Videocassette List:

Class NA Videocassette List
Call Number Title
NA200 .A72/cst.1
Doubts and reassessment.
NA200 .A72/cst.10
Architecture : quo vadis.
NA200 .A72/cst.2
Columns & gables.
NA200 .A72/cst.3
New market places.
NA200 .A72/cst.4
Houses fit for people.
NA200 .A72/cst.5
Texas : instant cities.
NA200 .A72/cst.6
Islam : the search for identity.
NA200 .A72/cst.7
Japan : the zen way of building.
NA200 .A72/cst.8
Stop the bulldozer.
NA200 .A72/cst.9
Berlin : a city for people.
NA203 .M68 1993
Movement in architecture : an educational video set in Philadelphia.
NA275 .G744 1986
The Greek temple.
NA278.T5 M98 1989
Myth, history and drama.
NA533 .C378 1998
Castles of Scotland.
NA533 .G743 v.1
France & Spain.
NA533 .G743 v.2
Germany & Romania.
NA533 .G743 v.3
British Isles.
NA610 .G68 1999
The Gothic revival.
NA642 .S62
Space on earth.
NA680 .A74 2000
Architettura, film, music, architecture.
NA680 .H53
High-tech architecture.
NA680 .W64 1990z
NA682.D43 D43 1997
Deconstructivist architects.
NA682.I58 I58 1998
International style.
NA682.M63 M63 1999
NA682.P67 P678 1998
Post modernism.
NA705 .C38 1990
Cathedrals of commerce.
NA705 .S65 1990
The Spirit of America.
NA712 .B49 1997
Beyond utopia : changing attitudes in American architecture.
NA712 .N45 1997
The new modernists : nine American architects.
NA737.E33 A4 1997
Peter Eisenman : making architecture move.
NA737.G44 F7355 1997
Frank Gehry.
NA737.G75 C58 2000
City of dreams : the collaboration of Marion Mahony and Walter Burley Griffin.
NA737.H36 J64 1997
John Hejduk, builder of worlds : a conversation with David Shapiro.
NA737.J6 P47 1996
Philip Johnson : diary of an eccentric architect.
NA737.K32 A4 1997
Louis Kahn : silence and light.
NA737.K32 S63 1993
Spent light : Louis Kahn & the Salk Institute.
NA737.M44 R53 1997
Richard Meier.
NA737.P365 F572 2000
First person singular : I.M. Pei.
NA737.V45 R63 1998
Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown.
NA737.W7 A73 1993
The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.
NA737.W7 F55 1996
Films by Jim Davis. Volume #1.
NA737.W7 F67 1998
Frank Lloyd Wright.
NA737.W7 F675 1999
Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School.
NA737.W7 U63 1998
Uncommon places, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright .
NA749.M67 A83 1990z
An affirmation of life : the architecture of Raymond Moriyama.
NA954 .J36 1900z
NA961 .C58 1989
The City of the future.
NA997.A4 H36 1990z
The Hand of Adam : Robert Adam, 1728-1792.
NA997.A57 P5 1990
Places for the soul : the architecture of Christopher Alexander.
NA997.E75 E77 1990
Ralph Erskine : an egalitarian architecture.
NA997.F65 N66 1995
Norman Foster.
NA997.H477 H475 1990
Ron Herron : imagination.
NA997.N3 J65 1983
John Nash and London.
NA997.S78 J56 1980z
Jim Stirling's architecture.
NA997.S78 S84 1997
NA997.W67 W67 1990
Place making : the added value to space planning.
NA1032.S55 R46 1990z
Renaissance architecture in Slovakia.
NA1043 .N67 1990z
La Normandie : des petites nefs et des grands vaisseaux.
NA1053.J4 L42 1986
Le Corbusier.
NA1088.M65 M4533 2002
NA1088.U53 O79 1990z
Oswald Mathias Ungers.
NA1121.P6 P57 1980z
Pisa, story of a cathedral square.
NA1123.P2 A654 1991
Palladio : Venetian palazzos & villas.
NA1313.C35 C35 1992
Calatrava in London.
NA1313.G3 G385 1992
NA1313.G3 G388 1993
Gaudi : a dream in Barcelona.
NA1373.S5 C57 1989
Circle within the square.
NA1455.F53 A218 1980z
Alvar Aalto.
NA1455.F53 P53 1990z
Vuodenajat : nelja matkaa Raili ja Reima Pietilan arkkitehtuuriin = The seasons : four journeys into Raili and Reima Pietila's architecture.
NA1525.8.Y4 Y43 1994
Bioclimatic skyscrapers.
NA1543 .Z457 1997
NA1547.H6 H6623 1999
Hong Kong: Asia's new skyline.
NA1547.H6 H664 1990
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.
NA1547.P6 Z53 1997
NA1559.A5 A4 1989
Tadao Ando.
NA1559.I79 A4 1997
Arata Isozaki.
NA1559.I79 A42 2002
Arata Isozaki II.
NA1559.K82 A4 2002
Kisho Kurokawa : from metabolism to symbiosis.
NA2542.3 .H67
NA2542.3 .S63
Something new under the sun.
NA2542.35 .S87 1994
Sustainable architecture.
