Videocassette List:
Political Science

Class J Videocassette List
Call Number Title
J82 .S64 1990
The speeches of John F. Kennedy.
JA79 .N63 1988
Noam Chomsky : America's leading dissenter.
JC75.D36 A84 1996
Athens : democracy for the few.
JC311 .B566 v.1
The road to nowhere.
JC311 .B566 v.5
Mirror, mirror.
JC311 .B566 v.6
Reconquering the conquest.
JC328.3 .A195 2000
30 frames a second : the WTO in Seattle.
JC347.C5 G86 1996
JC359 .I45 1989
JC421 .F67 1994
For the people : a study of democracy.
JC421 .S78 cst.1
JC421 .S78 cst.10
Whither democracy?
JC421 .S78 cst.2
Reborn in America.
JC421 .S78 cst.3
Chiefs and strongmen.
JC421 .S78 cst.4
The Tyranny of the majority.
JC421 .S78 cst.5
The rule of law.
JC421 .S78 cst.6
The last citizens.
JC421 .S78 cst.7
The first freedom.
JC421 .S78 cst.8
The price of democracy.
JC421 .S78 cst.9
A soldier's duty.
JC423 .B77 1998
Brave new world : can democracy survive?
JC423 .D45
JC423 .M563 1990
JC423 .M564 1991
JC423 .S73 pt.1
A European invention.
JC423 .S73 pt.3
Revolution and after.
JC423 .S73 pt.4
Enemies of democracy.
JC423 .S73 pt.5
The meaning of democracy.
JC423 .S73 pt.6
Beyond the Nation state.
JC423 .T42
That's democracy.
JC423 .V64 v.101
Democratic voices in a changing society.
JC423 .V64 v.102
The living Constitution.
JC423 .V64 v.103
Constitution in crisis.
JC423 .V64 v.104
JC423 .V64 v.106
Public opinion and political socialization.
JC423 .V64 v.107
Participation in democracy.
JC423 .V64 v.108
Mass media and government.
JC423 .V64 v.109
Interest groups.
JC423 .V64 v.110
Political parties.
JC423 .V64 v.111
Media and elections.
JC423 .V64 v.112
Presidential elections.
JC423 .V64 v.113
Congressional elections.
JC423 .V64 v.114
JC423 .V64 v.115
The Legislative process.
JC423 .V64 v.116
Congress and the president.
JC423 .V64 v.117
The presidency.
JC423 .V64 v.118
The bureaucracy.
JC423 .V64 v.121
Global politics.
JC423 .V64 v.122
Federal courts.
JC423 .V64 v.126
Struggle for equal rights.
JC423 .W465 1991
JC571 .G56 2002
Global human rights.
JC571 .N494 1996
New horizons for human rights.
JC571 .O98 1992
Out of the silence : fighting for human rights.
JC571 .R463 1998
人權敎育系列 : 自由尊重.
JC571 .R464 1998
人權敎育系列 : 生存平等.
JC571 .R54 1989
Right human relations : a review of positive landmarks in human history.
JC571 .W66 1993
Women under attack.
JC585 .P37 1995
A passion to be free.
JC591 .C46 1996
Censorship : international content control on the global net.
JC591 .C67 1993
The cost of free speech.
JC591 .L56 1996
Limiting online speech on campus.
JC596 .N6 1993
No more privacy : all about you.
JC599.C6 C456 1990z
China, trading in death.
JF251 .S64 1990
The speeches of Richard Nixon.
JF801 .C578 1997
JF801 .C579 v.4
What's right for children?
JF1351 .P64/cst.1
The MP's surgery.
JF1351 .P64/cst.2
The Claimant.
JF1351 .P64/cst.3
The Client.
JF1351 .P64/cst.4
The Borderline case.
JF1351 .P64/cst.6
The Objector.
JF1351 .P64/cst.7
The Ombudsman.
JF1351 .P64/cst.8
Ministers, Officials, Parliament, Public.
JF1525.P85 P87
Purchasing basics for small government entities.
JF1601 .M26 1986
Man, machine and system : a civil service productivity exhibition.
JF1601 .T68 1985
Towards excellence in public service : the Telecom experience.
JF2112.A4 A55 1999
American political commercials : the greatest hits.
JK1726 .W54 1996
When democracy works.
JK1764 .F74 1999
Free speech, politics, and the web.
JK1853 .W559 1996
Why vote? : a right & a responsibility.
JK1896 .O55 1995
One woman, one vote.
JK1978 .E44 2001
Election 2000 : the Florida squeeze.
JK1991 .P753 1993
The price of power : money in politics.
JK2281 .F44 1993
JK2281 .N45 1997
Video rhetorics : televised advertising in American politics.
JK2316 .D455 1993
The Democratic Party, 1960-1992.
JK2353 1972 F68 2004
Four more years.
JN15 .E55 1995
Enlargement : Europe of 15.
JN15 .T74 1994
The treaty on the European Union.
JN30 .W46 1996
Who runs the European Union?
JN318 .D42/cst.1
Understanding decision making : the Falklands crisis.
JN318 .D42/cst.6
The Making of the Open University.
JN318 .D42/cst.8
Operational decisions.
JN318 .D42/cst.9
Reaching the community.
JN508 .G73 1999
Great paliamentary speeches : 10 years of MPTV.
JN508 .O63 1994
Order, order! : Britain's Parliament at work.
JN1129.L32 N48 1999
New Labour in focus : Tony Benn's video diaries.
JN2959 .E43
Election .. behind the polls.
JN8509 .A15 1997
25th April : a new sun is born.
JQ675.A55 C634 1996
ICAC documentary 1996.
JQ676.Z1 X53 1997
JQ679.A4 L5 1995
JQ679.A5 X534 1998
香港特別行政區第一屆立法會選舉 = Hong Kong Special Administrative Region First Legco Election in 1998.
JQ1539.5.A71 L53 1999
JQ1729.A15 S68 1997
South Korea : the struggle for democracy.
JQ3529.A15 C44 1999
Chef! = Chief. La tete dans les nuages = Head in the clouds.
JS710 .C55 1987
Chicago politics : a theatre of power.
JV6201 .D95 2004
Dying to leave.
JX1293.U6 P443 1989
1989 World Championship Jessup Cup Round : University of British Columbia (Canada) vs. University of Melbourne (Australia) featuring the 'Case concerning the immunities of a diplomatic agent and the freezing of assets of an international organization'.
JX1293.U6 P443 1990
1990 World Championship Jessup Cup Round : University of Georgia (U.S.A.) vs. University of Toronto (Canada) featuring the 'Case concerning international environmental law and Antartica'.
JX1977 .M634 1992
The model United Nations.
JX1981.P7 A26 1989
About the United Nations : peacekeeping.
JX3091 .I58 1995
International law video course.
JX5437.8 .T75 1996
The trial of Adolf Eichmann ; Hitler & the Nuremberg trials.
JZ1318 .H544 2003
The hidden face of globalization : what the corporations do not want us to know.
JZ4984.5 .U54 1997
United Nations : war and peace.
JZ4984.5 .W44 1996
"We the peoples" : democracy and the UN.