for television.
PN1995.9.E96 D47 1990
Desire : (incorporated).
PN1995.9.E96 D53 2000
PN1995.9.E96 D64 1993
PN1995.9.E96 D68 2001
Double you (and X, Y, Z).
PN1995.9.E96 D69 2004
Dung smoke enters the palace.
PN1995.9.E96 D87 2001
The Duracelltape.
PN1995.9.E96 E27 1996
Early avant-garde films : Hans Richter.
PN1995.9.E96 E52 1988
PN1995.9.E96 E65 2001
Elke allowing the floor to rise up over her, face up.
PN1995.9.E96 E68 1996
The end.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.3
An occurence at Owl Creek Bridge.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.8
Double vision.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.9
8x8, a chess sonata in 8 movements.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.10
Surrealism by the seashore.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.11
Cinema and reality.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.12
Life, death, time and commitment.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.15
Lenny Bruce in "Lenny Bruce".
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.18
Orphans, cocaine fiends and extra-terrestrials.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.19
The experimental avant garde series. [Vol.]19.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.20
The secret lives of inanimate objects & non-existant places. .
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.21
The experimental avant garde series. [Vol.]21.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.22
The experimental avant garde series, [Vol.]22.
PN1995.9.E96 E9 v.23
The experimental avant garde series, [Vol.]23.
PN1995.9.E96 E97 2001
Eye/machine = Auge/Machine.
PN1995.9.E96 F533 1999
Films by Harry Smith.
PN1995.9.E96 F535 2001
Flesh to white to black to flesh.
PN1995.9.E96 F54 1990z
PN1995.9.E96 F55 1998
Les films de Man Ray.
PN1995.9.E96 F56 1995
Le film est déjá commencé?
PN1995.9.E96 F57 1998
Fever dreams and lovely nightmares : short films by Chel White, 1991-1998.
PN1995.9.E96 F58 1998
Filmmakers by Takahiko Iimura.
PN1995.9.E96 F585 v.2
Films of Charles and Ray Eames. Toccata for toy trains.
PN1995.9.E96 F585 v.5
Films of Charles and Ray Eames. Volume 5.
PN1995.9.E96 F588 1990z
Five films.
PN1995.9.E96 F59 1997
Fluxfilm anthology.
PN1995.9.E96 F74 1997
Free radicals.
PN1995.9.E96 F88 1990z
Futility ; Blood story ; Mute ; Hard core home movie.
PN1995.9.E96 G38 2000
Gary Hill : Selected Works I.
PN1995.9.E96 G39 2001
PN1995.9.E96 G47 1995
German song.
PN1995.9.E96 G525 1995
Barbie's audition.
PN1995.9.E96 G528 1990z
PN1995.9.E96 G53 1991
PN1995.9.E96 G54 2000
Final exit.
PN1995.9.E96 G543 1994
His master's voice.
PN1995.9.E96 G548 1998
Multiple Barbie.
PN1995.9.E96 G55 1990z
PN1995.9.E96 G57 1992
Girl power.
PN1995.9.E96 G63 2000
Glass puzzle.
PN1995.9.E96 G73 2001
PN1995.9.E96 H37 1998
12 reasons to stand somewhere.
PN1995.9.E96 H43 2000
He saw her burning.
PN1995.9.E96 H45 1992
PN1995.9.E96 H48 2001
Heisenberg uncertainty principle : a video opera.
PN1995.9.E96 H652 1998
Introduction to The Holy scrolls.
PN1995.9.E96 H66 2001
PN1995.9.E96 I28 2000
I want to live in the country.
PN1995.9.E96 I295 1990
The idea we live in = La idea que habitamos.
PN1995.9.E96 I33 1990
If every girl had a diary.
PN1995.9.E96 I96 1998
イルミネーション・ゴースト = Illumination ghost.
PN1995.9.E96 J63 1993
Joan sees stars.
PN1995.9.E96 J83 1995
Judy spots.
PN1995.9.E96 K55 1999
Killing time.
PN1995.9.E96 K57 1991
Kiss the girls, make them cry.
