Videocassette List:
Visual Arts

Class N Videocassette List
Call Number Title
N40 .D44 1977
Degas, Erte & Chagall.
N72.F45 G84 1992
Guerrillas in our midst.
N72.S3 A78 1991
The art of Renaissance science : Galileo & perspective.
N72.S6 A78 1991
Art ache.
N90 .A78/cst.1
N90 .A78/cst.10
N90 .A78/cst.2
The Fauves.
N90 .A78/cst.3
N90 .A78/cst.4
N90 .A78/cst.5
N90 .A78/cst.6
Modern mavericks.
N90 .A78/cst.7
American landscapes.
N90 .A78/cst.8
N90 .A78/cst.9
Abstract expressionism.
N90 .A783/cst.1
Ash can plus.
N90 .A783/cst.10
Mannerism : Italy.
N90 .A783/cst.11
Italian architecture.
N90 .A783/cst.12
Chateaux of the Loire.
N90 .A783/cst.2
Cosmopolitans : looking toward Europe.
N90 .A783/cst.3
Colonials : realistic and romantic.
N90 .A783/cst.4
English painting.
N90 .A783/cst.5
Spain : El Greco, Valasquez, Goya, Gaudi.
N90 .A783/cst.6
German painting : Grunewald, Durer, Cranach, Holbein.
N90 .A783/cst.7
Seventeenth century Dutch masters.
N90 .A783/cst.8
Flemish painting.
N90 .A783/cst.9
Italian Renaissance painting.
N90 .A784/cst.1
Stories in glass and stone.
N90 .A784/cst.10
South of the border.
N90 .A784/cst.2
French Rococo painters of court and courtiers.
N90 .A784/cst.3
Fire and ice : the Romantic-Classic debate.
N90 .A784/cst.4
The triumph of popular Realism in 19th century France.
N90 .A784/cst.5
North Italian painters : color and chiaroscuro.
N90 .A784/cst.6
British cathedrals and country houses :
N90 .A784/cst.7
New methods and materials : twentieth century American sculpture.
N90 .A784/cst.8
American architecture : in search of a national integrity.
N90 .A784/cst.9
The African-American experience in painting.
N332.G33 B4872 1996
Bauhaus : the face of the 20th century.
N350 .B445 v.1
David Hockney, the illusion of depth.
N350 .B445 v.2
Robert Gil de Montes, color.
N350 .B445 v.3
Nancy Graves, balance.
N350 .B445 v.4
Carrie Mae Weems, framing.
N350 .B445 v.5
Wayne Thiebaud, line.
N350 .B445 v.6
Allen Toussaint, melody.
N350 .B445 v.7
Max Roach, rhythm.
N350 .B445 v.8
JoAnn Falletta, texture.
N350 .B445 v.9
David Parsons, pattern.
N350 .B445 v.10
Julie Taymor, setting a scene.
N367 .A757 1992
Art on film, film on art.
N610 .M37 1988
Masterpieces of the Met.
N611.L5 A14 1987
20th Century art at the Metropolitan Museum : the Lila Acheson Wallace wing.
N627.5 .D69 2002
Downside up.
N1040 .T73
Treasures of the British Museum.
N1070 .N38 1986
The National Gallery, London.
N2030 .C46 1983
Les Cent chefs-d'oeuvre du Musee du Louvre.
N2030 .L672 1990z
The Louvre.
N2030 .L688 1993 prog.1
Louvre : a museum in time.
N2030 .L688 1993 prog.2
Louvre : selected places.
N2030 .L688 1993 prog.3
At the Louvre with the masters.
N2469 .V36 1990
Van Gogh : a museum for Vincent.
N2570 .U34 1984
The Uffizi in Florence, Italy.
N3350 .H47 1992
Hermitage masterpieces. The vast sculpture collection ; The classical world of Greece & Rome.
N3350 .H47 1994
The hermitage : a Russian odyssey.
N3450 .P73 1983
Le Prado.
N3750 .B375 1996
Basic perspective drawing.
N3750.T32 A66 v.1
N3750.T32 A66 v.2
N3750.T32 A66 v.3
N3750.T32 A66 v.4
N3750.T32 A66 v.5
N3750.T32 A66 v.6
N3750.T32 A66 v.7
N3750.T32 A66 v.8
N3750.T32 A66 v.9
繪畫篇. 梅蘭竹菊 .
N3750.T32 A66 v.10
文具篇. 文房四寶.