NA2542.4 .B85
Buildings for people.
NA2599.8.S38 V56 2000
Vincent Scully and the New Urbanism.
NA2700 .F728 2001
Framing methods & plans.
NA2700 .P74 2001
Presentation drawings.
NA2700 .S57 2001
Site plans and floor plans.
NA2700 .S87 2001
Supplemental plans : electrical/plumbing/HVAC/roof.
NA2700 .W36 2001
Wall sections & details.
NA2708 .A73 1984
Architectural drawing : the building plan.
NA2728 .D94 1989
Dyer/Brown & Associates.
NA2750 .A67 1990
Architectural and interior design.
NA2750 .A68 1995
Architecture : the science of design.
NA2750 .H23 1998
Habitat 2000 : human scale cities.
NA2775 .E44 2001
NA2780 .T43 1985
Technical graphics.
NA2840 .U74 1999
The use of collections as sources of professional reference .
NA2856 .F73 1990z
Frank Lloyd Wright : the office for Edgar J. Kaufmann.
NA4140 .G55 2002
Glass houses.
NA4140 .S37 2001
Scratching the surface.
NA4830 .C38 1988
NA4830 .G68 1995
Gothic cathedrals.
NA4830 .G685 1986
The Gothic cathedral : a landmark in engineering.
NA4830 .T474 1994
Three English cathedrals : Norwich, Lincoln, Wells.
NA5471.Y6 B85 1990
Buildings and beliefs : understanding a medieval parish church.
NA5543 .T7 1979
Triumph in stone : the Gothic cathedrals of France.
NA5549.A4 A66 1990z
L'Alsace : hommes de pierre, hommes de foi.
NA5551.A45 N687 1997
Notre-Dame, Cathedral of Amiens. part II : revelation : computer and architectural animation.
NA5551.C5523 C58 1999
Cluny : a light in the night.
NA5586.C7 C65 1991
Cologne : portrait of a cathedral.
NA6218 .P53 1993
Planning and designing for shopping centres.
NA6232 .S59/pt.1
Chicago's riverfront : where the present meets the past.
NA6232 .S59/pt.2
The Loop : where the skyscraper began.
NA6232 .S59/pt.3
Michigan Avenue : from museums to the magnificient mile.
NA6233.C4 N49 1990
New Chicago skyscrapers.
NA6233.N5 S59 1990
NA6234.G72 L68 1990z
The new Lloyd's buildings ; German contemporary architects at the Riba Heinz Gallery ; Computer aided presentation.
NA6243.H6 H66
No.1 Queen's Road : a tower of strength.
NA6243.H6 H67
The Hong Kong Bank project, part one : the management contract.
NA6305.G72 L67 1991
Stansted International Airport.
NA6315.G72 L69 1994
Waterloo International Terminal.
NA6700.B47 B475 2001
Berlin's Jewish Museum : a personal tour with Daniel Libeskind.
NA6700.B55 G84 1999
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
NA6750.H36 E93 2000
Messehalle 8/9 in Hannover.
NA6840.A872 S87
As frozen music.
NA6880.5.H66 S55 1998
世界銀行國際貨幣基金組織理事會年會, 1997, 中國香港 = Annual meetings, Boards of Governors, World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund, Hong Kong, China, 1997.
NA7110 .A54 1997
Ahead of their time.
NA7110 .C66 1998
Contemporary urban.
NA7115 .S58 1989
Site planning for housing.
NA7117.5 .E26 1997
NA7117.5 .E58 1992
Environmental architecture.
NA7117.5 .F87 1998
Future homes.
NA7120 .S19 1998
A sampler of alternative homes : approaching sustainable architecture.
NA7160 .B85 1996
Building with insulating concrete forms.
NA7195.A4 I33
Ideal home : a new approach to living.
NA7208 .N69 1986
New horizons.
NA7208 .W34 1990z
Das Wagnis mit der Phantasie.
NA7328 .B75 1990
British domestic architecture AD800-1800.
NA7328 .B753 1990
British domestic architecture AD1800-1990.
NA7330.W6 G64
The Goldsworth project.
NA7348.P2 L38 1990z
Le Corbusier : Villa La Roche.
NA7382 .S83
The Swedish house.
NA7512.3.T75 R4 2003
The red house in Tring.
NA7610 .A444 1994
America's castles.
NA7610 .A445 1995
America's castles II.
NA7710 .G743 1995 v.1
Oriental splendor.
NA7710 .G743 1995 v.2
Imperial luxury.
NA7710 .G743 1995 v.3
Fit for a king.
NA7710 .I47 1996
Imperial splendors.
NA7710 .T68 1992
Touring royal castles & stately homes of England.
NA7745 .C37 1988
NA9031 .C57
NA9031 .C65
A Community by design?
NA9052 .A32 1994
The aesthetics of urban places : a conversation with Henry G. Cisneros, Secretary, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.
NA9053.M43 S43 1999
The secret world of megastructures.
NA9085 .S654 1993
Soleri's cities : architecture for planet Earth and beyond.
NA9198.P2 P37 1983
Paris : living space.
NA9204.R7 R66 1983
Rome : impact of an idea.
NA9348.R8 D58 1993
Disgraced monuments.