Videocassette List:
History of Africa. Oceania. Gypsies

Class DT-DX Videocassette List
Call Number Title
DT4 .E49 1993
DT36 .S67 1998
The spice route : the discovery of the sea route to Africa and Asia.
DT56 .T68 1988
Touring Egypt.
DT56.9 .E34 1991
Egypt : 5000 years fascination.
DT60 .A53 1992
Ancient Egypt.
DT61 .E386 1993
Egypt : land of ancient wonders.
DT61 .E39 1993
Egypt : quest for eternity.
DT61 .L54 1993
Life in ancient Egypt.
DT61 .L545 2000
Living in ancient Egypt.
DT62.T4 N835 1988
Nubia 64 : saving the temples of ancient Eygpt.
DT63 .M97 1990
The mystery of the pyramids.
DT63 .P97 1988
DT63 .P974 1994
The pyramids and the cities of the pharaohs.
DT63 .P976 1997
Pyramids, majesty and mystery.
DT83 .G74 1997
The great Egyptians.
DT87.5 .T66 1993
The Tomb of Tutankhamun.
DT88 .R36 1989
Ramses II : glorious pharaoh.
DT115 .G53 1992
The Giant Nile.
DT115 .N554 1995
Nile : river of gods.
DT142 .C35 1995
DT148 .V57 1990z
Virtual Cairo : a history.
DT304 .M377 1995
Marrakesh & Fez.
DT304 .M67 1995
DT351 .A38 2000z
Africa Speaks.
DT433.245.D63 D63 2001
Dodoth morning.
DT549.4 .S463 2000
Senegal : the power to change.
DT797 .B87 1974
Bushmen of the Kalahari.
DT944.J64 J64 1995
DT1719 .S687 1992
South Africa : a journey of discovery.
DT1974 .F762 1999
The long walk of Nelson Mandela.
DU23.5 .W67 1998
The world's most exotic islands. The South Pacific.
DU29 .P2145 1996
Pacific Islands : Fiji, Vanuatu, & the Solomon Islands.
DU96 .A97 1988
The Australian way of life.
DU105 .A87 1997
Australia : the southeast.
DU105 .G743 1996 v.1
The Ghan, a spiritual connection from Adelaide to Alice Springs .
DU105 .G743 1996 v.2
The XPT east coast journey : Brisbane to Sydney on the XPT.
DU105 .G743 1996 v.3
Collected stories of the XPT : Melbourne to Sydney on the XPT.
DU105 .G743 1996 v.4
Three trains north : the Gulflander, Spirit of the Outback, the Savannah Lander.
DU105 .G743 1996 v.5
The Queenslander.
DU105.2 .A97 1987
Australia : secrets of the land down under.
DU105.2 .T68 1993
Touring Australia.
DU280.T7 C73 1997
Cracks in the mask.
DU374 .E95 1993
Exile and the Kingdom.
DU412 .T68 1992
Touring New Zealand.
DU510 .T34 1990
Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.
DX242 .G78 1984