PN1995.9.E96 K63 2001
Kobolds' Gesänge.
PN1995.9.E96 L38 1997
Late superimpositions.
PN1995.9.E96 L39 2000
Len Lye, rhythms.
PN1995.9.E96 L42 1999
2 Spellbound.
PN1995.9.E96 L425 2000
4 Vertigo.
PN1995.9.E96 L58 1989
Living inside.
PN1995.9.E96 L65 1989
PN1995.9.E96 L66 1999
PN1995.9.E96 L86 1996
Lumiere et compagnie.
PN1995.9.E96 M378 1993
Martina's playhouse ; The scary movie.
PN1995.9.E96 M38 v.2
PN1995.9.E96 M38 v.3
PN1995.9.E96 M38 v.4
PN1995.9.E96 M386 1990z
Man Ray classic shorts.
PN1995.9.E96 M39 1991
The Match that started my fire.
PN1995.9.E96 M425 1990
Me and Rubyfruit .
PN1995.9.E96 M43 1999
Me gut no dog dog.
PN1995.9.E96 M44 1999
Meat 2.
PN1995.9.E96 M45 1989
Memories from the department of amnesia.
PN1995.9.E96 M55 1998
PN1995.9.E96 M66 1999
PN1995.9.E96 M68 1994
The mother, part 10 : explorations in the sacred theme.
PN1995.9.E96 N38 2000
Nature's assistant : a collection of short films and videos by Vanessa Renwick.
PN1995.9.E96 N47 1990z
The new cinema : the world of independent film.
PN1995.9.E96 N48 1989
New year.
PN1995.9.E96 N49 1991
News from home.
PN1995.9.E96 N63 1990z
Our gay brothers ; No-zone.
PN1995.9.E96 N66 1995
Not Mozart.
PN1995.9.E96 O66 1999
On the threshold of liberty.
PN1995.9.E96 O68 1998
On Sundays.
PN1995.9.E96 O685 1985
Optic nerve.
PN1995.9.E96 P33 2001
Pacing upside down.
PN1995.9.E96 P385 2003
Paul Sharits : mandala films.
PN1995.9.E96 P44 20004
Peggy and Fred in Hell : introducing, Pete the penguin.
PN1995.9.E96 P46 2004
Peggy & Fred in hell : the prologue.
PN1995.9.E96 P463 2004
Peggy and Fred in Kansas.
PN1995.9.E96 P47 2000
Perils ; Mayhem ; Mercy.
PN1995.9.E96 P484 1995
50 feet of string.
PN1995.9.E96 P487 1998
Glass : memories of water #29.
PN1995.9.E96 P49 1997
Memories of water (#21, 6, 27).
PN1995.9.E96 P495 2001
PN1995.9.E96 P53 1992
A place called Lovely.
PN1995.9.E96 P535 2001
Playing a note on the violin while I walk around the studio .
PN1995.9.E96 P54 1997
The pleasure garden.
PN1995.9.E96 P67 1990z
PN1995.9.E96 P74 v.1
Premiados no 11th Videobrasil Festival Internacional de Arte eletrônica. Prêmtos.
PN1995.9.E96 P74 v.2
Premiados no 11th Videobrasil Festival Internacional de Arte eletrônica. Menções.
PN1995.9.E96 P75 2001
PN1995.9.E96 P86 2001
Pulling mouth.
PN1995.9.E96 Q37 2001
PN1995.9.E96 Q53 1998
Quick Billy.
PN1995.9.E96 R38 1999
Reasons to be glad.
PN1995.9.E96 R395 2000
Relativ Romantisch.
PN1995.9.E96 R45 2001
Revolving upside down.
PN1995.9.E96 R59 2001
Rhyme 'em to death.
PN1995.9.E96 R595 2001
Robert Breer : recreation.
PN1995.9.E96 S435 1991
Seeing is believing.
PN1995.9.E96 S44 2001
Selected works.
PN1995.9.E96 S45 2000
Selected works I.
PN1995.9.E96 S452 2000
Selected works II.
PN1995.9.E96 S54 1990
Shadow's song.
PN1995.9.E96 S55 2002
She puppet.
