Videocassette List:

Class L Videocassette List
Call Number Title
LA203 .C65 1986
Cold water.
LA227.3 .H525 1996
High school.
LA1134.H6 Q25 1997
LA1311.82 N54 1990
Nine days of hell.
LA1312 .C65 1996
Community relations in Japanese schools.
LA1312.7 .J37 2000
Japan : the taboo of failure.
LB715.B7 U55 1997
The University of Queensland.
LB775.P49 P53 1993
Piaget's developmental theory : concrete operations.
LB1025.2 .C56
A class of your own : instructional technique.
LB1025.2 .D42
Dealing with problems.
LB1025.2 .I57
Instructional objectives.
LB1025.2 .J32
Jack of all trades.
LB1025.2 .P76
The Producing better learning.
LB1025.2 .S6
So this is teaching.
LB1025.2 .T4234 1996
Teaching strategies that promote interpersonal and cooperative learning .
LB1025.3 .E39 1998
Efficacy in action : working to get smart.
LB1025.3 .R43 1990z
Redefining intelligence.
LB1025.3 .U43 1996
UGC funded projects : an outlook of teaching development.
LB1027 .S86
The Supervisory process : helping teachers to improve instruction.
LB1027 .T398 1994
Teaching critical thinking and the basic elements of thought .
LB1027.23 .A48 1991
Alternatives to the lecture : active learning strategies.
LB1027.23 .M43 1997
ME210 an experience in product-based learning.
LB1027.5 .B68 2000
Brief counseling with children and adolescents.
LB1027.5 .P44 1992
Peer mediation : conflict resolution in schools.
LB1027.5 .S64 1996
Skills and techniques for group counseling with youth.
LB1028.3 .C64 1997
The computer revolution hasn't happened yet.
LB1028.3 .E34 1997
Effective use of instructional technology.
LB1028.3 .I48 1997
The impact of technology on education.
LB1028.3 .I56 1999
Inside the Internet.
LB1028.35 .I58 1999
IT in education.
LB1028.43 .C648 1999
Computers in the classroom.
LB1028.43 .D54 2000
Digital divide : technology and our future.
LB1028.43 .P82 1998
Publishing on the web.
LB1028.43 .T42
Teachers, computers and curriculum goals.
LB1028.5 .P76
Programmed learning.
LB1029 .M4 1992
Metacognitive teaching : developing student potential.
LB1031.5 .T88 1986
The tutor's guide.
LB1032 .C57 1983
Circles of learning.
LB1032 .C66 1975
Controversy in the classroom.
LB1032 .F74 1993
A fresh look at cooperative learning.
LB1032 .S63 2002
Social construction of education.
LB1033 .B62
Body language in the classroom.
LB1033 .J53 1997
敎育中的形態傳意 = Body language and non-verbal communication in education.
LB1033 .J56 1994
敬師愛生 = Teachers and students.
LB1043 .D66
Dont't just tell them.
LB1043 .H68
How to gromble a flub.
LB1043 .I56/cst.1
Principles of learning and instruction.
LB1043 .I56/cst.2
Media utilization.
LB1043 .I56/cst.3
Designing instruction.
LB1043 .I56/cst.4
Learning from film and television.
LB1043 .I56/cst.5
Individualizing instruction.
LB1043 .L42
Learning with film and video.
LB1043 .U84/no.5
LB1043 .U84/no.7
Overhead transparencies.
LB1043 .U84/no.9
Still pictures and photography.
LB1043 .U84/no.11
Planning and producing multimedia programs.
LB1043 .U84/no.12
Film and video techniques.
LB1043 .U84/no.14
LB1043 .U84/no.17
Games, simulation and computers.
LB1043.5 .M36
The many faces of visual aids.
LB1043.5 .T34
Talking with pictures.
LB1043.5 .V57
Visual aids.
LB1043.7 .O83
The Overhead projector.
LB1044.7 .C74 1992
Creating critical TV viewers : anatomy of a newscast.
