Videocassette List:
History (General)

Class D Videocassette List
Call Number Title
D16.14 .C37 2000
Capturing the past : how to prepare and conduct an oral history interview.
D17 .T554 v.1
Egypt : quest for immortality.
D17 .T554 v.2
Maya : the blood of kings.
D17 .T554 v.3
Mesopotamia : return to Eden.
D17 .T554 v.4
Aegean : legacy of Atlantis.
D17 .T554 v.5
Greece : a moment of excellence.
D17 .T554 v.6
China : dynasties of power.
D17 .T554 v.7
Rome : the ultimate empire.
D17 .T554 v.8
Africa : a history denied.
D17 .T554 v.9
Inca : secrets of the ancestors.
D17 .T554 v.10
Tibet : the end of time.
D20 .H578 1995
History's turning points.
D20 .H5782 1997
History's turning points. II.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.27-28
The Western tradition. Programs 27-28. The Reformation ; The rise of the middle class.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.29-30
The Western tradition. Programs 29-30. The wars of religion ; The rise of the trading cities.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.31-32
The Western tradition. Programs 31-32. The age of absolutism ; Absolutism and the social contract.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.33-34
The Western tradition. Programs 33-34. The enlightened despots ; The enlightenment.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.35-36
The Western tradition. Programs 35-36. The enlightenment and society ; The modern philosophers.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.37-38
The Western tradition. Programs 37-38. The American revolution ; The American republic.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.39-40
The Western tradition. Programs 39-40. The death of the old regime ; The French revolution.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.41-42
The Western tradition. Programs 41-42. The industrial revolution ; The industrial world.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.43-44
The Western tradition. Programs 43-44. Revolution and romantics ; The age of the nation-states.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.45-46
The Western tradition. Programs 45-46. A new public ; Fin de siecle .
D20 .W47 1989 prog.47-48
The Western tradition. Programs 47-48. The First World War and the rise of Facism ; The Second World War.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.49-50
The Western tradition. Programs 49-50. The Cold War ; Europe and the Third World.
D20 .W47 1989 prog.51-52
The Western tradition. Programs 51-52. The technological revolution ; Toward the future.
D20 .W67/pt.1
Human origins.
D20 .W67/pt.10
The Mongol on slaught.
D20 .W67/pt.11
The expansion of Europe.
D20 .W67/pt.12
China in transition.
D20 .W67/pt.13
China and Japan : 1279-1644.
D20 .W67/pt.14
The Ottoman Empire.
D20 .W67/pt.15
Africa before the Europeans.
D20 .W67/pt.16
The Americas before the Europeans.
D20 .W67/pt.17
Europe : state and power.
D20 .W67/pt.18 1985
The West and the wider world, 1500-1800.
D20 .W67/pt.19 1985
Asia, 1600-1800.
D20 .W67/pt.2
The agricultural revolution.
D20 .W67/pt.20
The age of revolutions.
D20 .W67/pt.21
The making of Russia.
D20 .W67/pt.22
The making of the United States of America.
D20 .W67/pt.23
Industry and empire.
D20 .W67/pt.24
The end of the old order.
D20 .W67/pt.25
The world in conflict.
D20 .W67/pt.26
The modern world.
D20 .W67/pt.3 1983
The Birth of civilisation, 6000BC-2000BC.
D20 .W67/pt.4
The age of iron.
D20 .W67/pt.5
Greece and Rome.
D20 .W67/pt.6 1983
The World religions, 600BC-AD500.
D20 .W67/pt.7
The end of the ancient world.
D20 .W67/pt.8 1984
Islam, 600-1200.
D20 .W67/pt.9 1984
Europe recovers, 800-1250.
D24 .G74
Great mysteries and myths of the twentieth century.
D25 .G743 1993
The great commanders.
D27 B584 1995
Blue water : great naval traditions.
D109 .S158 1998
16 royal families.
D157 .C77 1999
The Crusades : the holy wars.
D157 .S46 1990z
D161.3 .C78 1995
D161.3 .J47 1996
D210 .Y56 1990z
英, 法, 荷的海外拓殖.
D220 .C864/cst.13-14
Seville : the edge of empire ; Seville : gateway to the Indies.
D220 .C864/cst.15
Ottoman supremacy : the Suleymaniye, Istanbul.
D220 .C864/cst.18
Fontainebleau : the changing image of kingship.
D228 .R46 1994
D267.25.H6 F36 1998
Fallout, 1945.
