Videocassette List:
Sociology. Social History and Conditions

Class HM-HN Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HM24 .M28 1997
Marcuse and the Frankfurt school.
HM33 .F675 1995
Forms of government : what's the score?
HM51 .S63 1991
The Sociological imagination.
HM51 .S633 1987
The social sciences : what is sociology?
HM51 .S637 1996
Sociology II : and there's sociology too.
HM73 .U53/cst.1
The enlightenment : reason and progress.
HM73 .U53/cst.2
Power and vision : the west and the rest.
HM73 .U53/cst.3
Poland : democracy and change.
HM73 .U53/cst.4
Global firms : shrinking worlds.
HM73 .U53/cst.5
Just an illness.
HM73 .U53/cst.6
Picturing the modern city.
HM73 .U53/cst.7
A global culture?
HM73 .U53/cst.8
Los Angeles : city of the future?
HM101 .C854 cst.1
Cultures of the walkman.
HM101 .C854 cst.10
Television to call our own.
HM101 .C854 cst.11
Difference on screen.
HM101 .C854 cst.3
England's green and pleasant land.
HM101 .C854 cst.4
Whose body.
HM101 .C854 cst.5
Which body ?
HM101 .C854 cst.6
Images over India.
HM101 .C854 cst.7
Yes, we never say no.
HM101 .C854 cst.8
Your place or mine?
HM101 .C854 cst.9
My favourite things.
HM101 .F32 1994
Faces of culture.
HM101 .W67 1989
World cultures : similarities and differences.
HM131 .M334 1995
Making decisions : Second City & Heavenly.
HM131 .S55 1988
The skillstreaming video : how to teach students prosocial skills.
HM132 .P395 1996
The people puzzle.
HM132 .U53 1994
Understanding & resolving conflicts.
HM134 .C37
Carl Rogers on facilitating a group.
HM134 .G76
Group work : leading in the here and now.
HM136 .C662 1999
Conflict management : the art of making peace.
HM136 .C664 1992
Conflict resolution.
HM136 .C666 1996
Conflict resolution.
HM136 .S56 1992
A Short film about mediation.
HM136 .T84 1991
Tug of war : strategies for conflict resolution.
HM136 .W484 1998
When the dust settles.
HM141 .D62
Doctor, lawyer, merchant, chief : case studies in leadership.
HM141 .E84 1989
Everyone can be a leader.
HM141 .L43
HM146 .F44 1998
HM146 .F45 2000
第 2 輯
HM251 .F68 2000
Foundational conversation with Ken Gergen.
HM251 .R445 2000
Relational responsibility : Sheila McNamee being interviewed by Jenifer Andrews.
HM251 .S62
Social psychology.
HM251 .S656 cst.1
Looking at what happens in hospitals.
HM251 .S656 cst.2
Insights into violence.
HM251 .S656 cst.3
Controlling carnival crowds?
HM251 .S656 cst.4
HM251 .W59 1999
When the day breaks.
HM258 .B48 2002
Better together than a-p-a-r-t : intercultural communication : an overview.
HM258 .C57 1989
Communication : Social cognitions and attribution.
HM258 .C75 1999
Cross-cultural understanding.
HM258 .D43/cst.12
Asian-American cultures in the U.S.A.
HM258 .D43 cst.3
Cross cultural communication in diverse settings.
HM258 .G46 1994
Gender and communication.
HM258 .I48 1999
Intercultural communicating.
HM258 .M35 1992
Making the difference.
HM258 .W67 1994
A world of difference.
HM258 .W675 1995
Worlds out of time.
HM261 .M36 1994
Manufacturing consent : Noam Chomsky and the media.
HM263 .F33 1987
Faces of the enemy.
HM263 .H42 1997
Headlines, your organization in print.
HM263 .T68 1989
實用公共關係學 : 電視講座.
HM263 .T73 1999
Truth merchants : public relations and the media.
HM278 .P46 1989
People power.
HM291 .K45 1989
Kelley's attribution model.
HM449 .P68 1900z
HM585 .G46 2002
HM585 .M34 1997
Making sense of sociological theories.
HM585 .S625 2002
Sociological perspectives : introduction to sociology.
HM585 .T54 1996
Theory and methods.
HM621 .C8535 2002
HM686 .S63 2002
HM691 .V34 1997
Values and social skills.
HM711 .S64 2002
Social groups : introduction to sociology.
HM811 .D48 2002
Deviance and social control.
HM821 .V47 2002
A very special equal opportunities mission. = 非常平等任務. [第一輯].
HM821 .V472 2002
A very special equal opportunities mission. = 非常平等任務. [第二輯].
HM831 .F88 1994
The future.
HM831 .L44 2001
Legacies of social change : 100 years of professional social work in the U.S.
HM881 .A26 2002
HM1033 .P47 2003
Performative psychology and embodiment of emotions : a performance by Mary & Ken Gergen.
HM1041 .B36 2003
Bandura's social cognitive theory : an introduction.
HM1041 .S63 2001
Social cognition.
HM1166 .M858 1998
Multigenerational influences : family-of-origin patterns.
HM1166 .V57 1999
Virtual friends.
HM1176 .G78 2001
Group influence.
HM1211 .C76 2002
Cross cultural communications.
HM1211 .M3 2002
Managing across cultures : avoiding misunderstandings and stereotypes.
HM1251 .O236 1996
HM1271 .N44 2001
Negotiating cultural communication.
HM1271 .S63 2001
Social interaction model.
HM1276 .T54 1991
There is no such thing as society.
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.1
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 1] .
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.2
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 2] .
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.3
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 3] .
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.4
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 4] .
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.5
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 5] .
HM1281 .F67 2000 pt.6
A force more powerful : a century of nonviolent conflict. [Part 6] .
HN5 .L54 no.29
Chile : the challenge of democracy.
HN5 .L54 no.43
The renewal of Latin America.
HN16 .S45 1999
The silent revolution : what do those old films mean?
HN17.5 .B73 2000
Brave new world.
HN17.5 .F87
Future shock.
HN28 .S723/cst.1
The creation of childhood.
HN46.G7 C66 2000
Community buildings.
HN80.C5 I63 2000
Imagine Chicago : Bliss Browne.
HN90.V5 P738 1997
Preventing violence.
HN90.V5 T35 1997
Taking action against violence.
HN90.V5 U538 1997
Understanding violence.
HN398.L7 L66 1994
HN400.C6 S87 2003
Sustainable communities plan.
HN514 .S49 1994
Sex, drugs, & democracy.
HN690.W48 S44 1994
Seed and earth.
HN723 .J37 1995
Japanese : society.
HN730.T65 N45 1992
Neighborhood Tokyo.
HN733.5 .C43 1994
China : beyond the clouds.
HN740.T6 T53 1997
Tibet : a moment in time.
HN752.5 .D824 1993
HN752.5 .D824 1993
HN752.5 .H85/pt.1
Human face of Hong Kong : better rich than red.
HN752.5 .H85/pt.2
Human face of Hong Kong : running from the ghost.
HN786.C3 C54 1990z
Cheval de buoe ; La Triste chanson de Touha.
HN980 .E34 1998 v.1
Governments caring for people.
HN980 .E34 1998 v.2
Regulation of industry.
HN980 .E34 1998 v.3
Cleaning up corruption.