Videocassette List:
Philosophy. Psychology

Class B-BF Videocassette List
Call Number Title
B72 .G745 1987
The great philosophers : a history of western philosophy.
B72 .P54 1997
Philosophy, the social context.
B128.C8 K783 1990z
B171 .M37 1994
Martha Nussbaum : applying the lessons of ancient Greece.
B791 .I55 1997
An introduction to philosophy.
B809.8 .M3885 1997
Marxist philosophy.
B819 .H453 1997
Heidegger and modern existentialism.
B824.6 .L645 1997
Logical positivism and its legacy.
B945.D44 J5725 2001
John Dewey : his life and work.
B2137 .J398 1999
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 1712-1778.
B2430.D484 D355 1999
D'ailleurs, Derrida = Derrida's elsewhere.
B3376.W564 T86 1997
The two philosophies of Wittgenstein.
B3376.W564 W54 1995
BC177 .T68 1976
Toulmin's model of argument.
BD175.5.P65 C36 1993
Campus culture wars : five stories about PC.
BF1 .H69 1991
How to use PsycLIT on CD-ROM.
BF1 .P872
How to use Psychological abstracts.
BF38 .D56 1989
Discovering psychology.
BF38 .D562 1989
Discovering psychology. Video modules.
BF76 .C37 1990
Careers in psychology : your options are open.
BF76 .C373 1991
Career encounters : psychology.
BF76.5 .R468 2001
Research methods.
BF77 .W58 1992
With people in mind.
BF80.3 .D49 1997
Videolab I.
BF80.3 .D493 1998
Videolab III.
BF109.E7 E742 1992
Erik H. Erikson : a life's work.
BF109.J8 D73 1996
Dr. Carl G. Jung or Lapis philosophorum.
BF109.S55 B32 1990z
B.F. Skinner : a fresh appraisal.
BF121 .H85 2002
The human zoo.
BF121 .I57/pt.6
Family therapy.
BF121 .I57/pt.8
The Autistic child.
BF121 .I572 v.1
Two research styles.
BF121 .I572 v.2
Child's play.
BF121 .I572 v.3
The psychology of addiction.
BF121 .I572 v.4
Personnel selection.
BF121 .I572 v.5
Eye witness memory.
BF121 .I572 v.6
The clinical psychologist.
BF121 .I572 v.7
BF121 .I572 v.8
Understanding violence.
BF121 .M24 2001
Making psychology part of your life.
BF121 .P78 v.2
Day care.
BF121 .P78 v.4
Eating disorders.
BF121 .P78 v.5
Obedience and ethics.
BF121 .P79 1989
Psychology : the study of human behavior.
BF121 .P793 1977
Psychology of human relations.
BF121 .S86 1996
The stimulating world of psychology.
BF121 .W47 2001
Why study psychology?
BF131 .L35 1980
Landmarks in psychology.
BF161 .M562 1998
Mind over body.
BF173.F85 F74 1990z
Freud : the hidden nature of man.
BF173.F85 S535 1997
Sigmund Freud : analysis of a mind.
BF173.F85 S538 1974
Sigmund Freud : his offices and home, Vienna, 1938.
BF173.J85 J86 1999
Jung revisited : a historical and conceptual review.
BF173 .W67 1991
The world of abnormal psychology.
BF175.4.C68 T57 1993
Three approaches to counseling.
BF176 .P46
BF181 .M47
Methodology : the pschologist and the experiment.
BF198.7 .P79 1992
Psychology : understanding ourselves, understanding each other.
BF199 .S56 1990
B. F. Skinner, PhD : keynote address, August 10, 1990, Boston, MA.
BF205.N6 N64
BF311 .P3525 1998
Perception : the theory.
BF311 .P47
Perception : the tragedy of the friendly breakfast.
BF311 .P473 1986
Perception & self-awareness.
BF318 .F87 1996
Further approaches to learning.
BF318 .H663 1992
The Learning experience.
BF318 .L398 2001
Learning : observational and cognitive approaches.
