Videocassette List:

Class K Videocassette List
Call Number Title
K87 .R47 1987
Research smarter not harder : modern legal research method.
K100 .T73 1986
Training the trainers.
K126 .H36 1994
Handling the difficult client.
K126 .N44 1996
Negotiation : the art of the possible.
K240 .I5
In praise of simplicity.
K474.D882 P54 1997
Philosophy and politics.
K1005 .B87 2002
Business law.
K1005 .E45 2000
K2205.4 .S86
The Sunday Times case : European protection of human rights.
K2400 .G64 1990
Future imperfect.
K2400.Z9 S26 1996
Cross-border arbitration : a view on the future.
K3238 .L53 1997
聯合國世界人權宣言 = The universal declaration of human rights.
K3242 .Q84 1999
A question of rights : the UN declaration.
K3264.C65 F85 1996
Freedom & privacy in the information society : a European perspective.
K3585 .F67 1999
The force of law.
K4240 .S65 2000
Solicitors as communicators : a fresh approach.
KD310 .U85 1994
Using Halsbury's laws of England.
KD392 .L44 1996
Legal research skills.
KD394 .I58 1999
The Internet : research resource & online legal shopfront.
KD432 .T73 1995
KD474 .L43/cst.1
Do I have to talk to the client?
KD474 .L43/cst.2
Do you want to hear a story?
KD474 .L43/cst.3
There are two sides to every story : examination-in- chief and cross examination.
KD474 .L43/cst.4
I'll see you in court.
KD485 .C65 1995
Client care. Programme 1.
KD485 .P73 1994
Practice management : marketing.
KD512 .L425 1996
Legal aid : the shape of things to come.
KD660 .I68 1996
Introduction to law : (England & Wales).
KD661 .L382/pt.1
Justice for all?
KD661 .L382/pt.2
The Magistrates.
KD661 .L382/pt.3
The Lawyers.
KD661 .L382/pt.4
The Trial.
KD661 .L382/pt.5
The Judge.
KD661 .L382/pt.6
The Jury.
KD661 .L382/pt.7
The Civil action.
KD661 .L382/pt.8
The Negotiations.
KD661 .L382/pt.9
The High court.
KD691 .S73 1993
Statutory interpretation.
KD750 .F35
Family law.
KD899 .I68 1995
An introduction to residential leases.
KD905 .N44 1995
Negotiating and drafting commercial leases part two.
KD919 .D56 2003
Dilapidations : the lease.
KD919 .D562 2003
Dilapidations : breach of covenant.
KD919.Z9 I58 1994
An introduction to schedules of dilapidations.
KD1125 .P53 1994
Planning appeal inquiries.
KD1125 .P63 2000
Planning and property development law.
KD1269 .I5657 1998
Intellectual property : due diligence.
KD1269 .I5658 1998
Intellectual property : due diligence ; The millennium bug.
KD1554 .C66
Contract and equity.
KD1554 .E54 1980z
English law of contract.
KD1573 .P75 1995
Privity of contract : implications for commercial leases.
KD1615 .C55 2003
Collateral warranties and consultants.
KD1629 .E365 2001
E-commerce : the legal issues.
KD1641.A65 J37 2004
JCT major projects form.
KD1641.A7 R43 1992
Recent English legal cases of vital importance to the construction industry.
KD1641 .A74 2003
Arbitration : down but not out.
KD1641 .N493 2001
The new engineering contract.
KD1641 .R26 2004
Recovering wasted management time.
KD1641.Z9 K56 1992
Thirty one crucial contractual issues and their solutions .
KD1957.C65 D363 2004
Data protection act in operation.
KD1977 .O33 1995
Occupiers' liability.
KD1980.S54 S55 1995
Skiing accidents.
KD2002 .E67 1999
Employer's liability : stress at work.
KD2517.S9 A87 1994
Assessing negligence claims against surveyors.
KD2540 .R46 2004
Renewable energy.
