Videocassette List:
Environmental Sciences. Human Ecology

Class GE Videocassette List
Call Number Title
GE42 .E5725 v.1
Biotechnology : whose science? whose ethics?
GE75 .B85 1993
The built environment.
GE75 .E36 1993
GE75 .G74 1990z
Green animation.
GE105 .E484 1989
Environment at issue.
GE105 .R46 1995
Renewable energies.
GE105 .R463 cst.1V
The great iron and steel rollercoaster.
GE105 .R463 cst.10
Energy resources : petroleum.
GE105 .R463 cst.12
Oil : finds for the future.
GE105 .R463 cst.16
Gold rush in the 1990s.
GE105 .R463 cst.2V
Stones for buildings.
GE105 .R463 cst.3V
Rocks for roads.
GE105 .R463 cst.4V
Watering the desert.
GE105 .R463 cst.5V
Energy at the crossroads.
GE105 .R463 cst.7V
Resources, environment and politics.
GE105 .R463 cst.8
Energy resources : coal.
GE170 .E57669 pt.1
North Sea : managing the common pool.
GE170 .E57669 pt.2
The Black triangle.
GE170 .E57669 pt.3
Desertification : a threat to peace?
GE170 .E57669 pt.4
Fuelling the Philippine tiger.
GE170 .E57669 pt.5
Changing climate?
GE170 .E57669 pt.6
Clayoquot Sound : the final cut.
GE195 .E53 1999
Endangered planet, 1959.
GE195 .S36 1995
The sandbox.
GE195 .W38 2000
The Waterkeepers.
GE320.B48 B533 1999
Black Sea : voyage of healing.
GF41 .E26 1992
The ecosphere : where all life exists.
GF41 .M35 2000
Maldharis and Rabaris ; Wood cutting elephants ; Angkor.
GF41 .S32 1994
A sense of place.
GF41 .S43 v.4
Global tourism.
GF41 .S43 v.12
The World of the dragon.
GF41 .S63 1991
Spaceship earth.
GF47 .I53
The infinite voyage.
GF47 .I532
The infinite voyager, II.
GF63 .W37 1988
Washing of a river.
GF75 .G73 1990
The Green quiz.
GF75 .H45 1990
Help save planet earth.
GF75 .P53/cst.1
Human nature.
GF75 .P53/cst.2
GF75 .P53/cst.3
Subdue the earth.
GF75 .P53/cst.4
Who needs nature?
GF75 .P53/cst.5
The Ultimate slavery.
GF75 .P53/cst.6
Improving on nature.
GF75 .P53/cst.7
At war with death.
GF75 .P53/cst.8
The Runaway brain.
GF75 .R33 1990
Race to save the planet.
GF125 .U723 1991
Urban ecology.
GF656 .C55 1988
China : a human geography.