BF318 .L42
BF318 .T66 1991
Tony Buzan's mindpower.
BF319 .C53 1996
Classical and operant conditioning.
BF319 .C56 2001
Classical and operant conditioning.
BF319.5.F4 G58 1994
Giving and receiving feedback.
BF319.5.O6 B4 1975
B. F. Skinner and behavior change : research, practice and promise.
BF319.5.O6 C66
A Conversation with B.F. Skinner.
BF321 .A88 1995
BF323.L5 A77 1993
The Art of listening.
BF323.L5 B873 198
Listening : the forgotten skills.
BF323.L5 E35 1986
Effective listening.
BF323.L5 L57
BF323.L5 S84 1989
Succeed by listening.
BF327 .A885 2001
BF367 .I48 1991
Imagery procedures for people with special needs : breaking the barriers, II : picture this.
BF371 .M4477 2001
BF371 .M456 1994
Memory skills.
BF371 .M46 1995
BF378.R44 C66 1988
Consider anything, only don't cry.
BF408 .C7472 1990
The creative process.
BF408 .C7473 1991 v.1
Inside creativity.
BF408 .C7473 1991 v.2
Creative beginnings.
BF408 .C7473 1991 v.3
The creative spirit at work.
BF408 .C7473 1991 v.4
The creative community.
BF408 .H69 1997
How to think creatively.
BF408 .P75 1993
C and the box : a paradigm parable.
BF411 .T37 1990
Tapping into your creativity.
BF431 .I5255 2001
BF431 .I526 1990z
Intelligence, creativity and thinking styles.
BF431 .I58 1978
Intelligence, a complex concept.
BF431 .M499 1996
MI : answers.
BF431 .M5 1996
MI : intelligence, understanding, and the mind : an illustrated presentation.
BF431 .O66 1998
Optimizing intelligences : thinking, emotion & creativity.
BF431.5.U6 I6 1975
The I.Q. myth.
BF441 .C64 1993
Critical thinking and the human emotions.
BF441 .C75 1987
Critical thinking : how to evaluate information and draw conclusions.
BF441 .T45 1998
BF448 .D43 1988
Decision-making skills.
BF455 .M56 1988
The Mind. Language.
BF455 .T54
Thinking in action.
BF468 .R43
Reflections on time.
BF503 .G48
Getting your act together : goal setting for fun, health and profit.
BF503 .M655 2001
BF505.G6 G65 1997
Goal setting : self-esteem in action.
BF505.G6 N38 2000
Natural intelligence.
BF531 .E455 2001
BF531 .E5175 1996
Emotions, health and intelligence.
BF561 .E46 1996
Emotional intelligence : a new vision for educators.
BF561 .E463 1997
Emotional intelligence : the key to social skills.
BF568.C6 E6 1998
EQ 方程式.
BF575.A3 B74 1995
Break it up : managing student fights.
BF575.A3 E57
Emotional development : aggression.
BF575.A3 G8 2002
BF575.A3 H85
Human aggression.
BF575.A5 A53 1991
Anger management for parents : the rethink method.
BF575.A5 S45 1994
Self-discipline and emotional control.
BF575.A5 U53 1997
Understanding, controlling and preventing anger.
BF575.A85 A87
Assertion skills : tintypes.
BF575.A85 A875 1994
The assertive professional.
BF575.A85 A877 1998
BF575.A85 S39 1995
Say the right thing : a guide to assertiveness.
BF575.A85 S77 1991
Straight talking : the art of assertiveness.
BF575.C85 S6
So who's perfect : how to give and receive criticism.
BF575.F2 A67 2001
L'appel du monstre = A monster's calling.
BF575.F2 H85
The Human brain : fear.
BF575.G7 E97 1988
Experiencing loss and bereavement.
BF575.G7 L67
Loss and grief.
BF575.G7 W44 2002
When a loved one dies : working with families.
BF575.L8 L68 1998
Love and marriage.
BF575.L8 L684 1988
Loving relationships.
BF575.P7 U537 1996
Understanding prejudice : gripes and common ground.