KD3096 .I68 1998
Introduction to employment law : hiring and firing.
KD3102 .E67 1999
Employment update : disability discrimination.
KD3103.H6 D57 1997
Discrimination review (1) : sexual orientation.
KD3110 .U54 1998
Unfair dismissal review.
KD3136 .A936 2004
About time : flexible working.
KD3136 .W67 1999
Working time regulations : practice issues.
KD3156 .A8 2001
ACAS code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures .
KD3168 .H238 2002
Health and safety update.
KD3168 .I2
I was only doing my job.
KD3168 .P27 1992
Personal protective equipment.
KD3372 .E585 2003
Environmental law management of contaminated land.
KD4080 .H8625 1999
Human rights : the Strasbourg case-law.
KD4878 .A35
Administrative law.
KD7100 .C37
A Case through the courts.
KD7285 .I63 1999
Induction training for magistrates.
KD7325 .C545 1999
Civil procedure rules : life in the fast track.
KD7325 .W64 1999
Woolf and the experts.
KD7325 .W6635 1997
The Woolf conference.
KD7483 .H54 1994
Higher court advocacy for solicitors.
KD7483 .S87 1997
Summary trial advocacy ; Serious head injuries.
KD7514 .T75 1995
Trial and error : going to court for the first time ; preparing the witness for court.
KD7644 .M43 1998
Mediation in the resolution of commercial disputes.
KD7644 .M45 2003
Mediation update.
KD7645 .A73 1995
KD8329 .C58 1998
Civil litigation.
KD8329 .C75 1998
Criminal law and practice.
KDC541 .P34 1996
The Paisley snail : Donoghue vs. Stevenson.
KDC915 .C75 1994
The criminal process in France and Scotland.
KE8427 .A78 1994
The art & science of cross examination.
KF224 .I53
Inherit the wind.
KF224.K56 R63 1991
The Rodney King case : what the jury saw in California v. Powell.
KF224.P43 S568 1997
The shot heard round the world.
KF224.S248 J46 1997
The Jenny Jones Show murder : Jonathan Schmitz on trial.
KF242.A1 C66 1983
The computer in legal research.
KF242.A1 L49
LEXIS : prepare and compete.
KF242.A1 Q52
Quick start : simple steps to searching in the Lexis/ Nexis services.
KF275 .T73 1983
Training the advocate.
KF300.Z9 D43 1989
The deadly dozen : twelve of the most common mistakes lawyers make in dealing with their clients.
KF306 .L44 1984
Legal ethics : applying the model rules.
KF311.A7 L38
Lawyer negotiation training materials : problems in negotiation.
KF311 .A78 1980
The art of interviewing : the preview of the lawyering skills program.
KF311 .L393 1982
Lawyering skills : business planning: commencing the interview.
KF311 .L394 1979
Lawyering skills : client counseling : estate planning.
KF311 .L395 1982
Lawyering skills : dispute resolution: commencing the interview.
KF311 .L396 1980
Lawyering skills : interviewing techniques.
KF311 .L397 1979
Lawyering skills : model negotiation : Bright/Gold dispute.
KF311 .L398 1981
Lawyering skills : the business transaction.
KF311 .N44 1985
Negotiation : can you afford to trust your instincts.
KF318.A2 S65 1982
Managing your law firm.
KF390.5.C6 I68 1996
Internet service providers.
KF534 .N44 1978
A Negotiation of a divorce case.
KF902 .A735 1988
Arbitration of a construction dispute.
KF1070 .G85 1988
A guide to the new discovery rules for securities arbitrations .
KF1070 .S43 1989
Securities arbitrator training.
KF1257 .N44 1978
A Negotiation of a personal injury case.
KF1263.C65 B44 1996
Before the court : unauthorized encryption : a CFP moot court.
KF1299.H39 T68
The Toxic trials.
KF1380.5.Z9 C66 1989
Commercial joint ventures.