PN1995.9.E96 S56 1992
Shooting script.
PN1995.9.E96 S64 2001
Slow angle walk : (Beckett walk).
PN1995.9.E96 S65 2000
Soft and hard.
PN1995.9.E96 S68 1992
Sour death balls.
PN1995.9.E96 S72 2001
Stamping in the studio.
PN1995.9.E96 S73 1994
Stan Brakhage : hand-painted films.
PN1995.9.E96 S7352 1999
Stan Brakhage : selected films, volume 2.
PN1995.9.E96 S737 1997
Stan Vanderbeek : the computer generation!!
PN1995.9.E96 S75 2000
PN1995.9.E96 S78 1987
PN1995.9.E96 S93 2001
Suburban strategies.
PN1995.9.E96 S95 2001
Superhuman flights of submoronic fancies.
PN1995.9.E96 S96 1999
Swollen stigma.
PN1995.9.E96 T425 1978
Technology/transformation : Wonder Woman.
PN1995.9.E96 T43 2001
PN1995.9.E96 T45 1995
寺山修司実験映像ワールド = Experimental image world of Shuji Terayama.
PN1995.9.E96 T458 2001
Thighing (Blue).
PN1995.9.E96 T46 1999
Those roads.
PN1995.9.E96 T48 2000
Three returns ; Barking.
PN1995.9.E96 T63 1990z
To Parsifal ; Quixote.
PN1995.9.E96 T64 2001
Tony Oursler : Selected works.
PN1995.9.E96 T65 2001
Tony sinking into the floor face Up and face down.
PN1995.9.E96 T73 2001
PN1995.9.E96 T75 2001
PN1995.9.E96 T85 1994
Twists in the cord-- : or other extensions of the telephone.
PN1995.9.E96 V54 v.1
Videobrasil retrospective 1983-1992. Programa 1.
PN1995.9.E96 V54 v.2
Videobrasil retrospective 1983-1992. Programa 2.
PN1995.9.E96 V54 v.3
Videobrasil retrospective 1983-1992. Programa 3.
PN1995.9.E96 V54 v.4
Videobrasil retrospective 1983-1992. Programa 4.
PN1995.9.E96 V54 v.5
Videobrasil retrospective 1983-1992. Programa 5.
PN1995.9.E96 V56 2001
Violin tuned D.E.A.D.
PN1995.9.E96 V57 1993
Virtual love.
PN1995.9.E96 V58 2000
PN1995.9.E96 V77 2001
VR/RV : a recreational vehicle in virtual reality.
PN1995.9.E96 W35 1998 v.1
PN1995.9.E96 W35 1998 v.8
PN1995.9.E96 W35 1998 v.9
性賊 = セックス. ジャック.
PN1995.9.E96 W35 1998 v.10
PN1995.9.E96 W355 2001
Walk-floor positions.
PN1995.9.E96 W36 2000
Walk series.
PN1995.9.E96 W38 2001
Walk with contrapposto.
PN1995.9.E96 W39 2001
Walking in an exaggerated manner around the perimeter of a square .
PN1995.9.E96 W47 2001
Der Westen Lebt.
PN1995.9.E96 W65 1978
Video 50.
PN1995.9.E96 W66 1990z
PN1995.9.E96 Y47 1999
Yesterday hometown.
PN1995.9.E96 Y68 1999
You be mother.
PN1995.9.E96 Z37 1999
The Zapruder footage : an investigation of consensual hallucination.
PN1995.9.E96 Z42 1981
PN1995.9.H55 C455 1996
The celluloid closet.
PN1995.9.H55 S56 1999
The silver screen : color me lavender.
PN1995.9.H6 K554 1997
Kingdom of shadows.
PN1995.9.L48 N58 1996
Nitrate kisses.
PN1995.9.L6 L68 1990z
Love in the city.
PN1995.9.M86 H674 1999
Hollywood musicals of the 1940's.
PN1995.9.M86 H675 1996
Hollywood musicals of the 1950's.
PN1995.9.M86 H676 1999
Hollywood musicals of the 1960's.
PN1995.9.N4 B48 1990z
Black from the past.
