Videocassette List:
Transportation and Communications

Class HE Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HE151 .M63 1995
Modern transportation management.
HE151 .T434/cst.1
Air transportation.
HE151 .T434/cst.3
HE151 .T434/cst.6
Land transportation.
HE151 .T434/cst.7
Sea transportation.
HE152 .C655 1994
Coming & going.
HE305 .W38
Way ahead.
HE308 .C55 1995
Cities in the balance : creating the transit friendly environment.
HE309.C2 C35 1998
California dreaming : controlling air pollution.
HE311.H6 X53 1999
HE311.H6 X532 1999
HE311.H6 X5324 1999
Transport in Hong Kong.
HE336.B8 B87 1998
Bus priority and traffic management.
HE336.E94 O64 1991
Open roads : a look at freeway incident management.
HE336.P43 P43 2000
Pedestrain friendly schemes : walking.
HE336.T7 S87 1997
Sustainable urban traffic strategies.
HE363.G72 T725 1999
Traffic calming.
HE571 .G56 1999
Global shipping.
HE1031 .L63 1993
HE1031 .R35 1989
Railways around Europe.
HE1043 .G743 1993
Great American train rides. Volume 1.
HE1043 .G744 1994
Great American train rides. Volume 2.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.1
St. Petersburg to Tashkent.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.2
Santos to Santa Cruz.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.3
Derry to Kerry.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.4
Karachi to the Khyber Pass.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.5
Cape Town to the Lost City.
HE2591.A1 G743 1994 v.6
Hong Kong to Ulaanbataar.
HE2791.U55 T73 1995
Trans-continental railroads.
HE3288 .Z466 1997
HE4714 .B75 1999
British transport films.
HE4719.L6 L66 1990
London & Calcutta.
HE5059.T64 T65 1990
Tokyo & Seoul.
HE5080.5.H6 U53 1990
Underground pride.
HE5620.D65 D78 1987
Drugs and driving : double trouble.
HE6185.C6 Z46 1990z
HE6239.E54 C655 1988
Communications via a micro : an overview.
HE7568 .C93 1996
HE7581 .L66 2000
A look at an ISP.
HE7631 .C43 1999
The changing fabric of telecommunications.
HE7781 .C37 1996
Casino economics and the new world disorder.
HE8445.C35 H86 1988
The human touch.
HE8445.C35 Q266 1988
HE8689.9.S6 T84 1996
Twenty years of television : SABC TV.
HE8700.62 .I77 2000
It's the end of TV as we know it.
HE8700.7 .P76 1978
Proposal for QUBE.
HE8700.76.U6 A152 1996
30 second democracy.
HE8700.9.C4 N6 1995
No sex, no violence, no news : the battle to control China's airwaves.
HE8735 .C66
Controlling the telephone call.
HE8735 .G83 1993
關心來電者 = Caring for telephone callers.
HE8735 .I87
It's all right, it's only a customer.
HE8735 .T43
The Telephone and your business.
HE8735 .T44
Telephone dynamics.
HE8735 .T45
Telephone skills : courtesy on the line.
HE9719 .S37 1999
Satellite and digital.
HE9783.5 .A37
Air fares.
HE9860.S28 M65 1996
Moments of truth.