KF1449 .W55 2001
Will regulation FD bring about fair disclosure?
KF2978 .C67 1996
Copyright's highway : a tour of intellectual property rights in the electronic age.
KF2979 .I425 1997
Intellectual property in the information age.
KF3030.1 .C669 1996
Copyright & freedom of expression on the internet.
KF3080 .S66 1995
Sonic outlaws.
KF4541 .B544 1995
Bill of rights, bill of responsibilities.
KF4770 .F57 1992
The First Amendment and hate speech.
KF8900 .D46
KF8900 .E96 1999
The expert deposition : how to be an effective and ethical witness.
KF8900 .E97 1999
The expert medical deposition : how to be an effective and ethical witness.
KF8900 .T73 1985
Training the advocate : the pretrial stage.
KF8910 .S43 1979
Opening statement : civil & criminal.
KF8915.A2 B76 1993
Opening statements : a modern approach.
KF8915.A2 M66 1990
Advocacy & the art of storytelling : videocassette with text.
KF8915 .E34 1990
Effective opening statements : your case in "word pictures".
KF8915 .E43 1989
Effective argument to the court.
KF8915 .T74
Trial notebook.
KF8915 .T75 1977
Trial of a criminal federal narcotics case.
KF8915 .Z563 1982
Nonverbal communication in the trial.
KF8915 .Z564 1982
Verbal communication in the trial.
KF8915 .Z565 1982
Communication techniques in the trial.
KF8918 .H69 1997
How human factors experts contribute to civil litigation : a mock trial.
KF8918 .H693 2001
How human factors experts contribute to civil litigation : vehicle accident involving adaptive cruise control : a mock trial.
KF8920 .C73
Credibility and cross-examination.
KF8920 .D57 1979
Direct & cross examination criminal.
KF8920 .M37 1986
Mastering the art of cross examination.
KF8920 .P74
Principles of direct examination.
KF8920 .P742
Principles of cross examination.
KF8920 .Y68 1975
The art of cross examination.
KF8924 .C56
Closing arguments.
KF8924 .E34 1990
Effective closing statements : the use of "word pictures".
KF8935 .D45
Demonstrative evidence.
KF8935 .H42
KF8935 .L57
Liturgy of foundation.
KF8935 .S34
Scientific evidence.
KF8935 .Y68 1975
Basic concepts in evidence.
KF8961.Z9 E96
Expert witnesses.
KF8961.Z9 E962/pt.1
Experts. Part 1.
KF8961.Z9 E962/pt.2
Experts. Part 2.
KF8979 .J87
Jury selection.
KF9084 .D57 1991
Dispute resolution and lawyers.
KF9084 .M43 1989
Mediation of a commercial dispute : a construction case study.
KF9084 .M433 1988
Mediation of a construction dispute.
KF9084 .M434 1985
Mediation : negotiating settlements.
KF9084 .N44 1978
A Negotiation of a business transaction.
KF9084.Z9 A48 1987
Alternative dispute resolution techniques incorporating ADR in your law practice.
KF9084.Z9 J33 1982
Negotiation techniques for the trial advocate.
KF9084.Z9 O98 1986
Out of court : the mini trial.
KF9084.Z9 W43 1990
What's the alternative?
KF9085.A7 A38 1987
Advanced instruction for commercial arbitrator.
KF9085.A7 H43 1990
Hearing procedures in a commercial arbitration.
KF9085 .M36 1991
Managing the arbitration process.
KF9085 .P37 1986
A partnership : textile / apparel and the arbitration process.
KF9085 .P76 1984
Procedural questions in an insurance arbitration.
KF9085.Z9 M43 1994
Mediation in action : resolving a complex business dispute.
KF9444.A75 C66 1996
The Communications Decency Act.
KF9654 .P54 1978
Plea bargaining : a negotiation of a criminal case.
KF9656.A75 O63 1980
Opening statements : criminal and complex civil.
KF9778 .J88 2000
Juvenile justice.