LB1044.7 .L42
Learning from television.
LB1044.7 .T42
Teaching on television.
LB1044.75 .L8 1997
錄像科技的敎育功能 = Video technology for tertiary education.
LB1044.8 .C64 2000
Commercials in the classroom.
LB1049 .E44 1987
Effective study strategies.
LB1049 .H64 1993
How to conquer test taking anxiety.
LB1049 .S78 1990
Study techniques.
LB1049 .S784 1989
Study and concentration improvement through Yoga and meditation .
LB1049 .T54 1992
This way to an A.
LB1050.5 .D974 1999
Dyslexia in the primary classroom.
LB1050.54 .S63
Speed reading system.
LB1050.54 .S83 1988
Success through super reading : how to take quantum leaps in your reading speed.
LB1051 .C66
A Conceptual approach to teaching.
LB1051 .P47/cst.5
And so to disembed.
LB1051 .P47/cst.8
From theory to therapy.
LB1060 .H67 1990z
How children learn.
LB1060 .L424 v.6
Danger, children at play.
LB1060 .L435 1991
Learning styles and the learning process.
LB1060 .P45 1993
Performance assessment : a teacher's way of knowing.
LB1060 .P53 1990z
Play, a Vygotskian approach.
LB1062.6 .D58 1998
Discipline and achievement.
LB1065 .L57
Listen well, learn well.
LB1065 .M68 1997
Motivational design for learning.
LB1084 .P67 1992
Positive interdependence : the heart of cooperative learning.
LB1124 .N63 1997
No bullying here.
LB1135 .C65 1987
College pressures & I can't cope.
LB1139.L3 B32
Baby talk.
LB1139.L3 B48
Between you and me.
LB1139.L3 C35
Calling the tune.
LB1139.L3 C44 1997
Children learning language : how adults can help.
LB1139.L3 L363
Language development.
LB1139.L3 L364 1995
Language development.
LB1139.L3 L365 1981
Language, learning, and children.
LB1139.L3 N67 1990z
Nourishing language development in early childhood.
LB1139.L3 P73 1979
Präverbale sprachentwicklung.
LB1139.L3 T35 1993
Talk! : monitoring and assessing oral language.
LB1139.S88 H45 2003
Helping children grow : Primary Project.
LB1140.2 .W65 1984
Working with young bilingual children.
LB1140.25.B4 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Belgium .
LB1140.25.C5 F56 1993
Flowers of the motherland : children in a Chinese preschool.
LB1140.25.C5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in China .
LB1140.25.F5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Finland .
LB1140.25.G7 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Greece .
LB1140.25.H6 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Hong Kong .
LB1140.25.I5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Indonesia .
LB1140.25.I8 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Italy .
LB1140.25.K6 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in South Korea .
LB1140.25.N5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Nigeria .
LB1140.25.P6 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Poland .
LB1140.25.R6 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Romania .
LB1140.25.S6 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Slovenia .
LB1140.25.S7 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Catalonia, Spain.
LB1140.25.T5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in Thailand .
LB1140.25.U5 S54 1994
Sights and sounds of children. Early childhood settings in the United States.
LB1528.A2 T43 1995
Teaching and learning for English : an interactive video package for Hong Kong primary English teachers.
LB1570 .J53 1995
LB1570 .J534 1995
LB1570 .K4 1997
課程規劃 = Curriculum planning.
LB1570 .N49 1995
New directions in teaching and learning.
LB1570 .X84 1995
LB1573 .R43 1992
Reading, thinking, and concept development.
LB1573 .T43 1991
Teaching reading : strategies from successful classrooms.
LB1573.3 B49 1997
Beyond phonics.
LB1573.3 .R43 1997
Ready for phonics.
LB1576 .C75 1996
Critical literacy for secondary English teachers.
LB1576 .W73 1991
The writing place.
LB1585 .J87 1996
Just think : problem solving through inquiry.