PN1995.9.N4 B49 1999
Black women and invisibility.
PN1995.9.N6 I52 1997
In black and white.
PN1995.9.P7 B45
Behind the scenes.
PN1995.9.P7 C74 1982
A Creative partnership : the actor and the director.
PN1995.9.P7 T35 1996
Taking pictures.
PN1995.9.P7 W43 1980
Werner Herzog eats his shoe.
PN1995.9.R3 N46 1998
PN1995.9.R3 N47 1998
Neorealism fino al 1950 = Neorealism until 1950.
PN1995.9.R3 N48 1998
Neorealismo fino al 1954 = Neorealism until 1954.
PN1995.9.S25 S87 1995
Surrealism and science : the weird world of Jean Painleve.
PN1995.9.S26 H65 1997
Hollywood aliens and monsters.
PN1995.9.S4 D474 1992
Design : an introduction.
PN1995.9.S45 F87 2003
PN1995.9.S6 S44 1992
Seeing is believing : a forum on scriptwriting in a multicultural society.
PN1995.9.W6 H68 1999
Hollywood harems.
PN1996 .H65 1986
Hollywood screenwriters and their craft.
PN1996 .S93 1999
Syd Field's screenwriting workshop.
PN1997.A1 P53 1996
Pictures don't tell you anything : selected films of Ann Marie Fleming, 1987-1995.
PN1997.C51173 B388 2000
The battle over Citizen Kane.
PN1997.D625 M4 1989
Making do the right thing.
PN1997.F355 D65 1990
Dokument Fanny och Alexander = The making of Fanny and Alexander.
PN1997.F387 F3 1995
Faust, eine deutsche Volkssage = Faust, a German popular legend.
PN1997 .I77 1992
It wasn't love.
PN1997.J36 J64 1996
PN1997 .J6555 1990
PN1997.M378 M3 1990z
Marvelous Melies. Vol.1.
PN1997. M6735 1990z
More melies.
PN1997 .S323 1980
Secrets from the street : no disclosure.
PN1997 .T34 1994
The tale of the three lost jewels.
PN1997 .T475 1997
Three Greek plays.
PN1997.T873 A78 1997
Arthur C. Clarke in conversation with Joseph Gelmis about 2001, a space odyssey.
PN1997.T873 P75 1990z
A Primer for "2001: a space odyssey".
PN1997.5 .A37 1990z
Aardman Animations. Vol.1.
PN1997.5 .A373 1999
And the envelope please : award winning cartoons.
PN1997.5 .A375 1991
Animation on 4. Volume 1.
PN1997.5 .A3752 1998
Animation on 4. Volume 2.
PN1997.5 .A395 1997
アスパラガス : ス一ザン.ビット作品集.
PN1997.5 .A545 1991
Animation celebration video collection. Volume 1.
PN1997.5 .B365 1996
Be my valentine, Charlie Brown.
PN1997.5 .B47 2000
The best of Zagreb film : nudity required.
PN1997.5 .B62 1999
Bob and Margaret.
PN1997.5 .B624 1999
Bob and Margaret : antiseptic suburban anxieties.
PN1997.5 .B65 1984
The boy and the snow goose = Le petit garcon et l'oie des neiges.
PN1997.5 .B69 1992
A boy named Charlie Brown.
PN1997.5 .B753 1990z
British animation. No. 2, Bubble & Squeak.
PN1997.5 .B755 1999
The Brothers Quay collection.
PN1997.5 .B76 1991
Brothers Quay. Vol. 1.
PN1997.5 .C37 1999
Cartoon crazys fairy tales.
PN1997.5 .C38 1999
Cartoon crazys Sci-Fi.
PN1997.5 .C387 2000
The cartoons of Bob Godfrey.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.1
All-singing! all-dancing!.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.2
Down and out with Flip the Frog.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.3
Things that go bump in the night.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.4
Willie Whopper's fantastic adventures and other tall tales .
PN1997.5 .C39 v.5
Free-form fairy tales.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.6
The odd and the outrageous.
PN1997.5 .C39 v.7
The Van Beuren rainbow parade.