BF575.P9 R66 2002
Roots of prejudice and intolerance.
BF575.S75 C66
Coping with stress.
BF575.S75 D43 1990z
Dealing with stress.
BF575.S75 K52
Kids, parents, pressure.
BF575.S75 L47
Less stress in 5 easy steps.
BF575.S75 M36
Managing stress.
BF575.S75 M45 1988
Stress management for professionals : staying balanced under pressure.
BF575.S75 S73 1987
Stress : you're in control.
BF575.S75 S774
Stress management.
BF575.S75 S775 2003
Stress prevention and stress management : a guide to easy living.
BF575.S75 S78
Stress management.
BF575.S75 U53
Understanding stresses and strains.
BF632 .F56 1994
Finding personal and professional balance.
BF633 .C37 1983
Captive minds : hypnosis and beyond.
BF637.B4 B87
Business behaviorism, and the bottom line.
BF637.B4 I2
I worry about behavior management : principles and problems.
BF637.B4 J35
BF637.B4 P43
Peer conducted behavior modification.
BF637.B4 P68
The power of positive reinforcement.
BF637.B4 S45
Self-management of behaviour.
BF637.B4 S456 1990
Self-defeating behavior : how to stop it.
BF637.B85 B87 2003
Bullying : what every adult needs to know.
BF637.C4 H64 2001
Hoofs up doc! : RX for change!
BF637.C4 W46 1999
Who moved my cheese? : the movie.
BF637.C45 C66
Communication : the nonverbal agenda.
BF637.C45 C664 1991
Constructive communications : talking your way to success.
BF637.C45 D47 1998
Destructive/constructive family conflict.
BF637.C45 D54 1992
Difficulties in communication.
BF637.C45 H86 1997
Human communication.
BF637.C45 N66
Non verbal communication.
BF637.C45 N669 1986
Nonverbal communications : eye contact and kinesics.
BF637.C45 P68 1997
Powerful listening skills.
BF637.C45 S28
Say that one more time.
BF637.C45 S49 1998
Sexuality and family communication.
BF637.C45 V47
Verbal and non-verbal communication.
BF637.C45 W45
Who's on first.
BF637.C45 W46
What do you mean, what do I mean? : case studies in communication.
BF637.C6 B37 1992
Basic attending skills.
BF637.C6 B52
The Blame game.
BF637.C6 B74 2000
Brief counseling : the basic skills.
BF637.C6 B824 2006
Building the relationship : common errors in helping.
BF637.C6 C37
Carl Rogers counsels an individual on hurt and anger.
BF637.C6 C66
Confidentiality : the professional's dilemma.
BF637.C6 E76 2000
Evolution of a group.
BF637.C6 F83 2004
BF637.C6 I47 1998
Improving your counseling skills.
BF637.C6 I56 1992
Introductory counselling skills.
BF637.C6 L46
Leona Tyler on counseling.
BF637.C6 M37
"Mary, can you tell me more?".
BF637.C6 M38/cst.1
The Wounded healer.
BF637.C6 M38/cst.2
The Art of counseling.
BF637.C6 M38/cst.3
Dimensions of a personal psychology.
BF637.C6 M38/cst.4
Discovery of being.
BF637.C6 M53 1995
面談技巧 : 如何開展有效的輔導歷程 .
BF637.C6 R33
Reflections : with Carl Rogers and Warren Bennis.
BF637.C6 S62
Social issues and the counselor : professional issues for the 1980s and 1990s.
BF637.C6 T35 1994
Talking troubles : teen and preteen.
BF637.C6 T65
Tomorrow's jobs .. tomorrow's counselors : the impacts of technology on the workplace of the future.
BF637.C6 W46
Who's responsible?
BF637.C6 Z5 1995
BF637.C74 A78 1996
The arts of criticism.. : giving and taking.
BF637.E55 C372
Carl Rogers on empathy.
BF637.I5 B33 1989
Bad habits.
BF637.I5 H69 1999
How to improve survey response rates : a guide for interviewers on the doorstep.