LB1590.5 .M67 1993
Motivating students to think critically by teaching for discovery .
LB1627.4.G7 T47 1997
Testing times.
LB1731 .W57
What is microteaching?
LB1731.4 .M46 1996
A mentor at City University.
LB1731.5 .W45 1997
微觀敎學 = Micro-teaching communication skills.
LB1775 .T43 1989
Teaching and testing : a conversation with Dr. Madeline Hunter.
LB2157.A3 C67
Core skills for fields instructors.
LB2157.A3 S82
Sydney micro skills, redeveloped.
LB2157 .S86
Supervisor development programmes.
LB2285.A97 G48 1990
Getting into teaching.
LB2333 .P44 1997
Peer review and the observation of teaching.
LB2333 .T43 1997
Teaching portfolios ; teacher evaluation.
LB2343 .G38 1997
Get a life as a guidance counselor.
LB2343 .S78
Student services in higher education.
LB2367.4 .G735 1997
GRE math review.
LB2367.4 .G74 1997
GRE verbal and analytical review.
LB2371 .P67 1992
Postgraduate research, supervision and training.
LB2371 .R8 1997
如何指導硏究生學習 = Supervision of postgraduate students.
LB2371 .T47 1994
Terminal degrees : surviving graduate school.
LB2393 .H68
How not to.
LB2393 .I57
Instructional technique.
LB2393 .I577
Instruction techniques : a naval training film.
LB2393 .S78
Styles of lecturing.
LB2395 .A78 1984
The art of learning : study skills for the college bound.
LB2395 .F56 1990
Finding out series.
LB2542.4.U6 G68 1998
Government intervention?
LB2801.N6 S77 1999
Strengthening quality in schools : improving education through quality : principles, processes & tools.
LB2805 .I2
I cannot negotiate.
LB2805 .W4
We have consensus.
LB2822 .E34 1995
Effective schools : building foundations for school improvement.
LB2838 .T43 1989
Teacher evaluation : persistent problems, current solutions.
LB2844.1.A8 W67 1996
Working with students in the inclusive classroom.
LB2901 .S72
Staff development : the individual and the organisation.
LB2965.H6 X84 1996
學校管理新措施 = School management initiative.
LB3011 .C38 1986
Catch'em being good : approaches to motivation & discipline.
LB3012 .D48/pt.1
Developing discipline for strength, responsibility and success .
LB3012 .D48/pt.10
Consequences vs punishment.
LB3012 .D48/pt.2
Motivation for behavior.
LB3012 .D48/pt.3
Pathways to success.
LB3012 .D48/pt.4
Recognizing a failure identity.
LB3012 .D48/pt.5
Developing healthy habits to manage stress.
LB3012 .D48/pt.6
Power of involvement.
LB3012 .D48/pt.7
Involvement through valuing self and others.
LB3012 .D48/pt.8
Dealing with present behavior.
LB3012 .D48/pt.9
Planning better behavior.
LB3012.4.H85 G43 1997
個人資料 (私隱) 條例對訓導工作的影響硏討會.
LB3013 .C534 1978
Classroom management techniques.
LB3013 .C66
Conflict management : youth.
LB3013 .H45 1992
Helping disruptive and unresponsive students.
LB3013 .M36 1994
Managing the disruptive classroom : strategies for educators.
LB3013.2 .L43 1998
Learning by numbers.
LB3013.3 .A48 1994
Alternatives to violence.
LB3013.3 .I33 2000
Identifying the violent at-risk student : twelve early warning signs.
LB3013.3 .S74 1996
Step by step : toward resolving bullying.
LB3051 .M35 1989
Making sense out of standarized test scores.
LB3051 .P37 1989
A Parent's guide to standardized testing.
LB3051 .P44 1999
Performance assessment.
LB3060.32.C74 C75 1989
Criterion-referenced measurement : today's alternative to traditional testing.
LB3060.32.N67 N67 1989
Norm-referenced tests : uses and misuses.
