Videocassette List:
History: America

Class E-F Videocassette List
Call Number Title
E27.2 .D69 2001
E58 .I53 1995
The Indians.
E78.W5 R33 1995
Radioactive reservations.
E93 .I535 1992
Incident at Oglala : the Leonard Peltier story.
E98.A7 M66 1991
Moon Drum : twelve evocations.
E99.E7 N36 1998
Nanook of the North.
E99.N3 S43 1988
Seasons of a Navajo.
E99 .N356 1994
Nanook revisited.
E158 .N384 1991
Nature's serenade featuring the four seasons by Antonio Vivaldi .
E158 .N385 1990
Nature's symphony.
E158 .S96 1992
Symphony to America's natural wonders.
E159 .W37 1994
The war memorials.
E160 .A44 1995
America's national parks : the video story of all fifty -three national parks.
E162 .K457 1996
Ken Burns' America.
E169.04 .S96 1994
Symphony to America the beautiful.
E178 .A45 1997 v.1
The Coast Starlight.
E178 .A45 1997 v.2
Copper Canyon.
E178 .A45 1997 v.3
The Skeena.
E178 .A45 1997 v.4
The Adirondack.
E183 .C378 1996
E183.8.C5 N59 2000
Nixon's China game.
E183.8.I7 F687 1997
444 days : what really happened in Iran.
E183.8.S65 C642 1993
The Cold war.
E183.8.S65 C65 1998
Cold War.
E184.A1 R33 1994
Racial and sexual stereotyping.
E184.C5 C45 1993
Chinese Americans.
E184.C5 C477 2001
The Chinatown files.
E184.C5 S492 1990z
Sewing woman.
E184.C5 T73 1994
The Trained Chinese tongue.
E184.I45 O63 1994
On cannibalism.
E184.J3 A35 1994
Akiko-San in Scarsdale : discrimination against Japanese by Japanese in a Japanese community.
E184.J3 H57 1991
History and memory : for Akiko and Takashige.
E184.J3 J344 1991
Japanese American women : a sense of place.
E184.K45 A43 1995
A.k.a. Don Bonus.
E184.K45 A534 1995
Animal appetites.
E184.K6 F578 2000
First person plural.
E184.M5 R53 1994
Richard Rodriguez : victim of two cultures.
E184.O6 B353 1997
Banana split.
E184.O6 H66 1989
Home from the eastern sea : the story of Asian-Pacific Americans in Washington state.
E184.O6 Y45 1990
Yellow tale blues : two American families.
E184.Y36 K45 1998
Kelly loves Tony.
E185 .A64 2000
Âme noire = Black soul.
E185 .E83 1986
Ethnic notions.
E185 .G74 1998
The greatness of Africa.
E185.6 .P765 1995 v.1
Any place but here.
E185.6 .P765 1995 v.2
Standing at the crossroads.
E185.6 .P765 1995 v.3
The walls of Jericho.
E185.615 .B455 1997
Bell Hooks : cultural criticism & transformation.
E185.62 .J87 1991
Just black?
E185.86 .B55 1993
Family values reconsidered.
E185.86 .V65 2000
Voices of power.
E185.97.K5 M378 1997
Martin Luther King Jr. : the man and the dream.
E185.97.R63 P385 1994
Paul Robeson.
E230 .A44 1994
The American Revolution.
E302.6.F8 B46 1994
Benjamin Franklin : citizen of the world.
E312.2 .G46 1995
George Washington : founding father.
E332 .T46 1995
Thomas Jefferson : philosopher of freedom.
E350.C5 M57 1987
Mississippi triangle.
E457.5 .L56 1995
The Lincoln assassination.
E468 .C585 1997
The Civil War.
E468.7 .C57 1993
Civil War journal.
E468.7 .C58 1993
Civil War journal.
E475.53 .G48 1983
Gettysburg : 1863.
E741 .C46 1999
The century : America's time.
E741 .U56 v.4
Powers of the President : foreign policy : Carter and Reagan.
E741 .U56 v.6
Mr. Moore runs for Washington.
E741 .U56 v.10
The battle for congress.
E745.M3 D68 1996
Douglas MacArthur : return of legend.
E801 .A77 1993
Arsenal of democracy.
E801 .N374 1994
Native land.
E806 .P683 1994
Power and the land : four documentary portraits of the great depression.
E807 .F37 1995
F.D.R. : the war years.
E841 .B47 1996
Berkeley in the sixties.
E842.9 .M46 1995
The men who killed Kennedy : the truth shall make you free.
E843.K42 J646 1999
John F. Kennedy, Jr. : child of a dream.
E846 .N56 1999
1968 : : the year that shaped a generation.
E846 .Y68 1999
Young blood.
E856 .R53 1996
Richard Nixon : man and president.
E876 .I52 1989
Images of the '80s.
E878 .N363 1997
Nancy Reagan : President's leading lady.
E878 .R66 1992
Ronald Reagan, the many lives.
E882 .G46 1992
George Bush : his World War II years.
E887.C55 H54 1994
Hillary Rodham Clinton : changing the rules.
F73.5.C758 B678 1995
Boston : the way it was.