PN1997.5 .C43 1996
A Charlie Brown Christmas.
PN1997.5 .C45 2000 v.1
Chinese animation. Volume 1.
PN1997.5 .C45 2000 v.2
Chinese animation. Volume 2.
PN1997.5 .C65 1999
Contemporary Estonian animation. The film of Priit Parn .
PN1997.5 .F76 1997
From hare to eternity.
PN1997.5 .I34 1996
PN1997.5 .I582 1990
The International Tournee of Animation. Volume 2 : featuring the best of the 20th International Tournee of Animation.
PN1997.5 .I87 1994
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
PN1997.5 .J36 1990z
Jan Svankmajer.
PN1997.5 .K58 1989
Klub odiozenych.
PN1997.5 .L34 1995
Ladislaw Starewicz : selected films.
PN1997.5 .M35 v.1
USA, Canada.
PN1997.5 .M35 v.2
Great Britain, Italy, France.
PN1997.5 .M35 v.3
USSR, Yugoslavia, Poland, Hungary.
PN1997.5 .M35 v.4
Japan, computer animation parts I and II.
PN1997.5 .M372 v.8
Masters of Russian animation. Volume 8, Andrei Khrjanovsky & Alfred Schnittke.
PN1997.5 .M372 v.9
Masters of Russian animation. Volume 9, Women directors .
PN1997.5 .M93 1999
My grandmother ironed the King's shirts.
PN1997.5 .N43 1990z
NFB classics.
PN1997.5 .O88 1998
Out on a limb : the films of Caroline Leaf.
PN1997.5 .P53 1997
Le phare.
PN1997.5 .Q55 1996
Quilt = Courtepointe.
PN1997.5 .S56 v.1
Legend & language.
PN1997.5 .S56 v.2
On avoiding extinction.
PN1997.5 .S56 v.3
On being human.
PN1997.5 .S56 v.4
What's your pleasure?
PN1997.5 .S56 v.5
Curious cosmologies.
PN1997.5 .S56 v.6
Crazy, quilt.
PN1997.5 .S66 1995
Snoopy, come home.
PN1997.5 .T56 1997
Tiny toy stories.
PN1997.5 .V36 1994
The Van Beuren studio.
PN1997.5 .W56 1997
Winsor McCay : animation legend.
PN1997.5 .W563 2003
Winsor McCay : the master edition.
PN1997.5 .W67 1994
The World's greatest animation.
PN1997.85 .M24 1999
Making junk.
PN1998.A3 F355 1993
Federico Fellini : the director as creator.
PN1998.A3 H546 1991
The American Film Institute salute to Alfred Hitchcock.
PN1998.A3 L577 1990z
The lost garden : the life and cinema of Alice Guy- Blache.
PN1998.A3 W554 1997
Wild Bill : Hollywood maverick.
PN1998.2 .F67 1997
Forgotten silver.
PN1998.2 .L38 1997
Lavender limelight : lesbians in film.
PN1998.2 .S525 1995
The Silent feminists : America's first women directors.
PN1998.2 .W63 2003
我的攝影機不撒謊 = My camera doesn't lie.
PN1998.2 .W664 1992
Women who made the movies.
PN1998.3.A48 D57 2000
The directors. The films of Robert Altman.
PN1998.3.B475 A3 1999
My friend Paul.
PN1998.3.B57 T87 1988
Turning dreams into reality.
PN1998.3.B64 A5 1990z
Budd Boetticher : one on one.
PN1998.3.C36 A64 1991
The American Film Institute salute to Frank Capra.
PN1998.3.C72 D57 2000
The directors. The films of Wes Craven.
PN1998.3.C75 D57 2000
The directors. The films of David Cronenberg.
PN1998.3.D47 I68 2000
Invocation : Maya Deren.
PN1998.3.E57 A3 1999
Sergei Eisenstein, avtobiografiya.
PN1998.3.E57 M37 1998
The Master's house = Das haus des meisters = La Maison du maitre.
PN1998.3.E57 S43 1985
The secret life of Sergei Eisenstein.