N3750.T32 A66 v.11
N3750.T32 A66 v.12
N5300 .A66 v.1
Musée du Louvre : understanding a national institution.
N5300 .A66 v.4
Gothic in India : Bombay Railway Station.
N5300 .A66 v.5
Modernist primitivism : Gauguin and Pont-Aven.
N5300 .A77 1989
Art of the western world.
N5300 .H57 1992
History through art.
N5300 .W47/cst.7
The multiplication of styles: 1700-1900 AD.
N5333 .S485 1990
The seven wonders of the ancient world.
N5333 .S488 1994
The seven wonders of the world.
N5340 .D533 1990z
Digging for the history of man.
N5350 .E39 1985
Egyptian art and architecture.
N5630 .A524 1994
Ancient Greece : the traditions of Greek culture.
N5630 .G74 1985
Greek art and architecture.
N5750 .E87 1998
Etruscan art.
N5760 .A53 1985
Ancient Roman art and architecture.
N5760 .R66 1990
Rome : art and architecture.
N5970 .M43 1985
Medieval art and architecture.
N6250 .B99 1985
Byzantine art and architecture.
N6280 .I83 1994
The Italian Romanesque : architecture, sculpture, painting.
N6350 .A78 1986
Art appreciation.
N6370 .E27 1994
The early Italian Renaissance : Brunelleschi, Donatello, Masaccio.
N6370 .M37 1990
Masterpieces of Italian art.
N6447 .M634 cst.10
On pictures and paintings.
N6465.I4 H57 1999
History of Western art.
N6490 .C743 1994
Creating abstract art.
N6494.A2 A278 2001
Abstract art.
N6494.A2 A28 2000
Abstract expressionism and pop art of the '50s and '60s .
N6494.A7 A64 1998
Art deco/Art moderne [videorecording.
N6494.C8 C835 1986
The cubist epoch.
N6494.D3 D34 2000
Dada and Surrealism.
N6494.E6 T96 2000
Two-way mirror cylinder inside cube and a video salon.
N6494.F55 M57 1990z
The Misfits : 30 years of Fluxus.
N6494.I56 I57 2001
Installation art.
N6494.I56 V74 1997
N6494.M5 A87 1996
Aspects of minimalism : Art/ New York.
N6494.S8 S877 1992
N6494.V53 A15 1992
5 dim/mind.
N6494.V53 A33 2003
Command performance.
N6494.V53 A76 2004
The making of Super Mario Clouds.
N6494.V53 B345 1971
I am making art.
N6494.V53 B35 1971
I will not make any more boring art.
N6494.V53 B354 1972
N6494.V53 B36 1972
Teaching a plant the alphabet.
N6494.V53 B48 2004
Blue Monday.
N6494.V53 C33 2000
Cadillac Ranch show & Media burn.
N6494.V53 C56 2004
CinemaScope trilogy.
N6494.V53 C67 2004
Corpus callosum.
N6494.V53 D69 2001
Information withheld.
N6494.V53 E43 2001
The electronic superhighway : Nam June Paik in the 90's.
N6494.V53 F48 2002
Making of 13th VideoBrasil Internacional Electronic Art Festival .
N6494.V53 F5562 2000
The Films of Oskar Fischinger : Volume 2.
N6494.V53 F57 2004
Fitzgerald and Sanborn : music videos.
N6494.V53 G34 2001
N6494.V53 G47 1988
Gesänge des pluriversums.
N6494.V53 G56 2001
Global groove.
N6494.V53 H38 1997
Six boxes: (Lifesize).
N6494.V53 H55 2001
Solstice d'hiver : videotape.
N6494.V53 I58 1996
Introspective : Raphael Montanez Ortiz : late 1950's-- late 1980's.
N6494.V53 K67 2001
The Korean trilogy.
N6494.V53 K83 2001
Rock video : cherry blossom.
N6494.V53 L56 2000
Lip sync.
N6494.V53 M33 2001
La madrepatria = The motherland.
N6494.V53 M36 2001
Manipulating a fluorescent tube.
N6494.V53 M38 2002
Chinatown voyeur.
N6494.V53 M47 1993
N6494.V53 P35 2001
N6494.V53 P36 2004
Cinema metaphysique : nos. 2, 3 and 4.
N6494.V53 P47 1997
N6494.V53 P55 1974
Prisoner's dilemma.
