Videocassette List:
History of Europe

Class DA-DR Videocassette List
Call Number Title
DA11 .B74 1996
The British Isles.
DA16 .W27 1999
The wars of the roses : to Bosworth Field.
DA110 .B75 1989
The British way of life.
DA112 .B75 1994
British military pageantry.
DA115 .D573 1989
Discovering England.
DA142 .S76 1998
Stonehenge : a journey back in time.
DA152 .L58 2000
Living in the past.
DA391 .E34 1991
Echoes of Jacobean England : the sweet life.
DA485 .E34 1991
Echoes of Georgian England : the beautiful people.
DA522.W6 W56 1992
William Wilberforce : (1759-1833).
DA550 .Y56 1990z
DA555 .E34 1991
Echoes of Victorian England : for God, queen and country.
DA589.4 .S85 1997
The Island people.
DA590 .E45 1997
Elizabeth II : the making of a queen.
DA591.B56 T66 1997
Tony Blair : the road to victory.
DA591 .D536 1998
Diana : the true story.
DA591.T47 M37 1999
Margaret Thatcher : "the Iron Lady".
DA591.T47 .N63 1994
No! No! No! : the story of Margaret Thatcher's last year in the House of Commons.
DA630 .T68 1989
Touring England.
DA632 .B747 1995 v.1
South West England : Exeter to Penzance.
DA632 .B747 1995 v.2
The central Highlands of Scotland : Edinburgh to Kyle of Lochalsh.
DA632 .B747 1995 v.3
Northern England : Settle to Carlisle.
DA632 .B747 1995 v.4
North Wales : Chester to Aberystwyth.
DA632 .B7472 1996 v.1
West coast of Scotland.
DA632 .B7472 1996 v.2
East Anglia : Cambridge to Sheringham.
DA632 .B7472 1996 v.3
Around the peak district.
DA632 .B7472 1996 v.4
Weymouth to the Isle of Wight.
DA632 .B7472 1996 v.5
Around the lake district.
DA660 .S657 1997
The spirit of England.
DA660 .T743 1997
Treasures of the Trust.
DA670.D42 P43 1996
The Peak District.
DA670.L1 L36 1996
The Lake District.
DA670.W49 W48 1996
The West Country.
DA670.Y6 Y68 1996
The Yorkshire Dales.
DA679 .L663 1993
London : city of majesty.
DA679 .T68 1992
Touring London, Paris, Rome.
DA684.2 .L643 1994
DA684.2 .L65 1991
London, heart of a nation.
DA687.T7 T684 1989
The Tower of London.
DA708 .D57 1991
Discovering Wales.
DA731.2 .W35 1996
DA759 .B388 1998
Battle of the clans.
DA867.5 .S36 1996
DA870 .B35 1994
Ballad to Scotland.
DA870 .D573 1991
Discovering Scotland.
DA870 .S36 1992
Scotland : land of legends.
DA870 .T68 1990
Touring Scotland.
DA890.E4 C343 1992
Edinburgh Castle : symbol of Scotland.
DA978.2 .D57 1992
Discovering Ireland.
DA978.2 .I73 1996
DA978.2 .T68 1991
Touring Ireland.
DA990.A7 M36 1998
Man of Aran.
DB17 .A87 1989
Austria, the land of music.
DB27 .T68 1988
Touring Austria.
DB199.2 .C94 1991
Czechoslovakia : land of triumph and tradition.
DB215 .P73 1995
DB849 .V54 1995
DB917.3 .H86 1990
Hungary, land of hospitality.
DB983.5 .B83 1995
DB2228.7 .A77 1995
The Artists' revolution : 10 days in Prague.
DC16 .D57 1994
Discovering France.
DC29.3 .T68 1993
Touring France.
DC33 .F73 1988
France, history and culture : a film.
DC33 .F78 1988
France, land and people : a film.
DC33.7 .F68 1988
The Fontaine family.
DC101.5.A2 A35 1999
Agincourt : King Henry's triumph.
DC105.9 .J635 1998
Joan of Arc : soul on fire.
DC121.7 .P75/cst.1
Royal palaces : images of power.
DC148 .F28 1990z
DC203 .N22 1998
Napoleon and Wellington.
DC203 .N226 1990z
DC203 .N366 1997
Napoleon Bonaparte : the glory of France.
DC242 .W38 1990z
Waterloo 1815 : Wellington's victory.
DC397 .F74 1999
The French Resistance.
DC420 .J66 1980z
Le joli mai = The lovely month of May.
DC707 .M66 1997
Les Monuments de Paris.
