Videocassette List:
Finance. Public Finance including Taxation

Class HG-HJ Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HG63 .A85 1995
The second annual conference of Asian Pacific Finance Association .
HG151.7 .F56 1996
Financial management information systems.
HG172.B84 W37 1999
Warren Buffett talks business.
HG172.B84 W373 2000
Warren Buffett.
HG173 .B35 cst.1
The hedging decision : active vs passive exposure management.
HG173 .B35 cst.10
South East Asian case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.11
Capital structure : a case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.12
Capital structure : rights issues vs private placements.
HG173 .B35 cst.13
Credit assessment : corporate perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.14
Credit assessment : a banker's perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.15
Realising asset value : the Azon float.
HG173 .B35 cst.16
Realising asset values : keeping Hamilton Island afloat.
HG173 .B35 cst.17
Tapping institutional funds : Australia's institutional fund investor's perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.18
Tapping institutional funds : US perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.19
Benchmarking : corporate case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.2
Offshore funding : opportunities and liabilities.
HG173 .B35 cst.20
Benchmarking : financial institution case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.21
Benchmarking : measuring up to your peers.
HG173 .B35 cst.22
Current financing case studies : project finance McArthur River.
HG173 .B35 cst.23
Current financing case studies : US private placement : market & case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.24
Current financing case studies : Qantas case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.25
A corporate perspective on Australian and global banking .
HG173 .B35 cst.26
Problems of dealing in international markets : a banker's perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.27
Short term funding programmes.
HG173 .B35 cst.28
Short term funding programmes : Santos case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.29
Daily risks in treasury.
HG173 .B35 cst.3
Derivatives protection : treasury organisation and control.
HG173 .B35 cst.30
Treasury audit controls.
HG173 .B35 cst.31
Choosing financial instruments : MIM case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.32
Kaltim Prima Coal : a project financing case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.33
The role of export credit agencies in project finance.
HG173 .B35 cst.34
Trade financing techniques.
HG173 .B35 cst.35
Export insurance options : credit risk management.
HG173 .B35 cst.36
Access to markets.
HG173 .B35 cst.37
Privatisation : the sale of Loy Yang a treasurer's perspective.
HG173 .B35 cst.38
Equity markets : replacement of debt.
HG173 .B35 cst.4
Developments in commodity hedging.
HG173 .B35 cst.5
Project finance in Asia's emerging markets.
HG173 .B35 cst.6
Adding value to treasury : efficient use of banking services.
HG173 .B35 cst.7
Interest rate risk management.
HG173 .B35 cst.8
China case study.
HG173 .B35 cst.9
Options and foreign currency risk management.
HG173 .I56 1992
An Introduction to finance.
HG174 .T54 1998
The time value of money.
HG177 .B384 1992
The effective grantwriter.
HG177 .G69 2000
The grantwriter's start-up kit : a beginner's guide to grant proposals.
HG179 .A195 1998
The 9 steps to financial freedom.
HG179 .C687 1999
The courage to be rich.
HG179 .D45 1999
Deluxe Quicken 2000.
HG179 .D595 v.101
Your personal financial plan.
HG179 .D595 v.102
Basic economic principles.
HG179 .D595 v.103
Personal career strategies.
HG179 .D595 v.104
Money management strategy.
HG179 .D595 v.105
Planning your tax strategy.
HG179 .D595 v.106
Banking services of financial institutions.
HG179 .D595 v.107
Introduction to consumer credit.
HG179 .D595 v.108
Choosing sources of credit.
HG179 .D595 v.109
Credit problems.
HG179 .D595 v.110
Legal aspect of protecting your wealth.
HG179 .D595 v.111
Consumer purchasing strategies.
HG179 .D595 v.112
Transportation costs.
HG179 .D595 v.113
The finances of housing.
HG179 .D595 v.114
Personal risk and insurance.
HG179 .D595 v.115
Home, auto & business insurace.
HG179 .D595 v.116
Health and disability insurance.
HG179 .D595 v.117
Life insurance.
HG179 .D595 v.118
Fundamentals of investing.
HG179 .D595 v.119
Investing in stock.
HG179 .D595 v.120
Investing in bonds.
HG179 .D595 v.121
Investing in mutual funds.
HG179 .D595 v.122
Real estate and other investment alternatives.
HG179 .D595 v.123
Retirement planning.
HG179 .D595 v.124
Estate planning.
HG179 .D595 v.125
Deceptions in the marketplace.
HG179 .D595 v.126
Your commitment to your financial goals.