PN1998.3.E57 S43 1997
The secret life of Sergei Eisenstein.
PN1998.3.F57 A771 1997
The art of Oskar Fischinger.
PN1998.3.G55 D57 2000
The directors. The films of Terry Gilliam.
PN1998.3.G76 D93 1993
D.W. Griffith : father of film.
PN1998.3.H35 T46 1998
Tender fictions.
PN1998.3.H38 H684 1998
Howard Hawks : American artist.
PN1998.3.H54 A3 1996
Film portrait.
PN1998.3.H54 N68 1996
Notes for Jerome.
PN1998.3.H58 H574 2001
Hitchcock trilogy : "Vertigo", "Psycho", "Torn curtain".
PN1998.3.H69 A5 1999
Ron Howard.
PN1998.3.H87 J63 1990
John Huston and the Dubliners : on the set of "The Dead".
PN1998.3.J375 B584 1995
PN1998.3.K54 K79 1995
Krzysztof Kieslowski : I'm so-so..
PN1998.3.L44 D57 2000
The Directors. The films of Spike Lee.
PN1998.3.L94 L46 1997
Len Lye.
PN1998.3.M33 M34 1990z
Makhmalbaf : unveiling an Islamic filmmaker.
PN1998.3.M33 S73 2001
Stardust stricken, Mohsen Makhmalbaf : a portrait.
PN1998.3.M36 S36 1998
Sans soleil = Sunless.
PN1998.3.M45 A3 1986
Sherman's march : a meditation on the possibility of romantic love in the South during an era of nuclear weapons proliferation.
PN1998.3.M48 C73 1991
Creative process : Norman McLaren.
PN1998.3.M48 E94 2000
The eye hears, the ear sees / British Broadcasting Corp.
PN1998.3.M48 S45 1991
Norman McLaren, selected films.
PN1998.3.M55 H43 1996
He stands in a desert counting the seconds of his life.
PN1998.3.M55 I56 1996
In between.
PN1998.3.M55 I58 1991
Interview and reading, Jonas Mekas : with segments from the films of Mekas.
PN1998.3.M55 L67 1996
Lost, lost, lost.
PN1998.3.M55 P37 1996
Paradise not yet lost, aka, Oona's third year.
PN1998.3.M55 R46 1996
Reminiscences of a journey to Lithuania.
PN1998.3.M55 W46 1996
Walden : aka diaries, notes and sketches.
PN1998.3.O35 D48 2000
Devotion : Ogawa Productions.
PN1998.3.O35 V57 2001
PN1998.3.O98 T65 1994
Tokyo-ga : a filmed diary.
PN1998.3.P34 F36 1993
The fantasy film worlds of George Pal.
PN1998.3.P37 P37 1997
Paradjanov : a requiem.
PN1998.3.P67 B346 1998
Before the nickelodeon : the early cinema of Edwin S. Porter.
PN1998.3.R39 S38 1990z
Satyajit Ray : introspections.
PN1998.3.R535 G58 1997
Give chance a chance : portrait of Hans Richter.
PN1998.3.R54 W66 1995
The wonderful horrible life of Leni Riefenstahl.
PN1998.3.R67 R68 1990z
Rossellini visto da Rossellini = Rosellinni seen by Rossellini.
PN1998.3.S28 A5 1998
Tratos y retratos. [Carlos Saura] = Relations and portraits.
PN1998.3.S39 D57 2000
The Directors. The films of Martin Scorsese.
PN1998.3.S39 M37 1995
Martin Scorsese directs : all this filming, is it healthy?
PN1998.3.S58 V53 1990
Victor Sjostrom : ett portratt.
PN1998.3.S76 O53 1992
Oliver Stone : inside out.
PN1998.3.S78 P74 1995
Preston Sturges : the rise and fall of an American dreamer.
PN1998.3.T36 D57 1997
Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.
PN1998.3.T78 T784 1995
Francois Truffaut : portraits voles = stolen portraits.
PN1998.3.V37 S83 1997
Stan Vanderbeekiana.
PN1998.3.W425 A78 1993
Artist on fire : the work of Joyce Wieland.