LB3060.32.O35 L43 1997
Learning objectives and objective tests : essay and performance tests.
LB3060.57 .G48 1990
Getting into exam survival.
LB3060.57 .W67 1992
Working for success : preparing for examination.
LB3089.4.G7 E925 2001
LB3431 .A11 1988
The ABC's of burnout.
LB3605 .S435 1993
The secrets to college success : the essential video guide to getting the most out of college.
LB3635 .E45 1994
Elite cheerleading : a foundation for championship cheering.
LC41 .T87
LC159 .L58 1996
Literacy : why do we do the things we do?
LC191 .E962 v.18
The academy of waste? : the Italian university system.
LC191 .E962 v.21
A school for our times?
LC191 .E962 v.22
A lesson in progress?
LC191 .E962 v.23
A hard act to follow.
LC191 .E962 v.25
The Qualification chase.
LC191 .E962 v.26
Quality care.
LC191 .E962 v.27
Just like a girl.
LC225 .H69 1995
How families help children learn.
LC225.3 .L42 1999
Leadership : it doesn't happen just because you say so.
LC268 .C36 1998
Character education : application in the classroom.
LC268 .C52 1996
Character education : restoring respect and responsibility in our schools.
LC268 .E548 1997
Eleven principles of effective character education.
LC268 .M69 2002
Morality : moral judgments and actions.
LC311 .B84 1999
Building character through cooperative learning.
LC1087.3 .D574 2000
Digital divide.
LC1201 .A33 2000
Adapting curriculum and instruction in inclusive classrooms .
LC1201 .S72 1998
Standards & inclusion : can we have both?
LC2781 .F76 1999
From swastika to Jim Crow.
LC3965 .E93 1998
Exceptional child I : building understanding.
LC3965 .E94 1998
Exceptional child II : focusing on nurturing & learning.
LC3993 .G74 1985
G.R.E.A.T. program : guiding resources for the exceptional and talented.
LC3993.9 .D48 1999
Developing the gifts and talents of all students.
LC3993.9 .E38 1986
Education of the gifted and talented.
LC3998.H6 Y68 2002
LC4015 .J46 1987
Jenny's story.
LC4015 .R62 1995
Roadmaps to success : tools that build inclusive classrooms.
LC4019 .R43 1994
Recognizing children with special needs.
LC4031 .E94 1993
Everybody's schoolhouse.
LC4601 .A34
Accident of birth : aspect of mental handicap : special education.
LC4601 .B48 1989
A better life.
LC4601 .E34 1979
Effective behavioral programming.
LC4601 .L58 1989
Living and learning.
LC4601 .T43 1989
Teaching skills.
LC4704 .S84 1999
Successful schools : how to raise achievement & support 'at-risk' students.
LC4713.2 .A35 1997
AD/HD : what it is, what it isn't, what to do.
LC5219 .E38/cst.1
Learning in groups.
LC5225.R4 R43 1996
Ready for adult phonics.
LC5257.P5 D34
DELSILIFE in the Philippines.
LC5808.C22 O643 1986
Open skies, grass roots : distance learning in British Columbia.
LC5808.C22 O645 1986
Open skies, grass roots : a postscript.
LC6651 .B625 1997
Book club : a literature-based curriculum.
LD1034 .C53 1990z
Clark University.
LD1131 .C67 1990z
Cornell College : One-course-at-a-time.
LD1150 .C65 1990z
Colorado State University : you have arrived.
LD1150 .Y68 1998
Your world of learning.
LD4817 .S52 1990z
Saint Louis University : welcomes qualified international students.
LD5101.S363 S58 1990z
SIUC : the setting.
LD7501.N5155 H54 1994
High school of American dreams.
LF774 .W45 1990z
Welcome to Southampton Institute.
LF953.C57 U55 1990z
University of Ulster.
LG51.H4853.8 D53 1996
奠基之年 = The founding year.
LG51.P6 X53 1992
LG715.S9 U55 1992
The University of Sydney.