N6494.V53 P58 2002
Plumb line : part II of autobiographical trilogy.
N6494.V53 R35 2002
Rameau's nephew by Diderot : (thanx to Dennis Young) by Wilma Schoen.
N6494.V53 R43 2003
The red tapes.
N6494.V53 R48 2001
The return of the motherland.
N6494.V53 R67 1975
Semiotics of the kitchen.
N6494.V53 S45 2004
Selected works, reel 3 : a videotape.
N6494.V53 S47 1971
Anxious automation.
N6494.V53 S48 1973
Surprise attack.
N6494.V53 S55 2001
Shifters : a videotape.
N6494.V53 S63 1999
N6494.V53 S76 1986
Storm and stress.
N6494.V53 T55 1982
This is the truth.
N6494.V53 T57 2001
Tiger lives.
N6494.V53 T74 2002
N6494.V53 V34 2004
Selected works I.
N6494.V53 V342 2004
Selected works II.
N6494.V53 V343 2004
Selected works III.
N6494.V53 V35 2001
In the land of the elevator girls.
N6494.V53 V36 1972
Let it be.
N6494.V53 V366 2002
N6494.V53 V368 2002
Violin power.
N6494.V53 V369 2002
N6494.V53 V3695 2002
The West.
N6494.V53 V37 1987
Art of memory.
N6494.V53 V477 1990z
Vertical roll.
N6494.V53 V53 2002
Video : the new wave.
N6494.V53 V56 2001
Bill Viola : selected works.
N6494.V53 V568 2001
Hatsu-yume = First dream.
N6494.V53 W38 1992
Water falling from one world to another. Purely human sleep.
N6494.V53 W43 1989
Weather diary 5.
N6494.V53 W73 2001
Wrap around the world.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.1
The republic of virtue.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.2
The promised land.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.3
The wilderness and the West.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.4
The gilded age.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.5
The wave from the Atlantic.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.6
Streamlines and breadlines.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.7
The empire of signs.
N6505 .A447 1997 v.8
The age of anxiety.
N6505 .B63 1996
Bob Vila's guide to historic homes of America.
N6512 .S327 1984
A scenic harvest from the kingdom of pain.
N6512 .V578 1990z
The virtues of negative fascination : 5 mechanized performances.
N6512.5.P34 P34 1980
Papermaking USA and the hand-made paper book.
N6512.5.R4 R35 2000
Realism in twentieth-century American painting.
N6512.5.V53 B56 1996
Binary lives : Steina & Woody Vasulka = Vies binaires.
N6530.C2 T47 1995
Three installation artists at mid-career.
N6535.P27 P27 1990z
Paris, spectacle of modernity.
N6537.B4 R65 1995
Romare Bearden : visual jazz.
N6537.D5 J54 1992
Jim Dine : childhood stories.
N6537.H348 D73 1989
Drawing the line : a portrait of Keith Haring.
N6537.H47 A2 1986
Confessions of a chameleon.
N6537.H47 A2 1987
N6537.H47 A2 1989
First person plural.
N6537.H47 A2 1996
First person plural : the electronic diaries of Lynn Hershman : 1984-1996.
N6537.H533 A4 2001
Gary Hill : sites recited.
N6537.J6 J37 1989
Jasper Johns : ideas in paint.
N6537.K78 B37 1996
Barbara Kruger : pictures & words.
N6537.L83 M37 1991
Mary Lucier video installation.
N6537.L83 O35 1983
Ohio to Giverny : : memory of light.
N6537.M313 Z44 1996
Zefiro torna or scenes from the life of George Maciunas .
N6537.M65 M35 1985
Malcolm Morley : the outsider.
N6537.M67 A4 1990
Robert Motherwell and the New York School : storming the citadel.
N6537.N38 A78 2001
Art make-up.
N6537.N38 M35 1990z
Make me think : Bruce Nauman.
N6537.O39 G47 1986
Georgia O'Keeffe.
N6537.R3 M36 1998
Man Ray : monsieur 6 secondes.
N6537.R3 M38 1999
Man Ray : prophet of the avent-garde.
N6537.R55 F25 1995
Faith Ringgold : paints Crown Heights.
N6537.S33 B47 1994
Betye and Alison Saar : conjure women of the arts.
N6537.S363 M4 2003
Meat joy.
N6537.T78 J35 2000
James Turrell : passageways.
N6537.W28 A539 1988
Andy Warhol's exposures.
