Videocassette List:

Class M Videocassette List
Call Number Title
M3.1.M21 F68 1990z
Four ways to say farewell : Gustav Mahler's ninth symphony.
M3.1.S77 L465 1990z
Leonard Bernstein in Salzau : when he stands up front--
M23 .C42 1987
Claudio Arrau, the 80th birthday recital.
M41 .R53 1992
Ricci on television. Vol. 2 : Beethoven & Bartok violin sonatas, Dvorak violin concerto, works by Beethoven, Bach, Paganini.
M72 .W56 1998
Wild man blues.
M106 .W37 1991
Grover Washington, Jr. in concert.
M106 .W55 1989
Nancy Wilson live at Carnegie Hall.
M125 .L44 1994
Legends of country blues guitar.
M1000 .C52 1986
Classical images : a concert in nature.
M1000 .C67 1993
Cosmic rhapsody.
M1000 .D47 1993
Desert rhapsody.
M1000 .G74 1996
Great solos with James Galway and friends.
M1000 .O24 1992
Ocean rhapsody.
M1000 .W55 1991
Wilderness rhapsody.
M1001.T36 S9635 1997
Hong Kong symphony : heaven, earth, mankind.
M1012.M68 T76 2007
Piano trios : K. 502, 542, 548.
M1037.4.K68 K96 1985
Kyoto Vivaldi "The four seasons".
M1040 .M8 K247 1990
Lodronische Nachtmusik, KV 247 ; Robnig Divertimento, KV 334.
M1042 .C46 1985
A Century of Russian music.
M1112.V58 C5 1983
Vivaldi : the four seasons.
M1270 .E45 1995
Edinburgh Military Tattoo 1995 : the royal house of Stuart.
M1270 .S25 1981
Salute to the Edinburgh Tattoo.
M1366.H8 A53 1982
Alberta Hunter : jazz at the Smithsonian.
M1366.L49 M4 1983
Mel Lewis and the Jazz Orchestra : jazz at the smithsonian.
M1366.T87 S736 1990
Stanley Turrentine in concert.
M1366.W54 B62 1982
Bob Wilber and the Smithsonian Jazz Repertory Ensemble : jazz at the Smithsonian.
M1500.B67 K55 1985
Prince Igor.
M1500 .D65 1979
Don Giovanni.
M1500.D66 L85 1989
Lucia di Lammermoor.
M1500.G58 O67 1992
Orpheus and Eurydice.
M1500.L56 J47 2001
Jesus Christ superstar.
M1500 .M47 1980z
The merry wives of Windsor.
M1500 .M474 1990
The merry widow.
M1500.M68 Z3824 1986
The magic flute = Trollflojten.
M1500 .N67 1991
M1500.P82 M354 1986
Madama Butterfly.
M1500.P82 M36 1987
Manon Lescaut.
M1500.P82 T673 1986
M1500.P98 D54 1995
Dido & Aeneas.
M1500 .R534 1980z
M1500.S66 I57 1990
Into the woods.
M1500.S84 M52
The Mikado.
M1500.T34 E94 1985
Eugene Onegin.
M1500 .T673 1989
M1500.V47 A423 1986
M1500.V47 O844 1992
M1500.V47 T73 1992
La traviata.
M1500.W33 P372 1988
M1500 .Z38 1986
The Magic flute.
M1505 .E46 1987
Einstein on the beach : the changing image of opera.
M1505 .T57 1991
The three sopranos.
M1508.1 .O647 1991
Opera stars in concert. Vol.3.
M1524 .B66 1990
Bolshoi soloists classique.
M1524 .E94 1988
An evening with the Royal Ballet.
M1530 .A33 1993
Emily Dickinson : an interpretation with music.
M1611 .G74 1990
Great arias with Placido Domingo and friends : the Classic Aid II gala concert live from UNESCO.
M1629.3.C5 M87 1993
The music of Christmas.