F128.18 .N48 1994
New York.
F128.18 .N49 1995
New York : city of cities.
F128.64.L6 S73 1994
The Statue of Liberty : enlightening the world.
F128.8.E46 E47 1994
Empire State Building.
F128.9.C5 F76 1990z
From spikes to spindles.
F192.3 .S76 1992
The story of Washington, D.C.
F192.3 .W37 1995
Washington, D.C., a capital adventure.
F203.4.A1 P74 1994
The presidential memorials.
F204.W5 W55 1995
The White House.
F311 .N38 1994
The natural splendors of Florida.
F351 .M544 1998
The mighty Mississippi.
F395.M5 C48 1994
Chulas fronteras and Del mero corazon.
F551 .G74 1988
The Greatest lakes.
F574.D457 S77 1998
Strange frut : Detroit culture. Part one, Rock apocrypha.
F591 .W47 1996
The West.
F596 .B84 1992
Bullets for breakfast.
F787 .P47 1999
Performing the border.
F788 .R34 1994
Rafting the Grand Canyon.
F802.C28 C37 1987
Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
F826 .N38 1994
The national forests of Utah.
F859.3 .C35 1993
California : the golden dream.
F868.D2 D43 1998
Death Valley.
F869.L89 .S687 1994
South Central Los Angeles : inside voices.
F891 .O83 1991
Over Washington : an aerial celebration.
F891 .S438 1999
Seattle destinations.
F891 .W375 1990
Washington State's emerald city, Seattle.
F897.O5 O33 1992
Oceans of air.
F904 .A427 1995
F904 .G74 1996 v.1
The Alaska railroad. Anchorage to Seward.
F904 .G74 1996 v.2
The Alaska railroad. Anchorage to Fairbanks.
F904 .T68 1987
Touring Alaska.
F904 .W55 1987
Wild Alaska.
F1011 .C36 1996
Canada's national parks.
F1021 .L375 1994
Last train across Canada.
F1031.5 .C36 1997
Canadian great speeches.
F1035.C5 D57 1996
Dirty laundry.
F1035.C5 U62 1997
Under the willow tree : pioneer Chinese women in Canada.
F1086.4 .B75 1986
British Columbia.
F1216 .M49 1990
Mexico : journey to the sun.
F1256 .P53 2000
A place called Chiapas.
F1386 .M49 1995
Mexico City.
F1430 .T68 1989
Touring Mexico.
F1435 .F355 1999
Fall of the Aztec & Maya Empires.
F1435 .L67 1994
Lost kingdoms of the Maya : unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization.
F1435.3.A7 E55 1990z
El Enigma de los Mayas.
F1435.3.A7 M39 1995
Maya art and architecture.
F1465 .T547 1996
Tierre madre, terre sacree.
F1488.3 .I5 1984
In the name of democracy.
F1569.C2 E965 1995
Exploring the Panama Canal.
F1569.C2 P36 1994
Panama Canal.
F1608.3 .I75 1990
Islands of the Caribbean.
F1613 .W67 1998
The world's most exotic islands. The Caribbean.
F1754.7 .C833 1996
Cuba : island of dreams.
F1760 .Q53 1998
Quien diablos es Juliette?
F1765.2 .W34 1995
Waiting for Fidel.
F1788.22.C3 F54 1990z
F1869 .J364 1995
F2161 .J49 1995
Jewels of the Caribbean Sea.
F2212 .D57 1994
Discovering the Amazon and the Andes.
F2260 .P37 2002
Un Paseo por Colombia.
F2319.2.G8 G83 2001
F2380.1.M3 W65 1990z
Women of the rainforest / written and presented by Trish Williams ; a production for the Women's and Youth Affairs Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
F2517 .B73 1988
F2520.1.C45 T354 1993
Taking aim.
F2520.1.Y3 A9 1997
The Ax fight.
F2520.1.Y3 D688 2001
The laughing alligator.
F2520.1.Y3 D69 2001
Yanomami healing one.
F2546 .A43 1992
Amazon, land of the flooded forest.
F2546 .L59 1986
Lizzie : an Amazon adventure.
F2646.A4 R56 1995
Rio de Janeiro.
F2810 .P37 2003
Un paseo por Argentina.
F2849.2 .M35 1996
F2849.22.G85 C53 1997
El Che.
F2849.22.G85 E764 1998
Ernesto "Che" Guevara : le journal de Bolivie = Das Bolivianische tagebuch = The Bolivian diary.
F3059.5 .C455 1996
Chile and Easter Island.
F3100 .B38 1990z
The Battle of Chile : the struggle of an unarmed people = La Batalla de Chile, la lucha de un pueblo sin armas.
F3100 .C478 1997
Chile, obstinate memory.
F3169 .M98 2003
The mystery of Easter Island.
F3410 .P37 2001
Un Paseo por el Perú.
F3429 .M97 1993
Mysteries of Peru.
F3448.4.V3 M375 1990
Mario Vargas Llosa : the story of the novelist who would be president.
F3709.5 .E29 1990z
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.
F3722.1.H83 N66 1984
Nomads of the rainforest.
F3722.1.J5 S43 1989
Secrets of the rain forest.