Videocassette List:
Print media. Decorative Arts. Arts in General

Class NE-NX Videocassette List
Call Number Title
NE539.3.A35 L378 1998
Lasting impressions.
NE670.E75 F35 1994
The fantastic world of M.C. Escher.
NE670.E75 L544 1998
The life and works of M.C. Escher.
NE670.E75 M387 1990z
Maurits Escher : painter of fantasy.
NE1321.8 .J373 1991
Japanese prints : Ukiyo-e, the floating world.
NK1068 .C45 1973
NK1068 .Z49 v.1
中國文字之孳乳. 中國印刷術之演進. 中國書法藝術. 中國繪畫之演進.
NK1068 .Z49 v.2
中國服飾之演進. 中國陶瓷之美. 玉的大千世界. 靑銅器的歷史軌跡.
NK1071 .L58 1995
Living treasures of Japan.
NK1140 .A78 1998
Arts and crafts.
NK1390 .H57 1998
Histoires d'objets.
NK2110 .S43 2001
The secret life of rooms : interior design basics.
NK2113 .E94 1992
Eye for design.
NK2115 .D43
Decorate by design.
NK2115 .H66 1994
Home decorating : planning and design.
NK2116 .C37 1992
Careers in interior design.
NK2117.K5 K67 1997 v.1
Planning and contracting.
NK2117.K5 K67 1997 v.2
NK2117.K5 K67 1997 v.3
NK2117.K5 K67 1997 v.4
NK2117.K5 K67 1997 v.5
Fixtures & appliances.
NK2995 .M35 1996
Making painted banners.
NK3600 .B37
Basic lettering (calligraphy).
NK3634.A2 J5 1990
NK3637.A2 S56 1989
Shodo : the path of writing.
NK4165 .Z545 1997
NK4225 .G63 1994
Glazing and firing.
NK4225 .H36 1994
Handbuilt pottery.
NK4225 .W444 1994
Wheel thrown pottery.
NK4645 .G74 1980z
Greek pottery.
NK5198.C43 C454 1999
NK5306 .H57 1994
History of stained glass.
NK7398.C37 C38 1999
NK7983.A1 M6 1990z
莫讓瑰寶再沉淪 : 揀選古代靑銅文物.
NX180.C44 K56 2001
Kina abner sig = China opens up.
NX180.F4 W65 1972
NX180.S3 A78 1995
Art and science.
NX448 .A78 1993
Art in ancient lands.
NX449 .M43 1986
Medieval art and music.
NX450.5 .R46 1986
Renaissance art and music.
NX451.5.B3 B37 1986
Baroque art and music.
NX451.5.B3 W67/cst.2
The wizards of the marvellous.
NX451.5.B3 W67/cst.5
From Rubens to Gainsborough.
NX451.5.B3 W67/cst.6
The Baroque of extremes.
NX454.5.R6 R66 1986
Romanticism in art and music.
NX456.P66 P67 2001
NX456 .S4 1990 v.2
The powers that be.
NX456 .S4 1990 v.3
The landscape of pleasure.
NX456 .S4 1990 v.8
The future that was.
NX456.5.D3 D33 1999
NX456.5.P38 P47 1996
A performance anthology : 1975-1980.
NX548.V53 D69 2001
Hard times and culture : a video series. Part one, Vienna "fin-de-siecle".
NX571.S56 P74 1996
Predictions of fire.
NX600.D3 G47 1986
Germany, Dada : an alphabet of German dadaism.
NX600.P47 C67 1993
The couple in the cage : a Guatinaui odyssey.
NX600.P47 D63 1990z
Documentation of selected works 1971-1975.
NX620 .E543/cst.5
Classical sculpture and the enlightenment.
NX620 .E543/cst.7
The English landscape garden.
NX652.G38 F45 1999
The female closet.
NX820.F82 P3737 1982