DC707 .P37 1994
DC715 .P375 1996
Paris : city of light.
DC790.T68 E44 1995
Eiffel Tower.
DC801.M83 M66 1980z
Mont St. Michel.
DD247.E5 S64 1999
The specialist.
DD247.H5 F38 1998
The fatal attraction of Adolf Hitler.
DD247.H5 H55 1992
Hitler : a film from Germany.
DD247.H5 M45 1989
Mein kampf.
DD247.H5 R5 v.1
Hitler, the private man.
DD247.H5 R5 v.2
Hitler, the seducer.
DD247.H5 R5 v.3
Hitler, the blackmailer.
DD247.H5 R5 v.4
Hitler, the dictator.
DD247.H5 R5 v.5
Hitler, the commander.
DD247.H5 R5 v.6
Hitler, the criminal.
DD253 .H58 1989
Hilter's Germany.
DD253.25 .T75 1985
Triumph des Willens : das Dokument vom Reichsparteitag 1934.
DD253.5 .O73 1994
The Order Castles of the Third Reich.
DD256.5 .M37 1998
Master race, 1933.
DD256.5 .T54 1984
The ties that bind.
DD257.25 .C47 1999
The fall of the wall : the path to German reunification.
DD257.25 .D573 1991
Discovering Germany.
DD260.3 .G47 1989
The German way of life.
DD289 .R48 1993
The reunification of Germany.
DD290.25 .C68 1991
DD290.26 .L43 1990z
Leben BRD.
DD801.B34 B38 1992
Bavaria and beyond.
DD801.M7 M67 1995
Das Moseltal : Herz der Weinlande.
DD801.R73 C53 1992
Classic tour of Germany : the Rhine & Moselle Rivers.
DD859 .B474 1995
DD860 .B87 1993
Berlin : die Symphonie der Grossstadt.
DD881 .B47 2000
DD901.M77 M86 1995
DF77 .A63 2000
Ancient Greece : the birth of thinking.
DF77 .G74 1987
Greece : the foundations of greatness.
DF77 .H38 1994
Have you seen the parthenon?
DF77 .L58 2000
Living in ancient Greece.
DF78 .A84 1995
Athens & ancient Greece.
DF214 .G74 1988
The Greeks, a journey in space and time. Part 4. The minds of men .
DF221.T8 O39 1995
The odyssey of Troy.
DF233 .M334 1994
Macedonia : the land of a god.
DF261.C8 C747 1991
Crete & Mycenae.
DF275 .F583 cst.1
Seize the fire.
DF275 .F583 cst.6
The weight of the evidence : the trial of socrates.
DF521 .B99 1997
Byzantium, the lost empire.
DF716 .D57 1993
Discovering Greece.
DF716 .G74 1991
Greece : playground of the gods.
DG31 .R663 1994
Roman city.
DG63 .G743 1998 v.1
The republic of Rome.
DG63 .G743 1998 v.2
The age of emperors.
DG63 .G743 1998 v.3
Building an empire.
DG63 .G743 1998 v.4
The enduring legacy.
DG70 .R66 1994
Roma and Pompeii.
DG209 .A63 1999
Ancient Rome.
DG416 .D57 1994
Discovering Italy.
DG581 .T68 1993
Touring Italy.
DG672 .V455 1994
DG672 .V46 1992
Venice : queen of the Adriatic.
DG732.5 .F559 1994
DG732.5 .F56 1988
DG732.5 .F563 1992
Florence : cradle of the Renaissance.
DG800 .V38 1999
The Vatican revealed.
DG804 .R66 1989
Rome : the eternal city.
DG806.8 .R64 1988
Rome and the Alban Hills.
DG808 .R654 1994
DG808 .R66 1994
Rome : the eternal city.
DG821 .S68 1999
Southern Italy.
DG862 .C67 1996
Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia.
DH16 .D573 1993
Discovering Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium.
DJ411.A53 A47 1994
DJK50 .R48 1993
The revolution in Eastern Europe.
DJK51 .F35 1990
The fall of communism.
DK17 .T663 1993
Le tombeau d'Alexandre = The last Bolshevik.
DK32.7 .F334 pt.1
The face on the firewood.
DK32.7 .F334 pt.2
The facade of power.
DK32.7 .F334 pt.3
Facing the future.
DK131 .P48 1999
Peter the Great.
DK200 .I317 1992
If the people will lead ..
DK246 .P32 1991
The fall of the Romanov dynasty.
DK254.L4 T48 1991
Three songs about Lenin.