HG179 .F878 1996
The future of investing : Dow Jones Industrial Average centennial collection.
HG179 .L3385 2000
Learning Quicken '99 deluxe.
HG179 .M26 1989
Managing your personal finances.
HG179 .M44 1992
Meg Green's financial workout.
HG179 .P47
Personal financial planning.
HG179.5 .C37 1999
Career in finance.
HG181 .N49 2001
The "new era" economy & financial markets.
HG222.3 .J33 1994
Jacob Needleman : money and culture.
HG226 .M66
The Money market.
HG226 .S56 1990
Short term money markets.
HG229 .I445 1998
HG293 .G65 1988
HG930.5 .E28 1992
The Ecu.
HG930.5 .H57 1999
The history of the European monetary union.
HG1601 .B365 1977
Banks, the money movers.
HG1601 .F49 2000
Financial systems for growth.
HG1601 .N47 1998
The networked financial enterprise : opportunities and challenges.
HG1615 .G66 1999
Global change management process in the last decade.
HG1615 .R57 1999
Risk management issues : international regulators perspective.
HG1615 .S76 1999
Strategic change management : theory & applications.
HG1615.5 .M36 1986
Manufacturers Hanover Corporation : worldwide network / Harvard Business School ; a presentation by Jack Evans ; prepared by F. Warren McFarlan and Donna Stoddard.
HG1616.C55 C67 1990
Correspondent banking.
HG1708.7 .T58 2001
Thriving in a high-risk environment.
HG1710 .D545 1997
Digital cash.
HG1710 .E39 1998
Electronic banking.
HG1710 .E46 1996
Electronic money.
HG1710 .E475 1999
Electronic commerce : understanding electronic payment systems.
HG1811 .G63 1994
Central bank independence and the role of Hong Kong Monetary Authority .
HG1811 .S87 1992
Sustaining profitability and growth.
HG2491 .S79 2002
Staying on top in turbulent times.
HG3290.6.A8 G738 1997
The women's bank of Bangladesh.
HG3745 .D63 1989
Documentary letters of credit.
HG3751 .W45 1998
Where credit's due.
HG3752.5 .C73
The Credit factor.
HG3753 .I58 1997
International trade finance.
HG3761 .B36 1992
HG3773 .B87 1990z
Business in the real world : Mirex should not have closed down.
HG3851 .B54
Billion dollar day.
HG3851 .F48 1995
Foreign currency.
HG3851 .W35 1994
HG3853 .A38 1993
Advanced swaps.
HG3853 .C87 1986
Currency swaps.
HG3881 .A38
Advanced foreign exchange.
HG3881 .F564 1996
HG3881 .I57
An introduction to foreign exchange.
HG3881 .I576338 1999
International finance. McDonald's.
HG3881 .M654 1991
The money lenders : the World Bank and the International Money Fund : a global report.
HG3881.5.I58 I569 1999
The International Monetary Fund : financial cure or catastrophe?
HG3881.5.W57 D48 1991
Development challenges.
HG3881.5.W57 W6 1997
The world bank : the great experiment.
HG3891 .F565 1999
Financial globalization and currency movement.
HG3896 .E973 1986
The Eurobond market : the investor.
HG3896 .E974 1986
The Eurobond market : the issuer.
HG3896 .E975 1986
The Eurobond market : an overview.
HG4011 .H69 2002
How debt makes companies perform better.
HG4013.7 .X37 1990z
XBRL : the new Internet-based financial language.
HG4026 .B46 1998
Benchmarking the finance function.
HG4026 .B87 1993
Business finance.
HG4026 .C39 1998
Strategic financial management.
HG4026 .C4465 2001
The challenge of integrating finance and business.
HG4026 .C673 1991
Corporate credit analysis.
HG4026 .E38 2001
eFinance : the finance function of the future.
HG4026 .F494 2001
Finance at Boeing : soaring to new heights.
HG4026 .F496 1995
Financial management.
HG4026 .F497 1995
Financial management.
HG4026 .F498 1995
Financial management.
HG4026 .F499 1990
Financial management : the secrets of financial health.
HG4026 .F563 1990z
Finance for the non-financial manager.
HG4026 .M3156 1996
Managing the money : financial forecasting and monitoring.
HG4026 .W478 1996
Where does all the money go? : financial transactions, costing and pricing.
HG4027.35 .F56 2001
Financial professionals : new roles, new impact.
HG4027.35 .R65 1999
Role of the CFO.
HG4027.6 .D43 1990
Multi-state financing of technology based start-up firms .
