Videocassette List:
Language and Literature (General). Greek. Latin. Modern Languages

Class P-PB Videocassette List
Call Number Title
P35 .W67 1986
Working it out.
P40 .L364 1983
Language and meaning.
P40 .M68 1987
The sociolinguistics of language.
P53 .S434 1997
Second language acquisition : a new look at authentic materials.
P53.28 .F67 1994
Foreign language software.
P85.C47 I33 1997
The ideas of Chomsky.
P90 .C626 v.1
Making the news.
P90 .C66/cst.15
The public speech.
P90 .C66/cst.16
The speaker's purpose and occasion.
P90 .C66/cst.17
Choosing the ideas and words.
P90 .C66/cst.18
Organizing the speech.
P90 .C66/cst.19
Delivering the speech.
P90 .C66/cst.2
The process of communication.
P90 .C66/cst.20
The listening process.
P90 .C66/cst.5
The paragraph.
P90 .C66/cst.7
Beginning the composition.
P90 .C66/cst.8
Developing the composition.
P90 .C66/cst.9
Concluding the composition.
P90 .C663/cst.16
The research paper.
P90 .C663/cst.17
Using the library.
P90 .C663/cst.20
The many modes of news.
P90 .C663/cst.22
Viewing the news.
P90 .C663/cst.23
P90 .C663/cst.25
Poets and poetry.
P90 .C663/cst.5
Discussing the problem.
P90 .C663/cst.6
Solving the problem.
P90 .C663/cst.9
Putting it all together.
P90 .E37
Effective communicating skills.
P90 .E44 1992
Effective listening.
P90 .H57 1999
History and the future of communications.
P90 .H69 1993
How we communicate.
P90 .M365 1992
Media communications.
P90 .M39 v.1
Media history.
P90 .M39 v.2
Mass media and society.
P90 .M39 v.20
P90 .M39 v.25
Media convergence.
P90 .M44 1990
P90 .P75 1983
Principles of human communication.
P91 .W67 1999
Working in a socially diverse environment.
P91 .W75 2000
Writing for the media.
P91.3 .H69 1997
How to develop effective communication skills.
P92.H6 C484 2003
SARS 陰影下的記者.
P92.H6 M34 2003
[Harbour Fest].
P92.H6 M34 2003
[Harbour Fest latest].
P92.Y8 T78 1994
Truth under siege : dissident media in the wars of the Yugoslav succession.
P92.5.M3 V53 1996
The video McLuhan.
P94.6 .G56 1998
Global media.
P94.65.A8 D43 1998
Dealing with cultural differences in tourism and hospitality .
P94.7 .H86 1998
Human communications theory.
P95.3 .P83 2000
Public Conversations Project : an interview with Sallyann Roth and Bob Stains.
P95.46 .C74 1998
Critical listening.
P95.46 .I48 1999
I never learned anything from talking : effective listening skills.
P95.46 .L574 1991
Listening skills.
P96.I5 P75 1996
Privacy & the global information infrastructure.
P96.S48 D43 2001
Deborah Tannen : he said, she said : gender, language & communication.
P96.T42 M43 1998
Media convergence.
P96.T42 V54 1997
Video, audio, and multimedia systems.
P98 .G39 1987
Computational linguistics.
P98 .K39 1987
LISP and natural language processing.
P98 .P473 1987
PROLOG and natural language processing.
P99.5 .W67 1996
A world of differences : understanding cross-cultural communication.
P106 .H86 1995
The human language series.
P106 .L36135 1994
Language and consciousness.
P106 .L362 1997
Language & mind.
P112 .S64 1976
The spell of linguistic philosophy.
P116 .B44 1992
Before Babel.
P116 .U55 1998
Unlocking language.
P117 .S544 1988
Signing naturally. Level 1, Student videotext.
P117 .S545 1992
Signing naturally. Level 2, Student videotexts.
P118 .H68 1983
How language grows.
P118 .L364 1991
Language rules!.
P118 .N38 1991
The nature of language learning.
P118 .O875 1984
Out of the mouths of babes.
P118 .T35 1996
Talking on the bus : a demonstration of language development.
P118.2 .F76 1997
From theory to practice : the natural approach.
P118.2 .S44 1986
Second language and acquisition and the language curriculum .
P118.2 .Y68 1990
You must have been a bilingual baby.
P120.S48 D43 2001
Deborah Tannen : in-depth.
P120.S48 O97 1989
Out to lunch.
P121 .M28 1997
Mark my words : assessing second and foreign language skills.
P151 .S55 1987
Unification and grammatical theory.
P158 .G39 1987
Basic concepts of GPSG.
P158.25 .B74 1987
Lexical-functional grammar.
P158.4 .S24 1987
Head-driven phrase structure grammar.
P211 .S54 1999
Sign, symbol, script : origins of written communications and the birth of the alphabet.
P221 .B53 1900z
ビデオ音声学 = Video phonetics.
P301.5.P47 P47 1999
Persuasive language.
P301.5.P47 S67 1977
Speaking persuasively.
P306 .J53 1995
JICS recruitment.
P325.5.C6 C55 1987
P3009 .S76 1994
The stories of Maxine Hong Kingston. Parts I & II.
PA3131 .C53 1989
The changing classical audience.
PA3161 .S73 1989
Staging classical comedy.
PA3877 .A8 1997
Aristophanes' Birds.
PA3877 .R3 1991
Aristophanes' Frogs.
PA3975.B2 L68 1997
Bacchae : the cult of Dionysus.
PA3976.7.T8 E8 1986
Euripides' life and times : the Trojan women.
PA4037 .I45 1996
The Iliad and the Trojan war.
PA4054 .G73 1988
Greek epic.
PA4167 .C75 1999
A critical guide to the Odyssey.
PA4413.O7 R57 1988
The rise of Greek tragedy : Sophocles: Oedipus the king.
PA4414 .A2 1984