Videocassette List:
Aesthetics. Ethics. Religion

Class BH-BX Videocassette List
Call Number Title
BH39 .W8 1987
藝海拾珠 : 美學知識講座.
BJ37 .M67
Moral development.
BJ1012 .E84 1992
Ethics and values.
BJ1012 .Q47 1992
A Question of ethics.
BJ1468.5 .M66 1979
Moment of decision.
BJ1469 .W628 1994
Who owns my life? : the Sue Rodriguez story.
BJ1470 .S45 1981
Self-fulfillment : becoming the person you want to be.
BJ1533.S3 P76 1988
Proud to be me : developing self-esteem.
BJ1581.2 .A78 1988
The Art of being fully human.
BJ1611.2 .T6 1980
To try again .. and succeed.
BJ1725 .E74 1993
Ethical issues in professional life.
BJ2038 .B85 1988
The business lunch.
BJ2038 .F67 1988
The formal dinner.
BJ2041 .E857 1997
The etiquette survival kit for adults.
BJ2041 .M554 1996
Minding your manners : everyday etiquette.
BJ2041 .P37 1994
Paper plates to silver spoons : the complete guide to table manners.
BJ2041 .P533 1997
A place at the table.
BJ2195 .I46 1990
Improving your outgoing calls.
BJ2195 .Y68 1997
Your line to success : telephone etiquette.
BL48 .L654 1990z
The long search.
BL65.P7 G63 1999
God fights back, 1979.
BL87 .R455 1998 v.2
BL87 .R455 1998 v.3
Confucianism & Taoism.
BL87 .R455 1998 v.4
BL87 .R455 1998 v.5
BL87 .R455 1998 v.6
BL87 .R455 1998 v.9
Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity.
BL87 .R455 1998 v.11
BL311 .M984 1997
BL325.F4 G64 1989
Goddess remembered.
BL624 .S62 2000
The social construction of spirituality.
BL627 .L43 1990z
Learning to meditate.
BL627 .M435 1990
BL820.O3 A38 1992
Adventures of Ulysses.
BL820.O3 O39 1990
The odyssey.
BL1202 .H56 1992
Hinduism : an ancient path in the modern world.
BL2220 .S44 2005
Shinto : nature, gods, and man in Japan.
BL2450.R2 R3 1991
Ra : the path of the sun god : a vision of ancient Egypt.
BM155.2 .J83 1994
Judaism : the religion of a people.
BP42 .I85 1990
Islam : faith and nations.
BP63.A38 I86 2002
Islam in Southeast Asia and China = 中國與東南亞地區伊斯蘭硏討會 : regional faithlines and faultlines in the global ummah : 28 November-1 December 2002.
BP161.2 .S87 1977
The Surrender : Islam.
BP163 .I85 1991
Islam : the faith and the people.
BP182 .J54 2001
Jihad in America.
BP605.S2 H69 1992
How to use dianetics : a visual guidebook to the human mind.
BP605.S2 I68 1994
An introduction to Scientology : an exclusive filmed interview with L. Ron Hubbard.
BQ266 .B83 1993
Buddhism : the middle way of compassion.
BQ647 .C46 1993
Choice for a Chinese woman : enlightenment in a Buddhist convent.
BQ676 .R355 1998
Religion : spiritual heritage.
BQ4490 .T52 1994
The Tibetan book of the dead.
BQ6160.C62 S28 1993
Satya, a prayer for the enemy.
BQ6160.K6 L58 2003
Living in Korea.
BQ7576 .X84 1998
BQ7935.B777 C656 1992
Compassion in exile : the story of the 14th Dalai Lama.
BR77 .C57 1994
Christianity : the way of goodness and mercy.
BR162.2 .R484 1991
BR305.2 .Z65 1990z
BR325.A6 W447 1981
Where Luther walked.
BS538 .M97 1995
Mysteries of the Bible : the story continues.
BS580.D3 S76 1992
The story of David.
BS580.J3 S76 1992
The story of Jacob and Joseph.
BS649.B3 B33 1996
Babylon : past, present & future.
BS651 .C743 1996
Creation or evolution? : the historic standoff between science and religion is taking a dramatic new turn.
BS651 .W66 1993
The wonders of God's creation.
BS1505.2 .P76 1996
Prophets : masters of the unknown.
BS2860.T52 G67 1997
The Gospel of Thomas.
BT301.2 .J46 1991
Jesus and his times.
BT652.U6 B44 1997
The Blinking Madonna & other miracles.
BT707.5 .P65 1998
The polygamists [videorecording.
BX377 .H533 1992
The history of Orthodox Christianity.
BX1665 .C45 1993
China church : old roots, new shoots.
BX1795.S48 C36 2004
Can condoms kill?
BX4406.5.Z8 M688 1990z
Mother Teresa's first love.
BX4655.2 .P37 1996
Passion of the saints.
BX4705.B2924 S65 1990z
Sometimes I must speak out strongly : Carlos Ximenes Belo, Bishop of East Timor.
BX5680.3.A44 H665 1998
香港聖公會敎省成立崇拜及首任大主敎曁敎省主敎長陞座禮及敎省成立慶祝匯 演 = Inauguration service of the province of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and the installation of the first archbishop and primate and celebration show.