N6537.W28 S34 1996
Scenes from the life of Andy Warhol : friendships and intersections .
N6537.W28 S86 1996
N6603 .H383 1988
Havana postmodern : the new Cuban art.
N6797.H57 B534 1988
A bigger splash.
N6797.H57 D38 1983
David Hockney, photographer.
N6797.H57 D39 1998
David Hockney : pleasures of the eye.
N6797.H57 H63 1988
Hockney at the Tate.
N6853.A44 A35 1996
Night on Bald Mountain : Alexeieff at the pinboard ; the nose.
N6853.A44 A35 1997
Alexander Alexeieff : the pin board.
N6853.B54 A4 1990z
Christian Boltanski.
N6853.D4 U57 1980
The unquiet spirit : the life and art of Edgar Degas (1834-1917).
N6853.D8 G35 1990z
A game of chess.
N6853.D8 M373 1990z
Marcel Duchamp : in his own words.
N6853.D8 S43 1997
The secret of Marcel Duchamp.
N6853.D83 R368 1987
Raoul Dufy.
N6853.P5 P53 1986
Picasso : the man and his work.
N6868.5.N37 A723 1995
The architecture of doom.
N6888.B463 A35 1998
Joseph Beuys, transformer.
N6888.E7 M37 1991
Max Ernst.
N6915 .I83 1985
Italian Renaissance art and architecture.
N6915 .L54 1990
The life of Leonardo da Vinci.
N6920 .V38 1994
Vatican City : art & glory.
N6923.B9 Y68 1994
The young Michelangelo : sculpture & painting in Florence & Rome.
N6923.F6 L83 1985
Lucio Fontana : reaching out into space.
N6923.L33 L46 1993
Leonardo da Vinci.
N6953.R4 R46 1990
N6953.R4 R4635 1999
Rembrandt by himself.
N6953.R4 R464 1990
Rembrandt : Painter of man & The restoration of The Night Watch.
N6953.R4 V36 1993
The Vanishing Rembrandts.
N7113.G6 G69 1986
N7164 .S65 1992
Splendors of the Ottoman sultans.
N7230 .G74 1995
Great tales in Asian art.
N7262 .A78 1994
The arts of the East : China, Tibet, Japan, India.
N7304 .I52 1998
N7340 .C4625 1986
N7340 .D3 1998
A day on the Grand Canal with the emperor of China, or, Surface is illusion but so is depth.
N7340 .I55 1999
Imperial treasures of Chinese art = 境攬故宮.
N7340 .I566 1993
Inner visions : avant garde art in China.
N7343.5 .E47 1989
The emperor's eye : art and power in Imperial China.
N7345 .A76 1997
Art in the Cultural Revolution : establishment of a new age.
N7350 .J36 1991
N7355.5.A83 J34 1988
Japan : three generations of avant-garde architects.
N7369.P35 M86 2007
문화지대사량하고즐겨라 : 故백남준륵집 : 백남준에술로미래를말한다.
N7380 .A37 1993
African art and culture.
N7396.K47 W55 1999
William Kentridge : drawing the passing.
N7425 .D57 v.1
Pablo Picasso's Guernica.
N7425 .D57 v.2
Botticelli : the humanist trilogy.
N7425 .D57 v.3
Vermeer : the magical light.
N7425 .D57 v.4
Paintings in books, part 1.
N7425 .D57 v.5
Anne of Brittany : the great book of hours.
N7425 .D57 v.6
Books and kings.
N7425 .D57 v.7
Leonardo da Vinci.
N7425 .D57 v.8
N7425 .D57 v.9
Eugene Delacroix.
N7425 .D57 v.10
Toulouse Lautrec : painter of Montamartre.
N7425 .D57 v.11
Kurt Schwitters.
N7425 .D57 v.12
Maxfield Parrish.
N7429.7 .C66 1993
N7430 .V45 1993
The visual language of design.
N7433.8 .A78 1993
Art and chips.
N7433.8 .P65
Prix ars electronica.
N7477 .I8 1990z
Is it art?
N7477 .W35 1989
N7572 .N83 2000
The nude.
N8050 .C55 1988
Christ in art as seen through the eyes of the old masters .
N8193.C6 D86 1996
N8224.M6 L66 2001
The looking-glass.
N8354 .W66 1999
Women artists : the other side of the picture.
N8560 .P747 1995
Preserving works of art.
N8600 .A77 1994
Artistry : the business of art.