Videocassette List:
Economic Theory. Demography

Class HB Videocassette List
Call Number Title
HB71 .I577 v.1
The issues and methods of economics.
HB71 .I577 v.2
Supply and demand.
HB71 .I577 v.3
Demand theory : household behavior.
HB71 .I577 v.5
Competition versus central planning.
HB71 .I577 v.6
Market failure : monopoly.
HB71 .I577 v.7
Market failure : externalities.
HB71 .I577 v.8
Income distribution and the tax system.
HB71 .I577 v.16
Stabilization policy for a small open economy.
HB71 .I577 v.17
Growth and development.
HB95 .B87 1997
Business in the economy : an introduction.
HB95 .N49 1987
New classical liberalism : challenges and conflicts.
HB97.5 .D7 1980z
Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski.
HB98 .M37 1987
The market process.
HB99.7.K38 J65 1988
John Maynard Keynes, 1883-1946 : life, ideas, legacy.
HB99.7 .K494 1987
The Keynesian revolution and economic policy.
HB99.7 .K495 1987
Keynes and the Keynesians.
HB99.7 .S63
Spend and prosper.
HB101.H39 H39 1994
Hayek : freedom's philosopher.
HB171 .I57
Introduction to economics.
HB171 .M3252/cst.1
Resources and scarcity : what is economics all about?
HB171 .M3252/cst.10
Stagflation : why couldn't we beat it?
HB171 .M3252/cst.11
Productivity : can we get more for less?
HB171 .M3252/cst.12
Federal deficits : can we live with them?
HB171 .M3252/cst.13
Monetary policy : how well does it work?
HB171 .M3252/cst.14
Stabilization policy : are we still in control?
HB171 .M3252/cst.15
The firm : how can it keep cost down?
HB171 .M3252/cst.16
Supply and demand : what sets the price?
HB171 .M3252/cst.17
Perfect competition and inelastic demand : can the farmer make a profit?
HB171 .M3252/cst.18
Economic efficiency : what price controls?
HB171 .M3252/cst.19
Monopoly : who's in control?
HB171 .M3252/cst.2
Markets : do they meet our needs?
HB171 .M3252/cst.20
Oligopolies : what ever happened to price competition?
HB171 .M3252/cst.21
Pollution : how much is a clear environment worth?
HB171 .M3252/cst.22
Labor and management : how do they come to terms?
HB171 .M3252/cst.23
Profits and interest : how do you get the best return?
HB171 .M3252/cst.24
Reducing poverty : what have we done?
HB171 .M3252/cst.25
Economic growth : can we keep up the pace?
HB171 .M3252/cst.26
Public goods and responsibility : how far should we go?
HB171 .M3252/cst.27
International trade : for whose benefit?
HB171 .M3252/cst.28
Exchange rates : what in the world is a dollar worth?
HB171 .M3252/cst.3
U.S. economics growth : what is GNP?
HB171 .M3252/cst.4
Boom and bust : who can explain the business cycle?
HB171 .M3252/cst.5
John Maynard Keynes : what did we learn from the great depression?
HB171 .M3252/cst.6
Fiscal policy : can we control the economy?
HB171 .M3252/cst.7
Inflation : how did the spiral begin?
HB171 .M3252/cst.8
The banking system : why must it be protected?
HB171 .M3252/cst.9
The Federal reserve : does money matter?
HB171 .S383
Small is beautiful.
HB171.5 .T46 1998
The ten principles.
HB171.5 .U63 v.1
Housing business as usual.
HB171.5 .U63 v.2
The care industry.
HB171.5 .U63 v.3
Flexible work, insecure lives.
HB171.5 .U63 v.4
Wheels of innovation.
HB172 .I57 1998
Introduction to microeconomics : analytical building blocks for business.
HB172.5 .I45 1995
The illustrious yet elusive world of microeconomics.
HB172.5 .I575 1999
Introduction to macroeconomics : mastering the global economy.
HB172.5 .P75 1991
Principles of macroeconomics.
HB501 .C24225 1995
Capitalism and contemporary economics.
HB501 .F723 1991
Free to choose.
HB615 .E547 1992
The entrepreneur.
HB615 .E5965 1999
Entrepreneur of the year.
HB615 .E598 1999
Entrepreneurial process : how to make your dreams a reality.
HB615 .E629 1999
Entrepreneurship for the new millennium.
HB615 .F68 1995
Forms of business ownership.
HB615 .I68 1999
Introduction to entrepreneurship : building the dream.
HB615 .T6 1992
Tom Peters on necessary disorganization : cutting edge business ideas for the nanosecond '90s.
HB701 .E26 1987
The economics of property rights.
HB846.8 .E26 1987
Economics, democracy and the constitution.
HB849.41 .P45 1994
The people bomb.
HB871 .D63 1992
Dodging doomsday.
HB871 .E36 1987
The economics of the family and human capital.
HB871 .O94 1998
Six billion people.
HB875 .H852 1994
Human tide.
HB1955 .E96
Exploding cities.
HB1955 .S46
A Sense of place.
HB3586.L6 C76 1993
Crowds on the move.
HB3654.A3 O53
The one child family.
HB3717 1929 .B74 1998
Breadline, 1929.
HB3730 .E265/cst.1
Forecasting the economy.
HB3730 .E265/cst.2
Modelling in the motor industry.
HB3730 .E265/cst.3
Modelling in the long term.
HB3730 .E265/cst.4
Modelling in the money markets.
HB3808 .Y36 1997