HG4027.6 .H692 1992
How to really create a successful business plan : the importance of a business plan in building your business.
HG4027.6 .I65 1990z
Into the fire.
HG4027.6 .Y68 2000
You are the product : entrepreneurs and the search for business angel finance.
HG4027.7 .A336 1999
Accounting cycle for a merchandising business.
HG4027.7 .A87
Assisting small business clients in obtaining funds.
HG4027.7 .F53 1989
HG4027.7 .Q85 1992
Quicken, quick and easy version 5.0.
HG4027.7 .S63 1993
Small business lending : Tom the baker.
HG4028.B2 B34
The Balance sheet barrier.
HG4028.B8 B82
HG4028.B8 B83 2000z
HG4028.B8 F56
Finger on the pulse.
HG4028.B8 F563 1998
Financial decision making.
HG4028.C4 C356 1999
Capital budgeting.
HG4028.C4 F46 1999
Financial decisions.
HG4028.C45 C37 1982
Cash management techniques for smaller business.
HG4028.C45 C375 1997
Cash flow : managing the lifeblood of the organization.
HG4028.C45 M36 1990
Managing corporate cash.
HG4028.C45 T74 1996
Treasury issues : interest rate and foreign exchange risk management.
HG4028.P5 U85 1992
Using DacEasy payroll, version 4.2.
HG4028.S7 G65 1999
Going public.
HG4028.T38 C55 1990z
Clicks & bricks : technology and the workplace.
HG4028.V3 E26 1999
Economic value added.
HG4028.V3 I57 2003
International valuation standards.
HG4028.V3 V357 1996
Valuation of private company shares and business.
HG4515.15 .T745 1999
Trends. The stockholder society.
HG4515.7 .S524 1993
Shall we tell the shareholder?
HG4515.95 .I575 1999
The Internet money machine.
HG4515.95 .W57 2001
HG4521 .A52 2001
Analyzing supply and demand.
HG4521 .G35
The Gamble of investment?
HG4521 .G38 2001
Gauging corporate health.
HG4521 .P75 1993
Martin Pring on market momentum.
HG4521 .Y68 1989
Your money.
HG4523 .F54 1999
Financial markets.
HG4523 .T785 2000
Trillion dollar bet.
HG4529 .P754 1986
Technical analysis.
HG4529.5 .P65 1999
Portfolio management.
HG4529.5 .P66 1996
Portfolio management.
HG4530 .U53 1994
Understanding the basics : mutual funds.
HG4538 .H66 2000
Honda North America.
HG4538 .P763 1993
Project finance.
HG4551 .G86 1994
HG4572 .S76 1997
The stock exchange.
HG4572 .W36 1999
Wall Street's wild ride : understanding the bull and the bear.
HG4577 .U4 1989
UK equities.
HG4651 .B68 1999
HG4651 .G54 1996
Global bond markets.
HG4661 .P76 1980z
Prof. David Ruder.
HG4751 .R357 1992
Raising capital : how to finance your business.
HG4753 .R47 1994
Repurchase agreements.
HG4910 .B496 1997
Beyond Wall Street : the art of investing.
HG4930 .M87 1999
The mutual fund business video series.
HG4936 .U8 1987
The US treasury securities market.
HG5587 .P55 2000
Poland : join the winners.
HG5720.7.A3 I58 2000
Investment opportunities in Myanmar.
HG6024.A3 C87 1987
Currency options.
HG6024.A3 D464 1999
HG6024.A3 F37 2001
FASB : update 2000.
HG6024.A3 F563 1994
Financial derivatives. The markets & currency products.
HG6024.A3 F564 1994
Financial derivatives. Equity products.
HG6024.A3 F565 1994
Financial derivatives. Interest rate products.
HG6024.A3 I58 1989
An Introduction to futures.
HG6024.5 .I58 1986
Interest rate swaps.
HG6024.5 .R57 1992
Risk management : the identification & measurement of interest rate risk.
HG6041 .E55 1990
Elliott wave educational video series.
HG6042 .I56 1989
An Introduction to options.
HG6046 .W55 1988
Williams %R.
HG8039 .L57
Lloyd's of London.
HG8540.E68 B54
Billion dollar bubble.
HJ2381 .T393 1989
HJ5709 .E38 2000
E-commmouse : the tax issues.
HJ5709.5.U6 E35 1990z
E-commerce : tax fee or tax free?
HJ7054.5.Z5 S68 2000
HJ8899 .F38 1989
A fate worse than debt.