PN1998.3.W43 A5 1990z
Peter Weir.
PN1998.3.W54 F54 1997
The film art of John Whitney, Sr.
PN1999.W27 M53 2001
Mickey Mouse monopoly.
PN1999.2 .P53 1999
Picture power, 1963.
PN2053 .D57 1990
The directing process.
PN2053 .P474 1988
Peter Sellars : exploring the avant-garde.
PN2061 .P47 1990
Performing Shakespeare : techniques for personalizing and energizing the scene.
PN2062 .M47 1995
The method : based on Stanislavski and Strasberg.
PN2068 .F323 1993
Face to face : an amateur's video guide to performance makeup.
PN2068 .N63 1990z
No strings attached.
PN2068 .T43 1990z
The techniques of basic stage make-up.
PN2071.F5 B283 1997
Basic stage combat.
PN2075 .D736 1999
Drama : creating a character.
PN2075 .E446 1998
The elements of theatre.
PN2075 .P535 1995
Playing period. The Victorian age.
PN2075 .V633 1998
Vocabulary for the theatre : creating a character.
PN2075 .W48 1989
What's the score : text analysis for the actor.
PN2091.S8 D47 1993
The design of modern theatre : Adolphe Appia's innovations.
PN2171 .R46 1995
The Renaissance stage : the idea and image of antiquity.
PN2193.E86 B476 1997
Bertolt Brecht practice pieces.
PN2193.E86 S4 1970
The serpent.
PN2287.C36 C53 1996
Chaplin's Goliath.
PN2287.C48 L65 1995
Lon Chaney : behind the mask.
PN2287.C5 C48 1990z
Charlie Chaplin : a profile.
PN2287.C5 U55 1993
Unknown Chaplin.
PN2287.F558 H467 1997
Henry Fonda : America's quiet hero.
PN2287.H63 B634 1998
Bob Hope : America's entertainer.
PN2287.K28 A663 1999
Andy Kaufman's really big show.
PN2287.K4 B86 1996
Buster Keaton : genius in slapshoes.
PN2287.K4 B87 1987
Buster Keaton : a hard act to follow.
PN2287.K675 D66 2000
Don Knotts : nervous laughter.
PN2287.L285 L38 2000
Laurel & Hardy story : an affectionate rememberance.
PN2287.O38 W37 1992
Warren Oates : across the border.
PN2287.P34 G47 1999
Geraldine Page : a working actress.
PN2287.S82 A76 1991
The American Film Institute salute to Jimmy Stewart.
PN2287.V365 D53 2000
Dick Van Dyke : put on a happy face.
PN2287.W494 R58 1985
Robert Wilson and The Civil Wars.
PN2297.M3 U5 1997
The unknown Marx Brothers.
PN2688.B45 U57 1990
L'Ultima diva.
PN2728.S78 S836 1993
The Stanislavsky century.
PN2859.P66 T443 1991
Le theatre de Tadeusz Kantor.
PN2860 .T54 1997
The theatres of Asia : an introduction.
PN2871 .T325 2000
PN2874.5.H75 N35 1993
那一夜, 我們說相聲.
PN2875.A5 T36 1990z
PN2875.A5 T53 1990z
PN2875.A5 X5 1990z
PN2875.C5 B5 1990z
碧玉簪 ; 秀才遇仙記.
PN2875.C5 S36 1990z
PN2875.C5 T36 1990z
PN2875.F8 B5 1990z
PN2875.F8 C544 1990z
陳三五娘 . 益春告御狀.
PN2875.F8 C545 1990z
陳三五娘 . 荔鏡緣.
PN2875.F8 J54 1990z
PN2875.F8 T53 1990z
PN2875.F8 X54 1990z
PN2875.H3 D3 1990z
PN2875.H3 S36 1990z
PN2875.H3 S66 1990z
PN2875.H6 M8 1990z
PN2875.K5 X5 1990z
PN2876.C4 C53 1990z
PN2876.C4 L5 1990z
荔鏡記 ( 陳三五娘 ).
PN2876.C4 X53 1990z
PN2876.C4 Y36 1990z
楊門女將 = Women generals of Yang's family.
