Videocassette List:
Social Pathology. Social and Public Welfare. Criminology. Socialism. Communism

Class HV-HX Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HV10.5 .S53 1987
Social service professionals.
HV11 .A45 1995
All upstairs.
HV11 .S57
The Skills of helping.
HV40 .J697 2001
The journey of a social constructionist : an interview with John Shotter.
HV40 .S585 1991
Social work practice : an interactional approach.
HV41 .P69 1998
The power of social work : are ethics and contemporary social work practice compatible?
HV43 .D96 1988
Dynamics and skills of the middle phase of practice. Program 1, Focus and direction with the overwhelming client.
HV43 .D963 1988
Dynamics and skills of the middle phase of practice. Program 2, Integrating the personal with the professional self.
HV43 .K48
Key elements in the helping interview.
HV43 .Q35 1994
Quality case management : a partnership approach.
HV91 .P75 1995
Professional choices : ethics at work.
HV245 .S627/pt.10
Care in the community.
HV245 .S627/pt.11
The origins of state social work.
HV245 .S627/pt.12
The changing face of poverty.
HV245 .S627/pt.13
Urban development : the phoenix initiate.
HV245 .S627/pt.14
Urban development : gainers and losers.
HV245 .S627/pt.6
Health visiting and the family.
HV245 .S627/pt.9
Why care?
HV431 .S49 1998
HV431 .X868 2001
HV553 .R37 2002
HV640.5.C5 F59 2000
Fly to freedom : the art of the Golden Venture refugees.
HV675 .G47 1982
Get well soon.
HV675 .O96 1988
An ounce of prevention.
HV689 .C74
Critical decisions in mental health.
HV689 .H36
Handling aggression and conflict.
HV689 .U52
Understanding and handling aggression.
HV690.Z9 S63 1996
The other story ; We are not your monkeys ; Occupation : millworker.
HV696.F6 H86 1990z
Hunger in America.
HV697 .C66/cst.1
The Gap's getting wider and wider.
HV697 .C66/cst.2
I just didn't realise what I had to do for them.
HV697 .C66/cst.5
A Good neighbour service.
HV697 .C66/cst.6
The Professional network.
HV697 .C66/cst.7
The Family network.
HV697 .C66/cst.8
One step at a time.
HV697 .S63 1996
Social work & family communication.
HV699 .F34 1996 no.2
A family preservation approach to engaging families.
HV700.G7 R43 1995
Reaching out to families.
HV713 .C453 1990
Child abuse and neglect.
HV713 .C55 1978
Child abuse--Don't hide the hurt.
HV713 .E46 1987
Emotional abuse : how to cope.
HV715 .J53 1994
HV741 .C45 1992
Children of poverty.
HV741 .W49 2000
Why don't the kids have a voice?
HV875 .F67
Foster talk.
HV875 .N37
Natural parents and foster parents.
HV881 .F35 1999
Family forever / : reunification through family-focused foster care.
HV888 .H36 1978
The Handicapped child : infancy through preschool.
HV888.5 .C75 1995
A family's guide to the individualized family service plan .
HV891 .F25 1996
Families of young children with special needs.
HV1431 .W67 1993
Working with hostile and resistant teens.
HV1444 .D65 1998
Domestic violence : identifying victims and batters.
HV1451 .A36/cst.3
Sharing a house.
HV1451 .A36/cst.5
HV1451 .A36/cst.6
HV1451 .A36/cst.8
Voluntary workers in the community.
HV1451 .H68 1988
A house divided : caregiver stress and elder abuse.
HV1451 .H82 1999
護老情眞 = Care for the elderly.
HV1451 .M67
Moving into residential care : the elderly.
HV1451 .P73 1994
Practical rehabilitation for elders with disability.
HV1451 .W47
Who cares!.
HV1461 .W54 1990
When the day comes.
HV1481.S8 E43 1990
Elder care : the Swedish choice.
HV1551 .Z43 1988
預防傷殘障礙 ; 融入社會.
HV1551 .Z43 1988
道路與交通 ; 特殊教育.
HV1551 .Z43 1988
職業訓練 ; 醫療服務.
HV1551 .Z43 1988
HV1551 .Z43 1988
康體活動 ; 道路與交通.
HV1568 .C68
Counselling and the physically handicapped.
HV1568 .M25 2003
Making a life.
HV1568 .N43
The Need to know : providing information for disabled people.
HV1569 .H66 1996
Homeward bound : housing options for people with disability.
HV1570 .B37 1989
Basic concepts for teaching developmentally disabled and mentally retarded people.
