Videocassette List:
Anthropology. Folklore. Manners and Customs

Class GN-GT Videocassette List
Call Number Title
GN21.M36 M37 1995
Margaret Mead : an observer observed.
GN281 .A64 1994
Ape man.
GN281 .I5 1994
In search of human origins.
GN281 .M97 1992
Mysteries of mankind.
GN281 .O88 1998
Out of Asia : new theories on evolution.
GN320 .S64 1974
Spirit of ethnography.
GN345.65 .U63 1996
Understanding cultural differences.
GN345.7 .C85 1993
Culture : what is it?
GN347 .H45 1997
Seeing anthropology : cultural anthropology through film.
GN347 .P37 1997
Passing girl, riverside : an essay on camera work.
GN409 .G69 2000z
Gow the killer.
GN419.3 .T38 1998
GN484 .D59 2002
The day I will never forget.
GN495.4 .A5
Ah .. we humans.
GN751 .A853 1997
Atlantis : in search of a lost continent.
GN799.P4 T377 1970
Tassili N'Ajjer : prehistoric rock paintings of the Sahara.
GR72.3 .S86 2000z
The storyteller.
GR78 .L44 1988
Legends of Greece and Rome.
GR335 .C527 1990z
Chinese zodiac signs : the animal in all of us.
GT367 .J37 1999
Japan. Housing : customs in transition.
GT498.B47 U63 1994
GT510 .F37 1991
Fashion through the ages : the history of costume.
GT510 .S76 1987
The story of fashion.
GT529.A7 N674 1993
Notebook on cities and clothes.
GT2345 .A782 1998
The art of tattooing.
GT2850 .F55 1998
GT2905 .O62 1995
One lump or two? : tales of afternoon tea.
GT3415.J3 S43 1999
The secret life of geisha.
GT4013.A2 N68 1998
The Nova Scotia International Tattoo 1998.
GT4842 .T68 1991
Touring the great festivals of Europe.
GT4905 .G74 1990z
Greeting the lunar new year on Taiwan = Nian.
GT4985.5 F39 1995
Fay's 12 days of Christmas.
GT5856.84 .H86 1989
The hunters.
GT5890 .I53 1993
The incredible story of dogs.