BF637.L4 L42
BF637.L4 L43
Leadership matters : an introduction to action centered leadership.
BF637 .M34 1996
The magic of conflict : how to turn your life of work into a work of art.
BF637.N4 A77
The art of negotiating.
BF637.N4 N43
Negotiating skills.
BF637.N4 .N436 1998
BF637.N4 T57 1997
The three rules of win-win negotiating.
BF637.N66 B58 1993
Body language : non-verbal communication.
BF637.N66 B63 1989
Body talk.
BF637.N66 J36 2000z
Japanese nonverbal communication.
BF637.N66 M448 1991
Meeting customer expectations.
BF637.N66 N668 1995
Nonverbal : what you don't say may communicate the strongest message.
BF637.N66 R433 1998
Reading people : the unwritten language of the body.
BF637.N66 S55 1997
Silent movies : an exercise in observing non-verbal communication.
BF637.N66 W52
What the window cleaner saw!.
BF637.N66 W67 1991
World of gestures : culture and nonverbal communication.
BF637.P4 P68 1990
Powerful ways to persuade people.
BF637.P76 P764 1991
BF637.R57 R573 1990
A Sense of risk taking.
BF637.R57 S63 1991
Smart risk taking.
BF637.S4 B892 1974
Use your head.
BF637.S4 H74 1995
How to set and really achieve your goals.
BF683 .A45
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about motivating people ; or, Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
BF683 .M67
Motivation : the classic concepts.
BF692.2 .S48
Sex role development.
BF697 .C36 1989
Self-esteem and peak performance.
BF697 .N38 1991
BF697.5.B63 M57 1990
Mirror mirror.
BF697.5.B63 S64 1995
Slim hopes : advertising and the obsession with thinness.
BF697.5.S43 B734 1991
The dynamics of self-esteem.
BF697.5.S46 D73 1991
Drawing conclusions.
BF698 .I46 2001
Infant and child development.
BF698 .P3735 2001
Personality theories.
BF698.3 .T48 1990z
Theories of personality.
BF698.35.E54 E56 1997
The enneagram : nine paths to a productive and fulfilling life.
BF698.4 .P54 2001
Personality traits and assessment.
BF698.8.M94 M84 1995
Myers-Briggs type indicator.
BF710 .A46 2001
Adolescent and adult development.
BF712 .A187 1997
35 Up.
BF712 .P52
Piaget's developmental theory.
BF713 .D48
BF713 .S43 1990
Seasons of life.
BF713 .T54 2002
Theories of human development.
BF717 .D48
Developmental aspects of play.
BF719 .P89 1993
The psychological development of the child.
BF720.P37 S89 1995
Styles of parenting.
BF720.V57 E27 1989
Early images.
BF721 .C45/cst.1
Simple beginnings?
BF721 .C45 cst.12
Children & new technology.
BF721 .C45/cst.2
Babies' minds.
BF721 .C45/cst.3
How we study children.
BF721 .C45/cst.4
BF721 .C45/cst.5
Play and the social world.
BF721 .C45/cst.7
Developing language.
BF721 .C45 cst.8
Windows on the mind.
BF721 .C55 1989
Childhood and adolescence : the story of development.
BF721 .D48 1993
The developing child.
BF721 .G76 1977
The growing years.
BF721 .G768 1995
Growing minds : cognitive development in early childhood.
BF721 .G85/cst.3
Putting yourself together.
BF721 .G85/cst.4
Self esteem.
BF721 .O28 1991
Observing children.
BF721 .P47
Personality : early childhood.
BF721 .P472
Personality : middle childhood.
BF721 .R48
Reward and punishment.
BF721 .V94 1994
Vygotsky's developmental theory : an introduction.
BF723.A4 C58 1997
BF723.B85 B825 1997
BF723.B85 B83 1997
Bullying : a survival guide. The bully.
BF723.B85 B835 1997
Bullying : a survival guide. Primary school.
BF723.B85 B837 1997
Bullying : a survival guide. Secondary school.