HV1570 .T43 1988
Teaching people with developmental disabilities.
HV1593 .B55 1992
HV1597 .G47 1987
Getting in touch : communicating with a child who is deaf-blind.
HV1597.5 .A35
Aging and vision : declarations of independence.
HV1597.5 .A453
Age related sensory losses : an empathic approach.
HV1796 .M68 1984
Moving on.
HV2380 .I58 1995
In the land of the deaf.
HV2474 .C66 1995
Come sign with us.
HV2474 .S45 1997
Shape up n sign : an exercise videotape for deaf and hearing children.
HV3000 .R65 1996
The role of the social worker in terminal care.
HV3000 .W67
Working with the terminally ill.
HV3004 .I8
Is it warranted?
HV3004 .M345
Making a difference : a celebration.
HV3004 .M45
Mental retardation : think about it.
HV3004 .M467 1993
Mentally handicapped and epileptic : they don't make a fuss.
HV3005 .I87
It's just good business.
HV3005 .W8 1990
誤解與事實 : 弱智人士的就業問題 = Fact or fiction : employment of persons with mental handicap.
HV3008.H6 L56 1997
HV3011 .D57
Disabled : aspects of physical handicap.
HV3011 .T42 2000
Technology for the disabled.
HV4488 .R86 1994
Running away, dropping out.
HV4915 .B44 1993
Behind lab doors.
HV4998 .I54 1994
Inhalants and human physiology.
HV4998 .N6 1992
No big deal.
HV4999.Y68 R575 1999
Risky business : teens and addictive behavior : teen gambling.
HV4999.2 .A19 1991
9 to 5 high : substance abuse in the workplace.
HV5132 .A43 1985
Alcohol and the family, the breaking point.
HV5132 .D7 1999
Drinking apart : families under the influence.
HV5135 .F37 1995
Fast forward : an alcoholic's story.
HV5275 .T73 1997
Treating alcoholism.
HV5292 .D75 2000
Drinking, are you in control?
HV5740 .W37
The war of words down under.
HV5745 .S66 1981
Smoking, drinking, and drugs.
HV5745 .T43 1998
Teen smoking : you don't have to start.
HV5745 .T44 1996
Teens & tobacco.
HV5745 .T63 1991
Tobacco : the pushers and their victims.
HV5801 .A32 1992
Addiction caused by mixing medicines.
HV5801 .A33 1979
The addictive personality : who uses drugs and why?
HV5801 .P53 1991
The plan : addictions-HIV.
HV5801 .S53 1997
Societies under the influence.
HV5810 .C63 1986
Cocaine and the student/athlete.
HV5822.M3 M37 1990
Marijuana and the mind : intoxication & addiction.
HV5824.Y68 B33 1986
Back on the street.
HV5824.Y68 G34
Gale is dead.
HV5824.Y68 P44 1990
Peer intervention : drug abuse.
HV5824.Y68 P67 1987
Portrait of a teenage drug abuser.
HV5840.C32 M655 1996
Tu as crie = Let me go.
HV6080 .P78 2001
The psychology of criminal behavior.
HV6089 .Q54 1991
Quiet rage : the Stanford prison study.
HV6248.G46 C55 1997
Crime family.
HV6250 .C68 1998
Counseling survivors of violence : Nancy Baron as interviewed by Allen Ivey.
HV6250.4.E75 L47 1998
Letters to Thien.
HV6250.4.W65 C75 1998
Crimes of honour.
HV6250.4.W65 H86 1990z
Human trafficking.
HV6278 .A86 1996
Assassinations that changed the world.
HV6322.3.A7 R39 1995
Razon de la memoria.
HV6431 .T477 1995
Terrorism, aims and objectives.
HV6432 .A179 2002
9/11 through Saudi eyes.
HV6432.7 .W58 2002
With us or against us : Afghan-Americans since 9/11.
HV6433.G7 B664 1997
Bomb squad.
HV6437 .B84 1995
Bui doi : life like dust.
HV6515 .M56 2000
Mind of a killer.
HV6534.M65 J43 2002
Jeffrey Dahmer : serial killer.
HV6545 .A87 1996
Assessing suicide risk.
HV6545.2 .E43 1988
Elderly suicide.
HV6546 .A36
Adolescent suicide : a matter of life and death.
HV6546 .D46 1997
Depression & suicidal behavior in adolescents.
HV6546 .F35
A Family of winners.
HV6546 .T44 1994
Teen suicide.
HV6546 .U73
Urgent messages.