M1630.18.A544 H6 1986
Home of the brave.
M1630.18.B74 O66 1999
One night in Eden : : Sarah Brightman live in concert.
M1630.18.B74 S37 1997
Sarah Brightman in concert.
M1630.18 .F53 1994
Flashbacks : a music & trivia blast from the past.
M1630.18 .G72 1987
Graceland, the African concert.
M1630.18 .K46 1991
Kenny Rogers with Ike and Tina Turner.
M1630.18.K487 C37 1994
Carole King in concert.
M1630.18.M34 M34 1999
Madonna : the video collection, 93:99.
M1630.18.P48 P76 1998
M1630.18.S74 T86 2000
Two against nature : Steely Dan's plush TV jazz-rock party in sensuous surround sound.
M1630.18.T25 T3 1984
Stop making sense.
M1630.18.T395 Q44 1991
Queen of the blues : a portrait of Koko Taylor.
M1630.2.A5 J85 1989
Julie Andrews sings her favorite songs.
M1630.2.M35 D66 1992
Don McLean : the voice, the music, the concert.
M1630.2.W56 A54 1994
Andy Williams in concert at Branson : live from the Moon River Theatre, Branson, MO.
M1679.18.D56 C45 1998
Celine Dion : the concert.
M1681.C8 E94 1999
Everyday art = Arte de cada dia.
M1682 .M87 1990z
The music of Mexico and South America.
M1734.H45 S56 1996
Sing mit Heino.
M1735.18.E46 H35 1993
Halber Mensch.
M1741.18.G34 P48 1994
Peter Gabriel's secret world.
M1741.18.K55 N65 1997
The noise : live at Frejus.
M1771.5.B56 B567 1998
Bjork volumen.
M1804.M65 F65 1992
Folk music.
M1805.3 .J46
M1805.3 .J49 1990z
京劇 : 雁門關.
M1805.3 .P47 1981
The perfumed handkerchief.
M1805.3 .Z54 1990z
M1805.4.J53 K86 1990z
崑劇 : 白蛇傳 : 水鬥.
M1805.4.J53 K88 1990z
崑劇 : 玉簪記.
M1805.4.J53 K895 1990z
崑劇 : 占花魁 : 受吐 ; 八仙過海.
M1805.4.J53 Q25 1990z
喬醋 : 昆劇《金雀記》一折.
M1805.4.J53 T35 2000z
崑劇天罡陣 : 《祥麟觀》一折.
M1805.4.J53 X84 1990z
血手記 : 昆曲.
M1805.4 .M655 1989
Monkey king looks west.
M1805.4 .O64 1992
The opera.
M1808.S34 K59 1999
Khyal : classical singing of North India.
M1810 .I87 1985
Israel folk dance festival.
M1824.N4 A33 1973
Adaptable kingdom : music and dance from Nepal (Himalayas).
M1834.18 .R49 1988
Rhythm of resistance : the Black music of South Africa.
M1921.A53 F59 1999
Flying free.
M2010.L76 R48 1985
M2020 .B63 1987
The boast of Kings : the choir and chapel of King's College, Cambridge.
M2065 .C55 1978
Christmas music from York Minster.
M2065 .C63 1987
A classical christmas.
M2114.5.C53 C377 1990
Christmas with Jose Carreras.
M2198 .G67 1983
Gospel music.
M2198 .J33 1988
Mahalia : give God the glory!
ML74 .C66 1987
Computer sound : microcomputers and music.
ML76.G7 G73 1994
Grammy's greatest moments.
ML76.Q3 W56 1998
De winnaars.
ML195 .E44 1986
Eighteenth century art and music.
ML199.1 .R668 1997 v.1
Across the ocean.
ML199.1 .R668 1997 v.2
The fiery romance.
ML199.1 .R668 1997 v.3
To the top of the charts.
ML207.C85 B84 1999
Buena Vista Social Club.
ML300 .D57 1987
Discovering the music of the Middle East.