PN2876.H6 G46 1999
PN2876.P4 H38 1990z
PN2876.P4 H66 1990z
PN2876.P4 H83 1990z
PN2876.P4 J53 1990z
PN2876.P4 S55 1990z
拾玉鐲 ; 櫃中緣.
PN2876.P4 S8 1990z
PN2876.P4 W8 1990z
PN2876.P4 Y8 1990z
PN2876.P4 Z53 1990z
PN2920 .O53 1991
PN2924.5.K3 A76 1980z
Aspects of the Kabuki theatre of Japan.
PN2924.5.K3 P67 1990
Portrait of an onnagata.
PN2924.5.N6 T45 1990z
This is noh.
PN3353 .E97 1977
Exploring the novel : for entertainment and comprehension.
PN4121 .B4
Be prepared to speak : the step-to-step video guide.
PN4121 .B73 1985
Bravo! What a presentation!.
PN4121 .E34 1993
Effective presentation skills.
PN4121 .E35 1991
Effective oral presentations.
PN4121 .E46
Effective speaking.
PN4121 .E465
The Effective speaking.
PN4121 .F57
The Floor is yours.
PN4121 .M34
Making your case.
PN4121 .P69 1997
The presentation : a guide to effective speaking.
PN4121 .P698 1994
Presentation skills for the professionally petrified.
PN4121 .P82
Public speaking fundamentals.
PN4121 .S63/cst.1
Speak up with confidence.
PN4121 .S63/cst.2
Speak up with style.
PN4121 .S63/cst.3
Speak up on television.
PN4121 .S64 1990
Speak for yourself : a guide to making effective presentations.
PN4121 .S644 1994
Speaking with confidence.
PN4121 .S645 1996
Speaking with confidence.
PN4121 .S88 1990z
Student speeches for analysis.
PN4162 .S74 1988
Speak for yourself : a dynamic vocal workout with Susan Leigh.
PN4181 .D43 1984
Debate : an introduction.
PN4181 .D434 1990
Debating skills.
PN4731 .M425 1998
Media manipulation : new game for big business.
PN4734 .B49 1994
Beyond the front page.
PN4751 .D57 2000
Disconnected : politics, the press and the public.
PN4751 .N49 1996
News and the democratic agenda.
PN4784.E53 D54 1993
Digital journalism.
PN4784.T4 N49 1999
News productions.
PN4784.T4 R38 1999
Ratings vs. Journalism : going live with breaking news.
PN4888.O25 M98 1997
The myth of the liberal media : the propaganda model of news.
PN4888.P6 P68 1999
Project censored : is the press really free?
PN4888.T4 P74 1999
The press and the Clinton allegations.
PN4899.N45 N365 1999
Tabloid! : inside the NY post.
PN5111.R4 W5 1999
A window on the world : a portrait of the news agency Reuters.
PN5124.O24 D46 1998
Democracy and the media.
PN5449.I5 Z75 1999
Tino the fixer.
PN5514 .I57 1991
Inside the stories.
PN5517.R3 R36 1992
Radio : News every hour.
PN5517.T4 L58 1991
Live at 6 o'clock.
PN5578.M43 A37 1991
The inside story of a daily newspaper.
PN6120.T4 S59 1989
The Six wives of Henry VIII.
PN6122 .G74/v.1
Great speeches. Volume I.
PN6122 .G74/v.2
Great speeches. Volume II.
PN6122 .G74/v.3
Great speeches. Volume III.
PN6122 .G74/v.4
Great speeches. Volume IV.
PN6122 .G74/v.5
Great speeches. Volume V.
PN6122 .G74/v.6
Great speeches. Volume VI.
PN6122 .G74/v.7
Great speeches. Volume VII.
PN6122 .G74/v.8
Great speeches. Volume VIII.
PN6122 .G74/v.9
Great speeches. Volume IX.
PN6122 .G74/v.10
Great speeches. Volume X.
PN6122 .G74/v.11
Great speeches. Volume XI.
PN6720 .C665 1990
Comics, the 9th art.
PN6727.C7 C785 1995