DK258 .M37 1996
The massacre of the tsar and the imperial family ; Stalin and the massacre at Katyn Wood.
DK258 .N53 1994
Nicholas & Alexandria.
DK258 .R87 1994
Russia's last tsar.
DK262 .R43 1998
Red flag, 1917.
DK266.4 .K55 1999
DK286 .C66 1990
Comfortable lies, bitter truths.
DK286 .T38 1990
The taste of democracy.
DK288 .S43 1991
The second Russian revolution.
DK288 .T875 1997
Turksib ; Salt for Svanetia.
DK293 .F35 1993
The fall of Soviet communism.
DK293 .F76 cst.1
The party's over.
DK293 .F76 cst.2
From communism to capitalism.
DK293 .F76 cst.3
A chance to dance.
DK293 .F76 cst.4
A shattered union.
DK293 .F76 cst.5
From Marx to McDonalds.
DK408 .P65 1989
Poland : a proud heritage.
DK449 .F56 1990
Finland : fresh and original.
DK510.23 .D572 1995
Discovering Russia.
DK549 .S35 1994
St. Petersburg.
DK601.2 .M673 1990
Moscow and Leningrad, the crown jewels of Russia.
DK771.B3 B58 1991
Blue eye of Siberia.
DK859.5 .C468 1996
Central Asia : Kirghizstan and Uzbekistan.
DL11 .S32 1998
Scandinavia : Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
DL11 .S33 1991
Scandinavia : land of the midnight sun.
DL65 .A38 1996
The adventures of the Vikings.
DL65 .E953 1998
Evidence of Vikings.
DL65 .V55 1993
Viking wars : the Norse terror.
DL109 .D45 1991
Denmark, the jewel of Europe.
DL305 .I245 1996
Iceland and Greenland.
DL609 .N67 1992
Norway, nature's triumph.
DL619 .S94 1991
Sweden : nordic treasure.
DL976.A4 S75 1995
DP48 .B87 1991
The buried mirror : reflections on Spain and the New World.
DP269 .W56 1984
The Will of the people.
DP355 .B37 1994
Barcelona : archivo de cortesia = archive of courtesy.
DP355 .B375 1994
DP355 .M33 1995
DP355 .S48 1994
Seville : jewel of Andalucia.
DP355 .S64 1988
Spain, everything under the sun.
DP402.B265 T683 1991
Toward a livable city.
DP526.5 .P67 1991
Portugal, land of discoveries.
DP757 .L57 1994
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.1
The Albula line.
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.2
The Davos line.
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.3
The Montreux-Oberland Bernois (MOB).
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.4
The Arosa line.
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.5 pt.1
The SBB-Brunig line. Part 1.
DQ25 .S857 1994 v.5 pt.2
The SBB-Brunig line. Part 2.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.1
The Emmental railways : SMB/EBT.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.2
The Appenzell railways.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.3
The Bodensee-Toggenburg railway.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.4
SBB - Gotthard line north.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.5
SBB - Gotthard line south.
DQ25 .S8572 1994 v.6
The BLS Lotschbergbahn.
DQ25 .S85722 1998 v.1
The Bernina Express.
DQ25 .S85722 1998 v.2
The Engadine Line.
DQ25 .S85722 1998 v.3
The Fribourg Railways : the Gruyere Line.
DQ25 .S96 1989
Switzerland : the alpine wonderland.
DQ26 .V57 1991
Visages suissas : geischter der schweiz = voltisvizzeri.
DQ823.5 .G753 1997 v.1
Lake Geneva ; Lake Constance.
DQ823.5 .G753 1997 v.2
Alpine lakes ; Lakes of Salzburg.
DQ823.5 .G753 1997 v.3
Lake Como ; Lake Garda.
DQ823.5 .G753 1997 v.4
Lake Lugano ; Lake Maggiore.
DQ823.5 .T74 1992
Trekking the Alps.
DQ827 .B47 1995
Berne & Lucerne.
DR269.5 .V53 1990z
Videograms of a revolution.
DR416 .T86 1996
DR728 .I88 1994
DR1313 .D428 1995
The death of Yugoslavia.
DR1313 .D43 1996
The death of Yugoslavia.
DR1313.32.S27 S27 1993
Sarajevo ground zero : Saga's films of crime & resistance, produced under siege 1992-1993.
DR1313.7.R43 B68 1999
Bosnia, the rite of return.
DR2082 .K68 1999
Kosovo. : of blood and history.
DR2086 .H86 1999
Human tragedy : the faces of Kosovo, with Harry Smith.