BF723.B85 B85 1996
Bullying : the children speak.
BF723.C5 C55 1990
Children thinking.
BF723.C5 C63
Cognitive development.
BF723.C5 C64 1995
Cognitive development.
BF723.E598 B74
Brief family intervention : how to get your children to do what you want them to do.
BF723.E6 D48 1974
The development of feelings in children.
BF723.E6 E46 1992
Emotional development of children.
BF723.E6 E96 1990z
Exploring first feelings : milestones in the emotional development of babies.
BF723.F7 F78 1993
Frustration and negative feelings.
BF723.G75 A54 1989
Angels don't have headlights : children's reactions to death in the family.
BF723.I56 I54
Individual difference : infancy to early childhood.
BF723.I6 A87 1992
Aspects of ego development, six weeks to six years : individual differences in the growth of competence.
BF723.I6 B73 1991
Brandon and Rachel : patterns of infant development.
BF723.I6 F44 1992
Feeding and object relations at one year.
BF723.I6 F444 1992
Feeding and function : pleasure in the first year of life.
BF723.I6 F673 1992
Forms of feeding at six weeks.
BF723.I6 F674 1992
Forms of feeding at six months.
BF723.I6 I52
BF723.I6 M38 1992
Maternal behavior and the infant's object cathexis in the first year of life.
BF723.I6 R47 1992
Resemblances in expressive behavior.
BF723.M54 M673 1998
Moral development I : concept and theory.
BF723.M54 M674 1998
Moral development II : learning to be moral.
BF723.M54 M675
Morality : the process of moral development.
BF723.M54 M685 1997
Moral development of children.
BF723.M54 S64 2000
The social construction of morality : an interview with James Day.
BF723.P25 R54 1990z
Right from the start.
BF723.S3 B35 1995
Building self-esteem in your child : how to give your child a healthy foundation for life.
BF723.S3 S45 1992
BF723.S43 S53 1997
Sibling bickering : what brothers & sisters do, tips on breaking the cycle.
BF723.S62 S634 1992
Social development of children.
BF724 .A35
Adolescence : the winds of change.
BF724 .A36
Adolescence : a case study.
BF724 .C47
BF724 .P46
People don't dance to jazz.
BF724.2.D17 M355 1990
Making decisions.
BF724.3.A55 U53 1998
Understanding teenage violence.
BF724.3.C65 W67 1994
Working with adolescent in crisis : research update for practitioners.
BF724.3.I3 G48 2001
Getting to know me : all about personal identity.
BF724.3.I56 W67 1997
Working it out together : a peer mediation & conflict resolution program (for students).
BF724.3.P4 P47
Personality : adolescence.
BF724.3.S35 A36 1999
Adolescent cognition : thinking in a new key.
BF724.3.S36 W53 1989
What can I do when I feel bad?
BF724.3.S4 T44 1985
Teenagers and sex roles.
BF724.3.S86 S77 1984
Stress : learning to handle it.
BF724.44.A35 A45 1990z
Aging successfully : the psychological aspects of growing old.
BF724.55.A35 O42
The Old person's friend.
BF724.6 .M52 2000
Middle adulthood : intimate relationships and the sandwich generation.
BF789.C7 C587 2001
Color communicates.
BF789.D4 D43 1981
Death & dying, closing the circle.
BF789.D4 L38 2001
Late adulthood. Death, dying & bereavement and widowhood .
BF1042 .S43 1996
Secrets of the psychics.
BF1472.G7 C377 1995
Castle ghosts of England.
BF1559 .S66 1985
A song of Ceylon.
BF1569 .B87 1995
The burning times.
BF1571 .D57 1993
Dispelling witches.
BF1571 .W58 1989
Witchcraft in America : behind the crucible.
BF1779.F4 F43 1999
Feng shui : creating environments for success and well-being = 風水.
BF1779.F4 F445 1997
Feng shui : creating sacred space in your garden of landscape.
BF1779.F4 F45 1997
Feng shui : happiness by design.