D413.M56 J43 1988
Jean Monnet : the father of Europe.
D421 .C45 2000
Celebrate the century.
D421 .D397 1998
A day that shook the world.
D421 .F37 1999
Fast forward.
D421 .H47 1998
Here we are, waiting for you.
D421 .H57 1990
History of the 20th century.
D422 .A44 1998
Age of hope, 1900.
D431 .B388 v.1
The Spanish Armada.
D431 .B388 v.2
The Franco-Prussian War.
D431 .B388 v.3
Greek/Persian wars.
D431 .B388 v.4
Peloponnesian Wars.
D431 .B388 v.5
Punic Wars.
D431 .B388 v.6
Trojan Wars.
D431 .B388 v.7
Gallic Wars.
D431 .B388 v.8
Battle of New Orleans.
D431 .B388 v.9
Bunker Hill.
D431 .B388 v.10
The Peasants' revolt 1381.
D443 .H578/cst.1
D443 .H578/cst.12
Royalty : downfall of the monarchies.
D443 .H578/cst.13
Royalty : the surviving monarchies.
D443 .H578 cst.18
D443 .H578/cst.19
D443 .H578/cst.21
D443 .H578 cst.24
Business and commerce : a perspective on the 20th century.
D443 .H578/cst.5
D443 .T84 1986
Twentieth century history.
D445 .L67 1998
Lost peace, 1919.
D521 .A15 1997
D521 .D48 1990z
D521 .N564 1998
Killing fields, 1914.
D521 .W67 1991
World War I.
D522.23 .G74 1995
The great war.
D592.L8 L378 1994
Last voyage of the Lusitania.
D644 .B28 1990z
D712.2 .P67 1989
Portrait of Africa.
D727 .J37 1989
Japan invades China : crisis in the Far East ; War comes at Pearl Harbor.
D741 .W37 1995
War chronicles.
D743 .D52 1990z
D743.23 .C37 1995
Cartoons go to war.
D743.23 .W649 1973
The World at war.
D743.23 .W65 1982
The world at war. 20, Genocide.
D753.3 .F574 1995
Fire on the mountain : the story of the men of the 10th Mtn. Division.
D753.3 .L37 1995
The last days of World War II.
D753.3 .W49 1984
Why we fight.
D756.5.N6 N67 1994
Normandy : the great crusade.
D759.5 51st .S36 1995
Scotland the brave.
D763.I82 S26 1985
San Pietro.
D767.9 .B38 1984
The Battle of Midway ; To the shores of Iwo Jima ; Fury in the Pacific.
D767.92 .D43 1986
December 7th.
D769 .G65 2000
Golden commemoration WWII.
D769.8.A6 D39 1990
Days of waiting : the life and art of Estelle Ishigo.
D769.8.A6 S737 1996
Starting over : Japanese Americans after the war.
D769.8.A6 W56 1993
Who's going to pay for these donuts anyway?
D769.87.A4 R47 1982
Report from the Aleutians.
D773 .O97 1997
Our time in hell.
D774 .T67 1998
Total war, 1939.
D790 .M46 1987
The Memphis Belle : a story of a flying fortress.
D790 .T48 1984
D804.195 .L37 1999
The last days.
D804.3 .F67 1994
For the living.
D804.3 .H64 1978
D804.3 .H65 1994
The holocaust as seen through the eyes of a survivor.
D804.3 .N847 1997
Nuit et brouillard = Night and fog.
D804.3 .O735 1997
Oskar Schindler : the accidental hero.
D804.3 .S56 1990z
D805.G3 S57 2000
Sisters in resistance.
D810.A7 T48 2000
They drew fire : combat artists of World War II.
D810.C698 N39 1997
Nazzen moksori 2.
D810.C698 S55 1999
Silence broken : Korean comfort women.
D810.C698 W45 2000
Where is Grandma Jung's homeland?
D810.P6 E94 1995
Eye of the dictator.
D810.W7 S45 1990
Senso daughters : daughters of war.
D811.A2 T75 1989
The Triumph of memory.
D842 .C65 1991
A cold war.
D843 .B73 1998
Brave new world, 1945.
D888.U6 L37 1986
The Last empire : intervention and nuclear war.
D909 .A47 1994
Alpine adventure.
D909 .G74 1989
Great cities of Europe.
D923 .W65 1998
The world's most exotic islands. Europe.
D973 .P437 1994
Pearls of the Mediterranean.