ML336 .I57 1992
Instruments and music.
ML338 .R34 1980
ML340 .J89 1999
重要無形文化財雅楽 : 宮內庁式部職楽部.
ML340.1 .D57 1982
Discovering the music of Japan.
ML370 .T76 1995
Tropical beat.
ML390 .F36 1993
Famous composers and their music.
ML390 .G74 1990
Great composers and their music.
ML390 .M38 1990
Masters of music.
ML410.A33 H687 1994
The house of magical sounds.
ML410.B1 S73 1990
The stations of Bach.
ML410.B14 D67 2001
J. S. Bach.
ML410.B2 J69 1978
The joy of Bach.
ML410.B4 B446 1989
Beethoven : a portrait.
ML410.B4 B448 1998
Beethoven : the sound and the fury.
ML410.B7 B73 1989
ML410.H9 H85 1996
ML410.M23 L58 1990z
The little drummer boy : an essay on Gustav Mahler.
ML410.M55 C437 1998
Charles Mingus : triumph of the underdog.
ML410.M79 E66 2000
Ennio Morricone.
ML410.M9 A15 1991
1781-1991, two hundred years of Mozart : a tale of two nations.
ML410.M9 A43 1988
Amadeus : a traveler in Italy.
ML410.M9 M69 1989
ML410.M97 G78 1993
Great Russian composers : Modest Mussorgsky.
ML410.P76 B37 1997
Basil Poledouris : his life and music.
ML410.S3 S38 1989
ML410.S53 W37 1997
The War symphonies : Shostakovich against Stalin.
ML410.V4 V47 1988
Verdi : the king of melody.
ML419.T44 T44 2000
Theremin : an electronic odyssey.
ML420.A63 J86 1994
June Anderson : the passion of bel canto.
ML420.D98 D95 1999
Dont look back.
ML420.L46 I43 1989
Imagine : John Lennon.
ML421.R33 M44 1998
Meeting people is easy.
ML422.B566 L58 1986
The love of three orchestras.
ML429.M54 N66 1996
Norman Mlungisi Mkhize : born c.1937, South Africa.
ML541.T28 X56 1990z
薪傳 : 台灣民間樂器篇.
ML650 .P53 1981
The Piano.
ML1200 .O734 1991
ML1220 .C66 1992
The community in concert.
ML1751.C4 J56 1990z
京劇 : 行當 , 塑形.
ML1751.C4 J563 1990z
ML1751.C4 Q5 1990z
奇美 : 京劇的虛擬表演.
ML1751 .E38 1995
The education of a singer at the Beijing Opera.
ML2075 .B47 1995
Bernard Herrmann.
ML2075 .G46 1995
Georges Delerue.
ML2075 .H657 1995
The Hollywood sound.
ML2075 .T67 1995
Toru Takemitsu.
ML2800 .S56 1991
Singing to remember.
ML2880 .S76 1994
The story of silent night.
ML3406 .M87 1998
Music, movement and dance.
ML3505.8 .S76 1993
The story of jazz.
ML3506 .P67 1999
Portrait of Pee Wee Russell.
ML3521 .L33 1988
The ladies sing the blues.
ML3531 .K66 1991
Know your enemy.
ML3534 .D36 1998
Dancing in the street : a rock and roll history.
ML3534 .O64 1997
One plus one.
ML3551 .A44 1991
American patchwork : songs and stories about America.
ML3551 .F65 1983
Folk music.
ML3680 .R87 1900z
Russian folk song & dance.
ML3746.7.T5 E23 1992
Echoes from Tibet.
ML3748 .D57 1990z
Discovering the music of India.
ML3752.7.C52 H36 2004
한국의민요정선아리랑 = The folksong of Korea Jeongseon Arirang.
ML3760 .D57 1987
Discovering the music of Africa.
MT95 .A44 1996
All the great operas in 10 minutes.
MT737 .M33 1990
Music for film.