KJC5132 .S73 1995
Stand up now for human rights.
KJE6155 .B85 2003
Built for comfort?
KNN449.3 .S45 1990
Chinese customary law.
KNR6.3 .A58 1990z
翱翔法制 : 法律面前, 人人平等 = Ranging free within thelaw: equality before the law.
KNR66.3 .W66 1990
Land or title registration for HK?
KNR171 .J5 1996
基本法知多 D.
KNR171 .R45 1998
認識一國兩制 : 錄影帶參考手册.
KNR171 .X525 1998
KNR171 .X526 1999
息息相關基本法 II.
KNR377 .P74 1997
The preliminary meeting : a video demonstration ; The arbitration hearing : a video demonstration.
KNR416 .R46 1997
KNT5834.2 .L65 2001
La loi des plus faibles.
No silence in this court
KU50.3 .M66 1993
Moot court.
KU53.6 .M68 1986
Moving with the small business client.
KU120 .O74 1992
The origins of the law.
KU479 .C58 1992
Civil law.
KU540 .C66 1992
Common questions about family mediation.
KU540 .F35 1992
Family law.
KU540 .F38 1992
Family mediation critical issues 1.
KU956 .C68 1996
Company secretarial skills.
KU982.3 .C66 1992
Consumer law.
KU1040 .M68 1992
The motorist and the law.
KU1220 .E47 1996
Employer vs independent contractor?
KU1220 .I63 1992
Industrial law.
KU3407 .C68 1992
The court system.
KU3647 .E95 1992
Evidence, witnesses and the trial.
KU3665 .J87 1992
The jury system.
KU3665 .S43 2004
Secrets of the jury room.
KU3755 .A48 1987
Alternative dispute resolution.
KU3755 .C77 1992
Critical issues in mediation : the watertight case.
KU3755 .F554 2002
Fletchers partnership dispute.
KU3760 .C58 1986
Civil arbitration : conducting a civil case before an arbitrator.
KU3856 .R47 1992
Responding to self-represented clients.
KYT190 .T83
The twenty commandments of claim prevention.
KYT370 .F76 1992
From barter to bargain : an introduction to contract law by video.
KYT370 .P76
Professional liability.
KYT640 .M68 1986
Moving into advocacy : how to prepare and conduct the defence of a summary matter in a local court.
KZ1237 .P44 1987
1987 world championship Jessup cup round : Georgetown University Law Center, USA vs. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
KZ1237 .P44 1988
1988 world championship Jessup Cup Round : University of Melbourne (Australia) v. National University of Singapore (Singapore) featuring the Case concerning state responsibility for certain acts of terrorism.
KZ1237 .P44 1991
1991 World Championship Jessup Cup Round : University of Saskatchewan, Canada vs. University of Georgia, U.S.A.
KZ1237 .P44 1992
Case concerning the war in the media gulf : (Atlantis v. Bergenia) : judgment of 4 April 1992.
KZ1237 .P44 1993
The 1993 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition : 1993 World Championship Jessup Cup Round : University of Hawaii, United States vs. University of Melbourne, Australia.
KZ1237 .P44 1994
The case concerning the granting of refugee status (Freedonia v. Balboa) : 1994 World Championship Jessup Cup Round.
KZ1237 .P44 1995
The case concerning development and the waters of the Ozoonio River : Behestoon v. Agistanus : University of Western Australia v. University of the Philippines.
KZ1237 .P44 1996
The case concerning the military personnel database (Ercola v. Filova) : 1996 World Championship Jessup Cup Round.
KZ1237 .P44 1998
Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition : Australian National University v. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.
KZ1237 .P44 1999
The 1999 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition : 40th anniversary of the Jessup : the case concerning cultural identity and intellectual property : National Law School (India) versus University of Pretoria (South Africa).
KZ1237 .P44 2000
The case concerning the vaccine trials (Kuraca vs. Senhara) : 2000 World ChampionshipJessup Cup Round.