HV6548.H85 S553 1993
實在是最佳的意念 = Such an excellent idea.
HV6558 .C74
Crisis of rape.
HV6558 .R36
The Rape victims.
HV6558 .R37 1993
Rape : an act of hate.
HV6558 .R38 1983
Rape culture.
HV6558 .R48 1986
Rethinking rape.
HV6558 .W34
Waking up to rape.
HV6561 .D38 1988
Date rape.
HV6570 .S499 1998
Sexual abuse of children : victims and abusers.
HV6570.6 .C55 2000
The children we sacrifice.
HV6570.9 .C55 1990
Childhood sexual abuse.
HV6626 .A76 2004
Assessing for domestic violence.
HV6626 .D668 2000
Domestic violence and children.
HV6626 .T63 1990z
To love, honor and obey --.
HV6626 .W54 2002
When battering occurs : a social constructionist's ideas and practices.
HV6626.2 .N67 1996
No safe place : violence against women.
HV6626.3 .E436 2000
Elder abuse interventions : the social worker's role.
HV6626.3 .R43 1986
Ready or not-- here I come.
HV6626.5 .C483 1997
Child abuse and elder abuse.
HV6626.5 .C53
Child abuse : it shouldn't hurt to be a kid.
HV6626.5 .C554 1990
Childhood physical abuse.
HV6626.5 .P78
Psychological maltreatment of children : assault on the psyche.
HV6626.5 .T45 2002
The ten reasons why parents abuse.
HV6626.5 .T46 1987
Toward an understanding of child sexual abuse.
HV6626.54.H85 B78 1998
HV6626.54.H85 F36 1998
防止虐待兒童會二十週年紀念特輯 : 流金歲月廿載情.
HV6626.54.H85 H35 2000
HV6691 .N47 2001
New emphasis on fraud prevention and detection.
HV6691 .N48
A New look at ethics and fraud.
HV6710 .G3 1997
Gambling : the chance of a lifetime.
HV6710 .G44 2000
Teen gambling.
HV6710 .P6 1998
Place your bets.
HV6715 .C76 1999
The Cronkite report : legal gambling : the dice are loaded.
HV6715 .G35 1997
Gambling : does it benefit society?
HV6762.A7 M36 1990z
Las Madres : the mothers of Plaza de Mayo.
HV6773 .C74 1997
Criminals in cyberspace.
HV6773 .C94 1990
HV6773.2 .C66 1987
Computer crime : ethics and data security.
HV6773.2 .C68 2001
Computer fraud : new problem, new remedy.
HV7173.5 .D39 2002
A day in court.
HV7431 .C75 1989
Crime prevention and security for residence hall staff.
HV7431 .I87 1989
It's your room .. but it's not like home.
HV7431 .T43 1989
Teamwork : the key to campus crime prevention.
HV7936.R53 W75 1995
Writing your report.
HV8073 .F67 1983
Forensic science.
HV8073 .I595 1998
Investigative interviewing.
HV8073 .P67 1991
Post mortem.
HV8079.H6 T45 2000
The thin blue line.
HV8148.N5 N97 1999
NYPD emergency.
HV8148.N5 T35 1999
Talk to me : hostage negotiations of the NYPD.
HV8195.A2 H57 1999
The history of the British police force.
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8263.A2 Z45 2003
HV8458 .R44 1993
Re-education in Shanghai.
HV8599.E58 S56 1983
A simple case for torture, or, How to sleep at night.
HV8688 .F33 1998
Facing the demons.
HV8696 .C43 1998
The chair.
HV8699.U5 T53 2001
Thanatos Rx.
HV8742.G73 B75 2002
Inside Broadmoor.
HV8742.U52 T57 1974
The Titicut follies.
HV8931.C55 C4 1993
Chinese prison labor : inside China's gulag.
HV9076 .O43 2000
OK 少年檔.
HV9104 .K53 1997
Kids behind bars.
HV9308 .H54 1998
High risk offender.
HV9475.C2 I55 2000
I thought I was seeing convicts.
HV9950 .C74324 1998
Criminal justice careers.
HV9950 .I75 2001
It's the law.
HV9950 .W325 1997
The Wadsworth/WEST video for issues in criminal justice .
HX39.5 .K37 1993
Karl Marx and Marxism.
HX39.5 .M37 1980z
Marxism : the theory that split a world.
HX40 .D56 1997
The demise of Western communism.
HX84.D3 E94 1977
Eugene Debs and the American movement.
HX240.7.A6 P46 1998
People power, 1989.
HX416.5 .C55 1997
China now.