Videocassette List:
Social Sciences (General). Statistics

Class H-HA Videocassette List
Call Number Title
H61 .S63/cst.27
Meanings of madness : the institution of insanity.
H61 .S63/cst.28
Meanings of madness : the medicine man.
H61 .S63/cst.29
Meanings of madness : psychiatry comes of ages.
H61 .S63/cst.3
Levels of meaning.
H61 .S63/cst.30
Meanings of madness : rights and rituals.
H61 .S63/cst.31
Competing theories?
H61 .S63/cst.32
Is social science really necessary?
H61 .S63/cst.7
What price the workers?
H61 .S723 cst.1
Using TV.
H61 .S723 cst.10
Questions of national identity.
H61 .S723 cst.11
Age and identity.
H61 .S723 cst.12
Regions apart?
H61 .S723 cst.13
A Europe of the regions?
H61 .S723 cst.14
The traditions and the environment.
H61 .S723 cst.15
Social scientists at work.
H61 .S723 cst.16
Wrapping up the themes.
H61 .S723 cst.2
Lifestyles, work and the family.
H61 .S723 cst.3
Reading the landscape.
H61 .S723 cst.4
Immigration, prejudice and ethnicity.
H61 .S723 cst.5
Women, children and work.
H61 .S723 cst.6
From public to private.
H61 .S723 cst.7
Questions of sovereighty.
H61 .S723 cst.8
The politics of equal opportunity.
H61 .S723 cst.9
Television : images, messages and ideologies.
H61.8 .I53
The Information society.
H61.95 .V57 1996
Virtual democracy?
H62 .D65 1996
Doing social research in Hong Kong : the poverty research project.
H62 .Q3576 2004
Qualitative research in action : techniques for focus group and in-depth interview.
H62 .Q35762 2004
定性研究方法的實踐 : 焦點小組及深入訪談技巧.
H62 .R428 1998
Research methods for the social sciences.
H62 .R435 1993
Real world economics.
H91 .W75 1991
Writing for the social sciences : the abstract.
HA29 .H38 1995
A head for figures.
HA29 .S72
Statistics at a glance.
HA29 .S7223/cst.5-6
Which test to use ; Looking again at large samples.
HA29 .S7224 v.1
The census.
HA29 .S7224 v.2
Development aid.
HA29 .S7224 v.3
Evaluating pre-school education.
HA29 .S7224 v.4
Mind readers.
HA29 .S723
Statistical applications : basic.