Videocassette List:

Class G-GC Videocassette List
Call Number Title
G3.N37 A13 1994
30 years of National Geographic specials.
G70.4 .R463 1986
Remote sensing.
G70.4 .R464 1985
Remote heat sensing.
G155.A75 C85 1995
Cultivating rural tourism.
G155.E8 E974 1998
European tourism.
G155.K6 V57 2005
Visit Gyeonggi-Korea 2005.
G156.5.Y6 W67 1998
World wise : your passport to safer travel.
G306.H47 T46 1997
Thor Heyerdahl : explorer and scientist.
G370.P9 M33 1999
Marco Polo : a film.
G465 .M53 1999
Michael Palin's Hemingway adventure.
G525 .B52 1996
Bermuda triangle : secrets revealed.
G525 .S55 1998
Shipwreck! Deep sea rescue.
G525 .S552 1998
Shipwreck! Fatal collision.
G525 .S553 1998
Shipwreck! Floating inferno.
G530.H46 K836 1997
G530.T6 E97 1995
Explorers of Titanic.
G530.T6 T584 1994
G587 .P65 1989
Polar oceans.
G709.3 .N63 1994
No barriers.
G850 1990 .A58 1995
Antarctic wildlife adventure.
G860 .A584 1989
The Antarctic paradox.
G860 .A585 1987
Antarctica : the last continent.
G860 .E96 1991
Exploring Antarctica.
G860 .J687 1998
Journey to the ice.
G875.S35 A15 1994
90 ⁰ south.
GA105.3 .T35 1993
Tales from the map room.
GB401.5 .G46 1982
Geography today.
GB451.2 .C63 1989
Coastal landforms.
GB451.2 .C64 1989
Coastal processes.
GB454.B3 C65
Come on in, the water's fine.
GB460.U6 B43 1990
The beaches are moving : a personal view of the barrier islands.
GB461 .C67 1994
Coral reefs : their evolution and reproduction.
GB561 .D73 1989
Drainage basin landforms.
GB566 .S74 1998
Spectacular canyons and the forces of erosion.
GB601 .S43 1998
The secret abyss of Movile Cave.
GB848 .L34 1998
Lakes, rivers and other water sources.
GB848 .R58 1989
River processes.
GB848 .W38 1988
The Water cycles and erosion.
GB848 .W383 1993
The water cycle.
GB1001 .D69 1988
Down to the last drop.
GB1001 .U53 1989
The underlying threat : a film about groundwater pollution.
GB1201 .E97 1997
Exploring America's rivers and lakes.
GB1399 .F546 1998
GB2403.5 .G53 1989
GB2403.8 .G53 1994
Glaciers : nature's conveyor belt.
GB5014 .D57 1995
GB5014 .T676 1996
Toronado! hurricane! flood! : wonders of weather.
GB5018 .N38 1996
Nature's fury.
GC11.2 .O34 1990
GC11.2 .O34 1995
Oceans, earth's last frontier.
GC11.2 .O35 1979
Oceanus : the marine environment.
GC11.2 .U53 1999
Understanding oceans.
GC21 .J86 1994
The junior oceanographer.
GC21 .S48 1992
The seven seas : our watery planet.
GC67 .A14 1993
4000 meters under the sea.
GC87 .R63 1989
GC89 .G56 1989
Global sea level.
GC131 .O87 1995
Our wondrous oceans.
GC150.5 .P49 1990
Physical oceanography.
GC205 .W38 1994
Waves, shores and beaches.
GC221.2 .T533 1997
Tidal wave.
GC231.2 .O34 1988
Ocean currents and winds.
GC296.8.E4 C537 1998
Chasing El Nino.
GC1015.2 .D46 1985
Markets under the sea.
GC1085 .F53
Fighting pollution.
GC1085 .M38
Marine litter : Annex V of Marpol.
GC1085 .O34 1978
Science seeks answers to ocean pollution.
GC1085 .R4762
Response to marine oil spills.