LD List:
Science. Medicine. Agriculture

Class Q-S LD List
Call Number Title
QB981 .C73 The creation of the Universe.
QC16.E5 E4 Einstein.
QC33 .V53 1991 The video encyclopedia of physics demonstrations.
QE392 .G46 1989 Gems and minerals : the ultimate rock video.
QE521 .B67 Born of fire.
QE535.U5 G73 The great quake of '89.
QE862.D5 D56 Dinosaurs : fantastic creatures that ruled the earth.
QH194 .A47 African wildlife.
QH351 .S32 The shape of things.
QH541.5.C7 C67 Cities of coral.
QH541.5.M27 C73 Creatures of the mangrove.
QH541.5.R27 R3 1987 Rain forest.
QH581.2 .L58 1994 Living cells : structure, diversity and evolution.
QH582.5 .V578 1994 Visualizing cell processes.
QK98 .E97 1986 Exotic plants : a videodisc compendium.
QK603 .M92 Mycology. I, Lower fungi.
QK603 .M923 1994 Mycology. II, Higher fungi.
QL76.5.U62 W36 1989 The Zoo behind the zoo.
QL362 .H88 1996 Invertebrate zoology.
QL463 .I572 1989 Insects : the little things that run the world.
QL638.95.R4 S52 The sharks.
QL641 .R47 1990 Reptiles and amphibians.
QL691.J4 T67 1984 鳥たちの世界.
QL737.C2 L5 1988 Lions of the African night.
QL737.C23 L35 1986 Land of the tiger.
QL737.C27 P65 1987 Polar bear alert.
QL737.P96 A46 1987 Among the wild chimpanzees.
QL755.5 .S87 1989 Strange creatures of the night.
QL795.A4 R42 Realm of the alligator.
QL795.G7 G67 Gorilla.
QL795.L5 S42 The secret leopard.
QL795.P18 S28 Save the panda.
QL795.T5 M36 Man-eaters of India.
QL795.W5 G72 The Great whales.
QP38 .I52 The incredible human machine.
QP105 .C67 1990 Circulation of the blood ; Kidney functions.
QP301 .A54 Animal olympians.
RA785 .R44 1988 Relax with Dennis Weaver.
RC628 .F37 Fat chance in a thin world.
RM724 .J68 The Joy of relaxation.
SB466.J3 N535 1988 日本の庭園.
SB481 .S55 1996 世界國家公園之旅.
SB482.A4 S33 1991 Scenic wonders of America.
SD421.32.Y34 Y35 Yellowstone's burning question.
SF284 .B34 Ballad of the Irish horse.